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Here is some brief information explaining why the answer is so. Enzymes = Specialized Proteins Proteins = Made up of amino acids. Since enzymes are proteins they are made up of amino acids. Enzymes are made from amino acids, and they are proteins. When an enzyme is formed, it is made by stringing together between 100 and 1000 amino acids Answer = A.

1. In order to get out the enzymes in cheese, do they always kill a cow? or can it come from the milk?

The enzyme you are refering to is rennit. I used to be derived from the stomach of baby cows that had been slaughtered for veal. The enzyme is still produced this way, but the vast majority of rennit is now derived from recombinant bacteria

2. How do enzymes work??????

1. Enzymes are all constructed to 'fit' different things, like a jigsaw puzzle. "THOU SHALT ONLY BREAK DOWN PROTEINS," so those enzymes do not even TRY to break down starches. 2. Enzymes in washing powders are chemically made (grown from treated cells) and also will only break down ONE kind of stain each. Grease, oil, ketchup, and ice cream all have different enzymes. But just like you get heartburn sometimes, washing powder enzymes do not always work, either.

3. Name four things you know about enzymes.?

Enzymes are globular proteins. They reduce the activation energy needed for a reaction to proceed and produce products. Enzymes have a region called an active site. The site is the "lock" into which a substrate "key" fits. The enzyme then fits closely around the substrates. This is called induced fit. Enzyme activity is affected by substrate type, temperature, pH and substrate concentration. Enzyme activity can be inhibited or promoted by other substances.

4. People talk about "enzymes" in raw foods. Aren't enzymes broken down into proteins by stomach acids?

Many RAW diets use Juices as a staple to aid soak up the vitamins and minerals. Also taking a digestive enzyme is helping. I suppose the item is also slightly lop sided on it is data. You ought to learn & research extra. I have in no way more fit than while I do A top RAW FOOD Diet

5. ENZYMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Laundry detergents if containing enzymes (not all do) have protease enzymes for assisting in removal of protein based soils. Diswasher detergents, if an enzyme containing one, will also have a lipase (fat digesting enzyme) and an amylase enzymes to break up starch based deposits.

6. what effect does freezing have on enzymes?

Hmmm. Well I know if you overheat them you can mess up their molecular structure. Perhaps freezing them would do the same?

7. What experiments can help indicate the different effects of the enzymes associated with the two types of diabetes?

I have no clue what enzymes you are referring to. Type 1 diabetes is caused by an inability to produce insulin from damage to the pancreatic beta cells. Often the damage is from an acquired autoimmune disease. Type 2 diabetes is caused by insensitivity of insulin receptors on peripheral tissue. The most common cause is a combination of obesity and sedentarism

8. What is the chemical component in dark chocolate that is good for the heart?

Yes, dark chocolate and red wine both contain high levels of flavonoids, which are chemical compounds that help keep your blood vessels healthy and prevent blood clots (which in turn can cause heart attacks or strokes). Studies show that a bit of dark chocolate every day can benefit your cardiovascular system without raising your cholesterol. What is cool is that recent studies seem to suggest that when you consume flavonoids your body sees them as foreign and tries to get rid of them, but in the process produces enzymes that also destroy certain carcinogens. So in addition to helping your heart, flavonoids may also help to prevent cancer.

9. Why are enzymes important to biological systems?

An enzyme is a biocatalyst that increases the rate of chemical reaction without itself being changed in the overall process.It's a remarkable molecular device that determines the pattern of chemical transformations occure in biological systems.Enzymes commonly employ one or more strategies to catalyse specific reaction. A good example of both covalent catalysis and acid base catalysis occures in chymotrypsin

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