Need a Dress for My Baby Daughter for a Winter Wedding?!?

Adams has a lot of nice winter dresses in now for the Christmas season. Also if you have a Marlene Joyce's near to you they often have dresses in. BHS also have nice formal dresses for babies/toddlers. Another place i've found is my local indoor market. There is a store that sells children's uniforms but they also sell Christening and Party dresses for babies/toddlers. Maybe you could take a look near you :] Good Luck!

1. Is there a wedding or bridesmaid site where you can design your perfect wedding dress?

I am a seamstress, I sew mainly costumes. But I can tell you that a good dressmaker/seamstress would be able to design you any dress you wanted. I do not know about any online sites that you could do it, there are just way too many variables. I would reccommend going to a fabric store, and asking for reccommendations on someone who can design and sew a wedding gown. Make sure you tell them its a wedding dress, because that's specialized sewing with specialized fabrics, and not everyone does it, or knows how to. When you get some names, you need to get references BIG TIME! Ask to see samples of their work, if they've been doing this awhile, they should have photos in a portfolio. Talk with women who have had dresses designed by this person, and get their input as well. Also, do not think doing it this way will be less expensive than special ordering a gown from a bridal salon, it may be the most expensive option out there. But you will get the gown you want!! Best of luck to you!

2. middle school tips for 6th graders?

express your self I know cause am in 8 ...jus wear dresses or rockin uniforms!

3. Black wedding gowns? Where to find one?

Try or Believe it or not, the black wedding dresses are becoming quite the fashion I hear-it was an 18th century tradition to those who did not like white. I think they are beautiful! If you google "buy black wedding dress" you can find a bunch of links to look at dresses to buy. Best wishes!

4. How can I dress up for 50's day at my school?

You should the one that's like the first picture. Put some bright red lipstick and have curly hair with a bump very 50's. Shorts and pants were not really common for women in the 50's they mostly wore dresses with heels or flats.

5. Bridesmaid dresses (with pics)...?

it really depends on what your dress looks like too. you dont want the girls to look any dressier or more casual than you. judging by your color choice it seems like your going to have a pretty classy/fancy wedding. i personally like the 2nd dress best :].

6. Back to school clothes shopping must haves?

-Jeans -V-neck tees -Scarves -Orange, Green, or Blue Converse High tops -Cardigans -Mary Jane pumps -Oxford pumps -Socks -Underwear -Tights/Stockings -Cool jewelry -Handbag -Backpack -Nail polish -Knee-length skirts and dresses (all my skirts/dresses are above the knee, but our new dress code only allows skirts/dresses at the knee)

7. Which color of this dress is better for my 21st birthday?

both of them are super cute.. but i would go with the black... because then you can pair it up with some awesome silver accessories.... the silver one is pretty too... especially if you can pair it up with some really stuning earrrings! good choice in dresses though!

8. Do you have any embarrassing stories with your butt/undies showing?

Yes. Two stories actually. I am embarrassed to this day.As a freshman in high school, I wore a dress made if t shirt material to school. It was not terribly short, above my knees but below my fingertips. At this age I still believed a lady had to wear hose under her dresses. I was leaving a class with my backpack over both shoulders. As most know, wearing a backpack over both shoulders makes your shirt ride up. apparently it also makes dresses ride up too. I discovered this after walking past a group of upperclassmen, but they did not verbally tell me. They grew suspiciously quiet as I passed them. it was only after I turned a corner and heard them laughing that I realized I must be having a wardrobe malfunction. The second time was when I went out to a club with some friends. We arrived a little early. I was on the dance floor dancing enthusiastically, when the tight jeans I was wearing split up the back, exposing my bare bottom (I was wearing a thong). I grabbed a dish towel and high tailed it hone to change. Thankfully no one saw anything!Do you have any embarrassing stories with your butt/undies showing?

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