My Water Bottle Started Leaking?

Melt plastic of whatever color the bottle is. Use something to paint the molten plastic onto the bottle. Make sure the thing is not flammable, like a paintbrush.

1. Why do british people say water bottle funny?

they probably thing we say it weird..that's just how they say it, its their accent

2. where can i get a cool graphic water bottle?

by having me design one than buying it off of me

3. where can i get a good reusable water bottle that cheap?

Most of the water bottles out there are some form of plastic. When they are left in the sun, they leech chemicals into the water. The best kind is glass. I found a bottle of still water from Norway at Cost Plus World Market, called VOSS. It is reasonably large, distinctive, made of glass and I refill it with filtered water from my tap. Though it is large, it still fits in the dishwasher

4. the spigot on my birds water bottle has a horrible odor?

i have them for my guinea pigs and i just take it all apart wash it and in the lid part there is like this rubber part and u can take it out and clean it if that what u mean but dont lose it

5. Looking for a 30 to 40 oz. reusable glass water bottle?

The only "safe, good" reusable water bottle would be something made of glass. I have started reusing all of my glass containers such as pickle jars and mayo. If you do not have any call a local restaurant, their always throwing away glass jars, all sizes. Good Luck.

6. How do you keep a water bottle not dented?

Take the cap off before freezing it should do the trick! also water expands wen frozen so pooring some out first along with removing the cap should work perfect! (:

7. Any tips for trying to get my parakeet to use a "sipping" water bottle?

This sounds crazy but take the clean water dispenser and pretend to drink out of it yourself. Make lil happy chirping noises to the effect of, "mmmmMMMMmmm nummy water!" Then place it in the cage after your bird has watched your "spectacle". Believe it or not, your bird will be following your wise example and be drinking out of it in no time. You can also add a drop or two of bird vitamin drops to it as they love the taste.

8. I need help making a water bottle rocket?

There are several sites that I googled. These are good and can help you with your problem. First is from NASA -who better that the people who send us to the moon. Second is site with different designs.

9. How to keep my water bottle frozen?

Lol bring a cooler

10. Is there any way to take the metallic taste out of my water bottle?

throw it away. other than that, no

11. Do you use a water bottle/feeder for you dog?

No. The dogs get free access to food and water when I am home only. To leave a water bottle attached to the kennel or food laying out is not fair because it makes them have to potty. Would you like to be crated for several hours needing to potty the whole time? If you are afraid to hear answers do not ask a question. You wanted opinions, I gave mine. Not my fault you are overly sensitive.

12. aquarium water bottle from wal-mart?

there should be some sort of strap hanging out that allows u to attach it to the bottle and it hangs from the side of the aquarium

13. i think my water bottle is out to get me....?

Try to stop using so much cocaine

14. How to avoid the layer of ice inside a water bottle during winter activities?

You can use a Bottle Parka, which is basically a thin layer of foam that isolates the liquid from the outside temperature. Outdoor Research has a good one (Canadian website).Also in winter, when I melt snow, I put the water in the bottle when it's hot near boiling, so it stay liquid for more time. If you are gone a do overnight camping, you can dig a hole in the snow and put the bottle in there, cover with snow (assure you to retrieve it next morning). It's gone slow the process of icing. But next morning, heath this water a bit so it' wo not freeze during the day

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