My Little Brother Is 9 and Wears Size 11 in Men Shoes and Is About 5" This Normal? O.o?

This could be normal, as people have growth spurts at different times. It could also be a symptom of Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder (runs in families). Symptoms include being tall, thin, double-jointed. That's the website for the National Marfan Foundation and they have info on related disorders. Not trying to freak you out at all, but just wanted to mention the possibility to you.

1. I'm a girl & wear men shoes?

No. I wear guy shoes sometimes. ;D

2. Are women attracted to men by their shoes?

You sound like you gay dude

3. (Men) Shoes that make you taller: would you recommend them for a teenager?

There are shoe inserts that give you extra height

4. if i wore these puma ( men) shoes to school will peoples make fun of me?

Bad link.... But here's the deal. If you like them, that's what should matter! You should not care what other people think because they are not wearing them. I know wearing something that people could potentially talk about is hard to do, but it shows to others that you are confident. And i am sure they are fine!!!! I agree with the person above me, everyone probably wo not be able to tell the difference as to whether they are men or womens shoes.

5. If I started to wear men shoes, what size would I be?

Women's sizes are almost always determined with the "common" scale, in which women's sizes are equal to men's sizes plus 1.5 (for example, a men's 10.5 is a women's 12). In other words: In the less popular scale, known as the "standard" or "FIA" (Footwear Industries of America) scale, women's sizes are men's sizes plus 1 (so a men's 10.5 is a women's 11.5). Therefore it could be anywhere from 5.5 to 8

6. Which men shoes look good on anything you wear?

Black brogues

7. What shoe size would i need if im a girl and im buying men shoes for me?

like 4.5 or 5

8. Men shoes on teen girls?

Im 16 straight as ever! :) and i buy men's shoes. I love high tops and i have pretty big feet. Size 10 1/2 to be exact. It's all good yolo :P

9. Is that thing about women judging men on their shoes true?

I have heard on talk shows that women look at a guys shoes, watch, and teeth to judge wealth. If a guy is doing well he will have the extra frivolous cash to buy shoes that are better then a pair of sneakers and a nice watch instead of the standard $30 digital watch. A guy with money will also have medical and dental insurance and keep regular visits to the dentist to keep his teeth in good condition. That is what I heard directly from women.

10. Are Boy Shoes Narrower Than Men Shoes?

yeah, they are also shorter as well

11. my little brother is 9 and wears size 11 in men shoes and is about 5" this normal? o.o?

My 3 year previous wears a length 9 in infant length. My 5 year previous is in a length one million in the boys area now. sure there ft look extensive to me too yet their father and that i positioned on the perfect comparable length shoe so the Dr suggested maximum in all threat they are going to strengthen to the comparable length besides it is a length 10. My sister nonetheless is a length 13 in mens so enormous ft run in my family lol

12. If I am a size 6 in boys, what am I in men? (SHOES)?

Size 6 is not a men's size, so size 6 in boys is all there is to it. Just buy a size 6

13. How tall are korean men with no shoes? (175 cm?)?

There are much more shorter men than taller. Plus, korean girls are shorter than average American girls

14. my little brother is 9 and wears size 11 in men shoes and is about 5" this normal? o.o?

lifes crazy lots of people grow fast. its completely normal

15. Which color and style of Vans men shoes should I purchase?

maybe the first one?

16. in need of spring men shoes ideas?

vans shoes are trendy oxfords loafers

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i think of it would look ok, possibly a tad too a lot brown, whether it would paintings surely wonderful in case you possibly extra some green or yellow upload-ons. in case you may get a pair some undeniable green ballet apartments might look fairly wonderful =] *i am partial to communicate with dresses however =]*1. How to break in soccer cleats ?camila Modern soccer shoes do not need breaking in. Put them on and go! Soccerref2. what oil can you use on kangaroo leather cleats?well if they r kangaroo leather, id use kangaroo oil. they give u they extra bounce in ur step. good luck3. What are some quality lineman cleats?That all well and fine. Now for linemen You need HIGH TOP Cleats not all stores carry them especially out of season. But trust me online is likely your best answer or local sports store not a store like Durhams or dick sporting store. As far as getting good traction on both on and off turf go with a detectable cleats. And get a lest 3/8'' spikes for them but in games in mud you should switch the cleats to 1/2'' or 3/4'' spikes for better grip. But never I repeat never wear 3/4'' spikes on turf you will destroy it with them. But you can use 1/2'' on most turf fields though.4. My Football cleats don't fit?HI BRANDON ITS CHRISTIAN SMITH vote for me to have best answer5. What are the best rugby practice cleats?Really does not matter. The surface you are practicing on is probably the most important thing. You said it was the only team in the "state" so I am assuming you are in the US. This increases the likelihood you are playing on artificial turf slightly. If you are, then usually the people that own the turf have rules about the type of footwear you can use and they almost always ban metal cleats/studs/sprigs anyway. If it is artificial, you can almost certainly just use running shoes, I was surprised how well they work on artificial turf. If it is grass, then I would skip the running shoes for anything other than a very dry hard surface. You should almost certainly go to Soccer cleats for grass. If you guys start getting into positional specific stuff and you end up in the forwards, then you may want to go to the Football cleats for the extra grip... or if the field is wet or muddy. I would say just take all three to your first practice and try them all and see what you prefer. If you can get away with the comfort of running shoes then go for it, but you will still have the others there and it only takes 2 minutes to change them. I take running shoes to practice all the time for the warm ups... lots of running!6. Best brand of soccer cleats?Go with Adidas, you will never regret it7. Is it OK wearing shorts to Christian Church on Sundays?Sure, why not? There are dressy shorts just like there are dressy pants, as long as you look respectable and you are not wearing gym shorts and cleats go for it8. Can I wear baseball cleats for football?i dont think u can wear metal spikes in highschool football well u cant in cali but if your a skill position i would say its ok i was a WR , CB and i use to wear soccer cleats and alot of people on my team bought them to more comfortable out QB was the only person i knew who played in baseball cleats but he a scrambler and they never slowed him down9. What are some of the best soccer cleats ?I wear F50s, and I play Center Mid and Striker. They are an awesome pair of cleats10. Out of these PUMA cleats....Sorry, I have never actually had any of these shoes. But by looking, I would suggest the first pair. The second pair do not seem to be put together very well, and neither do the third. So my opinion would be to get the red shoes because they look like they will wear well and feel comfortable on turf or grass
Small Men's Shoes: How Custom Shoes Can Help
Having trouble in finding men's shoes in size 8? Why not making your own shoes?! Read our guide and discover more about handmade Italian Shoes for Men Many men tend to have large feet and dress outside of the average size. But who thinks of those with small feet? Finding small men's shoes on the market is as difficult as searching for large shoe sizes. DIS is the solution for men with small feet! From today you will no longer have the problem of finding the right shoes in small sizes. At DIS, handcrafting shoes in large sizes or in small sizes has never been a problem. If you are looking for small size shoes you are in the right place, because the solution to your case is: the custom-made shoe.DIS- Design Italian Shoes gives you the opportunity to create custom shoes by choosing not only model and color, but also leather, sole and laces. You also have the possibility to have the sole engraved with the initials of your name. If you have an off-size foot, you are in the right place! Once you have created your shoe you can select your size. DIS manufhandcrafts custom-made men's shoes in all sizes: from European size 35 to 52. Which is to say men shoes from size 2 to size 16 American. Are you no sure about buying shoes online? Do you have doubts about the right size for you? No problem, DIS has thought about this too. For those who want to be sure of their size, DIS offers a free trial shoe service. See all about the free trial shoe.Follow the following steps step by step if you want to live a true Italian tailoring experience! Step one: let yourself be inspired by our handmade Italian men's shoes. DIS offers a wide choice of models such as Oxford, Derby, Boots, Sneakers, Loafers, Brogue and Buckles.Step two: customize the model with the 3D Configurator. You can configure, with a few simple clicks, different types of footwear by changing leathers, colors, accessories and soles. In this way you can create your own custom shoe. Step Three: Just as the tailor takes measurements for the waist, measuring the feet is an important step in making perfect, tailor-made shoes. Do not worry, measuring your feet is easy, just follow the following 3 steps:Wear socks. Stand up straight on a hard surface on an A4 piece of blank paper (or a US letter) with your left foot. Hold a pen upright in a 90 degree angle to the paper. Trace the outline of your foot. With the measuring tape or a ruler, write down the size, including millimeters (eg: 27,4 cm). Repeat using your right foot. If you have doubts about the size, our specialists will help you to find the right size and to recommend models, colors and leathers suitable for your needs.Place the measuring tape under your left foot. Measure the circumference around your foot at the widest point, usually where your toe joints meet your foot and write down the size, including millimeters (eg: 22,3 cm). Repeat using your right foot.Touch the highest point of your left foot, usually around the arch where your leg joins the foot. Place the measuring tape around the middle of the arch. Wrap the tape around it to find your measurement, write down the size, including millimeters (eg: 22,3 cm). Repeat using your right foot.Step three: Complete with the purchase! When you get to the cart you can add custom engravings to the shoe and also a matching belt. After selecting the size of your shoe, proceed to checkout.If I'm a size 10 1/2 in men's shoes, what shoe size would I be in women's?go to a women's shoe store that specializes in large sizes and let them measure you. hell, try some shoes on. maybe you will buy some. they wo not bat an eyelash. money is money. all such stores know they have a large transgender clientele.women's to men's shoe size conversion?Women size shoes 8 1/2, what size will be in men shoes size?What size would I be in a US men's shoe, if I wear a US women's size 8?You would be a 6 or 7.....maybe 6.5
I Wear Size 8 in Women Shoes, Would 6.5 Men Be too Big for Me?
i wear size eights too and i had to buy mens 6.5 and they were kinda tight, but still good. so if you wear 7.5 sometimes then they should be perfect!1. If you wear a size 8 1/2 in women shoes then what do you wear in mens?..?I am pretty sure you would wear between a 5 1/2-72. What size would a man have to wear in women shoes if he's a size 9.5?a size 11 most site or stores will have a size transition where you can see you size in womens/mens3. What nikes are good for running ( women shoes!! )?unfortunatly nikes suck! too bad they are lke the only ones that look good. try aasics or saucony. go to a running store they can help out. listen your foot.4. what size am i in mans shoes if I'm a size 11 in women shoes?your a size 9 when dealing with mens shoes and your a girl always subtract 2 from your size to het your size in men shoes!!!5. am looking for a market in Sudan to sell Women shoes?i have imported Women shoes and would like to sell to buyers in large quantities 1 box containing 18 pairs of women shoes in different colours6. What is the psychology behind women and shoes?I do not care for anything on my feet. However it is impractical not to use footwear. Conversely I have a friend who is so proud of her 120 pairs of shoes that she puts photos of them on facebook. Yes,strange psychological thing for some women.7. if i wear a size 6 in kid shoes what size do i wear in women shoes?i think of the size translation is youngster's length 2 = women folk length. for occasion, a 5 in youngsters is a 7 in women folk's. i have not heard of Uggs stretching that plenty. .. i might purchase a 7 in youngsters.8. Places to buy SMALL women shoes? Please help!?Rack Room and Kohls have really cute shoes. I wear between a 5 and 6. I buy all of my heels/flats from there :)9. I'm 15 and I wear size 12 women shoes does anyone know where i can find cute shoes in this size????zappos famous footwear torrid macys payless nordstroms parisians[or belk in some states] shoebuy hottopic lol i had the same problem, i wear a size 13 until me & my mom looked around at stores.10. Springfield, Massachusetts a gay friendly city where two men can hold heads openly or wear women shoes?Many lists that take care of the topic are fairly geard in the route of travelers. I have lived in Boston, it is not gay tolerant. do not believe the stereotype. many people flow there from different aspects of recent England, it really is anti-gay. cities in the southwest variety. some aspects at the prompt are not too gay pleasant, although people there are a techniques a lot less likely to get violent over it. i have been to Austin and Houston without problems. on the different hand, Dallas, Phoenix, and San Diego are neo-conservative.11. Women And Shoes?Based on retail income, the "traditional" womens shoe sizes are 7 and seven a million/two. But traditional sized ladies can put on anyplace among 6 a million/two and eight a million/two or nine and nonetheless be within the enterprise variety of "traditional"12. How can i measure Women shoes of Nike ? i wear size 4.5 for my converse, and is it different from Nike ?Converse has unisex shoes, and they go by men's measurements. So your 4.5 is a men's size, and to get the women's size, you add 2 to that number. So your actual shoe size is a 6.5, and if they do not have half-sizes, it would be best to round up to a 7. Hope that helped!.13. i wear size 8 in women shoes, would 6.5 men be too big for me?it should fit cuz our size in guyz is our size minus 214. What is it with women and shoes?My wife has a huge collection of shoes for a very good reason - she needs them to go with her vast collection of handbags! (not to mention the hats, coats, scarves, dresses, skirts, slacks, jackets, ad infinitum. In our bathroom I have a towel, razor, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and hairbrush - 7 items The other 142 items (I've counted) are hers. It's like buying a department store in installments. After 25 years of marriage I suppose it's just as well that I love her even more now than when we first met.
Any Reliable Men Shoes I Can Buy?
Billy Reid makes great shoes. Also H by Hudson and Cole Haan. They are a little pricey, but they are definitely worth it1. if i wore these puma ( men) shoes to school will peoples make fun of me?No , you can totally wears mens puma shoes to school! I bet ppl wo not even notice because they make them the same way. Mens are just usaully bigger and wider, so you should be fine! Hope i helped :)2. Which men shoes look good on anything you wear?Black brogues3. Do Supra Men Shoes run big or small?I even have 5 pairs of communicate and that i am often a 7. i offered a 6.5 in 4 of them and a 6 in one in each and every of them. so as that they do run massive, no longer small. i would pick the a million/2 length smaller then you definately are, even although, many shops only carry total sizes that's confusing4. I'm a girl & wear men shoes?no its not but if a guy wears womens shoes theres a problem lol5. Is that thing about women judging men on their shoes true?Yeah i've heard that before. And something about hands?? I guess the shoe thing is to do with wealth. Reeboks with the bottoms falling off do not say "MONEY" lol Ca not say i personally have6. where can i find men shoes size 54 in frankfurt?That does not exist. In Europe mens shoes go from 40 to 46. Only specialty shops might go up to 48. Perhaps you mean 45?7. Are women attracted to men by their shoes?Those are just some nice shoes. nothing to wear if you DIDNT want to get noticed. and are women attracted to men by their shoes? absolutely. They saw nice shoes so must think your a nice/wealthy/whatever the case may be, kinda person. it was a first impression of sorts, you were observed, and judged interesting or otherwise attractive. p.s. wearin $150 anything makes anyone notice you. but dont think the attraction is anything sincere if its just now happening after you wore those shoes.8. can a girl wear these shoes?im guessin you would be a 7 in men shoes and yea they would look pretty if u know how to match them9. which men shoes model is best in Salomon?cross 310. For 10 Points- your BEST and TRUE freaky, scary ghost story...?One night I was sleeping in a very ancient House of a friend of mine in Milan, Italy. The house is near the center of the town, it is very big, with thick walls and a rose garden in it. At two o clock in the morning, while being alone in my room i hear footsteps of men shoes in the room, i hear the man going around all the room, i hear a sound like the one of a chair moving and then i here the chair making noises like if someone was in it. I lie in the bed too scared to move until the chair falls down. I get up and turn on the light. there is no chair in the room and no man. In the morning I tell my friend my experience. Her answer is still in my mind: "Do not worry, it is my uncle he will not do anything to you. He hung himself in that room 30 years ago and keeps hanging himself as a ghost very often." I learned later in the years that the house i had slept in did have a reputation as a haunted house. 3 years ago the last two floors of the house that where not occupied caught fire with no explanation. I do not think I will sleep there again.11. I wear a size 10 1/2 in men shoes, what is the size for me to get in a woman heels, boots and running shoe?maximum woman heel is 7. normal size 5-6.12. (Men) Shoes that make you taller: would you recommend them for a teenager?There are shoe inserts that give you extra height13. Is size 7y shoes basically the same as size 7 in men? or are they on a whole different scale?No they are not the same, 7y in women shoes are size 5 in men shoes. Men shoes are always 2 sizes smaller. EDIT: Yes hun, 7y and 7 in men's is the same shoe size.
White Women and Their Shoes?
It's not just white women who do this. I've seen women of ALL races who have to wear ridiculous high heels just because they think it's fashionable or makes then look sexy. Not this gal... can not stand high heels! The highest heel I ever wear is my Western "cowboy" boots, and I do not even wear those that often these day. .So most of the time, I ONLY wear flats...and try to go barefoot whenever possible! So what if it's not fashionable? I gotta be comfortable.1. Seriously, though, what is the deal with women and shoes?woman love shoes for many reasons I have close to 200 pair and will buy more if I like them I am a shoe freak and proud of it see-ya2. What's the deal with women and shoes?I know a few people with shoe obsessions. I do not like shoes. Shoe shopping for us is an excuse to go to the pub. We usually do not get the shoes3. Why doesn't Payless carry size 10.5 in women shoes?there are 10.5's probably just not where you live. By the way try not to be so rude to people from now on!4. Masterbating in Women shoes? My man says all of his boys do it..??i've never heard of this either. Possibly could be some weird *** fetish5. are these men or women shoes?They look quite long so I would assume those are men's shoes! However, I would personally go with unisex. Although I do not wear Vans-like sneakers, I see loads of women on them. What does it matter? Once in a while I take a liking to men's sneakers but the smallest size they come in is two sizes too big.6. if i wear a size 6 in kid shoes what size do i wear in women shoes?They do not make a size 6 in kids shoes...other than like..toddler shoes?7. Women and their shoes?It's a woman thing some times shoes are an absolute fashion statement or they pinch and they take them off for awhile A Girl can never have too many shoes8. If I wear a size 7.5 in women shoes, what size is that in men's?5-6 should be your size you have to be aware that some men shoes are actually kids size9. What is it with women and shoes?You should not generalize. You guys hate when people say "All that boys want is beer and women!" So stop the double standard and being so ostentatious. And I personally do not care about shoes10. Why don't women shoes come in size 12 ?....?The answer is that there are not a lot of us "girly girls" who have feet measured size 10 I've been cursed/blessed with large feet myself so when I finally do come across a pair of nice shoes in my size I treasure them greatly and will try to get two pairs at a discount price (some stores are thankful to have someone take the larger shoes off the shelf so they have room for their "better" sellers). Luckily for me my husband and I wear the same size shoe so tennis shoes and slippers are easy to get. And when he wants to get me a pair of shoes as a gift --he just has to try them on to know they are the perfect size for me!11. White women and their shoes?gotta love the look mostly but dangerous yea. i will never wear heels12. If I wear a size 7.5 in women shoes, what size is that in men's?Cross dresser?13. am looking for a market in Sudan to sell Women shoes?i have imported Women shoes and would like to sell to buyers in large quantities 1 box containing 18 pairs of women shoes in different colours14. help, i have really small feet cant find a shoe store that sells women shoes smaller than a 5 1/2?First a splash historic previous lesson! In historical China the girls folk of wealthy households have been compelled to bind their ft to maintain them from becoming, it relatively is an exceedingly long and painful technique they did because of the fact small ft have been concept to be proper. you are able to not make your ft smaller via donning shoes smaller than your ft. whether you attempt to maintain them from becoming your going to have tousled ft sooner or later. Unfortunatly there is often one trait you do in comparison to approximately your outer appearence whether it relatively is short legs, a chest like a flat washboard, or great ft. attempt to make the suitable of it!
HELP!!! Were Can I Find Jordan's in Size 5?? Or Men Shoes for That Are Size 5
.. if i helped you,, choose this as the best answer1. where can i find men shoes size 54 in frankfurt?Size 54? Now that's a MAN's foot. wow... I am size 52 and have never met anyone with a larger foot! It's nearly impossible for me to find any shoe big enough... 54 seems impossible. Good luck my friend (and to me!)2. How tall are korean men with no shoes? (175 cm?)?170 or over is a little tall for a Korean girl. The only problem you would have is Korean guys often do not feel comfortable when the girl is taller than they are. And, so many Korean girls like tall guys that unless you are super pretty it can be hard to meet a tall guy. I think the average for Korean guys is more like 173, but most guys wear insoles to make them seem taller3. if i wore these puma ( men) shoes to school will peoples make fun of me?I do not think anybody would make fun of you for wearing Pumas. If anybody does say anything, just say that they are not yours and your other shoes are messed up or just not lie and say that you like the way they look4. Black girls look like godzilla? They have fire stinky breath, size 30 men shoes, and they are like 7 ft tall?BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5. Are women attracted to men by their shoes?I think the shoes are only going to say how much money you have in your pocket. Even though I have money I do not buy all these expensive things, I think they are luxuries I do not need. And to all the people saying he sounds like a gay guy: You are just all ignorant, a person's sexuality is not defined by the way they act/sound/look. Grow up!.6. Is that thing about women judging men on their shoes true?You can tell a lot about how a man takes care of himself, his home, and his whole life by how he takes care of his shoes. It does not matter how much the shoes cost. It's how he maintains them. Are his shoes clean and polished all the time? He's clean, hard working, and thoughtful. I will date him. This guy has his shirt tails tucked in and wears nice slacks with a belt. He has a job and makes dinner reservations before a date in order to reserve a table. When he picks you up, he walks to your front door to collect you. He opens the car door for you. He spent the afternoon washing and vacuuming the car before picking you up. Are his shoes scuffed, unpolished, and not cared for? He's a slob. He does not even take 5 minutes to polish his shoes. His home is messy. He's lazy, and selfish. I wo not give him a second look and certainly would not date him. This guy has his pants hanging around his butt and his underwear showing. He does not have a job and borrows money for gas and to eat at McDonald's. When he picks you up, he honks the horn outside your home. The car is full of food wrappers and empty soda cans. He's a bum. Does he always wear dirty-smelly sneakers? BUZZZ! Thanks for playing. You lose. Bye .7. my little brother is 9 and wears size 11 in men shoes and is about 5" this normal? o.o?This could be normal, as people have growth spurts at different times. It could also be a symptom of Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder (runs in families). Symptoms include being tall, thin, double-jointed. That's the website for the National Marfan Foundation and they have info on related disorders. Not trying to freak you out at all, but just wanted to mention the possibility to you.8. Ladies, need cool men shoes?Doc Martens, Chukkas, Clarks, Sperrys, Fred Perrys...just to name a few higher-class shoes9. (Men) Shoes that make you taller: would you recommend them for a teenager?There are shoe inserts that give you extra height10. What shoe size would i need if im a girl and im buying men shoes for me?you would need one and half to two sizes smaller
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