My Dishwasher Water Line Is Frozen. Can I Manually Put in Hot Water in the Dishwasher to Run It?

No this wo not work. You will probably end up burning out the pump since the dishwasher will still try to pump water into it. Also, if your water line is frozen, your drain might also be frozen

1. Want are the british water laws?

Your question is too vague. There are laws for all sorts of things, obviously, but to say you want to know about British water laws is not enough. Council or privately run swimming baths have rules; private homes with swimming pools have rules; domestic properties with a water supply have rules; domestic properties with water meters have rules; businesses with a water supply have rules; hospitals; doctor's surgeries; restaurants; hotels; shops....the list is endless. Most people in the UK know about water [we get enough coming out of the sky] and those that want to swim do so. l really do not know what you think you can teach the people who live on a very small island!!

2. Why is my tap water glowing green?

I seriously doubt your water is radioactive... even if it were it would not glow in the dark. I would presume you have some kind of luminescent Bacterium, algae or fungus that has tainted your water. I would recommend NOT drinking it Or bathing in it until you can get it tested. It may be a harmless algae or it could be deadly. I am not an expert on glowing water but if it is toxic even slightly to humans then if it enters your body ether through ingestion or via an open cut or seeping into your system like getting water in your eyes or nose it could make you very sick. I do know there are some luminescent bacterium that while making water taste bad will not kill you. Till you get it tested I recommend bottled water. Both for drinking and bathing... or at the very least Boil the water before using it with a clean cloth to take a sponge bath.

3. Why do people buy overpriced imported water?

Water does not even taste the same in my kitchen, depending on whether I filter it or not. Water does not taste the same in town, where they chlorinate differently than they do on my water supply.Water certainly does not taste the same everywhere. People buy water because they believe it's worth it to them, which is pretty much the same reason we buy most everything. Coffee. Diamonds. Clothing. Cars

4. Sunburn bad? What could i put on this to make it go away?

manage it like a number of different burn. do not positioned vinegar on it .. or anthing acidic .. it is going to burn much extra! do not positioned any form of cream on it the two .. this is too late for that once you are burnt! Cool your epidermis down down first with chilly water . . not ice . . and splash it on . . do not touch the exterior with something like a flanel .. if the burns are someplace the place you wo not be able to attain then bathe .. and do not dry your self with a towel afterwards. Then word the burnt area with a thick layer of chilly ALOE VERA GEL utilising your fingertips to the nonetheless moist chilly epidermis .. gently .. and then pass away it uncovered for as long because it rather is plausible .. outfits will only rub and make it worse . . yet . . in case you are able to desire to conceal it positioned a layer of unpolluted lint loose gauze over the gel first. Repeat the 'cooling with water' and 'making use of gel' ranges each 4 hours .. for an afternoon or 2. stable success

5. Is it realistic to have aliens invading Earth for water?

Any alien species which can travel through space will be passing far more water on the way to Earth than actually exists on the planet. The Oort cloud is a mass of comets estimated to be trillions in number and massing at least 5 Earth masses.Coming closer they then pass the Hills cloud, which may be 5 greater in mass than the Oort cloud, the "Scattered disk" and the Kuiper belt. Oort CloudSo they pass through up to a light year worth of water frozen into cometary cores before they even reach the outer edge of the Solar System. Once they get into the Solar System, they pass the various gas giant planets, where the moons are largely masses of ice and liquid water. Europa alone has 3 the water of all the oceans of Earth. Finally, if they do actually come to Earth to get water, they will be dragging the water out of a deep gravity well, adding a large extra energy cost to every gram of water they take. Frankly, this is going about things the hard way, and smart aliens who were after water could be mining the Oort cloud right now at a negligible energy cost and we would not even know it

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Ways to Clean Water
The Best are Found in a Multi-Barrier Approach That Protects Water Quality From Source to ConsumptionThe best are found in a multi-barrier approach that protects water quality from source to consumption.Note: The content on this page has been adapted from publications of World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST).The World Health Organization has determined that a multi-barrier approach to household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) is the best way to reduce the risk of drinking unsafe water.A multi-barrier approach means ensuring that water is protected and purified every step of the way from the water source to household storage and consumption. Water quality will only be as good as the weakest link in the chain of water handling.We need to follow a process and not just rely on a single technology to improve water quality.Both community and household water treatment systems follow the same water treatment process. The only difference is the scale of the systems that are used by communities and households.There are many pollution problems which may threaten drinking water quality at the source, or point of collection. These risks include the following:* poor protection of the water supply against pollution* lack of hygiene and sanitation knowledge in the communityProtecting the water source reduces or eliminates these risks and can lead to improved water quality and health. Actions that are good and that can be taken at the community level can include some of the following:* regularly cleaning the area around the water source* moving latrines away from and downstream of water sources* building fences to prevent animals from getting into open water sources* lining wells to prevent surface water from contaminating the ground water* building proper drainage for wastewater around taps and weltsClick here to read more about water source protection.Sedimentation is a physical treatment process used to reduce the turbidity of the water. Remember that turbid water looks cloudy, dirty, or muddy and is caused by sand, silt, and clay that are floating in the water.Turbid water usually has more pathogens so drinking it increases your chances of becoming sick.There are and reduce turbidity by simply letting the water settle for some time.This can be done in a small container such as a bucket or pail.The sedimentation process can be quickened by adding special chemicals or native plants, also known as coagulants, to the water.Coagulants help the sand, silt and clay join together and form larger clumps, making it easier for them to settle to the bottom of the container.Three common chemicals used as and aid in sedimentation are aluminum sulphate, polyaluminum chloride (also known as or liquid alum) and ferric sulphate.Native plants are traditionally used in some countries in Africa and Latin America to help with sedimentation. For example, prickly pear cactus, moringa seeds and fava beans have all been used to help sediment water.Click here to read more about different sedimentation methods.Filtration methods are and are commonly used after sedimentation to further reduce turbidity and remove pathogens. Filtration is a physical process which involves passing water through filter media.Sand and ceramic are the most common filter media, although cloth and membranes can also be used. There are various types of filters that are used by households around the world.Click here to read more about each of these water filters.Best Water Purification Reviews is your #1 online source for information an all types of water purification systems such as water filters, water softeners, water purifiers, water treatment and bottled water.The next step in household water treatment is to remove or kill any remaining pathogens through disinfection, The most common methods used by households around the world to disinfect their drinking water are:Turbid water helps pathogens to "hide" from chemical, SODIS and UV disinfection.Reducing turbidity by sedimentation (see Step 2) and filtration (see Step 3) is necessary to improve the effectiveness of these disinfection methods.Click here to read more about different methods of disinfecting water, including electrochlorination.Clarity Water Products are Water Treatment Professionals - Dedicated to finding without using Harsh, Toxic Chemicals.Chemical free is all they do, and their years of experience in this specialized field of water treatment allow them to bring you the best products for healthier, cleaner, more comfortable water.Households do a lot of work to collect, transport and treat their drinking water. Now that the water is safe to drink, it should be handled and stored properly to keep it safe.If it's not stored safely, the treated water quality could become worse than the source water and may cause people to get sick.Safe storage means keeping your treated water away from sources of contamination, and using a clean and covered container. It also means drinking water from the container in a way so that people do not make each other sick.The container should prevent hands, cups and dippers from touching the water, so that the water does not get recontaminated.Click here to read more about safe water storage.How do I test significant differences between slopes of 4 different regression lines? I am measuring leaf area expansion rate of plants getting different water treatments.You didn't mention if you wanted to test the slopes for differences pairwise or as a set of four; but the method is the same.Just re-estimate any model for "all slopes and intercepts different" by restricting it to be "intercepts different; slopes the same". Twice the difference in log-likelihood will be distributed Chi-square with DF = the number of slopes you have restricted. If it's pairwise, that will be DF = 1 on each.A more detailed explanation is here: Chow test, although I prefer using the Likelihood Ratio Test directly.How do I test significant differences between slopes of 4 different regression lines? I am measuring leaf area expansion rate of plants getting different water treatments.
How Do I Replace Water Pump 2002 Saturn Vue, 6 Cyl.?
i dont really know what the engine looks like in that car but changing the water pump isnt an easy thing. you have to remove the timing belts and there might be more then one. drain all the coolant out of your car (there should be a drain hole somewere at the bottome of the ratiator) remove the botom radiator hose that is attached to the water pump then you take out the bolts mounitng holding the waterpump, and depending one how you engine is posioned it might be the biggest pain in the world to just reach your water pump! let along wrap a rachet around it! well anyway if you get that far, you pull it out then make sure to remove the gasket was left behind on the engine block, and then just do that backwards with the new one! haha i know this isnt a really indeatail explanation but its the general idea. i would suggest on buying a repair manual for the car, it will have what you have to do to change the water pump and everything else you could posible want to fix on your car, and it comes with pictures! haha its a good investment (lol its only like $20) good luck! sorry i couldnt be of any more help!1. 03 saturn vue dim headlights?You could have the wrong headlight bulb installed. The headlight lens could be less clear. It could be poorly aimed. If you have daytime running lights then is a control relay connected to the left rail, up under the front left tire. If you turn your wheels to the right and grab a flashlight you will see it mounted right out in the open. It's the size of a business card and does rot out. I worked at a collision center for a few years and we did many Vue's and a few had this issue. Your parts dept. will be able to show you an image of it's location if you pay them a visit. Inspect it and if one of the wires are bad that may be the issue. If the Saturn dealer has a few in stock it may be this very reason as it's a common on those vehicles. Very bad location to install a headlamp relay.2. I have a 2006 Saturn VUE that is terrible & dangerous on slick surfaces. Besides tires what could cause this?I am going to throw out, for discussion purposes, that you consider that it might be the way YOU drive on those slick surfaces. MANY people fail to adjust the way they drive for different weather conditions. In other words, they drive exactly the same way on wet roads as they do on dry surfaces. They depend, too much, on the technology and equipment to keep them safe, and not consider that the operator of the vehicle has to make adjustments, because the car cannot.3. Car taking a long time to accelerate? (Saturn Vue 2003)?Did one of your spark plug wires come loose or off?4. where is the theromstat on a 2002 saturn vue V6?i own a repair shop,and all you have to do is follow the top radiator hose down to the engine,and you,ll see a housing,,its under that housing,,you,ll have to drain some of the coolant off of it though,and then you can remove it,,just be sure and clean the old gasket off before you install the new one,and do not over tighten the bolts,,other than that there real easy to replace,,good luck with it,i hope this help,s.,,have a good x-mas5. Why is Vue.js being adopted so slowly?If this observation is based on the fact that VueJS does not get a lot of visibility as compared to ReactJS, Angular and other JS frameworks making the headlines in the programming community (Reddit, HackerNews), then YES, it is quite easy to assume that VueJS is being adopted slowly.Part of the reason as well is that VueJS does not have the backing of corporate bigwigs, who can advertise and push their products to the developers and decision makers across.We also need to take account the herd mentality prevalent among people - that is, using the stuff that everyone seems to be raving about. In essence though, it is a very good time to be a developer given with the choices we have at hand to build and ship software products. At the end of the day, organizations whose core business is anything other than software, their focus is having a solid product that caters to their needs
Review Starry Black&Gray Thicken Glass Vessel Sink Waterfall Faucet Bathroom Set
Buy Link: CLICK HEREStarry Black&Gray Thicken Glass Vessel Sink Waterfall Faucet Bathroom Set Product Description:Starry Black&Gray Thicken Glass Vessel Sink Waterfall Faucet Bathroom Set. For a unique and beautiful look, there is no better choice than this thicken glass vessel sink and matching chrome waterfall faucet. Adorned with silvery white dots, the bowl-shape vessel sink comes with dark black at the rims that turns into gray at the bottom, resembling the view of fabulous starry night. The matching waterfall faucet in chrome glimmers with dark tones that combine exceptionally well with understated luxury. This sophisticated, clean-looking bathroom set is a simple improvement to your bathroom with a high-impact impression.Sink Dimension: 16.14"Dia x 5.31"H (410mmDia x 135mmH)Glass Thickness: 1" (25mm) Mounting Ring Thickness: 0. 36" (9. 2mm)Faucet Overall Height: 11. 42" (290mm)Spout Height: 6. 69" (170mm)Spout Reach: 5. 51" (140mm)Drain Opening: 1. 75" (45mm)- Sink and spout constructed from tempered glass, while faucet constructed from solid brass for durability and reliability.- Faucet finished in a high quality, corrosion resistant polished chrome.- Features a waterfall spout design that delivers a gentle cascade. - This item includes sink, faucet, mounting ring and popup drain.- All mounting hardware and hot/cold waterlines are included.- Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, minor differences in color and pattern are to be expected. . Tag: glass basin for bathroom,round bowl bathroom basin,waterfall tap. Price: 259.99 USD. Sale Price: USD.The Starry Black&Gray Thicken Glass Vessel Sink Waterfall Faucet Bathroom Set is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Starry Black&Gray Thicken Glass Vessel Sink Waterfall Faucet Bathroom Set is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people. Buy Starry Black&Gray Thicken Glass Vessel Sink Waterfall Faucet Bathroom SetThese are coming out of my faucets?first off i would have the rocks checked they look like semi Precious stones if you have a whole house filter check it, its either torn or has a hole in it, there coming from the well the pump is set too low , it needs to be 1 to 2 foot off the bottom i have mine 3 ft off the bottomFixing the end of a faucet...?The screen goes in first the plastic pieces next and last the rubber washer. If your not getting water out you probably have the plastic pieces in up side down. The plastic pieces are the restricters they will stop flow if up side down.If the water emerges from the pipe at 1 m/s, how far below the faucet will the radius of the stream?seem into water filters. some could be placed on faucet to filter out the chemical ingredients. The filters are available often 2 packs for $25.oo and final approximately 2-3 months. Breakdown of value is approximately 40-one cents an afternoon. you are able to fill a glass and save it refridgerated for use, cook dinner with it and not have chemical ingredients. Even espresso tastes smoother and extra useful. Pitchers could be offered in case you purely choose for ingesting water. exact manufacturers are Pur or Brita. delight in chemical loose for much less and extra useful flavorWhy does the water from my faucets carry a rather strong odor???Fill up a glass of bleach and submerge faucetBottled water vs. Tap Water, What are your thoughts?my thoughts are that the water is the same. I've seen hidden videoof them filling 'bottled water" from a regular tap. Get a Brita pitcher and a Pur filter on yoru faucet if you do not like the taste of your own tap water. Goodness knows we dont' need all those jillions of water bottles in the landfills as only a fraction of all of them get recycled.Water from faucet is cloudy with bubbles?I've seen that before, usually right after the water has been turned back on from being shut off for a time. Then, I know it is attributed to air in the water line. Your case sounds a little more extreme. It could be as simple as a bad water line, valve, or seal somewhere near your home. I would be interested to find out what kind of answers they give you, whichever path you pursue.
Why Is the Solubility of Oxygen Lower in the Pond Water Rather Than Tap Water?
Who says the solubility of O2 is lower in pond water? There are several reasons why that *might* be the case, but I do not think it is universally true. The factors with the biggest influence on O2 solubility are (1) temperature and (2) dissolved solids concentration. Pond water *might* be warmer than tap water and therefore might have lower O2 solubility. (But in winter, pond water might be much colder.) Pond water *might* have higher dissolved solids concentration than tap water and this might reduce O2 solubility. (But, just as likely, the chlorination of tapwater might increase the dissolved solids content and reduce solubility of oxygen in tapwater.)1. The solubility product constant of calcium sulfate, CaSO4, is 7.10×10−5. Its molar mass is 136.1 g/mol....?Calcium sulfate dissociates in water forming a saturated solution according to the following equation: CaSO4(s) Ca^2(aq) SO4^2-(aq) The equilibrium constant [solubility product] expression is in the form of the following equation: Ksp = [Ca^2][SO4^2-] According to the above equation, one mole of CaSO4 yields one mole of Ca^2 and one mole of SO4^2-. Therefore, the molar concentration of dissolved calcium sulfate is the same as the molar concentration of either calcium ion or sulfate ion. Moreover, the molar concentration of dissolved calcium ion equals the molar concentration of dissolved sulfate ion. Since the value of the solubility product constant of calcium sulfate is given, we can calculate the molar concentration of either calcium ion or sulfate ion, since they are equal to each other: Let x = [Ca^2] = [SO4^2-] Ksp = [Ca^2][SO4^2-] 7.10 10^-5 = [x][x] 7.10 10^-5 = x^2 71.0 10^-6 = x^2 8.4261497 10^-3 M = x = [Ca^2] = [SO4^2-] = [CaSO Now that molar concentration of calcium sulfate in a saturated solution of this salt is known, we can calculate the number of moles of calcium sulfate in 71.0 L of water. Note that the solubility product constant for calcium sulfate is a very small number, therefore its saturated solution in water is virtually mostly water and the change in volume is insignificant. Molarity CaSO4 = (moles CaSO4) / (Liters of solution) or moles CaSO4 = (Molarity CaSO4)(Liters of solution) moles CaSO4 = (8.4261497 10^-3 M)(71.0 L) moles CaSO4 = 598.25662 10^-3 mol = 0.598 mol To find the mass of 0.598 mol of calcium sulfate, we need to multiply the number of moles by the mole mass of calcium sulfate given in the problem: (0.598 mol)(136.1 g/mol) = 81.422723 g or 81.4 g Answer: About 81.4 g of calcium sulfate can be dissolved in 71.0 L of pure water.2. Chemistry: rule for solubility and non-polar molecules?what did you say??????3. Solubility of a molecular compound?Decomposition of the reaction mixture with acid will allow some of the product to go into the acidic solution by the conversion to the pyridinium salt. Instead, use NaOH to dissolve all the aluminum salts as Al(OH)4-. Then add some satd NaCl to salt out any solubles. keeping the mixture alkaline will also keep any unreacted nicotinic acid in the aqueous phase. Make the second washof the aqueous phase with with CH2Cl24. chemistry (saturated solution, unsaturated solution, solubility question)?The solution is satured because it has the maximum amount dissolved, and any left over accumulates at the bottom as a crystal or on the sides5. Which of the following are arranged in increasing order of their solubility in water?I think no 3, because potassium ion is the largest and hence has a smallest attraction and polarizing effect on Co3 2(-)ion compared to Na and Ca 2. Ca 2 has a greater polarising effect because of its charge (2) compared to Na(1) hence calcium hydrogen carbonate should have the lowest solubility ... you can say calcium is strongly attracted to and attracting the carbonate ion hence it wo not easily let go. I hope I could be of help to you6. Solubility of Organic Compound confusionThere are two regions of bond energy to look at here:The bonding between water molecules is strong enough to resist separation by methane molecules because the gain could be no more than the stabilization in methane ($pu0.223 kcal/mol$), but the loss would be as much as $pu1.435 kcal/mol$. The first sentence in the question refers to this region of bond energies, not to the much higher energy region ( $pu100 kcal/mol$) that would be extensively covered in a chapter on bond enthalpy.
Breaking Bad, "Over": Walt Takes a Break
Spoilers for tonight'scoming up just as soon as I do tequila shots with my kid...Oh yes it was, Walt. Yes it was.After giving us our most extended tease yet of what I've taken to calling The Curious Incident of the Burnt Teddybear in the Daytime(*), "Over" dials back on the action and shows Walt struggling to deal with a longer life than he expected before the good news he got at the end of "4 Days Out."(*) So in addition to the charred bear and Walt's glasses, we now have the smashed-up windshield to his car, not to mention two corpses laid out on his driveway. Should we assume the cartel shows up on his doorstep Or is there a chance this could all be the result of an accident Might Walt have done an uncharacteristically sloppy job installing the new water heaterAs you might expect him to, Walt tries to leave the world of crystal meth behind (other than accepting his share of the profits from the last batch they cooked in the desert), trying to be a more attentive husband and father, and even doing some long-overdue repair work on the house.But this is not who Walt really wants to be. He wrecks the party Skyler throws to celebrate his remission by pouring one drink of tequila after another into Walter Jr., finally stepping to Hank for the sin of daring to play surrogate father figure to Jr. while Walt's been distracted these past months. And as Jr. vomits into the pool and Skyler, Hank and the other guests look hurt, Walt looks like he's been bathing in schadenfreude, like he can only enjoy the party if everyone else feels as miserable as he does to live this straight life.(Good lord, does Bryan Cranston make a good/bad mean drunk.)The remainder of the episode wears its subtext on its sleeve, as Walt gets around to replacing the decaying water heater. Just as his meth career seemed to be more about damage control than cooking meth, he finds that fixing the water heater only exposes another problem, in the rotted foundation that only he can see."Just cut it out and start fresh," he says, but that's easier to do with floor boards than with the rot in his soul. And as Walt makes yet another trip to the hardware store and stumbles across an aspiring meth cooker loading up on supplies, he recognizes once and for all that the only thing that gives him personal satisfaction -- that makes this extended life he's gotten worth living -- is playing drug lord, and he chases the cook and his partner away with a menacing threat to "Stay out of my territory."When Walt announces his plans for retirement, Jesse takes it very well, understandably. First, he was expecting Walt to be dead, and is simply happy that the guy's still alive. Second, where Walt feels more vital the deeper he gets into this drug empire, Jesse is still a little scared of it, and he can understand why someone might want to get out. Both of these attitudes, by the way, put him one up on Walt, I fear; were the roles reversed, Walt wouldn't take kindly to Jesse's attempt to get out of the business if it inconvenienced him.And with Walt spending the episode in semi-retirement, and the drug operation apparently running itself well for the moment, Jesse gets to focus on the state of his relationship with Jane -- and the realization that he's more invested in it than she is.While I like Krysten Ritter's addition to the show, this subplot was the least compelling part of "Over." It provided some more hints about Jane, and about her dad (who was more than ready to use a key to go into Jane's house on his own), but it mainly felt like set-up for something coming down the road.We have three more episodes to go this season, and where last year the show was only starting to find itself when the strike shut things down ahead of schedule, this year the show has been brilliant from the start, and I feel confident that it's all building to something explosive -- regardless of what happens to that poor teddy bear.Some other thoughts on "Over":• Skyler and Walt have been getting on much better ever since he lied to her about Gretchen and Elliot, but part of that was predicated on her belief that, if Walt ever got better, he'd become happier, and easier to live with. But that's not what he's about, and as his ceaseless misery becomes more obvious to her, she starts going after Ted Beneke, even knocking over her pencil cup to lure him into her office at the end of a shift. How do you think Walt will react if he finds out another man's been invading his personal turf• Jane's dad was played by John de Lancie, probably best known as Q from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."• Dean Norris always gets off one or two hilarious lines an episode. This week, it was his deadpan delivery of "Wow. Inspirational." in response to Walt's depressing toast at the party.• Loved Jesse quoting the infamous"This is your drugs. This is your brain on drugs." commercial while cooking eggs. (I prefer that ad's simplicity to the sequel with Rachael Leigh Cook.)• I talked about director of photography Michael Slovis' gorgeous work in my review of "4 Days Out." Phil Abraham, the director of "Over," was himself a longtime DP (notably on "The Sopranos"), and between the two of them, we get a number of the requisite haunting shots, whether it's Walt hanging upside down in the crawl space like an alien invader, or the light of the sunset oscillating like a UFO beacon. (Possibly piloted by Walt)• I liked Jesse's superhero sketches, particularly Kanga-Man (who, as Jane points out, is kind of a Kanga-She-Male), and Rewindo, whose power is to run away really fast. Jesse may want to invoke that power the next time Walt proposes an exponential expansion plan.• Walt's money literally has blood on it. Maybe he needs to literally launder it again, like he did in the first season. That, or ask Saul Goodman where he can get some clean, crisp bills.What did everybody else think
What Do I Do to Water Proof?
there are companies that you can call to come secure your problem. some call it waterproofing, some call it damp proofing. i work for one of these companies in AL. they basically come in and spray/paint on this thick coating that seals all of the cracks and prevents water from collecting. they also have a product called drainstar that can drain all of the run off from the waaterproofing to a central location away from harm. these prducts all come with guarantees/warranties good luck!1. What are your favorite horse products?My favorite fly spray is Repel-X. It's water proof, has sun block in it, and only needs to be put on every 2 weeks or so which is good because then I do not have to make the person who turns out my horse do it everyday. And it actually works! I love Healthy Hair Care stuff, the coat conditioner is really slippery, so it's good for detangling manes and tails and doubles as a conditioner. As long as you do not put it where the saddle goes. For treats I try to change it up for my pony :) . He likes the Rounders ones in all flavors. If you want to go into tack/apparel, I always thought Ariats were too expensive, but then I got a pair anyway, and there is no going back. They are so comfy no matter how long you where them.2. I Need a WATER PROOF eyeliner but PREFERABLY LIQUID?!?you should order the mary kay brand.. i swear its like amazing and never smudges3. is it safe to use water proof socks for a 70 yrs old diabetic person? suggest a good cream too?Plain cotton socks are a better choice, to let the tissue stay healthy and avoid a fungal infection. There are a lot of creams on the market. The important thing is to check the feet every day for sores or injuries and use a good moisturizing cream after showering. Hope this helps.4. i droppped my 8g 3g iphone in water for like 7 sec. Can it restore on its own? it hasnt turned on in 3 days?No iphone's are water proof. Apples warranty does not cover liquid damage. Maybe you can upgrade to the new iphone 3gs. It might come back on but the touch screen might not work the same.5. Is the fitness of water proof that there is a Creator?I would not say that the properties of water were evidence for anything like that. If the properties of water were like other liquids, we would not be here having this discussion so, it's just the way things worked out6. What should i use to seal or paint the bottom of my wooden boat to make it water proof?Nathan, I would use "boat epoxy" on the everything below the water line. This stuff will totally seal, laminate, and encapsulate you hull's bottom and it offers great protection against rot, worms, and disease... This is what boat builders use... it is fantastic stuff... If you are not familiar with "boat epoxy" I have a link for you where you can learn all about it. Good Luck, Happy & Safe Boating, John7. What's a good liquid eyeliner that's water proof, also not too pricey...?Wet N Wild waterproof liquid liner is awesome and at 2.99 its definitely a steal!!! Have fun girl!!!8. How to take off all water proof makeup?well i cant really tell you anything else but to use besides make up remover try Maybelle make up remover that's what i use and it works great9. Illustration felt pen tip dried out, not because of cap left off?It's a Micron, I have issues with them too, they hold only half the ink of a normal pen so it may indeed be 'out'. At the very least the tip is clogged and far as I know you can not unclog it. I would take the pen back to where it was bought (find the receipt) and ask for a replacement, or just purchase a new one. Check out the Pilot Precise Ultra Fine Point - available at WalMart for $2, it works far better, the ink is blacker instead of that grayed out ink the Microns use, it's water proof when dry, and they do not clog. I switched to those after having issues with the Microns. The Pilot Precise is a far better pen and available at Walgreens, WalMart, office supply stores and craft stores. And cheap enough at the $2 price.
Minerals in Boiled Water (or Food) Reacting with Aluminum Sauce Pan -- Would a Person Be Ingesting A
Minerals in boiled water (or food) reacting with aluminum sauce pan -- would a person be ingesting aluminum?The acid in fruits and vinegar will leach some aluminum. That is what makes the ring. The amount is probably too small to worry about— — — — — —URGENT! Boiled water help needed?Stop FASTING— — — — — —What do you think bout muh promblem?I recommend not cleaning it with anything BUT sea salt mixed with warm water. I used it for all of my piercings and all this other rubbish people are giving their customers annoys me to no end. Aftercare: 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt mixed with 8 ounces of boiled water [left to cool down a bit so you do not burn yourself!] 2-3 times a day. [Morning, midday, night] Infection= bloody/yellow/green smelly pus, a lump, painful, red and hot to the touch. Try to keep your hair out of your face, maybe clip it all back when you are sleeping as when you are awake you can just brush it out of your face. Do not play with it and take extra care when putting clothes on etc. Prop yourself up with lots of pillows when you are sleeping.— — — — — —Is it true that boiled water is better than bottled water?Yes it is true. When you boil water it boils away anything harmful that was in it. Plus now with bottled water the chemicals from the bottles can leak into the water and harm you.— — — — — —Why is ice made from boiled water clear?The short answer: Cloudy ice is caused by gases (mainly nitrogen and oxygen) dissolved in the water that come out of solution when the water freezes. The small bubbles trapped in the ice cause the white appearance. Boiling the water removes the air dissolved in it, producing clear ice as a result. Assuming that other impurities do not produce the same cloudy effect.The long answer: Impurities present in water:Gases: Water at 20°C normally contains about 15 ppm dissolved gases, which is the equivalent of 1 volume of air per 50 volumes of water. These are the same gases present in air, but not in the same proportions since some are more soluble than others: it's about 63% nitrogen, 34% oxygen, 1.5% argon and 1.5% carbon dioxide.minerals: Tap water contains dissolved minerals, mainly Ca and Mg. They can be present in the form of bicarbonates: $Ca^2(HCO_3^-)_2$ and $Mg^2(HCO_3^-)_2$ (these only exist in solution, not as solid substances), and as calcium and magnesium sulphate. If the water passed through a water softener, the Ca and Mg ions may have been replaced by (twice as many) sodium or potassium ions.The effects of heating the water:removing dissolved gases: higher temperature favors endothermic reactions (Le Chatelier's principle). For the gases present in water, dissolution (at room temperature) is an exothermic process, so their solubility decreases when the water is heated. The solubility of gases does not reach zero at boiling point, nor does it necessarily decrease over the whole temperature range. For nitrogen in water, the enthalpy of dissolution becomes positive around 75°, and its solubility increases above that temperature. At 100°C, solubility of air as a whole is $0.93 * 10^-5$, about half the solubility at 10°C, $1.82 * 10^-5$. removing dissolved minerals: Heating the water promotes the conversion of soluble Ca and Mg bicarbonates to insoluble carbonates ($2 HCO_3^-$ → $CO_3^2- H_2O CO_2$) which will come out of solution (as limescale). The sulphates (sometimes referred to as "permanent hardness"), and the sodium or potassium (bi)carbonates stay in solution. The effect of boiling:How do gases make ice "milky/cloudy"?— — — — — —Does anyone know of an easy home remedie for mouth ulcers?Definitely the warm salty water, I would use boiled water that has been let cool down. Then, if they are hurting badly, try some teething type gel from the shop/pharmacy so you can sleep at night— — — — — —i have a cold!?!?! PLEASE! help me! READ THIS! food to help..?Lemon drink - lemon juice, water and honey and a dash of red pepper - sweating the impurities out. eat fresh leafy vegetables with lemon juice and olive oil Soups are good - a nice light vegetable broth with vegies and ramen noodles would be good - a vegie juice if you have a juicer I found these - they might help Shoga-yu (Hot Ginger Drink) Ginger is said to be an excellent remedy for the early stages of a cold since it keeps the body warm and stimulates perspiration. Use fresh ginger. Ingredients:(1 serving) 2 tsp grated fresh ginger 1 tsp sugar or honey 1 cup boiled water Put ginger and sugar in a cup. Pour boiled water in the cup and mix well. 3. O-kayu (rice porridge) O-kayu is the most common "sick food" in Japan. O-kayu is cooked very soft, so it's easy to digest and is easy to eat. A plain o-kayu does not include other ingredients than rice, but you can add vegetables or meat, depending on your appetite. Green onion is commonly used for home remedy for cold in Japan, so it's good to sprinkle some chopped green onion if you would like. Ginger-Cinnamon Tea (Ginger is also purported to soothe an upset stomach.) 1/2 cup thinly sliced fresh ginger 6 cups water 2 cinnamon sticks 2 tablespoons honey or brown sugar lemon wedges for garnish if desired In a saucepan, simmer ginger, cinnamon, and water 20 minutes, or more for stronger tea. Add honey or sugar and strain tea through a sieve. Hot Lemonade (Great for a sore throat.) 4 lemons several slices of ginger root honey to taste Juice several lemons, then scrub the peel well. Slice it thinly, and add to the juice. Cover all with plenty of boiling water, cover, and steep until cool. For added benefit, add several slices of ginger root before covering with water. Strain off the liquid, add honey and additional water to taste. Drink hot. Mixed Greens and Fennel with Ginger Dressing (Ginger is purported to be great for a cold. So is fennel.) 1 bag of fresh spinach or mixed salad greens 2 fennel bulbs (cleaned, cut in half lengthwise, and sliced thinly crosswise) For thedressing: 2 scallions, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, minced 2 tablespoons oriental sesame oil 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons rice vinegar 1 tablespoon chopped, peeled fresh ginger 1 tablespoon honey 1/4 cup canola oil Blend first seven dressing ingredients in food processor. With machine running, gradually add oil and process until well blended. (Can be prepared 1 day ahead. Cover and refrigerate. Let stand 30 minutes at room temperature before using.) Toss fennel and greens with dressing. Enjoy! Hope you get better soon also my mother swears by this treatment - get a cup of warm water and add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt and go to the bathroom and inhale the salty water through your nose and spit it out of your mouth- its really disgusting buts its very very good for a sore nose and also good for people with infections. You will find you will be able to breathe better. i know its awful but I have used it when I have been desperate. The chemists sell saline nasal spray (which is salty water) and my version is cheaper. Hope you get well take care.
Is 'water Tank with Inlet & Outlet Valves Closed' a Open System, Close System Or Isolated System? Th
Based on your definitions and assuming the tank is closed on the top then the system would be a "closed" system. For it to be an isolated system it would also have to exist in a perfect vacuum with the boundary of the vacuum at the same temperature as the tank. That way there could be no energy transfer by radiation, conduction or convection. As to why this matters I can only guess the question is designed to determine if you understand this aspect of thermodynamics.1. Hot Water Heater leaks through drainage spigot after flushingThose plastic shut off valves on water heater tanks are obviously very cheap and probably low quality as well. There are likely two main reasons that the valve leaks (maybe three). Mitigation information:2. what are the measurements (inches/centimeters) of a trumpet bell and valves?Which trumpet? The reason I ask is because different manufacturers use different dimensions and there is even variations between a manufacturer's models3. Hot water is not hot enough after the water main was replaced. Why?You call the same plumber and tell him that supposed to be so is not good enough. He needs to be sure it IS so. Whenever you mess with the plumbing it knocks loose all kinds of stuff that was in the pipes and is now somewhere else. the crap can be building up and clogging your faucet filters, valves, and shower head. He should have flushed the lines at yours or anybody elses places after chnaging out the pipe(s). What about your bath tub? does it have better water flow and stya hot longer?4. How Can My Valves Operate So Productively Regardless Of A Very High RPM? Pic?The design has alot of do with it. People dont understand that in alot of thing that you buy, the good ones will usually be more expensive. Not because of the name on it, but because quality control and research/design that keeps up on improvements. The hardest thing is adusting the valves on an RX7 rotary engine.5. where are the check valves for the air suspension on a 2000 crown vic?If it's factory air ride they have their own built in air compressor. That's how the suspension can compensate for increased loads, the compressor builds up the air pressure, so no need to add it if you could. If it's down on all four wheels, first check the trunk, they have a switch in there that turns off the air suspension. Not sure on yours, but the earlier Lincolns and Mercs you had to turn off the air suspension before raising the vehicle on a lift. If you did not the bags would extend and pop and you had an instant low rider. Hopefully for you someone just bumped the switch with a bag of groceries and flipped it off. Normally if there is a fault in the air ride it will set off a lamp on the dash. So it seems like that may be your problem. If it's not, check for a blown fuse, but that should set a level ride light on the dash. If it's none of those, plan on a not pretty bill to fix it.6. On an old New York apartment radiator, with two valves, what do I do to only have a little heat?steam comes in through larger pipe at bottom of radiator."leave this valve opened all the way,closing even alittle will cool down steam and turn into water. use only top valve regulatortotadjust temp. the banging you hear is the hot steam hitting the colder water left in radiator,that's why you leave bottom valve opened always,stay warm7. What are water line measurements?Water line measurements can be applied to construction projects involving water main installation. Linear feet of pipe, number and size of shut off valves, pressure reducing valves and fire hydrant valves are all things that need to be measured and accounted for. Granular backfill is usually applied to half way up the pipe and plastic wrapped pipe is common in acidic soil conditions. The bury depth will determine the amount of compacted fill required and to finish the job the trench needs to be seeded and/or sodded.What are water line measurements?
Any Camp Sites for Primitive Camping near Noblesville, IN Or White Water Canoe Rental?
What was your favorite song from the movie? I loved "Gotta Find You" and "This is Me" or "Here I am" Who was your favorite character? Kevin's character was awesome-But I really liked Mitchie. What was your favorite scene? Joe and Demi in the canoe, or when Joe was singing to Demi and when Joe started the duet with Demi and Nick's like "That must be the girl with the voice" and Kevin's like: "ya think" What was your favorite quote? I loved Joe-"I've learned my lesson, I showered in cold water, I've looked at a tree, I need hair products" or Kevin:"Ya dude, no go backs. That's like the golden rule. Nick: "No dude, the golden rule is tell the truth" Kevin: "Well, then it can be the silver rule" Nick: "Why the silver rule?" Kevin: "Alright the copper rule" What was the best thing about the movie? The whole thing!!! Star if you truly loved Camp Rock!!!!!! *******star***********.1. Sore arms after a canoe trip?Any activity you do for the first time at all, or even for the first time in a long time is going to make you sore. ESPECIALLY if you go out and do it for 11 hours!!! That is very extreme. You went way beyond your bodies tolerance for repetition, and into the region of injury which is why you hurt so bad. The good news is, there are ways to reduce soreness from activities like this. And you are wise to have thought that "hey maybe there is something I can do to prepare next time..." What you want to do is first decide how long before the event you will start preparing. For an 11 hour event you will need a month probably. This accounts for 2 days a week of exercises specific to your activity. You do need to allow rest between workouts but could actually get in 4 days if you wanted to. The focus should be on motions that closely simulate the activity. You would also want to do exercises that target the muscles used. So for instance, the rowing machine. Make sure to do dumbbell exercises for your shoulders and lats, try using a cable machine and attachments to do some unique pulling motions (cable machines are very versatile, just be creative). Also there are plenty of things at home you can use... a sledge hammer against a tire, swinging a weighted bat, use a rope with weights attached and swing it around with one arm, etc.ALSO! do not forget, you can always go on some one hour 'around the lake' type trips also to build up. You can rent a canoe at the lakes near where I live. This would be perfect to do a few times before a big trip. So in effect you condition the areas you will use for the activity and they will perform and recover much better. They may still get sore, but by no means should you be in that much pain. If you are then you are simply overstepping your capabilities and should start a bit slower so as not to damage your body.2. Anybody ever hunted deer from a canoe?Been there Done that! The idea here is not to go drifting through private lands belonging to unknown owners, but to float streams and waterways which have state or federal lands on at least one side if not both, and where hunting is legal and open to public access. BLM, National Forest, State or federal Wildlife Management Units, etc. The first time I tried it, I was totally surprised, and so were the deer. That was in Minnesota in the late 70's. Here in Alaska, numerous hunters use a similar method with rafts and boats to hunt moose and bear. It works. It allows you to cover a LOT more territory while saving you a LOT of exhausting footwork and at the same time, makes for a VERY silent method of approaching game. Just be sure to arrange for your pick-up person at the end of your drift. In the lower 48 states, you have enough roadway to leave your vehicle where you intend to pull out and then have a friend or family member drop you off at your starting point. In Alaska, that usually means having a pilot drop you off and/or pick you up as roads are few and far between up here. There can be a LOT of obstacles in the way of a safe and casual drift. Even if it gets somewhat in the way of your shooting, I HIGHLY recommend that you wear a PFD (personal floatation device). You will want to end your hunt successfully, and NOT water-logged and snagged up somewhere in a tree root with two lungs full of muddy water. BE SAFE!3. where can i buy a cheap canoe?good luck trying to find a canoe for $200
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