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Considering that small led may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about small led for you to get started.

1. Can a small LED flashlight get too hot or catch fire if left on overnight?

Try getting her a night light that goes on when it gets dark so she wo not have to mess with it or you get some glow in the dark stars or stickers and put them by her bed

2. What is the best small LED flashlight under $50?

Hi, Tank007 they have many mini flashlight, like E09 E11 E18 E19, the price will just about 15USD and quality is very good, use Cree led and have IPX-68 waterproof performance, you will like them

3. How to make a small LED scoreboard, and actually control it?

I bet ur gunna need LED lights!

4. I need help with a small LED device?

for the led lights if you want to parallel you need to make sure the power supply if enough ,it does not have to be the same voltage and amp, also,personally ,a dim is easy to control and get ,but the pwm way have different side affect on it at some extant anyway .

5. What purchase have you made, large or small, that led to the most happiness per dollar?

My AKG K240 MKII. Best bang for the buck i've spent in my entire life. 800RMB (130 Dollars i think) for 4 years of smooth music. I can not go back to those apple earpods anymore.

6. I want to add a small LED to 6.5" speaker. Can i hook it up to its /-ports to draw power from ? Would it compromise sound quality & volume?

at amplifier output levels higher than about 30 milliwatts, the LED will fail due to forward pass current. if you use a 330 ohm series resistor with the LED then it will start to light at about 3 watts from the amp and fail at about 10 watts

7. I'm having some trouble on a small LED project I'm doing.?

Most of these web sites make assumptions that may not be true. First, you cannot parallel LEDs, you will get uneven current distribution. In your case, A series connection would be best. 4 x 2.2 = 8.8 volts, that is too much for one string, so use two strings of two each. That means the LEDs drop 4.4 volts. That leaves 9-4.4= 4.6 volts across the resistor. At 20 ma, R = 4.6/0.02 = 230 ohms. I would use the next highest value which is 240 ohms. You need two of these. If you can not handle numbers, try some other hobby.

8. where can i find a small LED or CFL G9 bulb?

Small G9 Led

9. A small led flashlight is powered by theee 1.5 volt AAA batteries for a total of 4.5 volts?

The effective resistance of the LED will depend on its forward voltage at that operating current. That will be about 1.7V for a red LED going up to about 3V for a blue LED. Your question seems to ignore the resistor in series with the LED. A modern flashlight will use a switched mode power supply to provide a constant current to the LED which is much more energy efficient than using a series resistor. This makes questions about resistance even more nonsensical.

10. Which consumes less electricity, a zero-watt bulb or a small LED bulb?

A small LED takes lesser power and is a more perfect zero watt illumination device.A small night lamp has minimum 5 W while an LED can give more light at 0.5 W itself

11. How would I be able to have small LED lights in my shelf and have them turn on when I open the door?

Hard wire them with a simple press switch (press to open, release to close) in the door frame or get a proximity or motion detector switch and plug them into that

12. Can small LED tvs go to up to 1080p?

They can, but nobody can see the difference at that size between 720p and 1080p

13. Multiple small led or one big one

the driver specs are: output voltage 30-36 [V], 3000 [mA] ... The 10 [W] chips run at 9-11 [V], 900 [mA] ... so is this possibleNo.Not the way I understand the scenario.You would have to run three 10W LEDs in series to match the voltage but the constant-current driver then has the wrong current. You really need to buy or build drivers to specifically match the LEDs or LED-modules you are driving

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