Melissa Mantor Claims She Was Asked to Leave Her Gym Because Her Belly Was Hanging Out

A PREGNANT gym user claims she was asked to leave her local fitness centre during the middle of a workout because her belly was hanging out.Melissa Mantor, from South Carolina, said she was working out at the Sam Rittenberg Planet Fitness gym when an employer said she had to leave.Ms Mantor, who is 18-weeks-pregnant, said she was using the treadmill when she was approached by the gym worker."I was very confused by this and thought I may have heard her wrong," she told local broadcaster WCIV."She told me again that I am not able to continue my workout until I change my clothes because I am in violation of their dress code."According to the Planet Fitness Corporate Dress Code "string tank tops" which Ms Mantor was wearing at the time, are banned. However it doesn't mention anything about exposed midriffs.She claims she has worn the top before and wasn't spoken to about it.News_Image_File: The gym user said she was on the treadmill when she was asked to leave."I was very confused. She continued telling me that my belly was hanging out and I need to get it covered up," Ms Mantor said."I told her at that time 'Of course my belly is hanging out, I am pregnant'."She was then handed a white T-shirt and told her singlet was in violation of the centre's dress code.In a statement, McCall Gosselin, director of public relations for Planet Fitness, said Ms Mantor was not actually asked to leave the gym because of her clothing choice but rather her refusal to change it."Our corporate dress code policy, which is enforced at the discretion of club staff, states that jeans, boots, men's string tank tops, or revealing clothing are prohibited," he said."This particular location also had a stated policy that prohibited bare midriffs. In this instance, a staff member approached the member to inform her of the policy and offer her a free T-shirt to complete her workout."She was not asked to leave the gym as a result of her attire."It wouldn't be the first time a gym user has been told they dressed inappropriately.News_Image_File: A gym manager allegedly stopped Maja Lukic mid workout to tell her that her shorts were too short. In January, Darwin woman Maja Lukic was told she needed to wear longer shorts if she wanted to work out at the club again.The 25-year-old was told she belonged in a strip club when she was wearing Puma shorts and a tank top during a workout at Snap Fitness in Yarrawonga.Gym owner Griff Davies told the NT News: "We have a standard that we set across all our gyms and have to protect the interests of different shapes and sizes and religious groups because our gym is for everyone."

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Wanton Words: Curbing Verbal Crudeness and Cruelty at Camp.
I love language. The beauty of a poem, the lyricism of a novel, thepassion of a political speech, the sentiment of a heartfelt toast, thehumor of standup comedy, and the simplicity of a handwritten letter aretestaments to the expressive power of words. And although language isnot uniquely human, the capacity to create an infinite number ofutterances that follow a finite set of rules probably is. Every humanlanguage on the planet has a grammar that allows us to combine words inunique ways. Your responsibilities as a youth development professionalinclude coaching campers to curtail crassness and use their creativeverbal skills in ways that nurture a healthy culture. Word Power Most of what we say and write is benign, if not beautiful. Some ofwhat we say, however, can be hurtful, even devastating. Consider thepain potential in the expressions "I don't care,""You are worthless," and "Never again." Depending onthe question, even the one-syllable words "Yes" (Was shekilled?) and "No" (Do you love me?) could be crushing. Given the potency of words, it makes sense that all cultures haveadopted conventions around which words and expressions are sociallyacceptable and which are not. Even the most literary and liberal amongus--those who routinely eschew publishing censorship--must also assentto common sense and good manners when it comes to foul language. Somenastiness--such as the F bomb--is obvious. Other times, the distinctionbetween rude and refined is as subtle as capitalization (e.g., dick v.Dick) or word order (e.g., pussy cat v. cat pussy) or spelling (e.g.,damn v. dam). Sometimes, only context clarifies meaning, as with thewords ass, bitch, and cracker, which have common zoological, veterinary,and culinary usages in addition to their vulgar, sexist, and racistmeanings. (By the way, if you are offended, intrigued, or tickled at thispoint in the article, that's solid evidence that word choice doesmatter. Indeed, in 1602, William Shakespeare gave Rosencrantz the linein Hamlet, "... many wearing rapiers [blades] are afraid ofgoose-quills [feather pens] and dare scarce come thither." Some 237years later, another English playwright, Sir Edward Bulwer-Lyttonfamously wrote the same basic line for his play Richelieu: Or theConspiracy--"The pen is mightier than the sword." Whateveryour emotional reaction to the verbal color in this article so far, Iurge you to focus on the following concepts and recommendations. Eachcan guide your work with youth in important ways.) Mailman, Postal Worker, or Letter Distribution Engineer? As a youth leader, your job is not to be the language police,obsessed with political correctness. You can leave that to ultra-radicalfeminists who insist on calling manhole covers personhole covers or tosatirists who re-label old people chronologically gifted or topoliticians themselves who coin euphemisms like quantitative easing todescribe the practice of creating electronic money from thin air. Instead, you can help promote young people's development andcreate a healthy culture at camp by carefully listening and respondingto the offensive words and phrases your campers use. Your attentivepresence, combined with a calm explanation of why some might findcertain verbal expressions offensive and a thoughtful discussion ofalternative word choices, is leadership gold. Boosting campers'expressive language skills will improve their behavior at camp as wellas at home and at school. Wouldn't it be wonderful if parents,teachers, and coaches praised what young people learned to say at camp,rather than cringing in response to the query, Wanna hear what I learnedto say at camp? Or So It's Been Said Almost all of the profanity and offensive phrases that childrenshare at camp were originally spoken or written by an adult. Therefore,a reasonable first step in keeping talk clean at camp is to set a goodexample yourself. If you must swear or use other vulgar language, do itonly on your time off, away from camp. You might even consider takingthe bold and refreshing step of keeping your language clean all summer,regardless of where you are or whom you are with. After setting a sterling example, the next steps in promoting safetalk at camp are: 1. Be present 2. Provide a calm explanation 3. Suggest alternative word choices The overarching principle here is to respond to offensiveverbalizations without overreacting. The importance of this balancebecomes clear when you consider the extremes. If, as a youth leader, youstand to the side, willfully ignoring the way your campers expressthemselves and talk with one another, you may be quietly condoning rude,sexist, or racist speech. You will be teaching these boys and girls thatcamp is a permissive, boorish place. On the other extreme, if you blow agasket and mete out harsh punishment each time your campers cross theline, you'll be teaching them how easy it is to push your buttonsand how attractively potent certain words are. It is patently impossible to be present during your campers'every waking moment. However, you can and should have an attentivepresence during activities, transition times, meal times, showering andchanging times (with appropriate double coverage), and unstructured freetime. It is completely normal for campers to test limits--to try to geta rise out of one another and out of you. So, expect some edgy languagethis summer and listen carefully during the times when you expect foullanguage to emerge, including sports competitions (when tempers arerunning hot), bedtime (or other times when fatigue is high), andcultural blending (when social misunderstandings are common). When you set a good linguistic example and coach your campers tospeak kindly and politely, you are promoting positive youth developmentin an enduring and influential way. Indeed, young people may arrive atyour summer program with unrefined expressive language skills caused byyears of texting. Your leadership will refine their language, theirthinking, and, ultimately, their sensitivity toward others. That'ssuccess, by any description. Notes from the Field How to Explain and Suggest I'm sure I haven't heard it all during my nearly fourdecades in camping. But I have certainly spoken and witnessed my fairshare of sketchy sayings. You'll probably even discover a few newones this summer. Human language is, as I noted previously, infinitelygenerative. Nevertheless, taking a few different examples and showinghow you might provide a calm explanation and suggest alternative wordchoices is genuinely instructive. Never mind if you haven't heardsome of these examples. Each represents a class of wanton words that youshould be ready to respond to in a similar way. Suck. [Sexual Innuendo] Perhaps no foul word is more common amongEnglish-speaking youngsters than suck. It would be hard to spend a fewhours at a day or overnight camp and not hear, "That sucks,""This sucks," "You suck," and even "Isuck." Forget the debate about whether suck counts as an officialswear word or whether it has a sexual connotation. Like its cuss cousinblow, the word suck is at the very least ambiguously crude. So, when youhear, "This sucks" or "That blows" or other commonbad language, an effective response is something like, "Yeah, Iknow you don't like it, but how about saying, 'Thisstinks,' or 'That's terrible'? It's not a hugedeal, but it sounds a little less crude." Ghetto. [Classist] Popularized by rappers in the early 2000s, theexpression "That's so ghetto" is synonymous with"That's so trashy." Ironically, it can be used as praiseor criticism, depending on whether one is glamorizing low-income,high-crime neighborhoods (which many rap stars do) or whether one isderiding the poor quality of an item of clothing, electronics, or sportsequipment (as many young people do). Most likely, campers who say,"That's so ghetto" do not fully understand what they aresaying, nor are they familiar with the origin of the term: theneighborhoods in Venice where Jews were forced to live. So, when youhear, "That's so ghetto," an effective response issomething like, "You might not know this, but a ghetto is aneighborhood where people are forced to live because of their ethnicity,religion, or income level. For that reason, the expression could beoffensive to some people. Try saying, 'That's so trashy'if that's what you mean. Or maybe 'That's cool' ifthat's what you mean." Gypped. [Racist] There may be more hurtfully racist words thangypped or Indian giver, but they all have one thing in common: Theystereotype a race of people (in this case Gypsies [now known as RomaPeople] or American Indians) and use the race name derisively. Somestereotypes and their derisive labels even extend beyond people, as innag, which is literally an old horse, usually in poor condition. Animallovers bristle when people are told to "stop nagging" becauseit is akin to saying, "stop acting like an elderly equine."So, when you hear, "I got gypped" or "He's an Indiangiver," an effective response is something like, "I know youdon't mean to be offensive, but if someone were a Gypsy or anAmerican Indian, I'm sure they wouldn't like being called acheater or a liar. When you use ethnic labels to mean somethingunpleasant, that's racist. Instead of saying, 'I gotgypped,' it's better to say, 'I got treatedunfairly.' And instead of saying, 'He's an Indiangiver,' say, 'He broke his promise.' That way, weunderstand exactly who and what upset you." Wife Beater. [Violent] This insidious label for a men's whitetank top crept into the grade-school lexicon from popular teen culturewithout anyone stopping to think about the reference to domesticviolence. While other clothing references are simply silly (e.g., bananahammock for a men's Speedo racing suit), the term wife beater--asin, "Dude, you look pretty sweet in that wife beater"--istruly repugnant to men and women alike. Oddly, when I've askedyoung people to think about what they are saying, they are surprised tolearn that adults take offense. All the more reason to embrace this as ateaching moment. So, when you hear, "Nice wife beater," aneffective response is something like, "You might not realize it,but you're talking about a kind of tragic violence. It'spretty awful to think about someone beating up the person to whom theyare married. How about just calling it a tank top?" Douche. [Sexist] Male references to female equipment or anatomy aresexist when used as put-downs. "You're a douche" or"He's a douche bag" or "Don't be a pussy"are all ways of making the feminine negative. Boys, of course, areespecially sensitive to feminine references because their masculinity isstill developing and is therefore fragile. (Remember the biggest dig inThe Sandlot? "You throw like a girl!" was a zinger because ofits direct boy-girl comparison.) I've also heard males say thingsto one another like, "Take off your skirt" and "Does yourvagina hurt?" which play off the same offensive idea that girls andwomen are weak or whiney. So, when you hear sexist remarks, an effectiveresponse is something like, "You know, to suggest that females arefragile or uncoordinated is offensive because it's untrue. I'drather you say, 'I don't like your complaining' or'He's not very brave.' You don't have to likeanother person's behavior, but it seems unfair to use femaleequipment or anatomy as a jab." Fag. [Homophobic] Expressions such as "You're a fag"and "That's gay" are said to be homophobic, although manyyoung people who say these things are adopting a linguistic conventionrather than mocking another person's sexual orientation. However,there are times when the homophobia is clear, as when boys comment,"No homo" before hugging one another. (As if all kinds ofphysical closeness were somehow sexual.) Whatever the intent orunderstanding of the speaker, the use of fag, gay, or homo gives you aperfect opportunity to discuss tolerance and diversity in all its forms.So, when you hear, "Arts and crafts are gay," an effectiveresponse is something like, "Hey, if you don't like arts andcrafts, just say so. It's offensive to use words like gay or fagwhen you mean a bad thing or bad person. At camp, we are accepting ofall people, so let's steer clear of words that put down peoplebased on their background or sexual orientation or anything else." Retard. [Mental Health] The literal meaning of retard is "toslow down," but when used as a noun, it becomes derogatoryshorthand for "a mentally retarded person." Expressions suchas "That's retarded" and "She's a retard"vary in offensiveness, but share an insulting view of mental health.Making fun of anyone's psychological condition is touchy, ofcourse. I've even had students with bipolar disorder and attentiondeficit/hyperactivity disorder take umbrage with expressions such as"She's psycho," despite the fact that the speaker wasreferring to a character in a movie. So, when you hear,"You're a retard," an effective response is somethinglike, "I think what you meant was 'You're silly' or'I don't like what you just did.' The word retard isactually a disrespectful way to refer to a person with mentalretardation. Let's find a way to speak about people respectfully,even when we're upset with them." Jesus Christ/God. [Lord's Name in Vain] Religious and secularpeople around the globe use various forms of Jesus Christ as expletives.Although this usage is especially offensive to Christians, speakersprobably don't intend to insult and may not understand the fullmeaning of what they are saying. Nevertheless, it is unbecoming of acamper or a camp leader to exclaim, "Jesus, that was close!"or "Oh, Christ, not another meeting!" or even "Oh my God,that's amazing!" While references to deities in any languageare appropriate during prayer, blessings, and other times of worship,avoiding the expletive usage of sacred terms from any religion isrespectful, plain and simple. So, when you hear someone use holy namesor terms inappropriately, an effective response is something like,"I'm sure you didn't mean to be disrespectful, but usingGod's name as a swear word or as a way to emphasize your point canbe offensive. You can say, 'Oh my gosh' instead and I'llstill understand exactly what you mean." Tone and Timing As with any feedback--to a colleague or a camper--the tone andtiming of your educational admonition must be sensitive. As I advocatedabove, the extremes of ignoring or exploding create their own problems.Between these poles is a middle ground which you must treadthoughtfully. Generally speaking, the gentler your tone and the moreimmediately you proffer feedback about someone's foul language, thebetter. Some instances are straightforward. A simple reprimand, such as"We don't talk that way at camp" or "Pleasedon't use that word," is probably all you need in response tomost basic swear words, like shit. For offensive terms in the categoriesoutlined above, a brief explanation is most helpful. As a youthdevelopment professional, it is your job not only to enforceboundaries--including guidelines for safe talk--but also to clarify whythose boundaries exist. I encourage you to consult the examples aboveand respond to foul language firmly and thoughtfully, in a way that issincere and sounds natural. Discussion Questions Describe some edgy or offensive language not cited in this article.How would you respond to a young person who used these words orexpressions? Different groups of youth are exposed to different culturalsubgroups with different linguistic traditions. What are someexpressions that you grew up using, but would no longer use as an adultwho works with children? People define themselves in part by the words they use. How wouldyou respond to a young person who tells you: "Lay off. That'sjust the way I talk." Christopher Thurber, PhD, ABPP, is a board-certified clinicalpsychologist and the co-founder of, which hostseducational content for youth development professionals. He designed TheSecret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success, ACA's homesicknessprevention DVD. Contact: or visit note: Some tables or figures were omitted from this article.
Dress for Success!
You know as well as I do that you feel better when you take a physical shower. Think about it. When you come home from the gym or work, there’s nothing like taking a nice hot shower. For me, it’s cutting the lawn. I have a pool in my backyard, and when the landscapers from our home owner’s association come into my backyard, they blow grass into the pool. I am a maniac about my pool. I simply couldn’t take it anymore so I posted a sign in Spanish that said “Stop. Do Not Cut the Grass!” Now, I cut my own lawn, and there’s never any grass in the pool. My friend, Bob, assists me with the lawn and when I’m finished I am sweaty. My wife, Christie, says that I smell like a little stinky kid that just came off the playground and pretty much demands that I take a shower right away. The refreshing shower washes away all the dirt, grim and most of all the smell from the hard work. On the other hand, when you see me speak live, I am always dressed sharp. People say, “John, you are always dressed to the ultimate. You are always one of the sharpest looking speakers or presenters”. Absolutely! I believe in dressing for success. I completely disagree when people say, “Well, you don’t need to dress like that to be successful”. Everybody has a right to their own opinion, but I believe a major strategy for success is to dress the role. Can you imagine if I just came in from cutting the yard in my old shorts, tank top and hat smelling all gross and went straight to a seminar to speak? That’s just simply absurd, right? Yet, many so-called sales experts enter the sales arena looking almost as bad. Clean up your act. Men, go out and invest in some sharp ties. Buy some shirts with cufflinks. At the recommendation of one of my billionaire friends, I now get my nails manicured. Notice, I said BILLIONAIRE. If it works for him, then it will work for me too! Whether you believe it or not, people notice. The first impression is the most important impression. I usually let my wife handle the women’s issues with dressing for success but let me talk to the ladies for just a second. I will put this gently…You don’t have to bare all of your assets to make a sale. I didn’t say it. I’m just reiterating what my wife says, and I agree with her. Whether you are a man or a woman, make sure that you dress appropriately when you are in the sales arena. It will definitely have an effect on your sales presentation. I disagree with a coach, who teaches success principles, and they look slothful. They don’t look cleaned up. They’re half asleep when they are talking to you, their clothes are wrinkled, and they are not dressed as a champion. It disgusts me when I see someone like that on stage trying to coach other people on success. Look at someone like Donald Trump. Donald Trump has a great wardrobe. You may not like what he says, but you can’t dispute the fact that he is always dressed to the nines. Don’t try to make the excuse that you can’t afford his clothes. It’s not expensive to look professional. When you walk into a presentation, the first thing people notice is how you look. They notice if your hair is a mess or if you are not clean-shaven as a man, or if you are wearing a suit that is too short or if you just threw on some jeans instead of dress slacks. Being dressed professionally not only influences your potential business partner, but it also gives you more confidence. When you clean up, you feel better. If you don’t believe that, then don’t take a shower for two weeks and see how you feel. With that said, why would you walk into a business event where you can market your product or services and you do not look like a champion? You don’t look like who you know you want to be. Make a decision today. Implement this strategy. For realtors or anyone that uses their automobiles to transport clients, make sure that your car isn’t a pigpen. If a potential buyer gets in your car and there’s garbage in the floorboards and it smells like three day old McDonald’s food, I doubt that they will want to book another appointment with you. They simply can’t get past your trashy car long enough to think about buying a house. I’m not saying that you have to drive a Mercedes, but your automobile does have to be clean so that your client is comfortable when they get in. I believe in cleanliness. I believe in excellence. I believe you should act and believe who you are. Personal responsibility is the key. If someone is lazy and slothful, then they probably dress like a slob. If you consider yourself a business professional, then simply dress the role.Adapted from the book *17* Highly-Guarded Strategies to Close Every Sale Guaranteed Plus How to Combat the Fear of Closing by international speaker and business coach John Di Lemme.P.S. Make sure You grab aHold of John Di Lemme's Top '17'Motivational Marketing MP#'3 for FreeRight Now by going to...- >> Search John Di Lemme on for the Success Tools You NEED Now!
Chipotle Retweets Post About Adam Levine's Torso Looking 'like a Chipotle Bag'
This might explain why you were craving Chipotle after Maroon 5's halftime show.Chipotle is at least acknowledging the notion that Adam Levine's naked, tattooed torso might resemble one of their signature paper bags now that fans are comparing the two following Maroon 5's set at Super Bowl LIII.BUD LIGHT'S SUPER BOWL ADS PROMPT RESPONSE FROM CORN INDUSTRYOn Sunday night, the fast-casual burrito chain retweeted a post shared by Twitter user PaigePierce15, who simply wrote, "Adam Levine with his shirt off looks like a Chipotle bag."Other users began responding and sharing side-by-side comparisons, with some writing, "I see it," or "I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the same." Another also joked that he couldn't "unsee" the image after it was pointed out.BURGER KING TROLLS MCDONALD'S WITH 'NOT BIG MACS'Levine's tattoos weren't the only thing being mocked, either. Social media users also likened his tank top to a style of "'70s home décor," with some pointing out the similarities of his shirt to their drapes, pillows and chairs.Levine has yet to publicly comment on his alleged resemblance to fast-food bags or upholstery. The Thursday before the halftime show, however, he did break his silence regarding the backlash over the band's decision to play the gig, largely due to artists protesting the NFL over kneeling controversies, and the league's treatment ofColin Kaepernick,"No one thought about it more than I did," Levine said of the decision to take the Super Bowl stage. "No one put more thought and love into this than I did. ... I spoke to many people, most importantly though, I silenced all the noise and listened to myself, and made my decision about how I felt."FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWSJessica Sager contributed to this report.
Do You Like a Long-sleeve Shirt with a Tank Top Or Cami on Top?
I would suggest not wearing a tank or cami on top, i personally do not like the style, but if you do then whichever you like better, if I absolutely had to pick, i would pick a tank, but only a personal opinion1. What color of this tank top would look best under this shirt?I think the brown would look best but since your wearing black shoes the turquoise one2. What bra to wear under a tank top?SIMPLE ANSWER: none3. ok, so going out in drag, i have a black dress with red braclets and a red tank top under it,?black nylons and red shoes i thnk. in this case, i think you should keep all the accessories(like shoes and braceletes, and even a purse) the same color. the red is supposed to be like a nice splash of color with the black dress i think. and if you put the red nylons with it, it will be hard to tell whether the black is the primary color of the outfit or the red is. hope this was helpful :)4. Why does that obese lady think she looks good in that tank top and cut-off shorts?because she cant find her eyeglasses....(is this a joke?)5. Plain White Tank Top - For Cheap?This Site Might Help You. RE: Plain White Tank Top - For Cheap? hi im looking for a plain white tank top for cheap to wear under t shirts or other tank tops. ones with a built in shelf type bra. the only ones i can find are around 15 bucks a piece and i need a lot of them because i wear them everyday. where is a good store where i can get them. i got really...6. Were can i get a tank top like this?Jasmine Sola. They always have stuff like this. I have that same tank top. It cost me a bundle. It was believe it or not about $200 But, it was worth it.7. How to stop your armpits from stinking when wearing a tank top?I have had this same problem and i bought this special deodarent by secret that comes in a box. Try looking for it at the pharmacy it works:) it provides extra protection8. Is it healthier to just wear a tank top under instead of a bra?I hate bras too!!!!!! It used to be Ok not to wear one like back in the 60s and 70s but now people stare and point and freak out about it...It's a boob it bounces people!! DEAL WITH IT!!9. Tank Top with or without a bra?With. Racerback tanks or ribbed tanks are the best and more comfier than camisoles and look oh so cute layered10. Is it okay for me to just to wear a tank top (no bra) when my cousin is sleeping over?Make sure he brings condoms11. What does the average woman sleep in?undies/tank top; night gown, pj/cami etc?Hahah, I go for an over-sized tee and a pair of shorts...but when I am feeling girly I go for something super duper lacy. sexy undies are fun to sleep in. (:12. What would look good with this tank top?That is adorable! Omg i love it! Darkk blue jeans and light brown rainbows would look cute to me13. Help! Tank Top!! :O?get clear colour bra straps. those are easy enough. and why does it matter if your straps showing? if your small, then you shouldnt have to even worry about a bra lol. and if your bigger.. check out Larry someones question for where to find a 42 d bra lol14. What is the difference between an undershirt and a tank top?A vest is in many circumstances v-neck. from time to time buttons down the front. might want to be made from fancier resources, such as corduroy, silk, or sweater-like resources. Tank actual is a t-blouse without sleeves. Undershirt can be a tank actual, yet can actually have sleeves. in many circumstances very skinny resources15. Is it okay to wear a tank top in the winter?Yes, but I would recommend wearing it under something , not by itself. I imagine you would be cold if you do
Step into Summer with a Perfect Tank Top
Every fashionista's favorite season, summer is finally here. It is the time where we all recreate our wardrobe with the coolest yet stylish piece of clothing. Well, today we have so many styles and patterns are available in summer clothing. Speaking of clothing, amid hot days, tank tops for women are the best thing that you can wear during all summers. Well, today, in the various options in women's clothing if we talk about the most popular and trendy kind of clothing then without a doubt it would be tank top for girl online. Yes, you heard it right. It has become very popular and trendy among the young generation. Whether you want to keep your wardrobe updated with the latest clothes or you want to give a new look to your style, all you need a perfect tank top.Almost all girls own a comfy tank top. Now we have so many option and huge varieties in tank tops for women online. Well, whether you are running petty errands around the house or enjoying the weekend party with your buddies, ensuring that you are well-dressed is very important. And, no matter what the occasion is, if you have tank tops for women in your wardrobe in different colors and patterns then you do not need to worry about what to wear anymore. During weekends, it is the best thing that you can wear. Not just that, you can wear it at the gym during workouts as well. Tank top is best to buy online. Today, we have so many styles and patterns are available in a tank top. The best thing is, we have a plethora of options in colors, designs, types, sizes, styles, and pattern. Tank top for girl online in India is available in different sizes, such as regular fit, loose fit, slim and extra slim fit. In the various options, choose the best one that suits your body type. in terms of the quality of the tank top, you do not need to worry about it because online store never compromises with the quality. They always offer the best quality tank tops for women online in India. Summary — This article is just a gist of buying summer's best tank tops for women. During summers, women's sleeveless t-shirts are the best thing that they can wear.Conclusion — It concludes that with tank tops are perfect for summers. You can pick the best one form a wide range of printed tank tops at online shopping sitesI'm short and curvy and I need help finding cute summer clothes....?It is determined by the weather for me really. Within the fall I love to wear longer skirts and in the winter I wear longer ones with my boots, but in the summertime and planting season I prefer to wear short summer season dressesWhat are some tips for attending a singer's concert?I would wear like summer clothing (tank top or t-shirt and shorts) bc sometimes with all of the people, it can get hot. Or if you really like one of these singers songs and you "fangirl' over them, than dressing up in a costume that relates to one of there songs or a music video is ok. Depends on the concert you are going to. I would bring like $20 (at the least) or more bc you it can be expensive sometime. Like one time, I had to buy a bottled water for $5. Plus, there are always souvenirs!Whats a good website for teens to shop at for summer clothes and cute shoes? www.abercrombie.comToo fat for summer clothes..?you should try eating healthier and jogging and wear those very appealing dressy baggy shirts you see everywhere now with some cute leggings its in style and wont focus on your extra chubs you are not that badLooking to buy my daughter summer clothes....?ok...if you like gap and old navy clothes you would love clothes from Baby Depot (its inside of burlington coat factory if you have one around there ) and their clothes go 3-6 and 6-9 and then 12 months..the 6-12 from old navy were huge on my kids until they were into other brands 12 months clothes and grown out of 6-9 if that helps. i would buy a variety of sizes and keep the tags on until they fit. ..or if it gets warm and you find out they are not gonna fit you can at least exchange them for another size as long as it has the tags on. I just had a baby and i am not taking tags off anything until the day he wears it that way if he doesnt get a chance to wear it i can take it back...old navy and gap also have 12-18 months my daughter is 27 months old and just now fitting into those when she wears a 24 months in other clothes so thats just an example of how big those clothes are. ..hope it helps have fun dressing the baby. ..its a blast. a fashion show and make daddy watch. .its torture for hubby but its fun for us!!! lol
Ariana Grande Gives Surprise Performance at Coachella Amid ...
Ariana Grande's comeback continues!The singer took to the stage on Friday at the2018 Coachella music festival in Indio, California and gave a short, surprise performance during Kygo's set. She performedher new single, "No Tears Left to Cry," which was released that day, as well asMarvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing." Grandesported alavender-tinted crimped hair and wore it in her signature high ponytail. She paired the hairstyle with a matching lavender cropped tank top and flared skirt and nude thigh-high boots.The singer haslargely stayed out of the spotlight and off social media for months and had only performed once before this year as she works on new music.Grande had stirred speculation she would be appearing at Coachella by posting on Instagram Stories a video of herand boyfriendMac Millerin ahelicopter."No Tears Left to Cry" is Grande's first single from her upcoming fourth studio album and her first since 22 of her fans were killed in a suicide bombing at her concert in Manchester, England in May 2017.In the weeks following the attack, Grande put together a star-studded One Love Manchester benefit concertto help survivors and the families of the victims. She continued touring later in the summer and fall of 2017.This pastMarch, Grandemadeher first public appearance in six monthsatMadonna's Oscars after-party alongside her boyfriend.Also that month, she performed at the March for Our Lives protest in Washington D.C.
Gallery: the Cure for Festival Fever Can Be Found in These Images
Sled Island is in full swing, and the Calgary Folk Music Festival, Afrikadey! and ReggaeFest are just around the corner. That means it's time for this seasonal reminder: music appreciation is aided by preparation. Here are some stylish and useful items that will help you move to the beat.Recently Vans and Alexandria Cassaniti, the creative force behind Summer Bummer, collaborated on a seasonal line that features flip flops, a tank top and other summer goodies like this tote bag. The zipper at the back features a cool colour gradient; the bag, with its inner pocket and 14-litre capacity, is a functional gem. $60 at Gravity Pope,1126 17th Ave. S.W., 403-209-0961, Meadow Mat from Alite Designs will prevent wet bums and grass allergies all summer long. One side is waterproof while the other side is cosy and comfortable. The mat can accommodate six to eight people, a sizable picnic and countless ants. It features loopholes at the corners, so the mat can be staked down if the wind comes up-or if those ants seem particularly determined. $65 at Mountain Equipment Co-op, 830 10th Ave. S.W., 403-269-2420,'s not cheap, so this short-sleeve button-up from The Hill Side is for the more mature festival-goer. If you think you can enjoy butter chicken and the beer tent without trashing the shirt, we say go ahead. $212 at Understudy Shop, 1312 1st St. S.W., 403-452-7151, hat is a festival necessity, so you might as well find a cool one. We like this simple ball cap made of vegan suede from Wilfred Free, especially in the camel colour. (It also comes in black.) $35 at Aritzia, Chinook Centre, 403-252-3555, your phone dies at 2 a.m. and you can't find your friends, you're going to want the Mophie Powerstation (assuming, of course, you haven't had a falling out with those friends). The portable power comes in a variety of strengths, all the way up to eight times your phone's battery power. You can even charge two phones at the same time. $30 to $150 at the Apple Store, Market Mall, 403-648-4865, and Chinook Centre, 403-444-3759, each festival a little rain must fall. Be prepared with Rains, a Danish brand that makes stylish and affordable rain gear. Featured here are the basic rain jacket, $120, and the waterproof bucket hat, $40. These are not yet available in Calgary, but you can get them online at or you aren't a huge fan of traditional sleeping bags, Sierra Designs has you covered. The Frontcountry double sleeping bag has enough room for two people, and features an integrated comforter and foot vent. Better still, there are no pesky zippers, cords or velcro. $250 at Mountain Equipment Co-op, 830 10th Ave. S.W., 403-269-2420, Ban's Erika sunglasses update the classic look by using velvet as the frame material. This makes them extremely soft and comfortable, as well as eye-catching. $135 at
Best Nursing Tank Top?
If you already own nursing bras & they were supportive enough, you can buy things that clip on & convert those into nursing tanks. The closure on nursing tanks is the same basic idea as on nursing bras & the only way it offers less exposure is via the tummy area. I am more petite than you & was about a D cup & I used standard tanks with built in bras (no wire - or I cut the wire out) that also had the extra elastic band under the breast & found them at regular big box retailers. For me, that was plenty of support & about $7-15 each. I felt like the ones with a built in bra plus the shelf bra were plenty of support for me. I just popped a boob out the top versus having to clip & unclip the cups. I found that awkward & fidgety, especially when on the go. I bought nursing bras initially & quickly hate them. Another mom might think she wants more structure though - so it's hard to say.1. What type of panty are you wearing?a french panty and bra. hot pink with black lace. bikini low rise. =] 2. Is my bra an average size?Well im going into 8th grade, and im still a 30A........ so ur doing better than me3. is it true?Some girls just like to have nice underwear on or have the underwear and bra to match, it completely depends upon her personality. Me, personally, if I go through the trouble of making sure my underwear are "all purty lookin'" I am am at the least physically attracted to/interested in the guy4. Best thing for a larger mom to wear to the beach?I am 210 (also 29 weeks pregnant) but I've was 220 at my biggest but I am short too (5'3") and I know about the bathing suit dilemmas. I am 29 but I do not want to look old either. Before having children, I used to wear a black bathing suit top and men's black trunks. Now, I have my mommy suit which is actually really cute. It's black (of course) with two white stripes going in a diagonal one way and one stripe going the other way. It's a tummy control suit with a built in bra. I wear board shorts with it when I am walking around a lot and do not want everyone to stare at my butt and thighs. I buy men's long board shorts because women's are usually too small and too short. I get compliments on my swimsuit because I am covered but still look young. My friend gave me one of those swimsuits with the built-in-skirt but I feel like a grandma in that. I got my swimsuit from Newport News catalogue and they have plus sizes but Old Navy and Target have cute bathing suits too. I am sure Lane Bryant would have something cute too. Good luck!.5. If you promise your mom something you didn't want, then are you stuck for life?I am not sure if you can convince your mom to allow you to wear another bra or not. But my suggestion would be to wear a very snug fitting undershirt over the bra. Another idea would be to ask your mom if she would allow you to wear a bra called a "minimizer." That type of bra gives a nice shape (makes you less pointy) and maybe she would still approve of it. I commend you for considering the importance of respecting your mom.6. Why is my nipple piercing extracting pus?They can snag easily on clothing and certain types of bra. They can be irritated easily by any chemical deposits in clothing. Can be irritated by soaps while showering (usually in the initial healing period) they can reject easily cause problems with the nipple in later life all piercings can puss or bleed and most do for a while first, usually nothing to worry about they need to be done professionally ask questions when you go to have it done they are likely to grow out in time they can be very painful they will leave bad scar tissue if you want it, get it :) ignore most of the risks.
Rodman Arrested After Domestic Violence Call
Dennis Rodman and actress Carmen Electra were arrested on battery charges on Friday after they had a fight at a hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.Captain Casey Conwell said officers were called to the Bentley Hotel in South Beach at 7am after receiving reports of screaming and fighting.They were charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor, but Conwell did not provide details, including whether either was injured.Both were taken in handcuffs to Miami-Dade County Jail's domestic violence unit, in Miami across Biscayne Bay, and released on $2,500 bail each after several hours handcuffed in custody. They were charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor.They were ordered by Miami-Dade County Judge Amy Karan, head of the court's domestic violence unit, to stay at least 150 meters (500 feet) from each other.Neither was brought to Karan's courtroom, appearing via a closed-circuit television hook-up from the jail. Rodman smiled as he left, saying "Where are we going? Where are we going?" as he was led to a white Mercedes-Benz sedan that whisked him away."It's one of those situations," he said.His eyes were blood-shot and he was wearing a black tank top and gray sweatpants.A distraught Electra left minutes later in a Chevrolet Blazer. She is set to leave for Los Angeles and then Ireland on Saturday for an appearance, said their lawyer, Roy Black."They both told me that this was a misunderstanding between the two of them," Black said. "Neither one wants to press charges."Rodman, a seven-time NBA rebounding champion, is in town filming a movie, "Cut Away." Black called the arrest "an overreaction.""Both of them are upset that they have been charged," Black said. "Dennis really more upset that she has been charged."Rodman, known for his numerous tattoos and multicolored hair, and Electra, a former star on the TV series "Baywatch" whose real name is Tara Patrick, were married on 14 November last year in Las Vegas.Nine days after their wedding, Rodman announced he was seeking an annulment, claiming he was of unsound mind when he recited his vows.But in February the pair again appeared together publicly, holding a news conference at the opening of a Beverly Hills, California, restaurant.During that news conference, Rodman said he and Electra were happily married, but living in separate homes. She later attended several Los Angeles Lakers games to watch her husband play.On 13 March, Rodman received permission to leave the Lakers to resolve personal issues and returned to the team about two weeks later. On 7 April, publicist Matt Labov said divorce papers were filed in Los Angeles by Electra.Rodman was released by the Lakers before the season ended last April. He also has played for the Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons.
Can I Wear Jeans, a White Tank Top with Gold Sneakers in 64 Degree Weather to School?
I do it all the time. I am wearing black puma's right now at work with some jeans and a button down shirt. And of course white sox1. What type of tank top would go well with this cropped top? Girls only!?sorry im a lad but yes it would look great :) not revealing but very stylish with the other stuff u have chose and a very nice colour which would suit he boots alot. u would look great if you wore that lot2. What kind of makeup look would look good with a gray tank top/ sweater, gray skirt, and black heel boots?i think you should go with a sparkley gray. with black eyeliner3. Is it okay if your bandeau shows when wearing a tank top?Of course it is! I live in Toronto, so it's getting cold, but this was really popular during the summer. I feel like that's what the bandeau is for. I mean, without the bandeau, a tank top like that would look really trashy but the bandeau peaking a little from the arm holes is both cute and flirty; it reveals some without revealing too much.4. Is it okay for a man to wear a cropped tank top?If you like it and it's not hurting anybody, society does not really have a say in what you do5. What top should I wear with this skirt?hey- OMG i love that skirt...i actually own it :) i wear it with a white tank top tucked in with a long antique necklace and black sandles...i get tons of compliments on it! It looks like a dress kinda...its really cute! Hope that helps! j6. What do you think when you see a Christian woman wearing a tank top?Really? God cares how you dress?7. Is it best to exercise in sweat pants & shirt or in shorts & tank top?Depends on if you want your exercise partner to be with you again. Exercise in the clothing that you feel most attractive in. Sure, some clothing is tight, but we always know the right stretch to strengthen our rear end in those oh so tight skin licking shorts.8. what kind of bra would i wear with this tank top?Skin colored and strapless9. What would look good with this tank top?Light Jean Capri's, or white Capri's I think. nice and summery :)10. whenever I go, I always see women wearing exposed bras straps if they're wearing a tank top?Women do not show their bra straps in purpose, it just tends to happen when wearing a tank top11. How do you where a tank top without your bra showing?need to get a strapless bra12. Can Muslim wear shorts and tank top to sleep?It's halal, as long as not in front of people and by people I mean men. You are allowed to wear a bikini even if in front of women, but not in front of your male relatives. Covering up is just with men, with women you can be in your undies or bikini, as long it's not a thing or too explicit. Do not worry so much kid, I've been where you are. Do not listen to dumb people who are being disrespectful, and do not listen to people who know nothing of religion. Just do not wear shorts with your dad and brother and stuff, with your mom and girlfriends and sisters and all that it's fine.13. What color shoes and accessories can I wear with a bright yellow tunic style tank or top??!?i like white with yellow or yellow and bright pink. i would say for acessories you should do like a bright colored neclace or bracelet and a white or red purse (if you are doing white and yellow) or for yellow and pink do a white or a pink purse. and skinny jeans, white shorts, or a cute jean skirt.14. Is it okay for my breasts if I don't wear a bra or I wear a tank top instead?Do whatever you want. They will flop down like pancakes after a while15. Nail polish on tank top?!?yeah ,, basically get your little scissors and decrease out the spots that have the polish on it. particularly heat ! tank ideal with tiny holes throughout it ,, decide for it !!! with a bit of luck the somewhat some holes would be the place your pokies will poke ot of the holes . very eye-catching ,,;)
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