Looking for Dog Water Bottle for Walks?

the water bottle with the bowl that clips to the bottom you can find that at petsmart for sure, probably petco too

1. gerbil water bottle cage? they wont drink?

I would suggest getting them a water bottle. Gerbils do not drink very much to begin with, but they do need water. If there is reason you want to use a bowl, then you should still get a water bottle, and then use that to train them to use the bowl. One way to accomplish this would be to place the water bottle spout right above the bowl. When they go to drink from the bottle they will eventually notice the water in the bowl. Watch for them drinking, and when you see they understand, remove the bottle.

2. Can a highschool enforce a "No water bottle" rule because of an urban myth?

Most likely the true reasoning behind the whole no water bottle rule is because of the recent outbreak of students thinking they can get away with drinking a clear alcohol, i.e. vodka, as i read earlier, during school hours. And this was a big problem at my school and they did ban any outside substances from being brought into the school, if you didnt buy it at school it didnt enter the school. They didnt ban the bottles of water and such all together, they just put a regulation on it, but it came close to banning any bottle or drinking utensil. Like someone else said, u can wait 45 min to get a drink, its not like your going to die, and if you are then the teachers should have a water bottle set up with cups in the room so that you have something to drink if its that big of an issue, thats how they overcame the new regulation at my school, they had a 5 gallon water jug on a spicket thing set up with styrofoam cups so if you wanted a drink there it was. It has nothing to do with breast cancer trust me, they are just trying to cover their butts.

3. How do you keep the water bottle in a hampsters cage from leaking?

get a new water bottle!!

4. What do you do with your empty water bottle?

I prefer bottled water becasue Im lazy to fetch some ice and pour my own water into a cup. It's so much easier to open the fridge and get a cold one. Plus the caps on the water bottles make great toys for my cats :).

5. which water bottle do you like best?

The second dark green one. :)

6. How often do you change the water in a dog's water bottle?

I would change it every 5th day in cool weather and everyother day if you are in hot areas-I personally do not use them-rather just change the bowel everyday

7. Can I use a rabbit water bottle to give my cat water?

If the cat will drink from this device I see no reason why you should not utilize it. My cats will drink from a leaky faucet and they prefer it over their water dish

8. Can I make tea by putting tea bags in my water bottle?

Yeah I do it all the time, try it. Soak them n bottle over nite

9. What happens to the air in a water bottle when it falls?

If you drop a bottle without any residual motion (that is, it is not spinning etc) then everything inside that bottle will be in "free fall". The air and the water will attempt to fall at the same rate.There is a nice video of what happens to water when it "spills" in the International Space Station: it becomes a "blob" because of the surface tension. Add to that a small amount of attraction between the liquid and the bottle it is in (hydrophilic surface - attracting rather than repelling water) and you see that the water will actively want to stay in the bottom of the bottle: there is no force to move it away, and there is actually a (weak) force keeping it there.So the air stays on top, and the water at the bottom. When it hits the ground, it will make a big mess - but that's not what you were asking about.

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Call the cruise line and see if they allow you to bring alchohol on board. Also many cruises let you bring wine and you pay a corking fee. Check into doing it the legal way. It would suck to ruin your vacation because you cheap.1. My hamsters doesnt know where the water bottle is!?Im sure they are just nervous, they have to get use to their new environment, it took my hamster a day or so to find his water bottle, also hamsters dont really drink alot of water so dont worry too much2. VODKA INTO A WATER BOTTLE? PLEASEEEEE ANSWER!?Drinking in excess is never good3. Is my Guinea Pig's water bottle jammed?Bubbles coming up from the tube into the bottle when the tip is touched is a sign that water is coming out. To be sure, gently tap the tip and you should get water on your finger and see bubbles rise. the deal on the bubbles is that air goes in to replace the water that goes out. Also, if the bottle is working the water level will go down over the course of the day4. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a hot water bottle for a dog?look up pet pads! im a vet nurse and thats what we use for small animals to keep them warm. do not use electric items. a hot water bottle would be ok unless you feel the dog might chew at it. the Pet Pad is designed not to be chewed! hope i helped =].5. Justin Bieber got hit with a water bottle?!?!?!?that is humorous. i does no longer yet tickets to a bieb stay overall performance just to throw that at him. what a waste of money. i am no longer partial to his, yet i do sense sorry for him. all human beings is tousled to him6. What are the floaties in my water bottle?Cooties!!!!! Eeeewwww!!!!7. Can you hit Justin Bieber with a water bottle?No he prefers to be hit with a penis..in the mouth8. How To Get The Alcohol Smell Out Of A Water Bottle?clorox. draino. ammonia. then drink it :)9. What is this ladybug doing on my water bottle?It's about to call all of its friends and infest your house for the winter. Be prepared to not touch any handles at night for the next 3 months10. What is the best water bottle to purchase?Mmmmm, good ol' water from the faucet. Thats the way to go, nice and natural11. my mice keep chewing the string holding the water bottle?use something like plastic ties to put the water bottle back. something they cant "nest" with12. Do you drink tap water or bottle water?My tap water is not bad for drinking, but I will use the bottled water if I have any13. what is the weight of an empty plastic water bottle?If you want to know how much the water actually weight without the bottle.....it is actually NET weight. That means how much it weighs WITHOUT the bottle. And, if that's not what you are asking, then just weigh the bottle if you have a food scale. They vary by brand, because the thickness of the bottle, and the size that it would hold14. were to buy software for water bottle lables?If you are attempting to sell bottled water, do not waste money on printing the labels yourself. It will cost you a fortune in ink. Farm the job out to a printing company15. How do you heat up a hot water bottle?Most folks put fresh hot water into it. If you put it in the microwave it will get hot, of course, but there's a danger that the plastic may melt or split or something, so just run some hot water and fill 'er up! ;-) Good luck!...16. Good hamster travelling cage with water bottle?Crittertrail petite habitat. It comes with a handle, wheel, food dish water bottle and it's only 16-20$!17. Best water bottle to buy.Brands needed....?The best bottle to get is to get a polycarbonated bottle from like a bed bath and beyond and pour your water into it. Polycarbonates do not leak into your water. My husband built a water stand, and he bought a container that we keep on our water stand, you get them at organic grocery stores. Then we just pour water from it as needed into a polycarbonated bottle we got from bed bath and beyond
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