Live Fresh Water Tank Cleaners?

Almost all plecos get too big for a ten gallon, let alone there huge waste output. A better option would be either 1-2 nerite snails or shrimp (as already said). Some good shrimp would be either ghost shrimp (not pretty though) or Red Cherry Shrimp if you want some color. You may have to get those online, though, from a site like either Ebay or

1. Rain water tank but yellow hot water?

Probably rust or some kind of sediment. Take it to have it tested to be sure you are not piped into someone's urinal/loo

2. 40 salt water tank stock?

I would not get dragonets until u have had a few years of experience. They will eat through pods faster than they can multiply and u will constantly have to buy pods to make sure they have food. They are very finicky eaters and require a ton of attention. One mandarin most people recommend to be in a 75 gallon well established and mature tank with a ton of live rock and a good pod population. In a 40g with two they will starve quickly, especially if there are other fish in the tank because they will eat the pods too. Please I know the attractions of these fish but do them a favor and do not buy them your not ready. U would need ti set up a refugium and constantly add pods to it to make sure they were getting enough. Its expensive and a headache. They will slowly starve and suffer its not fair to the fish. Just because they are colorful and cool to look at is not reason enough to buy them.

3. Salt water tank algae control?

It could be the lighting of the aquarium... Either it's too strong or too low.. Change that and see if there's a change... Maybe try some Tangs or surgeon fishes or angel fish to eat the bacteria..Reduce silicates by using the proper Substrate(gravel,sand,live sand)Material. .. Aragonite types are the best. .Water current: if high, switch to low current, I think the hair species like the strong currents so switch to low.Maybe add some star fishes , sea cucumbers, or some marine worms; these or Detritivores but research and make sure you get the right types to eat the algae that you have.I do not recommend chemicals because if there is proper tank management there should not be a problem but here is one : copper sulfate. . It controls the algae and also has been known to reduce parasites on fishes, research it....hoped this helped :)

4. Propane gas is used to heat a tank of water. If the tank contains 200.0 L of water, what mass of propane will?

i think u use mc(delta t) equation....but then u have to solve for m...u have the rest

5. How do I move creek water to a water tank 800 ft away with 200 ft of rise?

To push water that far and that high, you may need more than one pump (or lift station) along the line. You will have to calculate the number of gallons per minute (2448 x pipe diameter inches squared x feet per minute) then calculate the horsepower you need for the pump (gallons per minute x total head in feet, then divide that result by 3960)

6. How often should I change the water in this tank?

If you can do it daily at about 10% that will help a lot. At the bare minimum I would do two 25% changes a week

7. I changed my themocouple on my hot water tank and it still wont stay lite?

You can buy the kit for $10 at your better supply stores. But if this is a really old water heater you might want to think about replacing it. I replaced the thermocouple on my water heater. Six months later the burner went out. It was 20 years old, I replaced it a high efficiency water heater

8. What should I do when the tp valve on my hot water tank is constantly dripping water?

T/P valves have a metal spring that operates them. After a period of time the spring can rust and "relax" allowing the valve to drip. Replacement would be best

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