Led Lights& Live Plants?

in all probability... yet examine the particularly ability output, no longer only the kind of LEDs, that enormously plenty meaningless. distinctive LEDs have distinctive ability rankings and lightweight output. you will desire to be waiting to look up the Lumens score on the producer's information superhighway web site, and study that to what your vegetation want. If the numbers are close, then decide for it. Ian

1. Pink Floyd ,The Doors, Or Led Zeppelin?

pink floyd and the doors

2. Converting headlight from sealed to LED?

Swap the sealed beam light for one that has the same shape, but uses a housing

3. Signal volume LED Array

Aside from Andy's option, you could always go with the LM3915. Or the internal setup of the LM3915. It's just a bunch of comparators. You could even use op amps as comparators, if you wire them correctly.Or you could use opamps. Both of these are VU meters, and are Logarithmic, not linear.

4. Stuff about under-car led lights?

As long as the lights under the car are not on while your driving it is perfectly legal, if they are on while your driving expect a heavy fine and possibility of your car being towed

5. How do you custom led tail lights?

In all states, brake lights must be red. Any other color will get you ticketed the first time and your car impounded the second. They can in fact impound it the first stop

6. Has reservation in studies and jobs led to a rise in corruption in India?

Mostly NO.Dalits and other depressed classes still today are not policy makers. The policy and operations were solely run by brahmins, Kshatriyas, vaishyas and other dominant communities.Corruption/bribery: If you are saying corruption as bribery, it has increased in the recent years. But just look at who is paying to who is general. Common corruption in India happens between 2 middle class people. One may be applying for a job in government. The applicant who will be a forward caste or dominant caste will be paying the bribe to a officer who is also from forward or dominant caste. Where do dalits & depressed classes come into this corruption picture?Reservation in education: How can reservation in education affect corruption? wrong question. If you feed poor dalits food, then will that also lead to increase in corruption ? NOO. .reservation in educational institutions means you are educating somebody in equal terms with others. This has nothing to do with corruption. Teaching/Educating is not a sin and has no ill effects or side-effectsDalits at work place: In fact i have seen many dalits when they get into a job, they are usually scared for their job and how others would perceive their work and they are more sincere. This is not the case with all dominant community members. Dominant community members knows tricks of the trade and will find short cuts.Reservation in Jobs:I think you are referring to government jobs here. There is reservation in central and state government jobs. The cut-off for OBCs and SCs are lower than general category. Just because they get in with lower marks, that does not mean they are ineffective in work and involve themselves in corruption.You can get a government job through reservation at entry level in most cases. But once you get the job, all caste people have to prove their worth in work in order to get promoted or be given additional responsibilities. Only work effectiveness and work experience leads to promotion in government office mostly. Dalits for example get into a entry level position but do not receive much promotions because of the work place discrimination or their personal work ineffectiveness. Still today most officer level and manager level people are from dominant castes. We all know in government offices that clerks and junior officers cannot take bribes from us without the blessings of senior level managers and directors. Most senior managers receive part of the bribery cut. The senior managers and directors are mostly form dominant communities. In this case who is actually responsible for corruption then?Conclusion:-There is no direct relationship between reservation at work place and increase in corruption. Even if there is one, it cannot be validated ,since dalits & depressed classes do not occupy most higher government office positions. -There is no direct relationship between reservation at education and increase in corruption. No relationship at all in fact.- There are is no proof to say workers who came through reservation are more corrupt than workers who came through general category.-Corruption is epidemic issue. It starts at a personal level from giving a bribe to a cop for our negligence purposes. We should fight it as a whole society and not take pot-shots at the already poorer classes

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