LED Brightness and Arduino Ports [closed]

You probably have cheap crappy inefficient leds on the other pins. Or you have the wrong value resistor in series with them. If they are not from the same batch, with the same resistor, you can not really complain. Maybe they are for a higher voltage. (because of the resistor value)Are you sure you set the port pins for output?

1. What led to Gaddafi's death?

He was presumably commander of one side of opposed forces in an armed conflict. When you do, and you get captured on the battlefield, it sometimes happens

2. Who led Prussia in the unification of Germany?

Nobody. Germany was unified in 1919 after the German monarchies were abolished, and after which Prussia was smashed up.Bismarck changed a confederation into a federation, but he did not unify Germany - before Bismarck, Germany existed for nearly a thousand years as a bunch of independent states that joined together for some purposes but remained entirely independent for others, and after Bismarck it was still a bunch of independent states that joined together for a few additional purposes, but remained entirely independent for others.No amount of revisionist interpretations of history changes the facts, even if some (for whatever reason) want to see Prussia as a sort of magic saviour of Germany.

3. Should a ship be led by the captain or crew?

You answered your own question admirably. That is why Ships have Captains and where they cant they have Pilots. DUH?

4. How safe is baby-led weaning?

Adi Rothman gave an excellent answer, and I will only add my personal experience that supports her points about it being generally safe.I used it with both of our boys, with great results. They have never experienced a single incident of choking. There was some gagging in the beginning, but no choking. It teaches babies to manage food / objects in their mouth very well, and I would say I am a bit more relaxed about "small objects for children under three" warning because of it. They are just able to move them out.Our 5 year old eats salads, veggies, and overall a healthy eater, and I attribute it to BLW.

5. What led to the end of dual federalism?

In the US? Ended? Not by my understanding of the term.Last I checked, the Federal Government and the States each have competing areas of sovereignty and their own competing Constitutions and Courts to protect their respective interests.I presume the OP's question is really a statement. Care to say what it is?.

6. Have you ever led someone on? Or been led on?

Yes, I have been. Not a good feeling

7. LED semiconductors question?

The short answer is "silicon" The long answer... you can find it on wikipedia. :) --- Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off now.

8. what led to the decline of the Qing dynasty?

The establishment of a Lottery by a company run by Marvin Bush

9. What are "men of color"-led startups currently working on?

What qualifies as a "man of color"? ; the "Salesforce of Marketing"

10. Flexible LED power consumption question?

Looks like these particular strips take 4. That's your power right there: 4.8W Considering a typical efficiency of 90% for the driver you will have a power of 5.33W give or take. If your power source is 8 "D" size batteries (typical 8000mAh), you have a total of 96Wh, so the batteries should last about 96/5.33=18h. That for ONE strip.

11. What is your experience with baby led weaning?

It's the only way to go for me. When I notice baby starts grabbing for food and imitating chewing (along with sitting up well), I will introduce soft foods. It's worker out WONDERFULLY. It's taken the stress away from it all for me. The only pures I do is Applesauce and then things like yogurt eventually. No baby rice and oatmeal. I will mention, contrary to the other individuals remarks, my middle child breastfed until 3 years old. Table food does not have to have that much effect on nursing

12. Are LED valve stems legal in michgan?

Blue or red lights are illegal on certain parts of your car in certain states because they are imitating a police or emergency vehicle. You can, of course, have red lights on the back of your car

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