Knowledge About Classified - Matthias Corvinus Monument of Classified

Matthias Corvinus Monument of classified

The Matthias Corvinus Monument (Romanian: Monumentul Matia Corvin; Hungarian: Mtys kirly emlkm) is a monument in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

This classified historic monument, conceived by Jnos Fadrusz and opened in 1902, represents Matthias Corvinus. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Monuments in Romania, classified with number CJ-III-m-A-07819.


Aimol people of classified

The Aimol are one of the indigenous peoples of Manipur and Assam in India. They are one of the Scheduled tribes. They speak the Aimol language which is a Tibeto-Burman language.

They Aimol number about 5000. They practice slash-and-burn agriculture and are primarily Christian.

Aimol are one of the Kuki-Chin tribe . Their language is classified as Kuki-Chin-Mizo.


Racing record of classified

Complete Porsche Supercup results(key) (Races in bold indicate pole position) (Races in italics indicate fastest lap) Bachler was a guest driver, therefore he was ineligible for points. Driver did not finish the race, but was classified as he completed over 90% of the race distance.

Complete FIA World Endurance Championship results24 Hours of Le Mans results


Federal government of classified

Cabinet officialsPaul Ignatius, United States Secretary of the Navy (196769)

Robert Mardian, United States Assistant Attorney General (197072)Members of CongressHouse of RepresentativesSteven Derounian, Republican, New York (195365)

Adam Benjamin, Jr., Democrat, Indiana (197782)

Chip Pashayan, Republican, California (197991)

Anna Eshoo, Democrat, California (1993)

John E. Sweeney, Republican, New York (19992007)

Jackie Speier, Democrat, California (2008)

Anthony Brindisi, Democrat, New York (2019)


Mbu language of classified

Mbu, or Ajumbu, is a Southern Bantoid language of Cameroon. It is traditionally classified as a Western Beboid language, but that has not been demonstrated to be a valid family. Inasmuch as Western Beboid may be valid, Mbu would appear to be the most divergent of its languages.

"Mbu" is the name of the village the language is spoken in.


Neodon of classified

Neodon is a genus of rodent in the family Cricetidae. Species within Neodon are classified as relics of the Pleistocene epoch because the occlusal patterns resemble the extinct Allophaiomys.

The genus Neodon contains the following species:

Juniper vole (Neodon juldaschi)

Chinese scrub vole (Neodon irene)

Sikkim mountain vole (Neodon sikimensis)

Forrest's mountain vole (Neodon forresti)

Neodon linzhiensis


Bukit Antarabangsa landslide of classified

The 2008 Bukit Antarabangsa landslide was a landslide that occurred on 6 December 2008, in Bukit Antarabangsa, Ulu Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.The landslide, which is believed to have buried 14 bungalows in Taman Bukit Mewah and Taman Bukit Utama, occurred at about 4 a.m. MST, causing 15 casualties and 4 deaths. The landslide tragedy occurred about 1.5 kilometres away from the Highland Towers landslide site which happened on 11 December 1993.



Mayamalavagowla of classified

Mayamalavagowla (pronounced mymavagaua), is a raga of Carnatic Music (musical scale of South Indian classical music). It is classified as 15th melakarta raga under Venkatamakhin's melakarta system. Originally known as malavagowla, "maya" was prefixed to it after the advent of the scheme of the 72 melas. The number 15 was assigned to it following the Katapayadi sankhya system. This is a morning raga


Miguel Grau de Abancay of classified

Miguel Grau is a Peruvian football club based in the city of Abancay, Apurmac, Peru.

The club is the biggest of Abancay city, and one of the biggest in the Apurmac Province.

The club was founded in 1955 and plays in the Copa Per, which is the third division of the Peruvian league.


Unin Deportivo Ascensin of classified

Unin Deportivo Ascensin is a Peruvian football club, located in the city of Huancavelica, Peru.

The club is the largest in Ascencin city, and one of the largest in Huancavelica Province.

The club was founded 18 July 1959 and play in the Copa Per which is the third division of the Peruvian league.


American Flower-class corvettes of classified

The American Flower-class corvettes were those ships of the Royal Navy's Flower class built for, or operated by, the United States Navy during World War II. These were ten ships of the original Flower class, known as the Temptress class in US service, and fifteen Modified Flowers, as the Action class. They were classified as Patrol Gunboats (PG).


Endocrine gland neoplasm of classified

An endocrine gland neoplasm is a neoplasm affecting one or more glands of the endocrine system.

Examples include:

Adrenal tumor

Pituitary adenomaThe most common form is thyroid cancer.Condition such as pancreatic cancer or ovarian cancer can be considered endocrine tumors, or classified under other systems.Pinealoma is often grouped with brain tumors because of its location.


Tamazula Municipality of classified

Tamazula is one of the 39 municipalities of Durango, in north-western Mexico. The municipal seat lies at Tamazula de Victoria. The municipality covers an area of 5188.1km.

As of 2010, the municipality had a total population of 26,368.

The municipality had 865 localities, the largest of which (with 2010 populations in parentheses) were: Tamazula de Victoria (2,337), classified as urban, and El Durazno (1,044), classified as rural.


Bella La Rosa of classified

Bella Teresa De Jesus La Rosa De La Rosa is a pageant titleholder, was born in Cagua, Aragua, Venezuela on 1949. She is the Miss Venezuela titleholder for 1970, and was the official representative of Venezuela to the Miss Universe 1970 pageant held in Miami Beach, Florida, United States, on July 11, 1970, when she classified in the Top 12 semifinalists.


Arantxa Chvez of classified

Arantxa Elizabeth Chvez Muoz (born 30 January 1991 in Mexico City, Mexico) is a Mexican diver. In 2012, she achieved qualification to participate at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the individual 3 metre trampoline event. At the Olympics, she failed to reach the semifinal and was classified 29th. After failing to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics, she considered retirement, before winning 3 medals at the 2017 World University Games.


Electoral system of classified

The elections were held according to the curia arrangement that was instituted in 1873 to complement the implementation of direct elections. Voters were classified according to their status and wealth into four curiae:


Trade and industry chambers

Large and medium farmers

Male city residents who were annually paying at least 5 guilders worth of taxes


San Dimas Municipality of classified

San Dimas is one of the 39 municipalities of Durango, in north-western Mexico. The municipal seat lies at Tayoltita. The municipality covers an area of 5,620.5km.

As of 2010, the municipality had a total population of 19,691, up from 19,303 as of 2005.

The municipality has 590 localities, the largest of which (with 2010 populations in parentheses) are: Tayoltita (5,124), classified as urban, and San Miguel de Cruces (1,816), classified as rural.


So Pedro (Angra do Herosmo) of classified

So Pedro (Portuguese for Saint Peter) is one of the five urban civil parishes of the municipality of Angra do Herosmo on the island of Terceira in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The population in 2011 was 3,460, in an area of 3.66 square kilometres (1.41sqmi). The parish has a median elevation of 7 metres (23ft).


Urosphena of classified

Urosphena is a genus of Old World warblers in the family Cettiidae, formerly classified in the family Sylviidae. The genus was erected by Robert Swinhoe in 1877.

These warblers are generally brown on the upper parts and lighter in color below with a brown, gray, or yellowish wash. They are similar to genus Cettia but have shorter tails.


Hsselby of classified

Hsselby is a Swedish town that is a part of Hsselby-Vllingby in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, comprising the suburban areas Hsselby Grd, Hsselby Strand and Hsselby Villastad. The territory also corresponds to Hsselby parish in the Church of Sweden. Hsselby SK is the town's local sports club.


History of classified

Franciscano San Romn is of the clubs with greater tradition in the city of Puno, Peru.

In the 2004 Copa Per, the club classified to National Stage, but was eliminated by Senati of Arequipa.

The club was the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2009 departamental champion and 2009 Liga Superior champion.

In the 2011 Copa Per, the club classified to National Stage, but was eliminated by Sportivo Huracn of Arequipa.


SOIUSA classification of classified

According to the SOIUSA (International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps) the mountain can be classified in the following way:

main part Western Alps

major sector South Western Alps

section Ligurian Alps

subsection Alpi del Marguareis

supergroup Catena del Saccarello

group Gruppo del Monte Saccarello

subgroup Costiera del Monte Pietra Vecchia

code I/A-1.II-A.1.f


Aquiles Serdn Municipality of classified

Aquiles Serdn is one of the 67 municipalities of Chihuahua, in northern Mexico. The municipal seat lies at Santa Eulalia. The municipality covers an area of 651.1km.

As of 2010, the municipality had a total population of 10,688, up from 3,742 as of 2005.

The municipality had 82 localities, the largest of which (with 2010 populations in parentheses) were: Santa Eulalia (7,135), classified as urban, and Ninguno (CERESO) (2,010), classified as rural.


PopulationSights of classified

Lavardin is classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France thanks to the ruins of its mediaeval castle (see main article: Chteau de Lavardin), its Gothic church and frescoes, its houses and the ancient bridge. The village has been frequented by renowned painters since about 1900, most notably Busson and Sauvage


Longnan Chengzhou Airport of classified

Longnan Chengzhou Airport (IATA: LNL, ICAO: ZLLN) is an airport serving the city of Longnan in southern Gansu Province, China. It is located 10 kilometres (6.2mi) from the seat of Cheng County, which is under the administration of Longnan city. The airport received approval from the State Council of China in July 2012, with a construction budget of 1.

2 billion yuan. It was opened on 25 March 2018.



Fauna of classified

Berlinguet Inlet is a Canadian Important Bird Area site (#NU066). The Canadian Wildlife Service has also classified the area as a Key Habitat Site for migratory birds. Notable species include fulmar, gull, peregrine falcon, sea duck, and tern. The C. c. atlanticus (greater snow goose) population in Berlinguet Inlet is the second largest in Canada.

Bearded seals, ringed seals, and polar bears frequent the area.


Retraction of the hypothesis by van Driem of classified

After a field visit to Bhutan, van Driem, the original proponent of this hypothesis, collected data on the Gongduk language which made him realize morphological traits common between Kiranti and Newarish are not unique to either Kiranti or Newari but a shared retention of a far older trait. He retracted his proposal in 2003


Arikun people of classified

Arikun is a group of Austronesian indigenous Formosan people living from the western plain to central basin of Taiwan, especially. They have lived through the Dutch colonization of Taiwan, as well as the Manchurian occupation during the Qing Dynasty.

Arikun people along with Lloa people used to be classified as a subgroup of Hoanya people, but this concept has been rejected by some scholars.


Origin of classified

The Damor form a section of the Bhil tribe. Relatively recently, they claim themselves to be of Rajput origin, and claim to be descended from Rajput men who married Bhil women. The Damor are found in the districts of Sabarkantha, Dahod and Panchmahal. They speak the Gameti dialect of Rajasthani, although many also speak Gujarati.


Dogodouman of classified

Dogodouman is a small town and commune in the Cercle of Kati in the Koulikoro Region of south-western Mali. The small commune is classified as rural commune but lies close to the western suburbs of Bamako, the Malian capital, at the edge of the Monts Mandigues. In the 2009 census the commune had a population of 8,851.



Mycteroptidae of classified

Mycteroptidae are a family of eurypterids, a group of extinct chelicerate arthropods commonly known as "sea scorpions". The family is one of three families contained in the superfamily Mycteropoidea (along with Hibbertopteridae and Drepanopteridae), which in turn is one of four superfamilies classified as part of the suborder Stylonurina.

Mycteroptids were sweep-feeding eurypterids known from the Late Carboniferous to the Early Permian.


Pacific Southwest Open of classified

The 1972 Pacific Southwest Open was a men's tennis tournament played on outdoor hard courts at the Los Angeles Tennis Center in Los Angeles, California in the United States. The tournament was classified as Grade A and was part of the Grand Prix tennis circuit. It was the 46th edition of the tournament and ran from September 18 through September 24, 1972. Third-seeded Stan Smith won the singles title.


UAE Touring Car Championship of classified

The 201819 UAE Touring Car Championship (also called NGK UAE Touring Car Championship for sponsorship reasons) is the 11th season of the UAE Touring Car Championship and the first that TCR class was featured.

Teams and driversAll teams are UAEregistered.

Calendar and resultsAll Rounds are held in the United Arab Emirates.

Championship standings


Regional railroad of classified

In the United States, a regional railroad is a railroad company that is not Class I, but still has a substantial amount of traffic or trackage (and is thus not a short line). The Association of American Railroads (AAR) has defined the lower bound as 350 miles (560km) of track or $40 million in annual operating revenue. (The Class I threshold is $250 million, adjusted for inflation since 1991.


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