John Deere and International T-Shirts?

"My dear loves Deere, I love International" "Deere girl, can not you see that our love must be International?" I have not ever seen a shirt exactly like that, but I would check out Tractor Supply Company. Good luck....and are not those John Deere/International Harvester arguments fun?? :D

1. How to design and print t-shirts for cheap?

I used I cannot recommend them more, and highly suggest using them.

2. Funny ESPN t-shirts (Details inside)?

Lol I like alot of those shirt. The Marlins, Nationals, and especially the Dodgers and Mariners shirts lol. The Richie Sexson countdown. Lmao!

3. Alternatives to t-shirts for girls?

long fitted tops and leggings ?

4. How to wash printed T-Shirts?

You could run in the nude

5. Is it illegal to sell t-shirts or bags?

No its not As long as it's not copyrighted

6. Are these T shirts inappropriate for school, and just walking around?

I do not get any of them, but I guess ther'ye OK cuz they have no meaning whatsoever

7. What font is used on the back of the security t-shirts?

Security Tshirt

8. GUYS: thoughts on girls wearing T-shirts like these?

i would be laughing so hard!

9. Quick question about the Cena t-shirts?

i naturally hate cena and his West Newbury hailing thug self but i understand that he is trying to promote self confidence in children and promote sales to children. the never give up promotes confidence and them being brightly colored makes children want the shirt plus him being a top billing face helps children sales

10. any sayings for the swim team to go on t-shirts?

Team Sayings

11. V-neck t-shirts and gay men?

I love guy wheather they are gay or str8 who wear v-neck t-shirts. I wear them as I do not like collars around my adams apple as I feel like I am choking. I am gay BTW.

12. Should controversial T-shirts be against dress code?

Only if it causes a distraction. You are there to learn,not to make a bloody personal or fashion statement.If that was the case, then it would not be called school, but 'let's see who can have the best clothing group." That is why some public schools are going to uniforms.

13. things to write on t-shirts?

"God is #1!" but if that is not working for could always try "God Bless America" if you like History(or famous quotes) you can always try: "Give me liberty or Give me Death!" -Patrick Henry Sorry if I am not much of a help.....

14. how can i get plain t-shirts?

Melrose!! I went to the mall yesterday and they had an entire rack ((Circle one)) FULL of different colors. They are having a SALE I believe.. So you would not waste much money. Good luck :)

15. Best methood in making t-shirts?

I do not know about cutting from a stencil, but my brother made a t-shirt with transfer paper and it worked really really well. I would recommend transfer paper.(:

16. What are some Volleyball slogans for team t-shirts?

"If we win, we undress" men would like that. Trust me

17. Is it legal to buy and resell t shirts?


18. Do you wear band t shirts?

Yeah I have a small collection of them that I wear from time to time. I try not to wear them too often so I can keep them around for a long time. I have AC/DC Metallica Guns N' Roses and a couple of Iron Maidens I would have more shirts but finding ones that fit me is a challenge, since I am a big man. I also have a denim jean jacket with patches of my favorite rock bands. When I wear the shirts and the jacket their is no denying, that I am into rock. Yeah I like it when the females wear band shirts, but I like them better when they know a little something about the band they are wearing. I once talked to a black woman in her middle 20s who was wearing an AC/DC shirt. She did not even know AC/DC was a band, so that kind of disappointed me

19. Are these Christian T-shirts for real???

I think sadly it's a sign of the times we live in today MONEY speaks everything! and they will make a $$$ or out of anything they can, what is worse you will get people who will actually buy that stuff! yes it's a real site they offer paypal and visa for payments,m they wont get a penny from me!

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Most likely you are going to need loose leaf paper,NO spiral notebooks,and make sure you have your own lock because you will be issued a locker to keep your stuff in. A plastic protractor.(In my day we used the one with a pointy end and a pencil stuck in the other,lol)map colors,t shirts and white socks for P.E.,1. What are those t shirts called that patrick swayzze wears?they like to have the flexibility to call you pervs so persons will hear them and picture "hmm... nicely i think she has something I wanna check out!" I dont try this yet i be attentive to for a shown fact that thats the clarification why! lol i thinks it kinda stupid!2. sexy rocker t shirts for women?Brand called FOXY3. T-Shirts from Express seem extra long?The shirts are supposed to be that long but at times it can be very inconveniencing when I do not want it peeking out from a sweatshirt and it looks weird when it cups my butt and you can seethe pocket detail on the back of my pants through my shorts. Can I hav the 10 points?4. How to shrink 100% COTTON t-shirts ?chilly Water Flat floor to dry - ideally a internet or breathable floor in any different case it may scent musty. additionally, rather pull the sides outward on the shirt, no longer sufficient to stretch it out, yet sufficient to maintain it the comparable length5. MAKING T-SHIRTS HELP!!!!!! 10 POINTS?what about a craft store for ideas. Stencils. What is the theme of the dance? Your high school mascot? You could do a movie like High School Musical or Twilight with vampire theme. Just go on line and look for sayings by doing " " around words you would like in the sayings. Iron on transfers. You could each put the number and name of a professional sports team or member of a cast of a favorite tv show or even members of your own schools sports teams on the back of it. Good luck and have a great time.6. What are some ways to upcycle old t-shirts?Well, there's the direct route wherein you cut out part of the shirt to use as something else, like, dish towels.Or, if you really want to be adventurous, you can turn them into paper7. How do I put designs on t-shirts?My ex girlifriend and I bought some printer paper at wal mart that was made to print anything onto, then iron it onto a shirt. You might try that8. Where to find basic t-shirts?Craft stores are the best place for something like this. They usually sell many different colors with no print for under $59. Should controversial T-shirts be against dress code?Bad Religion is a band10. Whats the point of guys wearing T-shirts?It's usually to prevent sweat stains from ruining dress shirts. It also adds an extra layer in the winter11. best place to get T-shirts?- Oasap - Hot topic - Urban Planet (good prices) - American Apparel - DC - tilliey's - Glik's I hope this helped!12. making t-shirts?Paint will wash right off after a while. I like solvent transfer. Just print your image backward on an inkjet or photocopier, regular typing paper, put a piece of cardboard between the front and back of the shirt, put the paper on the shirt, image side down, brush on some paint thinner, and rub in in real good. It looks very pro, and lasts forever. Just be sure the tees are 100% cotton.13. NEED HELP WiFF T SHiRTS & hoodies?i like the whales jacket, then the dinosaur one. and for the shirt i like the pacsun one and then the delias one14. What are the sayings on the t-shirts on iCarly?This Site Might Help You. RE: What are the sayings on the t-shirts on iCarly? Ever since I started watching the show iCarly, I've noticed that they have these t-shirts that say the most random and funniest sayings on them like"Dirty Shirty" or "Pump up the Fruit" , and I want to know what they all are, so if you have a list of all or most that would...
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