Japanese Garden Ornament

There is something incredibly soothing about Japanese garden ornaments. From a simple bamboo water hammer to the more ornate granite basins and Japanese stone lanterns, these items can completely transform your garden into a unique space that you will love. The tradition of gardening in Japan is as old as the hills, and most people will think of a Zen or stone garden when they think of Japanese gardening. And with good reason. Stone gardens are an ancient tradition and a living work of art where the gardener will change the plants and trees to reflect the seasons. Foliage is shaped and sculpted as it grows to keep the overall feel of the garden serene and peaceful. However tending a stone garden takes a lot of work, and is an art unto itself, so for most of us, it is better to just take one or two elements and use them in our own gardens to bring a little of that serenity into our lives.So, what are the options Well, how about trying an ornamental piece of sorts. These will need a minimum of maintenance and don't require years of practice to get right like raking the sand is a stone garden does.Stone Lanterns - icons of Japanese gardens, the stone lantern is a symbol of creative symmetry turned into stone. The history of Japanese stone lanterns is fascinating, with these items originally being used to light paths to temples and shrines, but later became decorative features in gardens.Water Hammer - the water hammer is beautiful to watch and soothing to listen to - as water slowly fills the cup and eventually causes it to tip over and spill, you will have both the soothing sounds of water and a gentle clack clack of the bamboo as it comes to rest at either end of its travels.Water Basin - a granite water basin can be used either to catch water from your water hammer or simply as a bird bath - various shapes exist and they are very simple soothing ornaments to have in your garden.Pagodas - if your garden is large enough, a Japanese pagoda can really bring a touch of the East into your garden - the beautiful symmetry of the multiple curved roofs of the pagoda lead your eye upwards toward the heavens.There are obviously many more features you could put into your garden to create a little Japanese ambience, but these are good starting points.

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