Isn't This Bikini Cute? [*pic]?

I think it's cute, it's not exactly my style, because I go for brighter colors, and more plain patterns, but If it's YOUR style, then I would suggest to go ahead and get it. I do not know if that really makes any sense, but I say that because if it fit's your style, you will probably make it look great when you wear it. The pattern looks cute though, and it seems fresh(:

1. Should i get these bikini's?

I like the first, third, and forth one!

2. Poll: Do you own a bikini?

i own one. i have a picture of myself in one. no, i will not give it to you :3

3. Bathing suit / bikini help.?

You have to feel confident in what you are wearing. Its hard to tell because there are so many shapes and sizes out there. I am not sure unless I saw you. Regardless forever21 has very cheap bikinis. Go in and try em on. See how you feel when you put it on! Good luck

4. How dare the girls wear bikini in public?????

What girls?? Fat Girls?? I agree with that but if you mean all girls even the hot ones than you are crazy!!!

5. buy bikini without moms permission?

Yes, it would be a bad idea because you would get caught and it would be more trouble than it's worth. You would have to be really sneaky about getting to the store, getting back with the swimsuit, storing it somewhere mom does not look, sneaking it to and from friends' houses, making sure mom does not show up at friends' houses while you are in it, washing and drying it, and taking a one-piece back and forth and getting it wet so your mom does not get suspicious. Your friends do not care whether you are wearing a bikini or a flattering one-piece. Plenty of teenage girls do not wear bikinis because they are modest or self-conscious or fat. As for your mom's reasoning, I bet she thinks bikinis are immodest and that you are too young to be encouraging boys to look at you that way. Not saying I agree, just saying your mom probably finds that so obvious she does not think she needs to bother explaining. Just wait a couple years and wear a bikini on your college spring break trip

6. Question about a type of Bikini.?

I do not know the brand but the style you describe is called boy shorts

7. Am I too fat for a bikini (picture)?

You should do whatever you feel comfortable in!

8. Females only please? Bikini waxing?

I doubt they would wax you. But if you look older, just do not tell them that. I've never been ID would to be waxed. It all depends on how hairy you are. I am one of the lucky ones- very blonde, almost no body hair, so for me a good wax lasts a long time. And, each time you do it the hair gets lighter and sparser. It also comes out easier. You can get ingrown hairs and if you are prone to that sort of thing you will probably have problems, but there are products to help keep that to a minimum. It does not itch like razor stubble does. Regrowth to wax time varies depending on what kind of hair you have. You will never get all your hair at the same phase of growth so while it takes the individual hair that you wax out a month or two to start growing again, you will still have others growing in. I like the home waxing kits because I can keep it under control without spending a fortune at a spa. Take Advil at least 30 min before you get it done. It will still hurt but nowhere near like it would if you did not , plus the anti-inflammatory properties will keep the swelling down.

9. The bikini vs one piece dilema...?

Samesies If you've got a flatter stomach, definiteley go for a 2-piece, but you can also do a cute cutout one-piece!

10. where can I get this bikini?

idk... to but if u find out tell me asap!!!! that is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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