Is This a Flattering Bikini?

layer and wear a heavy wool coat... it will be sexy on you

1. should i wear a bikini?

u should fine to me sure why not try?

2. Full leg and bikini Wax?

If you are having a basic bikini wax then you will not need to remove your underwear. You will be asked to lay on a couch with a towel over your lap. You should only have to remove your trousers so would be wearing your underwear underneath the towel. The therapist will ask you to bend one leg and the drop it to the side so she can get to your bikini line. Your modesty will be protected at all times. Waxing can last upto 6 weeks if maintained regularly. However as hair grows at different rates you may notice that some hairs appear after a few days. These hair were never there when you were originally waxed, its just that they grew at a different time to the other hairs. Waxing works best on hair that is at least 1cm long. If the hair is very long your therapist may choose to trim it for you first. Do not be embarressed. It is a normal part of a waxing service. Finally the pain factor is different for everyone, however please remember that if you visit a professional that will do all they can to ensure it is as pain free and quick as possible to avoid any discomfort. Try to relax as tensing up can make it more painful for you. Also the therapist may ask you to help stretch the skin to avoid any unnecessary pain/discomfort. Follow all your therapists instructions and as long as you have visited a reputable salon/therapist you will be fine. Beauty Queen X

3. Is it worth getting bikini wax?

it hurts more but you get really nice smooth skin

4. Bikini questions guys or girls??

u know thats kim kardashian..right? if u look like her wear one all the work school party etc

5. do you like this bikini?

I love it! It's so cute and colorful! The tassels on the side are a nice tough also! You should definetly buy it!

6. Do YOU wear a BIKINI!?!?

I live in Long Island, New York and I think the percentage of girls who would wear them are 99%. I do not really like wearing them and feel very exposed

7. To embarassed to wear a bikini?

I am skinyy & I am embarassed to wear bikines because im too skinyyy xD But i think Screw ittt! Its summer & its hot. Idc what people sayy, its MY BODY. Who are they to judge? :) I SAYY YOU WEAR ITT :) What are people going to sayy? " eww your fat" Who cares! Just punch them!!! xD

8. Kendall and Kylie jenner bikini?

Means it's noticeable they edit the pictures

9. Should I Buy The Bikini?

Buy them as I am a guy and I can not wait to see you in one.ha ha good look to you

10. HELP bikini question !?

Abercrombie and Fitch!

11. Would it be wrong to wear a bikini?

I, too, am a Christian. Spiritual, only. I need you to point out a scripture in the bible that suggests that it's a sin to wear revealing clothing

12. is it ok to have a green bikini top and black bikini bottoms?

yeah .. is it okay to wear a green shirt with black pants ?DUH! WEAR WHatever u want. who cares what others think! If you care what others th ink ull never have fun!

13. would a yellow string bikini top match a black bikini bottom?

yupp. thats the fun of bikinis. you get to mix and match

14. Should I wear a bikini?

Lohan looks terrible in that picture. Anorexic. She used to be so hot. The chick on the right is very hot. I am sure you will look great, just have confidence in yourself

15. what's sexier: a yellow bikini top or a blue bikini top?

well it depends if shes an ugly blonde, then she should pick blue. if she is a hot blonde then yellow

16. Do all the Christians who believe its wrong for a woman to wear a bikini also think guys speedos are wrong?

I am an atheist and I do not like bikini's. Frankly, I find them trashy. I am not fond of speedos either. But people can wear what they want, I just wont wear one. I usually wear the same sort of swim suit you see athletes wearing.

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heyy well im younger than u and already do all that and i ask my mom, but thats ok if u dont wanna. so there are some homemade wax methods 1 cup sugar Half a lemon for the juice 1/4 cup honey Mix lemon, sugar, and honey in a bowl. Microwave on high for about 2-3 minutes, until it bubbles into a smooth consistency. If you use the stove use LOW heat.Let it cool properly.Store it in a plastic or a glass container. Before using microwave it for 20 seconds . i belive that you are supposed to use strips for this soo you u can cut up an old t-shirt if u dont want to ask your mom to buy you some. dont stick with shaving. hair grows back thicker and the results are not as nice as waxing. good luck and hope i heloed:)1. What are Whataburger chicken strips made of?They're brined chicken strips with additives for texture, flavor and preservation (reminder: salt is a preservative). Because of the additives they have, I assume they're frozen, but I'm not sure (but said additives are common in frozen chicken).The breading is water flour, baking powder (and maybe baking soda... they don't give the amount of sodium bicarbonate) soybean oil and spices (significantly garlic powder and onion powder, though there are others they don't specifically list) with black pepper extract. They're fried in vegetable oil. Excerpted from the Whataburger website:Ingredients: Whatachick'n Chicken Strips: Southern style chicken fritter strips containing up to 12% of a solution of: water, isolated soy protein, salt, sodium phosphates. Battered with: water, bleached wheat flour, salt, leavening (sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate), spices, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, garlic powder, onion powder, extractives of black pepper. Predusted and breaded with: bleached wheat flour, salt, leavening (sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate, and monocalcium phosphate), spices, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, garlic powder, onion powder, extractives of black pepper. Breading set in vegetable oil. )All opinions stated on Quora are my own and do not represent the opinions or positions of any company I now or ever have worked for.What are Whataburger chicken strips made of?.2. How long to bake chicken strips?How To Bake Chicken Strips3. What is the easiest way to cut carrots into matchstick strips??best to use a meat cleaver to cut those carrots into matchstick strips, but I am sure sliced or even thickly grated carrots would work just as well4. Is there a diabetes testing meter that does not require test strips?Sorry as you are measuring the amount of glucose in the blood then you need to get a small amount of blood out of the body to test. It is not painful most of the time to do the pin prick it is thinking that it is going to hurt that causes the most problems. Your aunt will soon get used to the small pricks needed and hardly notice them.5. Was Jesus wrapped in a shroud, or in strips of linen?Shrouds and strips of linen are the same thing. The Jews (Jesus was a Jew) invented burial cloths called tachrichim which were universal. Regardless of whether you were rich or poor, you were wrapped and buried in the same type of long white shrouds made of either linen or muslin fabric. One big long shroud wrapped on the body and a small one to cover the head. They were all standardized to show equality before God.6. How can you eliminate white spots on teeth from whitening strips?2. Teeth whitening or bleaching. Whitening or bleaching teeth can help to reduce the appearance of white spots and other stains. A variety of teeth whitening products, such as strips and paste, are available over-the-counter (OTC.) Normally the new whiter colour of your teeth keeps for several years. This will be influenced by what you eat, drink and smoke. Some patients need a top up after 3-4 years. What foods/products stain a white smile? Go to my Profile and you can find all Eye Floaters material there.7. Should I peel off steri strips?Call your doctor and ask if you could remove them8. Where are heat strips located in a house?They are probably referring to the electric heating elements in the hvac system. They will be located in the air handler which may be in the attic, basement, or a closet. For more about your hvac system see the heat pump page at www. hvac-for-beginners. com.
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