Is There Such Thing As a Water Filter for a Shower Head?

yes and it is just a gause filter like the one you find at the end of a wahing machine hoses why?????

1. Is there a water filter better than Brita that does not need installation under the sink?

There are several, question is, what do you want to filter out? nBrita pitchers are not meant to filter bacteria but mainly chlorine and complex organic molecules, or, in some editions, soften the water.There are several filters that can be installed at the faucet or work independently that also filter out bacteria, soften, mineralize etc. Yet it is hard to say what is "better" for you if you don't specify what you're looking for. Is there a water filter better than Brita that does not need installation under the sink?

2. Can a portable dishwasher be hooked up to the Brita kitchen faucet water filter?

NO the filter wont allow sufficient flow and you will have to change your filter more often

3. When I change whole house water filter I lose the hot water in my upstairs shower- how do I fix?

I can only guess that you have a mixer valve on the shower. You lose hot water because you get air bubbles in the line. When you remove the filter, water drains back from the lines in the house and air gets in. If you crack the hot water valve on the shower & let it bleed, you should get water back to it as the air goes away. If you put a valve on the house side of the filter as well (it has one on the outside already), and turn both off before changing the filter, this should not happen anymore. You might be able to get away with turning off the water inlet valve on the hot water tank before changing the filter to prevent the siphon from draining the hot water line. Otherwise, you will be bleeding every time.

4. I just got a TRIOPS BREEDING kit today and used a whirlpool water filter for the water will they still live?

i have never used a filter before. i use bottled water such as volvic. they should still live if you use filtered water as long as there is not any chlorine in it. the triops should hatch within a day or 2 and you should be able to see them within the next couple of days. if you do not want to just use fish food when they are adults,you can feed them a slice of skinned carrot, a washed leaf of lettuce,a bit of blood worm or a bit of earth worm. i hope my info has helped.

5. what happens to a water filter if you run hot water through it?

Hot water soup. Just like mom used to make. Yummy!

6. Green light on Brita Water Filter?

i could guess that it rather is algae growing to be on the clear out. Its no longer likely to harm you. substitute the clear out, yet in the previous putting the recent one in, sparkling the interior the chamber that holds the clear out sturdy with a bleach answer

7. should i drink from a water filter if im in canada?

why filter if your in Vancouver. Is not it mountain water there? Canada has the cleanest water around especially from the mountains.

8. Why is a distiller better to have than a regular water filter and where can I purchase one?

Distilled water is okay to drink sometimes, but you should not drink it exclusively as it has no minerals in it. If you want to filter your water (to remove particles) or run it through charcoal (to remove sulfur or other bad odors), that is fine. You need a pretty fine filter (1 micron or so) to remove Giardia. Sterilisation by ultraviolet or ozonisation will kill most bacteria and even some viruses. But if you have dissolved toxins, filtration wo not help. I am not sure distilling will help

9. Has anyone tried the new Pur Flavored water filter, either faucet mount or pitcher? Do you like it or hate it?

yes it is great but it annoys me sometimes when my family talks about it

10. on a PUR WATER FILTER, is it still good when you can see the red but its not completely red?

If the taste has changed, I would go ahead and change the filter if it's approaching the red. You do not know what you are taking in. I usually let ours run all the way into red, but if it starts tasting nasty I change it.

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