Is My Iphone 4 Water Damaged?

If you take your battery out, there should be a sticker on it. If it is white then it is not damaged but if it's as pinkish-oraganish color then it has water damaged. My brother's phone had water damage and he had to pay 70 dollars to get a new phone but maybe you can just ask for a new battery and see what they say.

1. What is a water surge caused by a hurricane?

The correct term is ""storm surge". When a hurricane forms, it forms around a low pressure center - air pressure usually pushes down on water, and land, with a pressure of 1015 millibars. The lowest pressure recorded for a hurricane was about 840.The pressure reduction exists only for a radius of several hundred miles. So. What does the water do? In the center it rises. Because outside the storm more weight of air is pressing down. It is a moving dome of water and travels the speed the storm does and can reach several tens of feet. Goodby beach house!on top of the storm surge you may have another 8 feet of tide as well as the wind driven surface waves. That is why when one is told to GO!

2. Is it right I am being charged for water, when nobody else is paying water?

No that is not legal. I would refuse to pay the water bill if no one else is being charged for water. Also 14,000 gallons sounds impossible for 1 RV to use in a month! 2) show the written proof of how much your RV uses in water a month according to the RV/mobile home maker or seller to the landlord of the mobile home park. 3) Tell the landlord that if no one else is being charged for water usage then that is illegal to just charge you. That bill is probably total for the entire mobile home park and therefore it should be split between ALL tenants, not just you. 4) continue to pay your rent minus the water bill charge. Because he would have to take you to evictions court to get you kicked out of the mobile park. AND then you can tell the court about this whole water bill issue and bring a neighbor with you so they can state in court that they have never been charged for a water bill. If you continue to pay your rent then most likely he wo not be able to kick you out of the park. It also takes a LONG process for a landlord to kick a tenant out. So do not pay the water bill. Tell him you are not going to pay it when you did not use that much water AND no one else has been charged for water. If he wants to split the bill between ALL tenants then yes you agree to pay your small share of usage as well.

3. Is the planet running out of water?

I do not think we are running out of water, per se.But we may run out of potable water - because we are polluting it and sucking it out of aquifers until they run dry and making more people every year than the planet can comfortably support in any decent way.Water itself is not in trouble, but clean, drinkable water - that's become a huge issue in far too many places. Those of us who can rely on a constant supply of clean tap water are more fortunate than we can possibly begin to appreciate

4. my furnance is kinda in the water?

If it was upright I would say your probably ok. Since it's a horizontal install I would say that one of your burners is under water and the first section of your heat exchanger as well. You need to rent or purchase a sump pump and get the water out from under the house. Not only for your furnace but for health reason too. Once the water is out then you need to have the furnace serviced by a qualified heating person. Nothing sound be damaged it just needs to be cleaned.

5. Can you increase water pressure by changing your water meter

you might depending on how big of a service meter you have,if not you can change the pressure demand valve or pressure regulator depending on whats in your home. actually, increasing the size of the meter (and perhaps the water service line from the main to the home) will provide more flow. The pressure wo not change unless there's some sort of regulator as mentioned above. If the static pressure (with no water running on the service) is good and decreases markedly when you run water (that would be dynamic pressure) you might see an improvement by upsizing the meter and service line. If the static pressure is low and there are no pressure regulators in the line you are sort of stuck with what the utility is providing, unless there's a problem on their end. Where we are the state only requires 20 psi at the meter - if your home is upslope or distant from the meter it may cause difficulties.

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