Is My Heater Core Ruined?

If all you did was bend some of the fins you will be fine. Only the airflow will be slightly reduced but probably not enough to matter. If you did any real damage it will leak and you will know that almost immediately. The make combs to straighten out bent fins because bent fins are so common. You barely have to touch them to bend them. You can buy them at almost any auto parts store.

1. What is wrong with my betta fish?

The tank is the problem and poor water quality . A betta fish should be in a 5 gallon tank minimum with a filter and heater and a cycled tank .

2. custom box ideas and high output alternator help?

The alternator length is desperate by the burden you would be putting on it, not by the batteries. time-honored alternator is sufficient until there will be particularly some different issues working over the conventional products. purely make particular to place an isolator between the batteries to sidestep issues of one from killing the different. in case you are powering "hotel" load such as heater or radio for long sessions mutually as parked, I advise utilising a deep cycle battery for that

3. Where is reset button for electric heater?

Well did you look in the ceiling ?

4. What Aquarium heater is better overall? The Aqueon heater or the the tropical heater kit for biUbe & BiOrb?

I've never used anything from biUbe or BiOrb. Not because they are poor quality, but they are extremely overpriced in my opinion. There are a number of manufacturers that produce heaters just as good though. Aqueon, Hydor, Hagen, and Marineland all make heaters that are just as good in my opinion, and for generally less money

5. Clogged heater core ?

If thats the problem you would probably have to replace the core. A good shop should be able to verify the diagnosis prior to pulling the old core out. I would think that it is more likely to be a valve the controls the water flow to the heater core.

6. turning down hot water heater?

Usually counter clockwise for down, but to find out do this: Slowly and GENTLY turn the knob counter clockwise, at the bottom end of the range you should hear a "click" sound. This means the thermostat has turned off, turning off the heater. Move the knob off this "click" position, again gently and slowly turn it clockwise, to about what you think a quarter of the range has been reached, leave it for a day or so, see what the water temperature is like. If too low, increase again, but in very small stages. It will take some time, days and days, but eventually you will get the temperature you want.

7. Electric water heater leaking slowly?

Typically, when water heaters start to leak, they leak from the base of othe tank and the leak does not stop. It just gets worse. Try to determin where the leak is coming from. If it's not a big problem, just wait until it gets wose. When water heaters start leaking from the base, they can not be repaired. So if that turns out to be the case, sooner or later you will have to replace it

8. How to plug in a space heater in a car?

if talking about a space heater likes that goes in your house.. It,s a INVERTER it changes dc. to ac

9. Are stop leak additives always a bad idea to add into car radiators?

No. It sometimes works if a pinhole leak and the surrounding metal or plastic is still firm. I have had luck with Aluma-Seal. I don't know if it is actual metal flakes or something like black pepper (an old trick), but it has sealed tiny leaks. Ex., I had a rebuily engine which was barely leaking from a freeze plug in the side of the block. Not from the edges (no corrosion), but rather in the center where there appeared to be a blob of epoxy, like they had drilled a hole then sealed it. Anyway, in a 40 mile drive, that leak sealed and never recurred.In some cars, the heater core is very expensive to replace and a nightmare to get to, so might be worth a try. My 1984 M-B is like that (>$500 part). One owner spent days pulling it out only to find it was basically sound and the aluminum fingers securing the plastic tank just needed crimping tighter to seal the rubber gasket. When mine leaked, I rigged a little flow circuit with just the heater core and an electric pump (my M-B has one) and used an aggressive "block seal" which is silicates like pottery glaze. I had a pan on a propane burner to heat the water (instead of driving). That way I didn't risk plugging the engine passages or radiator. You flush it when done. It still leaked slightly when done (air pressure test), so I snaked a plastic tube down the innards and sprayed silicone seal (Flex Seal or such). That fixed the leak for 6 years. It is starting to leak again - no noticeable coolant loss but can smell it in the cabin with heater on. I may try Aluma-Seal in the whole system now since it seems little risk to the engine.Flushing a radiator hasn't worked well for me. One car kept slightly overheating. I tried aggressive citric flush several times, taking the radiator out and back-flushing, installed a junkyard radiator which looked OK. I was suspecting a cracked head or failed head gasket, but finally bought a new radiator since I found a deal ($130, used to be $350). That stopped the overheating. For forensics, I popped the plastic reservoirs off one of the old radiators and found the top of many channels blocked with rust. I had flushed them well and even tried running a wired brush across the top, so none of that seems to work well. Perhaps it needs a more aggressive chemical like phosphoric acid to dissolve the rust. BTW, that car is now dripping coolant very slightly from the head, so the head gasket might be slightly rusted thru in places. I'll try Aluma-Seal before I pull the head. Are stop leak additives always a bad idea to add into car radiators?

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The water heater is too small for the amount of people. You should have at least a 40 gallon. The preferred would have been a 50. But thats renting for you. They go the aka cheapest route1. Why would a new electric water heater blow breaker?You may have it wired backwards. Breaker could be weak. or over loaded. The new heater may be drawing to many amps for the breaker, just a thought. Good luck. ww2. should i wrap my amtrol electric water heater with insulation?Most new-ish water heaters already have a lot of insulation. Adding more will never even recoup the cost of that insulation. It wo not hurt anything though, so long as you do not cover up any vents.3. My hot electric water heater produces hot water, but there is water on the floor?It could be either one. Check all the fittings on top of tank. Most warrantys are 5 years4. Is connecting a 16A plug to 10A sockets for an electric water heater a problem?First thing you need to check out the wire size in there. If wire size or above you can change the 10 A socket to 16A5. moving electric water heater to old shower coveYou can move the water heater to just about anywhere that would be convenient. However, it is not a good idea to reduce the size down from 3/4" to 1/2" directly off of the tank. You will likely run into issues with water pressure. In branch plumbing, it is best to keep the size of the pipe at its maximum until it branches off to a specific fixture. Most fixtures, with the exception of a toilet takes 1/2". A toilet is actually reduced to 5/8" by the time it gets to the fill valve. 5/8" is an odd size in plumbing, so most plumbers typically run 1/2" anyway.You should try to extend the 3/4" pipe as far as you can go, and then tee off of it using multiple 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/2 tees. When you tee off, try to make that run directly to a fixture without teeing off again. This will greatly help keep the water pressure balanced. If all of the plumbing is 1/2", then the fixtures will compete against each other for water because there is not enough volume of water coming through the pipe6. What is a Electric Water Heater Timer?Basic timer switch at power source to water heater. Allows user to turn wAter heater on and off at certain hrs. For example, on at 5 am, off at 9 am then on at 4 pm and off at 9 pm. Nine hours instead of 24 constantly reheating same water7. I have to continuously press the reset button on my electric water heater?The reset is failing. You need to service it. it is telling you that there is a short in the unit. It could be a heating element starting to short out. It could be the thermostat going bad. Those are the 2 most common things to go on a electric unit. Unless you know how to remove the element I would call the plumber or a friend that has this type of knowladge. It's not hard you just need the right tool and knowladge8. My Mobile home electric water heater has a leak but i cant find the cold water shut off, can anyone help?good advice from gilfinn. I would also drain the heater to stop the leak completely. Hook a hose to the drain, open the spigot and let it drain out. You might have to open a hot water spigot in the bathroom or kitchen also so the water will flow.9. Electric water heater leaks around the top, how do I fix it?By design it is always filled to capacity, it is a pressure tank. Do not mess with the relief valve, it is there to prevent the tank from exploding due to malfunction causing overheating (if you are curious about that just do an internet search of boiler explosions). Do not turn off the water supply and drain the tank without also turning off the heat source (electric or gas, by the way?). you (or a plumber) should be able to determine if the fittings are leaking and repair them if they are. If the tank itself is compromised you need to replace the whole unit
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