Is Mommy All Right? Is Daddy All Right? They Seem a Little Weird?

they are fine, leave them alone

1. Advice needed for moving on from baby daddy to new man...?

you REALLY wanna know what i think? i think you still want him (in spite of new guy) hence the knot in your stomach etc i think he still wants you and has made up this persona to let you THINK he has moved on and starting a new life and i think you should have your heads banged together, and made to talk it out before either of you go any further!

2. ultrasound was today, my babys daddy didnt come?

your doing the right thing honestly id stay away from him he does not sound like hes even the least bit interested in your child

3. Do you think I could find a sugar daddy?

I think that person is a fool, of course you can find a "sugar daddy" if you looked for one

4. If I don't do good daddy will beat me, and if I do good daddy will give me candy?

You grossly underestimate the nature of humanity. Imagine six billion people without laws or limits. The number would decline quickly

5. Are you sure you're my baby's Daddy?

I am not the Babby's daddy. I am just the Babby's momma's love toy & therefore not responsible for children conceived out of wedlock

6. What's so wrong with having a sugar daddy?

So long as everyone involved understands what the arrangement is, I do not see anything wrong. It could be a dangerous situation for you, so be careful. From a moral standpoint, so long as you are honest there's not a problem. Make sure they understand the arrangement, and do not string anyone along.You are working hard in school, and finding a way to pay for it. A lot of people have to find unconventional ways to pay for school, and if that's an option available for you, go for it. It's your body, and the other person's money. What you decide to do is your business. Be prepared to face judgement from a puritanical society, though

7. Should i refuse my sugar daddy?

it fairly is not worth it. She desires to locate a valid thank you to get the money she desires. She will basically finally end up hurting and broke, besides. existence's too short for that form of complication. it fairly is extra effective to be honest with the guy and tell him she would not look after him and that she would not choose to apply him. What reliable is funds if a individual is not happy alongside with having it?

8. What's a good gift for a new Daddy?

Look for an I.D. Bracelet , I do not know if that's what they are called, they have a little plaque where you can put a name on it but they come in gold or silver and imprint the word "DADDY" on it

9. What are the rates these days for a sugar daddy to pay a sugar baby?

Charge him what you ever want. Its about you! Do not short change yourself as there are PLENTY of young women he will have his eye on. What are your needs and wants? Do not just want money as some guys will want to buy you presents (prezzies is a great word to use) and you should be open to that. It is not about a RATE (per se) its about an understanding, he might have kids and or a wife and those her his first priorities. Make sure he is REAL and not some wannabe who will waste your time. Let him/them know you have a life and can not drop everything at that last minute (even if you can you do want to seem sexy and mysterious and worth your "price"). Educate yourself on the finer things in life, if he wants to take you to a nice restaurant and its "Olive Garden"....chances are he's a fake and/or does not /can not make much and or wo not provide you with what you want/need. ALSO do not seem desperate (even if you need/want the cash) as this gives him complete power (remember its 2 of you in this agreement). Good luck!

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