Is It True About Washing the Motor of You Car with Water?

Depends on what you drive. Some cars, it wo not hurt a thing. Others, it will ruin the electronics.

1. The more you wash your car with a water hose...?

Not really...the worst thing you can do is use a brush...then you might as well take a razor to the clearcoat...use microfiber or nothing at all

2. can i fill my radiator of my car with water if its low?

its fine. the antifreeze is usually premixed to be 50/50 water or the instructions tell you to mix it 50/50. but definately keep antifreeze in it because it has lubricants and the non freezing stuff too! LOL


Water pump!!! Few hundred bucks and you will be back on the ROAD!

4. Can I run my car on water?

no.... only jesus can do that

5. can you really run your car on water?....hydrogen...does anyone here tried it?

You need a Hydrogen engine to do that

6. can I drive my car with water instead of anti-freeze?

Yes you can, but only when it's hot out. Do not put it in the radiator though..put it where the antifreeze would go. When winter comes round you are going to have to refill with antifreeze

7. How to run your car on water?

The key things are to make sure the electrical equipment is sealed from the water and that you have an extention on your air inlet and exhaust pipe. The first version of the VW Beetle was popular for conversion to an amphibious vehicle as it was easy to seal the bottom of the car.

8. Run car on water More Info Please About Run car on water?

You can not . However there are a lot of people out there who will take your money for a "kit" if you are foolish enough to believe their sales pitch. As Mr. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute"

9. Can you run a car on water?

Scam. And technically, there are fuel cells that can split the hydrogen out of water, but the technology is not ready for the consumer market yet. Maybe another 5-10 years.

10. can you really run your car with water? > (comment pls..)?

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11. Running Car on Water and not Fuel ?

i could be possible but the water would have to be fresh water and that would take a way drinking water. it would have to be fresh water because salt water would get in to the engine and corrupt it

12. run your car on water?

Yes you can. The site is Run Your Car On Water. The cost for the plans are $49.95 You will need to have someone that has a good knowledge of electronics to change your car over. Also there is a car in production in England right now that runs only on water. Also, Honda just came out with a car that runs on water.

13. Is That possible To Run your car on water?

If it worked, everybody would run cars on water

14. What's wrong with my car? (Water, carburettor)?

If much water got into the engine you would get "hydrolock". You would have heard it. Check the plugs

15. Getting a car with water damage?

It is NEVER a good idea to purchase a car that has water damage. Too many sensitive electronics these days to fool with and once an electrical system has been flooded there will be lots of surprises waiting to pop out at you. I would never recommend the purchase of any flood damaged vehicle.

16. Question about weird sound from car. (Water flowing sound)..?

Sounds like your just very low on coolant, never use water. You may have a leak in the cooling system somewhere. Take the car to any reliable repair shop and have the cooling system pressure tested for leaks. Cooling systems are a sealed system and coolant will not evaporate, so there must be a leak. Once you repair the leak, have the system flushed and refilled with a fresh 50/50 mix of anti freeze and water. This is part of a service maintenance for the cooling system that should be done once every 5 years or 50000 miles. gl.

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