Is It Safe to Mix Trimethyl Borate with Lighter Fluid?

This sounds like it will end badly if you persist with it, no matter how much care you take. Trimethyl borate, or boron trimethoxide, has formula B(OCH3)3. It is a clear liquid. It melts at 34 C and boils at 68-69 C. It is flammable and burns with a green flame. It is primarily used as a precursor to boronic esters and boronic acids for Suzuki couplings. Other uses include : 1. Anti-oxidant in Brazing and Solder Flux 2. Wood preservative 3. Catalyst of olefin polymerisation 4. raw material in the production of borophosphosilicate glass film by chemical vapor deposition 5. raw material in the production of specialty glasses using sol-gel technology 6. solvent or catalyst for resins, waxes, paints, and varnishes 7. component of some flame retardants in textile industry 8. component of some welding fluxes 9. in green fire compositions for special effects (as a solution of boric acid in methanol, where it forms in small amounts)

1. 16, I need a lighter?

Tell your parents or an older sibling what you need it for, they may have one. Your parents could also buy it for you. The stores in Michigan wo not let you. I know, I am sixteen. They even ask for I.D for pregnancy tests. My friend had to buy one! IDK about Arizona though.

2. Will you comment on a lighter note please?

reminds of a pond nearby I often go to in the mountains near where I live. Luckily, it is far enough from the road so the poor babies do not suffer this fate. thanks for sharing the great poem

3. How to make hair naturally lighter.?

some people's hair gets lighter if you spend time in the sun

4. what happens if i put a lighter in the freezer?

The flame will consume all the oxygen and go out

5. how to make lips look thinner/lighter?

your crazy.. guys want a girl with big lips and girls want to have big lips. dont hide what u got flaunt it!

6. Can I bring my lighter on a plane?

I would suggest you not bring a lighter --with-in your carry on or in the checked luggage. We do sell lighters in the U.S for a rather cheap price.

7. How to make my skin naturally lighter?

drink a lot of green tea. Its amazing for your skin and it will help you lose weight by boosting metabolism. Its also really good for you and prevents cancer

8. Why is Beyonce getting "lighter"?

You might not want to hear this but society says that black is wrong and white is right and the closer to white features that you have the more you are accepted. They did a study with some black and white children with a white doll and a black doll, they asked them which doll was the good doll they all picked the white one and which was the bad doll they picked the black one. The children were 3-5 in New York. As a black female I already know this I've accepted it and moved on, when you are black get back and when you are white you are alright. She wants to get paid so she lets them do all the photo shop that they want, what is the big deal I do not see why you would care or how you could begin to even understand

9. Zippo lighter wheel won't spark?

Slide the case off unscrew the screw and put in a new flint you can get them at walmart are any cvs etc. If you have an old bic lighter you can take the flint from it and use it

10. Is there an age limit to buying a lighter in Canada?

Yes 1 per person daily

11. How come the lighter was invented before the matchstick?

The lighter is based on ancient technology: flint and steel and flammable liquid (as in an oil lamp) The matchstick required additional chemistry and engineering.

12. How can I become lighter and skinnier?

Modelling is a superficial and cruel world. Why not spare your physical, mental and dietary health and pursue something else?

13. How to get lighter skin?

Number one rule: Stay out of the sun. If you have gotten sunburned before you are 18, you will have dark spots or brown spots, some get freckles and those will get darker and bumpier as you get older. It's best not to make them darker or bumpy, and staying out of the sun will prevent that. Just from the heat, can make anyone flaky. I use my wide brim hat everywhere I go, and while I am inside a car as a rider, I use blanket over the window or sit where it's shady. Lotions does not protect you from sunburn, same with cancer and could permanently discolor your skin. Best sunscreen: wearing denim, wide brim hat, or umbrella. Sunscreen will not protect you from getting burned. Sunscreen does not protect you from getting moles or freckles, they will only get darker & bumpier or larger from each exposure from the sun. Sunscreen will not protect you from skin cancer. Sunscreen will not protect you if you have allergies, I never thought I had allergies! Sunscreens also discolor your skin - for ever! But I had Discoid Lupus caused from the sun. Google it. Took 12 years for mine to almost 'fade'. I do not want any more lupus appearing on my skin, so now I am more & more into protecting myself. Read the label. The SPF or sun protection factor, relates solely to the degree of protection a formula provides against UVB rays. UVBs known as the 'burning rays, vary seasonally (peaking around noon), damage the superficial layer of the dermis (which may contribute to skin cancer), and generally result in a sunburn. UVA rays - which account for 95% of the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the Earth's surface, and which cut through clouds and glass year-round - are somewhat stealthier. These are the ones that have a longer wavelength, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin, destroying collagen and elastin, which contributes to photo-aging (sagging skin, wrinkles), and triggering cell mutations, which may initiate skin cancer. Vogue May or June 2011 issue. Tanning comes & go. The more you are out of the sun, the longer who got tanned, the longer it will take. Could take from months to years.

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Questions About Minor Purchasing Lighter? ? ?
i seriously doubt they wont sell it to you...i would....and about carrying it long as you are not causing trouble with it i do not think there is a way you could get in trouble...just be safe :)1. Whats a good lighter fluid replacment for a zippo?NOT MOONSHINE it rewined 3 of my zippos2. better: zippo lighter or ronson lighter?Ronson Zippo3. should i go for darker or lighter hair?Light would make you look FAB :)4. HOW TO MAKE LIPS LIGHTER?You can not really take your lips' pigment out, but if you want a makeup fix, start off with a little bit of vaseline just enough to moisturize your lips and then put a little bit of liquid foundation on them. Blend evenly. Take a thin ply tissue or kleenex, put it on top of your lips and dab some loose powder to set the foundation. Once set, top with lip balm or vaseline. Voila! Nice nude lips!5. home remedies to get lighter skin?Well Lemon is a natural bleach ... as i heard ... So to apply it well on your knees u will have to take half of a lemon , make it a juice and apply with a cotton wool. I guess that is how it works. Honey helped me to lighten my scar on my nose ( which is nearly invisible now ) so i guess it works ... just rub some honey on the part you want and let it be for half an hour a day... :-)6. Why is Beyonce getting "lighter"?Hmmmmmm...yes I have noticed that also!7. Should I go darker or lighter?u sould go darker!!!!!!!!!!!! but not to dark8. car ciggerette lighter wont work?It may be a defective charger for your navigation system. Try using the navigation system in another car and see if you have the same problem. It could also be not the fuse, but the circuit. I had the same problem on my 2001 Ford Focus, and it was the circuit, not the fuse9. People bleaching their skin to make it lighter?I am glad Tyra discussed the issue of skin bleaching on her show, but it would have been nice to show 1) that this is not a uniquely black phenomenon (as she admitted, many Asian societies endorse the "lighter is better" concept); 2) that there are plenty of darker-skinned beauties who prefer their skin tone and would never consider bleaching their skin; and 3) women of all races go through tons of aesthetic adjustments to reach whatever "ideal" is placed before them (going tanning/plastic surgery/bleaching, etc.) and that they all need to accept how beautiful they truly are without all the procedures. Both this Tyra episode and the other one about "colorism" in the black community both reinforce a message that society's "lighter is better" concept is real and always negatively affects all people of darker skin tones. However, I completely disagree. Yes, there are some ignorant people out there who are so obsessed with skin tone that they cannot see past it, but beauty is not determined by your skin tone. I have travelled the world quite a bit and have seen stunning women of every race and color. To be completely honest, I am disappointed in the media for not showing more darker women of color who are considered gorgeous - Tyra does a good job of showing them off on Top Model, but seems to reinforce this idea that being darker somehow is a negative thing on the Tyra Banks Show. I understand that she is trying to reach out to girls who are dealing with skin tone issues, but she not only needs to connect with them - she needs to show them that yes - despite what "society" says, they are truly beautiful. Tyra needs to seriously reinforce this point - rather than talk about society's "ideal" and the unfortunate percentage of women affected by it10. which Cigarette Lighter to choose?Get the first one, because it will fit in a pack of smokes after you've smoked one & It will save space in your pocket and you will have less to carry around11. How to polish boots without lighteR?Kiwi is only going to get you so far. Drill Sergeants and other NCO's and officers will all tell you that they only use Kiwi and a lot of elbow grease which is false. Point being you will need a little extra help for that added shine. Water is kind of pointless considering kiwi is not very water soluble so it just mostly runs off the boot. Using a lighter only helps a little. I have seen more guys dry out the leather on their boots and damage them from using lighters than doing anything else. Plus the lighter does not force the kiwi into the boot, it only creates a candy-like coating on the boot which is why you see some guys with the toes of their boots looking like they have spider-cracks running all through them!!! Then they have to "strip" the boot using some sort of alcohol and start all over. If you go to the PX or clothing and sales, look into getting one of those little boot sponges (I cant remember what they are called but they should have a little red handle on top). After you shine your boots with kiwi rub the sponge over the top. It has a little bit of liquid shine in the sponge that makes the kiwi shine a lot more and it lasts for a while too. Lastly, Mop & Glow is a big deal. After shining with Kiwi, put a little MG on a cotton ball and rub that on the toe and heel and you will have a super shine. Just a little bit though, too much and you will end up with streaks you will have to wash off with water and reapply the M&G. I do not know what branch of the Military you are in b/c the Army has switched to desert boots but rarely will someone ***** about using something other than Kiwi unless you are in Basic Training. We used to pull out all the stops for ceremonies and other stuff. Good Luck and shine on!!
Which Do You Prefer, Girls That Have Feet with Lighter Soles Than the Top Or Feet That Are the Same
Why would I judge based on FEET?1. girls are your feet bigger than mine?i am 13 female 177 cm tall shoe size 7uk or 41eu so i guess my feet are bigger but i am like 4cm taller than you! most guys in my year 9 (8th grade) class have size 6-8 feet and im taller than most of them! but i guess some of them havent had their growth spurt yet :D not many people notice if you have small feet and i know loads of people who have feet waaaayyy smaller than yours. if you asked my friends this question theyd say 165 size 5uk 38eu so you are taller than most girls i guess, im juust weirdly tall! :) hope this helpsxx2. What is the difference between feet and very feet?In 'Le Berbier de Seville' [Act 2 Scene the phrase 'growing before your very eyes' dates this type of expression at least back to 1772, and in that same scene the words piano and pianissimo are used in their literal latin root sense to mean quietly.Verum, veritas, and verily are all words closely related to very, and in the phrases 'he ate the very last cookie', and 'a place to call your very own', very means 'in truth' or are ally'. 'can I really keep it?' (the puppy) means 'confirm this is not a trick' or 'is it true i can keep it'.so, before your very eyes, and beneath your very feet, seem to apply the sentiment of 'can it be true' by imitating the structure of those two phrases (very last, very own).the proper way to phrase it would be 'very happening beneath your feet' (in truth, in reality)but either by mistake or aesthetics 'happening beneath your very feet' won out over time and usage.3. Feet are peeling on the soles, what can do to help it stop?ped egg !4. How to get soft feet?Go to the drugstore and pick up a pumice thing for feet...look in the footcare aisle. Use that on your rough spots (make sure your feet are dry), then wash your feet. After, use a cream (I like Gold Bond Medicated Cream for feet) , and wear white socks over your feet before going to bed. This should only take a week for pretty feet5. Feet!!!! Rule!!!!!!!!!?KEEP SHOES!!6. stinky feet?did you know baking soda can kill bacteria causing body odor? try using it as your foot deo powder.7. At what distances are most deer killed during hunting?As accuracy is concerced, good selection of a mosin can result in unexpected levels of accuracy, and in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing -and is qualified- you could be holding a rifle fit for a five hundred yard iron sight competition. Having said this, keep it out of your head in the deer woods. The objective is not to harvest a deer whatever your fathers buddies may say. Harvesting a deer is the result of being prepared and doing things right. Your rifle and it's accuracy are small factors in the big picture. Depending on where you are hunting and how you are doing it, you may be able to expect deer within feet of you. Be prepared for your heart trying to hang family portraits on the inside of your sternum with heavy duty wood nails8. Is there anyway to SWIM WITHOUT SHOWING FEET? Cuz i can never show my feet are so UGLY. Please help me. thanks?*kisses your feet* they look beautiful! :p9. My son tries to crawl with hands and feet? lol?LOL too cute!! Caleb did the same exact thing at 6 months, now at 7 months he's pushing up and onto his knees and manages to crawl backwards and in circles but he can not go forward yet! It's so funny.... he looks like a little car stuck in reverse, ha! I am sure he will manage to do it very soon. I am still waiting for Caleb to full on crawl and I know it's gonna be any day now because he's almost able to go forward. As bad as it sounds I am kinda dreading it just a little bit, I know my life is fully over once he's fully mobile! LOL! JK! As proud as I am of him it's a little sad to see him grow so fast, it just reminds me of how fast it goes in general. I've gotta get on the hubby to start baby proofing! :)
Connect a Car Amp to a Cigarette Lighter?
try it, just do not drive the amp exceedingly hard1. 38 Search Results for Why does my car amp keeps blowing fuses?most likely a wiring issue,you can always take it in and have it checked out2. What is subsonic on a car amp?a subsonic filter is just a high pass filter that attenuates the ultra low frequencies that are dangerous for a subwoofer to try to reproduce. They are especially useful when a subwoofer is in a ported enclosure that is tuned fairly high. The movement of the subwoofer is partially controlled by the air pressure created by the port. Once the operating frequency gets lower than the tuning frequency of the enclosure that control begins to fade and the subwoofer can be damaged due to over-excursion. If you are using a sealed enclosure you do not have to activate the subsonic filter, or you can set it very low - 15 or 20hz. If you are using a ported enclosure and know the tuning frequency you should set it somewhere near that frequency. If you do not know the tuning frequency I would suggest setting it at 35hz or so - prefab enclosures are usually tuned pretty high. Not that it matters - but "subsonic" is a misnomer. It means to travel slower than the speed of sound. The correct term is infrasonic meaning frequencies below the audible threshold. A lot of manufacturers have dropped the "subsonic" and started using "infrasonic".3. Having Car AMP Troubles...PLEASE HELP!?If you r not getting any power to your amp its the remote wire. Get a meter a find a 12V switched turn on and use that as your remote turn on. If this doesnt work check your positive lead from your battery to your amp to see if you have any voltage coming from it.4. can i hook my ipod up to my car amp using aux out?You should use the iPod connection that will directly connect to your radio so you can control the volume from the radio. DICE Electronics makes direct connect units for Honda, Acura, Toyota, Scion, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, etc.5. Could use a 12v @ 3.33amp wall wart ac to dc adapter to run a 200watt 2 channel car amp?33amp wall wart ac to dc adapter to run a 200watt 2 channel car amp?6. I need help Fixing a car amp?You can definitely open it up. If the cables are broken you may need to run new rca cables. If your amp's RCA jacks are pushed in, you may need to replace them...So soldering work might be necessary. But yes...definitely should be able to open up the amp and at worse case, take a look at it to see if you can either bend them back (but now the jacks are going to be more susceptible to breaking. You can push them too hard or they may be beyond pushing them back....and could cause them to break.7. My car amp is not getting power, why?check your ground cable. if it does not get a good ground it wo not power up. it happened to me a few times where i was driving around and suddenly i had no bass/: i checked the wires and i found the ground cable was disconnected from the end that was drilled into the car.8. my car amp cuts on and off HELP !!?Most likely this is either a loose wire as suggested above, or it is a wire that is grounding out somewhere on the car. Start out by jumping the connection to the remote on wire from the main power wire on the amp. Drive down the road and see if that fixes it. If it does, then the problem is somewhere in the remote-on wire. Here are some other things to check ... Check the ground wire to the amp. Make sure it is run to the battery. Check the fuse holder (if you have one). Check your distribution block (if you have one). Check your cap(s) bypass them to check them, or thump on them. Change the fuses.9. how much rms would i need for a car amp?I would start looking at amp.tht is 800rms at least
Nook GlowLight Teardown Reveals Secrets Behind Integrated Light and Lower Weight
Bill Detwiler cracks open the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight and shows you how Barnes and Noble reduced the e-reader's weight and gave it an integrated light. Not only did Barnes and Noble make the 2012 Nook lighter and give it an antiglare screen protector, they added a killer feature for nighttime reading--an integrated light. In this week's Cracking Open, I show you what is inside the new Nook Simple Touch and reveal the secret behind its GlowLight. The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight has an 800 MHz Texas Instruments OMAP3621 applications processor, 256MB of RAM, 2GB of storage, a 6-inch Pearl e-ink screen with Neonode zForce touchscreen, and 802.11 b/g/n WLAN support. It measures measures 6.5" (H) x 5" (W) x 0.5" (D) and weighs 6.9 ounces. It weighs half an ounce less than the standard Nook Simple Touch. • Replaceable battery is same as standard Nook Simple Touch: The 1,530 mAh battery has the same model number (MLP305787) as the one on the standard Nook. This makes the batteries interchangeable, but it also means a single charge wo not last as long when running the reader's light. • Same base hardware as Nook Simple Touch: As with the outer shell and battery, the circuit board is nearly identical to the one on the standard Nook. There's an 800 MHz TI OMAP processor, a 256MB mobile DRAM chip, a 2GB storage chip, a Jorjin Wi-Fi module, and Neonode's . Besides a few extra really small ICs and components, the only big difference, is a connector used for the GlowLight's LEDs. • Lighter, magnesium display mounting plate: Looking at the display assembly, one difference between the GlowLight and standard Nook jumps out immediately. The screens' mounting plates are made from different materials. The standard Nook's screen has what appears to be an aluminum plate. The GlowLight's plate however, is made from a die cast magnesium alloy (AZ91D). The new material may be necessary for the GlowLight system, but it also makes the plate about about half an ounce lighter. • GlowLight contains eight LEDs: According to CNET's David Carnoy, GlowLight uses a form of LED front-lighting, instead of the traditional backlights found on everything from tablets to TVs. Barnes and Noble developed GlowLight in house and has filed for a patent. As my teardown shows, the light from GlowLight comes from eight LEDs mounted just above the actual e-ink display. I really enjoyed dissecting the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. It was a cinch to take apart, has a beautifully simple internal design, and I discovered how Barnes and Noble made it weigh less and light up. Read David Carnoy's CNET review of the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight for more information on the e-reader's performance and his impressions of the integrated light. Our Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight test unit has the following hardware:Where is the cigarette lighter fuseit should be in the fuse boxHow To make skin naturally lighter?well jergens makes toned lotion, so you could try selecting a few shades lighter than ur natural skin tone. in a few weeks ( i think) it shld make u palerHow to make hair naturally lighter.?There is this stuff called Sun in you can find it a walmart and such places. It worksreally well.... If you do not want to do that... Put Lemon Juice in your hair... .It smells good.... AND when the sun hits lightens your hair. 100% Natural. Fast results tooWhy butane exist as a liquid in a lighter ? [closed]You seem to have answered your own question.The pressure inside the lighter container is indeed the vapour pressure of the mixture of n-butane and iso-butane that it contains, at ambient pressure.Here is the pressure-temperature dependence for iso-butane:(Source)The high vapour pressure inside means that when you open the valve, a gaseous mixture of both isomers will come streaming out and some of the liquid mixture will spontaneously evaporate to replace it.Cigarette lighter keeps blowing fuse?Un plug the lighter from the back of the lighter holder in the dash & see if it still bl owes fuse u have a dead short the harness , if it dint replace the lighter assay
My Zippo Lighter Wont Spark?
check the flint, maybe it fell out1. how to get lighter skin?i dont know if any of those things will work. but just try to avoid the sun. or use a lot of sunscreen with a high SPF when you do go in the sun2. will zippo fuel work a kerosene lighter?nooooooo, ordinary zippo fuel is butane with a little propane. these are different than kerosene3. My hair is getting lighter is it dead?Okay well in case your hair isnt naturally straight i wont ever b like tha lol jus as my hair cant be perfectly straight except i comb it down flat after i get outta the shower an put sum hair wax best slightly cuz it might make it greasy an then tie it again an straighten it take lil by way of lil customarily it takes me bout a hour for my hair too seem as straight as i can get it4. Which fuse is for the cigarette lighter?There should be a fuse box on the side of the dash either right or left behind the door. If not there try under the steering column, it should have a diagram which fuse is which. Maybe marker CIG Be sure to try and locate what caused it to pop otherwise you might be wasting more fuses, just disconnect everything from the cig lighter plugs and begin one by one afterwards.5. Can i use non zippo lighter fluid in my zippo lighter?I am using petrol in my zippo and it is working better than earlier when I used premium zippo fluid6. What's the difference between a blue flame lighter and a wind-proof lighter?Blu Lighter7. is this a REAL zippo lighter?You can buy real Zippos many places. Just make shure they are in a zippo box and there will be the zippo logo on the bottom of the lighter with model #'s. Lifetime guarantee is good for me. Hope this helps.8. Firestarting: Magnesium/striker versus lighter or matches?hi,a reliable thrilling relatively is an argument of opinion in spite of if a guy or woman feels it relatively is risk-free to easy your oven with a matchstick.My very own opinion is often be risk-free with any gasoline equipment,get them serviced as quickly as a three hundred and sixty 5 days,for the sake of spending 50 or so in a service you are vastly reducing any risky subject concerns including your gasoline furnish. in spite of if in the journey that your pilot easy is not beginning once you click the electrical powered starter you may desire to get your oven alight,you ought to purchase hand-held ignition starters at an exceedingly realistic fee and that i think of those are greater secure than using a tournament,in spite of if a tournament is okay as a final hotel. I even have used fits interior the previous. Please be risk-free,have an annual gasoline service9. ACDC for car cigarette lighter?You need to buy a DC to AC inverter. Make sure to get one with enough capacity to power your item10. How To Get Lighter Skin?There is a cream with a long long name found somewhere on the computer I know that if you use it though you can not use any other cream on your body because then it will just go back to getting tanner and tanner. God bless all in Jesus name Amen!11. Can lighter menstrual flow be a sign of pregnancy?consume a rainbow of colours have a minimum of one brightly coloured fruit or vegetable in every meal and if proper consume the skins thats wherein youll uncover a powerhouse of antioxidants12. I want to be lighter?you need to learn to be happy with who you are , else you will never be happy as there is nothing to give lasting effects13. is an engraved zippo lighter a good gift for a girlfriend?my old roommate gave me an engraved zippo as a going away gift. It had my name engraved on the front and my favorite quote engraved on the back. I love it, and I use it all the time, of course I smoke, so a lighter only made since.
Do You Have to Use Powder High Lightee on Top of a Cream High Lighter to Set It?
Yes, it's not absolutely necessary, but it will definitely make it look even more highlighted and it will make it last longer. It's just like if you use eyeliner, you can use an eyeshadow of the same color over it with an angeled brush to make it last longer. Or if you wear cream or liquid foundation and you set it with a setting powder. MAC's Soft and Gentle is a great powder highlighter if you can get it. Hope I helped! :)1. I'm looking for some outstanding side dishes for Thanksgiving. Can anyone help?Try a hashbrown casserole.. they are to die for... uses frozen hashbrowns, cream of chicken soup, cheese, and sour cream.. search for recipe.. several variations available2. How do you make truffles?So easy. You just make them by hand (no mold). It's okay if they are a little uneven-looking...they are supposed to look like the real truffles (the mushroom). I have made this recipe and it's easy and yummy: Chocolate Truffles Ingredients Makes about 3 1/2 dozen 8 ounces best-quality bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, finely chopped 1/2 cup heavy cream 1 tablespoon liqueur, such as triple sec or framboise (optional) Unsweetened cocoa powder, for rolling Directions Put chocolate into a large heatproof bowl. Bring cream just to a boil in a small saucepan over medium-high heat; pour over chocolate in bowl. Stir in liqueur, if desired. Cover with plastic wrap; let stand 10 minutes. Stir until smooth. Let stand until thick, about 15 minutes. Pour chocolate mixture into a shallow 8-inch dish or pie plate. Cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until mixture is very cold and set but still pliable, about 30 minutes. Using a teaspoon or a 1/2-inch melon baller, scoop balls of chocolate mixture, transferring them to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper as you work. Refrigerate truffles 10 minutes. Using hands dusted with cocoa powder, dip each truffle in cocoa powder to coat, then quickly shape truffle into a rough round. Refrigerate truffles in an airtight container until ready to serve, up to 2 weeks; before serving, reshape into rounds, and roll each truffle in cocoa powder, if desired.3. I want to make mac and cheese and i have these ingredients.?okay, cook your pasta, when it's done, drain the water, add butter, a little salt, cheese and a little milk or cream. Stir until your cheese is melted, and you are ready to eat! Velveeta works best, but slices will work!4. How to get homemade buttercream frosting less chunky?Buttercream Decorating Icing Recipe Ingredients: 1/2 cup unsalted butter (see note) 1/2 cup solid vegetable shortening (Crisco is best) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/8 teaspoon salt 4 cups confectioners sugar 3 tablespoons cool milk or cream Directions: Cream butter and shortening together with an electric mixer. Add vanilla and salt. Beat in sugar, 1 cup at a time blending well after each addition. Scrape sides of bowl often with a spatula. Add milk and beat at high speed until light and fluffy. Keep icing covered and store in refrigerator until ready to use. To use as a frosting, thin with additional 2 Tbsp milk or cream. NOTE: It is a good idea to chill the icing for a half hour before decorating, especially when making flowers. If you find the icing too thick, you can thin with a little water, just a few drops at a time. If you want a whiter icing, use all Crisco ( 1 cup) instead of the 1/2 cup of butter. This recipe for Buttercream Decorating Icing serves/makes 3 cups Ready in: 5. Hey can you guys gimme the list of the songs on guitar hero 1 plz?Main setlist 1. Opening Licks "I Love Rock & Roll" - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "I Wanna Be Sedated" - The Ramones "Thunder Kiss '65" - White Zombie "Smoke on the Water" - Deep Purple "Infected" - Bad Religion 2. Axe-Grinders "Iron Man" - Black Sabbath "More Than a Feeling" - Boston "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" - Judas Priest "Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand "Sharp Dressed Man" - ZZ Top 3. Thrash And Burn "Killer Queen" - Queen "Hey You" - The Exies "Stellar" - Incubus "Heart Full of Black" - Burning Brides "Symphony of Destruction" - Megadeth 4. Return of the Shred "Ziggy Stardust" - David Bowie "Fat Lip" - Sum 41 "Cochise" - Audioslave "Take It Off" - The Donnas "Unsung" - Helmet 5. Fret-Burners "Spanish Castle Magic" - Jimi Hendrix "Higher Ground" - Red Hot Chili Peppers "No One Knows" - Queens of the Stone Age "Ace Of Spades" - Motrhead "Crossroads" - Cream 6. Face-Melters "Godzilla" - Blue yster Cult "Texas Flood" - Stevie Ray Vaughan "Frankenstein" - The Edgar Winter Group "Cowboys from Hell" - Pantera "Bark at the Moon" - Ozzy Osbourne [edit] Bonus tracks "Fire It Up" - Black Label Society "Cheat on the Church" - Graveyard BBQ (Winner of the "Be a Guitar Hero" Contest) "Caveman Rejoice" - The Bags "Eureka, I've Found Love" - The Upper Crust "All of This" - Shaimus "Behind The Mask" - Anarchy Club "The Breaking Wheel" - Artillery (Now known as Breaking Wheel) "Callout" - The Acro-brats "Decontrol" - Drist "Even Rats" - The Slip "Farewell Myth" - Made in Mexico "Fly on the Wall" - Din "Get Ready 2 Rokk" - Freezepop "Guitar Hero" - Monkey Steals The Peach "Hey" - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives "Sail Your Ship By" - Count Zero "Story of My Love" - The Model Sons Unused Songs These can only be unlocked through the use of a PlayStation 2 cheat device, such as GameShark, CodeBreaker or Action Replay. "Trippolette" is also known as "Adv Harmony" by Andrew Buch. . "Graveyard Shift", which is performed by Windtunnel Syndrome. : )
Why Do Lighter Colours Absorb Less Heat Energy Than Darker Colours?
Because it is not true. Color is a property limited to a one octave spectral band between 400nm and 800nm wavelength. The total absorption of an object depends on wavelengths in the far infrared all the way to far ultra-violet. Something might look lighter in the optical but might absorb much stronger in the IR and the UV than a dark looking object. In that case your assertion will not be correct1. What Are Examples Of Heat Energy?sun,oven,heater and fire2. why do some reactions release heat energy?In physics and chemistry heat is energy transferred from one body to another by thermal interaction. Heat is energy. During some reactions, energy is produced. For example, the reaction in the mitochondria of our cells (which includes many steps that I wo not go through right now), produces water and energy. This energy is used by our bodies to live. Our bodies remain 98.6 degrees because we are constantly producing energy which is then transferred around our body, making our bodies warmer3. How does our body convert heat energy to kinetic energy through muscles?Our body does not convert heat energy to kinetic energy. Rather, the heat generated by our bodies is a by-product. The chemical energy in our food is converted to chemical energy in other forms, primarily the compound adenosine triphosphate. The adenosine triphosphate molecules are then used to power various cellular processes, including muscle contractions. In the process, each molecule of adenosine triphosphate is broken down into adenosine diphosphate, which is later regenerated to adenosine triphosphate again when more food is processed.A lot of heat is also released during this process. As warm-blooded animals, we rely on this heat to keep our body temperature in its normal range.How does our body convert heat energy to kinetic energy through muscles?how does our body convert heat energy to kinetic energy through muscles?4. Is it possible to convert all of a given amont of heat energy into mechanical energy?In the "real world," there is no system that is 100% efficient. The mechanical energy will be somewhat less than the heat energy, lost most likely to friction5. Feasibility of Thermoelectric MetabolismIntelligence comes from competition with conspecifics.Thermoelectric metabolism is OK. I envision something on a hot stone with cool water washing over it. It harnesses the transfer of heat energy thru its body. I bet there exist microbes like this in the deep earth where such niches are commonplace. They would not be culturable but their existence would have to be deduced by DNA sampling - evern then we would know they were different but might not know how they earned their livings. Re big creatures: I could imagine a colonial mat which conducted this kind of metabolism, or a giant single cell like an algae with roots on the heat and fronds (here radiators) in the cool. But smart creatures are hard to imagine for this lifesty;e. These things are basically plants. Once they find a good spot that will be a good spot for a long time. Plants do not need to be intelligent because the adult plants are not going to move. If your creatures are going to move then intelligence might help. You do not need intelligence to move (amoebas move) but if your perception of time is on the same scale as your predators / competitors, intelligence might help figure out where to go. Maybe these creatures need to move from place to place to capitalize on shortlived sources of heat (or shortlived sources of cold). If they can figure out where to move next that might be a reason for intelligence. Once you are moving to someplace good, you are trying to get there before your neighbor. I think that you should have intelligence evolve thru conspecific competition. That is why humans are intelligent - because we are descended from humans who outsmarted other humans, got all the good stuff, and had more babies. Your creatures get energy in a lazy way but they need to scrounge up whatever their bodies are made of which is not electricity. They need nutrients. Maybe they go looking for that and for mates. Maybe intelligence is attractive in a sex partner. That search and competition is where intelligence gave the ancestral organisms an advantage
Zippo Help, Right Lighter Fluid?
any brand of fluid will work,it doesnt have to be Zippo1. zippo lighter not a good flame?Make sure its in the middle of the base away from the flint more or less and you might need to "fray" it a little bit before I mean I've had mine for around 3 weeks and i accidentally frayed my wick a little bit and now the flame is almost over and inch and a half2. is the concealer supposed to be lighter then foundation?yes because its mean to cover dark spots or under circles then you cover it up with foundation so it evens out3. Which colour is lighter? Poreclain or Ivory?I've tried both and the L'Oreal Infallible is wayy paler. Its quite a full coverage by the way. Ivory is usually for people with warmer undertone ( orange/yellowy skinned people) and porcelain is usually for cooler undertoned people (bluey/pinky skinned people) although, L'Oreal Infallible is fairly neutral. Bourjois makes great foundation for pale people! Hope I helped!4. Is there a way for me to become a lighter sleeper?Sure, this is an easy one! Follow these simple, and FREE steps to become a light sleeper. Step One: Find a member of the opposite sex. Note that they must be a member of the OPPOSITE sex. Sexuality does not affect this choice when following the instructions for FREE sleep response increase. Step Two: If you and the member of the opposite sex you have chosen get along, skip to step three. Otherwise, pick another member of the opposite sex. Step Three: Have sex. A whole lot of sex, without birth control. After a couple months of nightly sex, you should be ready to move to step four. Step Four: Follow any and all medical professional's instructions regarding neonatal care, as by this point one member of your pair should be pregnant. If neither member of your team is pregnant, return to step three. Step Five: Give birth. The new member of your team will awaken powerful and mostly uncontrollable urges in you and your partner to protect it. Do not worry, this is normal. For the first few months, this "baby" should itself be a pretty light sleeper. He or she will enable you to sleep lighter via a combination of "built in" tendencies in people to watch over their young, and frequent and helpful audio cues, usually at an impressive volume! Step Six: Enjoy your light sleeping, and remember to practice it for the next thirteen years. It will come in handy when dealing with the "teenage" form of your new team member.5. charcoal lighter fluid for a bike chain?yeah don;t get it on your hands citrus degreaser is less poison you could put it in a bottle, take chain off, slosh around, move to new bottle, more fluid, more sloshing chain cleaning kind of doesn;t pay if you double the life of the thing, you clean it lets say 10 times, half an hour each, 5 hours work, to save $15? how much is that an hour? wle6. Is there something wrong with my zippo lighter?The fuel is light and slowly evaporates even when your Zippo is closed7. Can I take a lighter onboard a plane?No, not in checked luggage, not in carry on luggage either. If you do not mention that you have one in check in luggage you might get away with it, but officially it is not allowed.8. How to get a lighter hair naturally?Sun In is a spray that lightens your hair without dying it. Spray your hair and then sit out in the sun for awhile. You can search it and read the reviews I'f you would like. My friend used it and her hair was noticeably lighter in couple days!9. How to make my PowerPoint background lighter?A dark background with light fonts, technically, is easier on the eyes. However, a light background with dark fonts generally looks more professional10. how to make your lipstick look lighter?Mix it with foundation :)11. What lighter would you recommend?Atreyu From First to Last A Day to Remember A Static Lullaby The Devil Wears Prada Escape the Fate System Of A Down is kind of screamo. Matchbook Romance. AFI. Brand New. Bullet For My Valentine. Alexisonfire the chariot job for a cowboy mortal treason(the most underrated screamo band ever) as blood runs black norma jean august burns red cannibal corpse lamb of god Bring Me The Horizon bullet for my valentine linkin park madina lake my chemical romance slipknot mayday parade yellowcard the academy is tickle me pink 3oH!3 Sorry if i repeated. There not all screamo nessasarily but there good.
If You "dye" Your Hair Lighter, Isnt It Really Just Bleaching It?
They could have used a high lift tint, which does not actually contain bleach but requires a high level of peroxide to break down melanin in the hair, resulting in a lighter color. High lift tints (the ones I work with anyway) typically contain a double 40 volume peroxide, which lightens the hair, but results in a minimal amount of deposit. In all actuality though, a high-lift tint can be just as damaging as bleach, which normally would require a lower level of peroxide to achieve similar results. However, high lift tints often deliver a more natural color, which may be why the stylist opted to use it1. If albinism is lack of melanin pigments, what happens if there are too much melanin?it must be that there pores and skin tone must be in step with melanin by using fact the human physique is while people have small quantities of melanin we tend to have blue eyes like myself as an occasion yet once you have greater melanin you have a tendency to get brown eyes this additionally applies to pores and skin shade besides2. Is there a way to increase the amount of melanin in the skin to minimize the chances of getting a sun burn?This is actually an excellent question. Tanning slowly (short exposures) gradually builds your natural pigment and a tan is protective from sunburn. Tanning no matter how slow actually exposes you to cancer causing ultraviolet light rays so you're not doing yourself a favor with this strategy. Tanning beds have been proven to be addictive and cancer causing. There are hormones that can increase pigment (melasma) but most women do not enjoy the cosmetic result. The use of hormones would never be FDA approved since melanoma (dangerous skin cancer) arises from those melanin producing cells (melanocytes) so stimulating melanoma is a real theoretical possibility that nobody would dare try.I hope that helped.Is there a way to increase the amount of melanin in the skin to minimize the chances of getting a sun burn?.3. Can being out in the sun help build up my melanin and prevent me from getting premature gray hair?Can being out in the sun help build up my melanin and prevent me from getting premature gray hair? That would not prevent you from getting grey hair. For one thing sun exposure does not increase the number of melanin producing cells (called melanocytes). Genetics, too, can contribute to premature greying. . .. Kei says that premature greying due to vitamin B12 deficiency - or pernicious anaemia - is reversible if you increase your intake of the vitamin. Go to my Profile and you can find all about Gray Hair material there4. Does Nick Cannon actually think melanin is a magical pigmentation that gives dark people compassion and makes them better than white people?I do not what if anything Nick Cannon thinks. He's more like an ACTUAL cannon that is mostly empty inside but likes to shoot off his explosive mouth. I think losing Mariah sent him over the edge. His headgear may be wrapped too tight.5. which is batter Indian gooseberry juice or its dried pieces boiled in coconut oil for increasing melanin?Melanin is a type of pigment produced by your skin that gives it color. The darker your skin, the more melanin that is present. If you have a skin condition that causes you to be losing skin color or you simply are tired of being pale, you may want to know how to increase melanin production. As you learn more about your skin and melanin, you may find many different methods people have tried. Although spending time in the sun is one way to help your body increase its production of melanin, it also is one of the more dangerous ways. Change your diet. Certain foods help your body boost melanin production. Fish, eggs, and apricots are among the foods to start integrating into your diet if you want your body to produce more melanin. Coffee and chocolate also can boost melanin, but you may want to increase your intake of each of these on a more moderate level. Take B vitamins. Look for B-complex vitamins at your local health food store or drugstore. Only take the recommended amounts or ask your doctor about the levels you should take in order to boost melanin production. Take L-tyrosine supplements. L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that can help boost melanin levels. As with B vitamins, ask your doctor about dosage levels for you. Try Gingko biloba supplements. Among its other uses, Gingko biloba can help with melanin levels. Take the dosage recommended by your doctor. Talk to your dermatologist about topical treatments or creams that may be able to help you. Your dermatologist is uniquely qualified to teach you how to increase melanin production since his specialty is skin care and conditions. Your dermatologist may recommend over-the-counter treatments, such as corticosteroid creams, or he may prescribe pharmaceutical treatments. Some of these treatments can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and therefore more open to burning, so be sure to talk with him about protecting your skin during treatment.
Does a Lighter Colored Leather Ottoman Go with a Darker Leather Sofa?
Sounds good together. You know what would set it off, is making your walls in a faux suede illusions paint the same color as your ottoman. Then accenting your walls in The dark worn brass look. Maybe even curtains the same as your couch. Have fun.1. Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband who is a beginner artist?Awwwww!!! Congratulations! Well, traditionally, the third anniversay is supposed to include leather. Maybe get him a new leather wallet, jacket, or other leather item related to something he's into. Also, keep in mind that leather can be engraved. Maybe get him a leather wallet with a meaningful inscription2. The best western belts for men - 2019A belt chosen properly can add a subtle detail and dimension to your look. Belts are an amazing accessory to showcase your individual taste, personal preference. Below are the best western belts for men. This belt is made from genuine leather with a stunning embossed pattern on. It allows interchangeable buckle and all you have to do is snap out to change it. This belt comes in four different sizes to choose: Small (30-32), Medium (33-35), Large (36-38) and Extra Large (40-42) and available in two colors: black and brown. The snap is sturdy, strong. The beautiful embossed scroll work will add a wow factor to your western-style outfit. The buckle is changeable, so you can replace it with any of your favorite ones. However, this belt is not so durable and may not be a good choice for petite people since it is longer than expected and not have enough holes. This is the perfect choice for people who just wants an average belt and is easy-going in picking belts. This is the perfect belt for a cowboy look. It is made of genuine leather, overlaid with a tooled design and featured with a cowboy prayer conchos. The length varies from 30 to 46 inches. The belt itself is well manufactured with sturdy, thick leather. People who love authentic western belts will just fall in love with this. The conchos are what made this belt looks special. The buckle is also removable, allow you to replace with the buckle of your choice. The only minus point is the inaccurate size. It is smaller than expected. Therefore, remember to order somewhat 2 inches over your actual waist size. This belt is also made from genuine leather. It comes with snaps for changing buckles, which is convenient. It presents in four color options: black, dark brown, brown and white. There are five sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large and is promised to fit 80% as expected. In addition, five holes at the tip end allow this belt to fit you comfortably. The design is amazing with a classic vintage distressed look. The edge is stitched for extra strength and looks nice without any stray threads. The leather feels good. However, it is bonded with glue, not a whole piece of leather. The snaps are also not sturdy. The belt itself is not durable at all. Overall, this is just an average belt that suitable for people who love the vintage look. This is made from 100% leather, which is really nice. The belt has a unique design featured a colorful fabric-inlay that looks great with any pairs of jeans. The size varies from 32 to 44 inches. This belt is really sturdy, well manufactured. The design is versatile and unique. The fabric-inlay really adds something special to this belt. It also will add a stunning finishing touch to any outfit. However, it is hard to fasten because of the stiffness. Overall, this is a great option for people who want a unique belt that can go well with any outfit. This belt is also made from real leather with no bonded scraps or glue. It was embossed with a stunning western style leaf pattern. The belt also came with snaps for changing buckles that are stiff and sturdy. Sizes vary from 32 to 46 inches. There are two colors available: brown, gray-black. The biggest plus point is the design. From the pattern to the color, the belt give this gorgeous antique look that can liven up any outfit. However, the quality is not really good. The belt does not seem to be well manufactured. Instead of having stitches along the border to secure and keep the belt from splintering, this has none. Because of that, its durability is not really long. Overall, this belt goes well with people who care more about the look that the quality. This amazing belt is made from authentic cowhide leather. It is embossed with real leather hand-woven into an X pattern and scorpion design. There are snaps for the interchanging buckles. Sizes vary from 32 to 46 inches. There are three colors available: brown, tan and black. The most eye-catching part is the beautiful hand work design of the belt. With this unique design, you can dress up any casual or western-style outfit. The leather itself is thick, strong and sturdy. The quality is above average, better than what you would expect. However, it is not really durable. The lacing pattern will unravel after a period of time. Overall, this belt is a great choice if you just want an average belt with a unique design. This is also a 100% made from real leather. The belt does not provide snaps for the interchanging buckle. However, it features a stunning antique snap-off buckle with two-horse logo design. Sizes vary from 30 to 44 inches. Only one color is available. This belt is well made with high-quality leather that is strong and sturdy. The buckle is the most attractive feature of this belt. Its durability is also pretty impressive. The only problem is the buckle is not really sturdy and keeps coming off. Overall, this is a nice belt that you would want to have it in your wardrobe. This is an unusual option since it is made with nylon rather than leather. However, the Pueblo pattern looks gorgeous and gives a frontier heritage vibe to any outfit. The polycarbonate locking cam buckle is sturdy, strong and suitable for any outdoor activities. There is only one size that fits to size 42. This is a great belt for air travel. Well, we all know that moment when you have to take your belt off in front of lots of people to pass that security checkpoint. With this belt, no longer have you suffer that situation anymore. The belt is lightweight but holds securely. There is only one small issue that the belt is a bit thinner than usual, it would be perfect if it was wider. At a whole, this is an amazing belt that suitable for almost everyone. You wo not be regret buying this. This is just a basic, simple leather belt that goes well with a casual look. The size varied from 34 to 44 inches. It is recommended that you should order one size up from your pants size. This belt is absolutely well manufactured with thick leather, even stitches along the border to prevent splintering. The buckle is nice and sturdy. This is a staple piece in the wardrobe that every man should have. However, the leather is a wee bit stiff. It will probably soften up over time. Overall, this belt is perfect, an amazing choice for someone who loves simplicity. This is another amazing option for a western-style belt. The belt is made 100% from genuine leather with real leather hand-woven into an X pattern. The buckle is made in a set with three matching engraved pieces and removable. Sizes varied from 32 to 46 inches. There are two colors available: Black and brown. The design included star conchos and embossed western pattern that enhances the cowboy look. The quality is amazing. It is not hard to say that this belt is definitely well made with no cheap coated metal. This belt totally looks nice with boots. In conclusion, this belt has high quality, stunning design and absolutely fit the cowboy theme. Do not hesitate to grab one. Made with beautiful genuine leather, this belt certainly pleased any picky customer. The design featured a faithful recreation of the Walking Liberty half-dollar along with embossed western-style patterns that can liven up any outfit. Real leather is also braided into an X pattern. This gives the belt a stunning touch. The interchange buckle function is also added. The belt came with different size from 32 to 48 inches and available in two colors: black and brown. If you are looking for a stunning western belt, this one is definitely for you. The quality is just awesome. This belt is definitely well made with high-quality leather, sturdy snaps and careful bar-tack stitching along the border. The leather feels nice and lasts a lifetime. Not mention that the recreation of the Walking Liberty half-dollar is totally not cheap coated metal. There are no problems that you can find about this belt. Overall, this is a stunning belt with wonderful design and craftsmanship; a must-have for any men out there. A belt made with quality America tanned leather is absolutely a great option for you. This belt is embossed with classy basket weave using durable bridle leather. The inches buckle is shiny, sturdy and just look astounding. The size varied from 32 to 60 inches, which is amazing. The stitching along the border is carefully sewn. The quality of the leather is impressive. This is surely a high-quality belt on the market. Nevertheless, you can wear this belt on casual occasion or at work. The durability is also amazing. Due to the high quality of leather, this belt can last for ages. You cannot find any issues while using this belt. Everything is just right. At a whole, this is an excellent belt that any men would like to have in their wardrobe. Those are some options of the best western belt for men. Choosing a nice belt is not easy, hopefully, with this review, you can pick for yourself a perfect western belt. In conclusion, take your time and you may find something that is not just affordable but also attractive and high quality.3. define what a vegetarian is and what a vegan is?Vegetarians do not eat that which results from the slaughter of an animal. This includes red meat, poultry, seafood, gelatin, lard and rennet. Vegans do not consume meat or animal products, (like eggs and dairy) and avoid purchasing products made from animals, (like leather and wool) and products which have been tested on animals. (Like anything made by Procter and Gamble)
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