Is It Safe to Go to an Water Park and Get on the Small Slides When You Are Only 7 Wks Pregnant?

Most things I have read on amusement parks (I went to one around 6 weeks so read up on it beforehand) say not to risk it - so I didnt, I just watched with a big ice cream!

1. how do i clean 35mm slides that are a little dusty but only a few years old?

hfrnakmann is right. In an emergency you can re wash your slides and for this you will need a bowl of warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid to break the surface tension of the water. They can be washed with a ball of cotton wool, dried using a wrung out ball of cotton wool, and then force dried with a hairdryer - obviously this is much easier if you have strips of negs instead of slides. If you use Jet Air be very careful to keep the can upright or you could wreck your images!

2. Should we put the references in slides/poster when we already have them in paper?

One important consideration is whether any of the people who wrote the references are in the audience. It can not hurt to mention them because academics like to have their egos tickled. Of course, this does not apply for posters.

3. Do they make toddler swings/slides for indoor play?

I believe they are made by liltte tykes and step 2. They are a bit expensive, look on craigslist or freecycle etc

4. Generate powerpoint slides automatically

You can give this extension for Impress a try, it is very easy to install and use, just follow these instructions. It takes a whole folder of pictures and automatically creates a slide show out of them, Works nicely for me. The pictures on each slide are centred as you wish but most photos vary in their aspect ratios so tall photos are fit by height and wide ones fit by width.You can then save as Powerpoint, here is a little tip; before saving your slide as Powerpoint, break the links to the photos in Impress by clicking the edit menu item then click links, select all the links and then press the break link button, save the slideshow and then save as Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP (. ppt) this will have the photos embedded in the Powerpoint slide, even though the file size will be large depending on the amount and size of your photos the slide show will be more portable.While this does not automatically create the Powerpoint slide show, it could be a time saver as it does automatically create the Impress slide show which is easy to save as Powerpoint.

5. Who prepares slides of and examines cells for adonormalities?

The science of specimen collection and examination is generally called pathology (blood tests, urine exams, stool exams etc.) but the specific science dealing with cell studies is called cytology. Study of cells gives information about cancer and other problems.

6. How do I skip slides in Beamer?

With the beameraudience package you can create different versions of the presentation based on keywords of your choice:

7. Course development: can I pay someone to make slides for the course?

Theoretically you can, but practically I doubt you will find someone qualified who is willing to do it for a reasonable price. Designing a course is hard work and pretty individualized. Look at how many different ways there are to teach the same course. Everyone does it differently and I hate teaching to someone else's syllabus and cannot image using someone else's unaltered slides.As for acknowledging the author, you probably need to let your department know that you have outsourced this aspect of your job. You will need to make sure that the material is appropriately licensed so that you and the department can use it as needed. As for telling students, I believe there is a fair amount of leeway regarding the reuse of material. Specifically, for many courses, you are not presenting "original ideas" so it is not plagiarism in my opinion. That said, when possible, redirecting students to the original source can be helpful.

8. Why do I have a Clicking sound/scan line during PC gaming cinematics?

"experiencing an odd clicking noise distorting the audio playback" - Is the noise coming from the hard drive? If so, the hard drive is failing. " a line of distorted pixels that kind of slides up and down the display" - Have you updated the drivers for your GTX465? If you have, then I would return the video card (faulty). "Could any of it be a result of the fact that I use a 26" LCD TV as my computer monitor instead of a traditional computer monitor?" - Nope!

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What Is Digital Pathology? Benefits, Future Trends & More
Digital pathology incorporates the acquisition, management, sharing and interpretation of pathology information - including slides and data - in a digital environment. Digital slides are created when glass slides are captured with a scanning device, to provide a high-resolution digital image that can be viewed on a computer screen or mobile device.1. Stuck slides on French Horn. Can't empty out trigger 3 water.?Until you get the crook fixed do this: Hold the horn and imagine where the water is in that struck crook. Push the valve down and turn the horn in a way the water will run through the valve out into the main horn, let the valve close, and then just turn the horn until the water comes out. You might do the turns normal or you might do it so the water goes out the bell (yech). This is going to be a pain, so get that stuck crook pulled2. Can you go on water slides while pregnant?i wouldnt.. it could cause trama to your baby if you get the water to quickly. i would stick to the lazy river, wave pool and any ride that you get in a tube and float on.. just nothing with heavy impact with the water or a long drop! just take it easy!.3. Alot of GIRLS in my town are wearing black NIKE AIRJORDAN slides with black socks, What bout in ur town?Thats cute iseen girls mostly do that with vans or chucks but tell her you like her swag (;4. who is scared of the tall slides at the waterpark?no wat scares me is roller-coasters i cant stand those big drops n circles5. How do you print several slides on a single page on a PDF file? It doesn't allow me to do that like PowerpointPrinting charges for Adobe .pdf files will depend on how the file was created by its author. Basically, what you see (in the Preview pane) is what you get: If the file was saved with several pages on one page, the page will print that way. However, if only one page appears in the Preview pane, then only one page will be printed at a time. This situation will cause you to pay more for printing these files in a site. Money- and Paper-Saving Tip: Print .pdf files on your printer in your dorm room. For example, if a .pdf file was saved with only one page that appears in the Preview pane (as shown in graphic below), then you will be charged for one page of printing. If you click the Properties button (located to the right of the name of the printer), although you can change the number of pages printed per page, you will be charged for the number of pages you selected to print on the one sheet. For example, you can click Properties and then click the Pages Per Sheet drop-down arrow (as shown in the graphic below). However, even though you change the properties to print 2 pages per sheet (for example), you will still be charged for 2 pages of printing rather than one. This situation is a function of the way the .pdf file is saved and not the printing charges process. Microsoft Word * If you use Microsoft Word, you can print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper without reformatting your document. This feature is a great way to print draft output. You can print up to 16 pages per sheet (see the sample dialog box below). However, printing 16 pages/sheet is only best for graphics (text would be too small). If you just want to view the layout of the document, use the Print Preview function. * You can also change the default margin settings so you use less paper to print your document. To change the margin settings, follow these steps: 1. From the File menu, click Page Setup. 2. Click the Margins tab (if necessary). 3. Change the value of the margins to a value smaller than those set as the default. For example, set all margins to .5 (1/2) inch or less, as shown in the following graphic: 4. Click OK. Microsoft Excel How about using the Fit to Page feature in Microsoft Excel? This feature automatically re-scales output to print evenly on one or several pages. If you have a spreadsheet that's 10 columns wide, but when you used Print Preview to view the page, you see that nine columns will be printed on one page and one column on the next page. Sounds like a reformatting nightmare, but there is a simple solution: Just use the Fit to Page feature. 1. From the File Menu, select Page Setup, then under the Scaling area, click the radio button to the left of Fit to. You can force the document to print out on a single page or multiple pages in a specific width or length. 2. Excel takes care of all the scaling for you. You can then use the Print Preview feature to make sure the document prints on just one page. You may also want to change the paper orientation (portrait vs. landscape) for spreadsheets that are wide to get more columns on a page. Microsoft PowerPoint In PowerPoint, print Handouts not Slides. Text in PowerPoint is generally large, so if you print using the Slides option, it will print one slide per page. If you need to make overheads, that is the way to go, but otherwise, the best way is to print Handouts. 1. From the File menu, select Print. You should see a screen similar to the following: 2. In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, under the Print what drop down menu, click Handouts. The default number of pages is 6. 3. Click OK. Your printout should look similar to the following--with 6 diagrams on one piece of paper. (See the example below.) If you need more detail for a given slide, such as an important graphic, you can print that particular page individually. If a lecture has 60 slides, printing in this manner will save 83% of the amount of paper to print it using Slides, and it will print 6 times faster! Better yet, printing it in duplex would save 92% of the paper of used to print it.
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