Is It Possible to Make Night Vision Goggles with a Normal Infrared Goggle Set and IR LED Lights?

You might want to buy IR floodlights

1. how do i change the led lights on my xbox 360 controller?

This link should help you out it helped me :)

2. Does LED lights have any effect on fish tank plants?

You do not have enough lights for your plants so do not buy anymore plants. Wait and see how the plants doing first before buying any more

3. How to set up interior LED lights in a car?

It is really easy. You could actually run them off of your cigarette lighter if you wanted. You cig lighter can typically handle up to 10A and a typical 5 meter roll will be from a few amps to about 5 (depending on the specific reel). If you do use that as your power source, just know that you will blow the fuse easier for the cig. adapter if you use it a lot because you will be using some of it's maximum allowed current. As far as ease of installation, I would use this and then if you want to change it later you can. For actually hooking it up, just add the 12v wire to the on the strip and the ground to the - on the strip. It is a very easy installation once you find your power/ground wires. Let me know if you have any questions.

4. How many LED lights are shining in your home right now?

More then I could guess. Because after the standard Christmas Color Lights: 1) Then they are changed with Red & White for Valentine's Day, 2) Green & White For St. Patrick's Day. 3) Multicolor's for Easter. 4) Red, White & Blue for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Labor Day. 5) Orange & White for Halloween. 6) Back to Christmas. And that does NOT include all of the electronic devices, remotes, computers, phones, Dvr's, TV's, Microwave's, Blah Blah, Blah. I FEED the electric company. You should see how fast my Electric Meter goes around.

5. Turning off auto adjusting back light on LG TV?

Yes i have seen this before thats why i bought a plasma tv. You need to go into your tvs menu and see if you have automatic back lighting option if you do turn it off.I do not know what model your tv is but if its a new tv using led lights then there's not a way to turn it off as thats part of the technology.

6. are regular (non-grow) led lights ok for orchids?

The wilting is a natural thingy. Although orchid bloom can last a long time, it will eventually finish. The extra light probably wo not hurt - but it wo not help much. Your plant needs natural sunlight or plantlights. Try to find a spot that gets some sun during the day. For more information on how to grow orchids, see source.

7. Desperate to get rid of ingrown hairs, desperate.?

Step 1 Get a mirror maybe 10x power magnified with led lights helps. Step 2 Pull the hairs loose from the skin as it may have grown into the skin some. Do not pull the hair all the way out if it is rooted. Step 3 Squeeze the puss from the site. Wipe With a clean dry cloth. Step 4 May burn a little. Apple Cider Vinegar apply with a wet paper towel and let air dry Should clear up in a few days Treat with the Apple cider Vinegar before and after the shaving.

8. 5 Nail Salon Safety Tips for Manicures & Pedicures | Cedars-Sinai

Thanks to recent legislation, nail salons in California that follow sanitary practices and reduce their chemical toxicity will soon be able to receive a Healthy Nail Salon certification. "Having a rating system will help you when you want to indulge in a manicure and make sure all the best practices are being followed," says Dr. Joyce Fox, a Cedars-Sinai dermatologist. Here's what to look for before you book your next mani-pedi One of the most important steps you should take before visiting a nail salon is to check if the manicurist is licensed. In California, the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology requires nail technicians to undergo specific training to ensure they care for your nails safely. The license is not just to prove they are skilled at applying a multitude of styles; it includes being able to identify if a client has a fungal infection, and how to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses to other clients. A licensed technician will also know how to treat a hangnail, and when to refuse service for your health. Are the tools clean and sanitized? Take a peek into a salon you plan to visit to see how the technicians handle their tools and work areas. The cuticle cutters and clippers should be sanitized in pouches, and any area that touches the skin-this includes table tops, arm rests, and foot-soaking tubs-should be sanitized between clients. At some salons, you can even bring your own nail tools. Not every salon is OK with this practice, so be sure to ask. Ah, the fun part-picking the color! Whether your go-to is a nude or a fierce red, the distinct smell when you enter a nail salon is from the chemical components used by beauty brands to keep polish long-lasting and shiny. There are a few toxic chemicals in some polishes to avoid. These compounds can lead to hormone disorders, as well as damage to the nail bed. Look for at least "3-free" polishes-those that have discontinued the use of the "toxic trio" of harmful chemicals: The break is better for your nails and your skin. Routine exposure to UV lights, even for a small duration of time, carries a small increase in skin cancer risk. Ask if your salon is using LED lights that dry nails quickly with limited exposure to UV radiation. Also, add a sunscreen to your hands before going under the light. Make sure your nails are healthy

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