Is It Okay to Use Dishwashing Detergent to Clean My Cats Food and Water Bowl?

Yes it is fine, I even put my animal dishes in the dish washer. The heat from rinse kills germs and they are plenty clean.

1. My cat keeps tipping over his water bowl?

Some cats do not like the chlorine in tap water, try rain water, a bit excessive I know, but it may work

2. Why is my bearded dragon in the water bowl so much? HELP!?

he is wishing he were dead

3. my yorkie wont eat ou the food bowl, but will drink out of the water bowl, he likes his food spread on floor?

Buy the dog their own special little plate. Its much better than eating germs off a walked on floor,YUCK!

4. Why does my cat *pick up* her water bowl and tip it onto its side?

Buy a bowl that she can not tip over. My cat use to do this. I leave two bowls around the house of water and I would come home and there would be water everywhere!!!! He use to play in the water then tip it over. He finally grew out of it!

5. I left a cat water bowl out without changing the water now have little black things swimming in it?

Clean it up immediately. Clean it thoroughly, too. Then, I would let your cat inside and give him fresh water

6. Should my pet rat have a water bowl, or a bottle on the side of it's cage?

Water bottles. Rats pee and poop in the bowls and they get dirty quicker. Use bottles

7. Why did my cat start tipping her water bowl?

my cat does it also, i use a heavy bowl that wont tip over but she still splashes some out, i put food and water bowl on an old tray to keep some of the mess off the floor

8. why do cats carry their water bowl in their mouth?

Maybe they are thirsty

9. Cat keeps dumping out her water bowl?

Get a weighted water dish that's impossible to tip. She may be doing this to annoy you ;)

10. What should I do to stop my cat from tipping over her water bowl?

Superglue the bowl to the floor?

11. How often do ball pythons soke in their water bowl?

It's actually a good thing that your ball is not soaking in the water. They usually soak when there is something wrong. Top 2 reasons are not high enough humidity and parasites. They soak to make up for loss of humidity and to ease the irritation of crawling parasites. If your temp is right, having a large bowl aids in adding humidity to the tank. If your ball is not soaking, it tells me that your humidity is high enough and you are parasite free. Be Happy about this! Good Luck! I hope this is what you were looking for!

12. My bunny's peeing in her water bowl?

go to petsmart or petco and get a water bottle

13. Why does my cat keep tipping over his water bowl?

Cat is a retard and will die in a fire

14. My cat, a 5-month old kitten, keeps putting his paws in the water bowl and splashing it out!! What can I do?

Kitty is playful and BORED! Play with her gently with feather toy or yarn. Water is a new playtoy/fascination which will pass. A larger bowl may help. Put bowl on a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet which should lay over a garbage bag or a waterproof pad under it (even a large chux pad will keep the water off the floor needing protection. A treat ball may also help.

15. How do i stop my dog from spilling her water bowl, every day!?

Put her in the crate and have someone come over and take her out and play with her. the pup shouldnt be alone for long periods of time. I really hope you are not leaving her outside all day in tha heat.

16. My dog is scared of his water bowl - how do I help him?

well first off if hes gonna overcome his fear close you bathroom door make sure he dont drink from the toilet so he will HAVE to drink from the bowl get sme treats stand by the bowl tell him to sit point at the bowl and wait until he takes a drink or just put a treat on the rim of th bowl and show him that he has to use the bowl GOOD LUCK

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