Is It Hot Water Or Cold Water That Makes Some Fabrics Shrink in the Wash?

Well wool is one thing you never want to put in water at all. So if it is wool I would not put that in water unless you want to take the risk of it getting warped. It is possible to get it back to its original shape, but that is very hard to do and it requires more water. As for cotton I would say that would be the worst to put in hot water. Cold water will shrink it, but not nearly as much as hot water. The reason for this is because cotton is natural, and is not as strong as polyester. With a polyester/cotton blend you could expect nothing major to happen in any water. As for just polyester it would not do anything either way. There are a lot of materials out there and I can not talk about them all, but these 3 materials are the main ones used in clothing in modern times.

1. Should I drink filtered water?

With all the different types of water out there and all the hype that goes with each, it can be very easy to get confused about which types of water are really best for your health. And, if you find yourself struggling with the environmental concerns of bottled water versus the dangerous chemicals in tap water

2. Moving a betta fish from cold water to heated water?

well put him in a bag with water....and set him in the water (the 5 gallon tank) for 15 or more minute then your good to go

3. Guide to Maintaining Your Water Heater: What to Do and When

Performing water heater maintenance is often an overlooked task. Like many household appliances, your water heater sits in a corner quietly doing it's job. In fact, once it's installed and set to the desired temperature, it's about as close to maintenance-free as you can get. The average service life of a traditional water heater is 8 to 12 years. Performing several basic maintenance tasks will help your heater maintain it's efficiency and reach old age. You should always check your owners manual for specific details on your unit as manufacturer guidelines may vary. A tank-style water heater requires regular maintenance to perform at it's best and to help maximize it's service life. It's a good practice to inspect your water heater every couple of months. Although, this may not seem like a water heater maintenance task, you will be familiar with the changes that take place and be able to quickly respond to issues before they develop into a problem. Check for Leaks - Check the pipes leading to and from the unit, specifically the pipe joints. Do not forget to check the tank itself for traditional water heaters. Check Plumbing Joints - Look for corrosion that forms at the plumbing joints. Sometimes you will see excessive amounts and other times it may just look unusual. But if you see corrosion, there's a good chance that you have, at bare minimum, the beginning of a leak. - On gas fueled water heaters there will be a gas line attached to the unit. The gas line is usually yellow and made from flexible hose. Check the condition of the hose as well as the couplings. If you smell rotten eggs, you likely have a natural gas leak. Surrounding Area - Gas fueled water heaters should never have flammable materials stored near the area of combustion. It's a best practice to keep the area surrounding your water heater free from junk and storage. We recommend 3 feet. - A Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve is a required safety valve for traditional water heaters. Follow the guidelines on how to check the valve to ensure that it opens and closes properly. Use caution, the water discharged will be very hot. Listen for Unusual Sounds - Open a faucet nearby and listen for anything unusual. You may hear a hammer sound when you turn off the water, or a crackling or popping. Some sounds are harmless, but others may be an indication that your water heater needs attention. Flush Your Tank - Flushing your water heater will remove the sediment that builds up inside the tank. Drain several gallons of water through the drain valve to remove sediment. We will cover this in detail below. Some areas are prone to more sediment than others. Installing a pre-filter can help trap the sediment before it enters the tank. Sediment filters are the best way to keep your tankless hot water heater unit healthy. An important part of heater maintenance is flushing your water heater tank. Most manufacturers recommend performing this task every 6 to 12 months, and if you live in an area with hard water, you will want to do it sooner rather than later. Flushing your water heater simply involves draining several gallons of water from the bottom of the tank. This will draw off sediment that accumulates over time. Sediment build-up reduces the water heater's efficiency as well as shortens its service life. Depending on how much sediment your tank has accumulated, and if you have any repairs that need to take place, you may need to drain the entire tank. How to Replace an Anode Rod Making sure that you have a healthy anode rod is a critical part of heater maintenance. Corrosion is a major problem with water heaters, and the anode rod is designed to protect your tank from its harmful effects. An anode rod is also called a sacrificial rod. It is a solid pipe that is long and narrow. The rod is installed on the top of the tank and suspended within, and it is commonly made from aluminum, magnesium, or zinc. Sometimes, the rod is made from a combination of these metals. Aluminum, magnesium and zinc are all very susceptible to corrosion. In fact, they are more susceptible than steel. The anode rod's purpose is to allow the corrosion to eat it away, leaving the steel tank alone. Thus, extending the life expectancy of your water heater. Overtime corrosion will destroy the anode rod to a point where it has been completely "eaten" away. When this happens the rod is no longer able to protect your water heater, leaving your tank defenseless to the harmful effects of corrosion. The life expectancy of an anode rod varies depending on the hardness and temperature of the water, but as a general rule, you can expect 4 to 6 years of useful life. We recommend checking your anode rod when your water heater is 3 years old and then every year after. This task is an often overlooked component of regular maintenance, however, it plays a huge role in the health and life of your tank.

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