Is It Hard to Be an Atheist in Today's Society?

Is it hard to be an atheist in todays society? Well yes and no.Yes, because there are still some places in the world where being an atheist carries the death penalty. But so long as you avoid those places (mostly miserable places anyway) you are fine.

Also yes because when you read about the latest pedophile priest to be caught raping some children, and you realise that those churches pay no tax despite often milking their followers of lots of money, and the fact that these weirdos have quite an undue level of influence over politics you tend to get a bit angry or upset.And yes because when you hear some god-bothering nutter claim that we dont need to do anything about climate change because their god will fix it, you again get cross because thats so stupid.But then again no. No because, so long as you keep out of the way or militant Jesus freaks, weirdy-beardy fundamentalists, and other loons, you get to appreciate the world for what it is, get to value your own transient life as the only one youll get, and you can wonder at the amazingness of the naturally occurring universe in all its glory. Also you get to keep all of your weekends

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What causes greed? How does someone become greedy?

Greed is an ego driven manifestation based on fear which can be a very destructive emotion. Even the Bible cautions that the love of money is the root of evil. Its not that money itself is evil but an overwhelming desire of it is. People often tend to measure their own self worth by the objects they possess; psychologists refer to this as object referral. Greed for money at its highest level can be an object of worship; kind of a false god if you will. It is the result of a corrupted or erroneous value system and perhaps the fear you will never have enough. Narcissists may believe they are more entitled to it than others and justify unethical behavior in pursuit of it. This demonstrates both a lack of empathy and compassion towards others. Greedy people do not realize the universe is abundant and when we align ourselves in a proper value system and treat others fairly, abundance will flow naturally. Karmic law is in play here but you may have heard it described many ways: You reap what you sow, What goes around comes around, The Golden Rule, etc. So in summary, to get what you want, help others get what they want. It works for everything including money. If you want money, give money (i.e. tithe, be charitable, etc); if you want forgiveness, be forgiving; if you want love, give love.


Lore-wise, where do the Primaris Marines stand compared to the Custodes and Grey Knights? They are supposed to be taller and stronger than the "regular" Space Marines, but how much did they narrow the gap to troops already superior to regular SMs?

Custodes arent Space Marines at all - its literally apples and oranges. (A Custodes is a better warrior than a space marine, but a worse soldier). Nothing about the Primaris upgrades alters this - The Custodes is still stronger, and much, much, MUCH faster, but they are still indiviualistic. If anything, the lack of proper training for the Primaris (they rely on hypoindoctrination, until GW retcons that like they keep doing with the Primaris in general, or declares Cawls Informed Ability has done something else) makes the gap in training more direct - the Primaris are even MORE likely to function as a mass of troops.Grey Knights are largely distinguished by being psychic. (I fully expect to see GW replace the Grey Knights with Lore Breaking Mary-Sue Created Nonsenes as soon as they redo the Grey Knights, btw.

) As such, they are eclipsed by the Replacement Marines physically just as much as the others are, but until GW decides that it makes perfect sense for the Grey Knights to use heretical heretek to upgrade themselves into the new plot forms, they will have the edge psychically.Neither Custodes nor Grey knights are superior marines. The Custodes arent marines at all, and the Grey Knights are specialists.

(Also, as you may note, I think the Primaris, as presented, are AWFUL for the lore, especially given how much they are shrinking the universe to pile achievements on Cawly Sue)


What can we learn about success from the animal kingdom?

I once interacted with animals in ignorance, believing I was loving and wise. Then Sossy found a python.I was lying in bed, enjoying that cosy, twilight state, when a thought floated througha snake has come into the house. I thought I was mad, rolled over and went to sleep.

In the morning, Sossy was crouched and tensed on the end of the bed. Forgetting my nighttime thought, I crawled across the bed to reassure him all was fine.I sat on the floor at the end of the bed and carried out a Buddhist practice for an hour before plodding to the kitchen for breakfast. But, Sossy, clearly, was still agitated. Being the know-all human, I took him to the bedroom to demonstrate there was nothing there.I pulled back curtains and lifted blankets, then looked under the bedin line with where my head rests on the pillow was a python, curled and with its head raised, starring back at me.From that day on, I sought to learn from my cats. They taught me;to remain soft, when the world seemed hardto be presentto connect without languageto hear when there is no voice,and they demonstrated just how palpable and immense love is.To me, this is success!Apologies, Sean, if I have gone off-pisteit is what came to mind!


Why did the men who killed Jon Snow leave him in the snow?

In addition to the obvious meta/dramatic reasons - by leaving his body in the snow, the producers were able to release trailer footage of the first shot of season 6, with the long zoom on Jon Snow's bleeding corpse - I think there's one other important angle. The mutineers wanted to send a message to any of the Lord Commander's sympathizers in the Night's Watch, which is why they left his body in the snow under a crude sign.Keep in mind that the mutineers don't believe the tales of the White Walkers' impending invasion! They don't trust the wildlings, so they murdered the man who tried to offer safe harbor to people they view as savages.

So there was no need for them to burn his body - they didn't think he'd turn into a wight anyway! And it seemed fairly clear that the murder was carried out not too long before the meeting where Ser Alliser Thorne announced what they'd done - so it doesn't appear that Snow's body was out there all night. No doubt they'd have gotten around to burying him later - I'm not sure they'd burn the body like they did with Maester Aemon, since they weren't exactly trying to honor him!But Ser Davos intervened. Yes, yes, the plot needed Ser Davos to come across the body and bring him indoors, but it's less implausible than it seems for Thorne and the others to have left him bleeding out under their makeshift sign.


Who was a better general during WWII between Bernard Montgomery, Georgy Zhukov, Dwight Eisenhower, and Erich von Manstein? Why?

Who was a better general during WWII between Bernard Montgomery, Georgy Zhukov, Dwight Eisenhower, and Erich Manstein? Why?Bernard Montgomery: Commanded troops on the front line in WW1 & 2 Very careful with his mens lives, as, in common with many British Generals, the army he had was the only one available.Georgy Zhukov: Worked his way up from the ranks of the Czars army in WW1 Innovative use of tanks. Accused of being wasteful with his soldiers lives. Allowed excessive brutality to the defeated Germany.Dwight Eisenhower: Never commanded troops in the field. Excellent organiser and supervisor at staff level. Great politician as a general.

Erich Manstein: Served on the Eastern and Western fronts in WW1. Clever tactician. Tried to run the war properly, which got him sacked by Hitler.So, what do you want? If you are an infantryman who wants to get the job done, and make it home. You need Monty.

If you need to see the most efficient and organised use of forces, Eisenhower.If you need to see the enemy smashed so hard, theyll never try it again Zhukov.If you want to run a campaign intelligently by organised, career officers and not by a drug addled psychopath, youll be needing a Manstein.

In my humble opinion, in a reasonably short answer anyway


Are there unknown tribes in Africa, like in South America?

South America doesn't have unknown tribes. Or rather, it might, but we would not, ipso facto, be able to say one way or another. What it has are usually called uncontacted tribes. That's not entirely accurate either, since most of them have been contacted at least fleetingly by people from the outside world and have made clear that they want nothing to do with it, so they're left alone.To the best of my knowledge, Africa has none of these. Such people need places where they can hide, basically, and minimize contact. South America has the Amazon rain forest, where some of these peoples still survive, as well as the political will to leave them alone. The Indian ocean has the Andaman islands, where a couple of isolated tribes are still left alone. And there's talk of uncontacted tribes in New Guinea. But the rest of the world, including Africa, doesn't have that. There used to be some in Southeast Asia into the second half of the 20th century, but to the best of my knowledge they've all been contacted and attempts made to integrate them into larger-scale society. It's not impossible that there are people living furtively somewhere in the forests of Central Africa, but it's unlikely.


What is the easiest way to get followers on Quora?

How can I have followers on Quora?Now people might think I am acting smart for saying some of this:Being a woman on quora (an attractive DP) helps - a lot of men simply follow a womans profile who has an attractive profile. Yup, I have seen that. (Sort of waiting for an oportunity to chat her up and gradually make friends).NOW THIS PART IS COMMON TO BOTH MALEs and FEMALEs - write interesting stuff that people relate toOn quora people like silly stuff - steal some Psychology says stuff from google and pass it off as your ownSteal some Did you knows from google and pass it off as your ownSteal some Positive thinking (stealing not really required) stuffWrite some sob story and how you came out on topIf your target audience is Indian try this also - example if the question is what language do two Biharis speak in :Start by writing about the solar system,then write about earththen write about Asiathen write about Indiathen write about Biharall with a lot of textand in the last line of your answer say they speak in HindiIndians like wordy text - they dont like straight answers.

and people have biases.

Example if Indians hate the British, bad mouth the British,AND YOU ARE DONE.Remember people are fools but dont tell them that. Tell them they are geniuses

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How Can I Wire Flashing LED Lights into a Car?
you can hook a low voltage l.e.d. into the speaker wire to get a pulse effect with the bass.. they dont draw much power at all1. CAN REGULAR LED LIGHTS GROW WEED.?yes but not that well2. TEST YOUR CHEMISTRY KNOWLEDGE! What is...?Ha Ha. "Lighten up". I get it. AlGaAs is used in LED lights, which are far more efficient and consume less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs.3. How To Choose The Best LED Vanity Mirror In 2021Makeup application is serious business. In the age of makeup YouTubers and tutorials, there are more techniques and products available than ever to suit your style and complexion. However, one often overlooked part of applying makeup is the lighting. You can have all the expensive cosmetics in the world, but without the best LED vanity mirror to show your face in detail during application you could be making mistakes and not even noticing. Let's see how to choose the best one as well as four different LED vanity mirrors we found for you. If you are in a rush, take a quick glance at the products we will talk about here and which one we consider the best. If it is your first time purchasing a vanity mirror with LED lighting, you may not know exactly what to look for, and which features make a suitable mirror. There are a few important criteria to consider to ensure you make the right choice. Which size you opt for will depend on a few factors including whether you plan to transport your mirror around (there are some small portable LED vanity mirrors if so). The space in which you are installing your mirror is likely to dictate the size of mirror. If you have a large vanity table you may wish to install a large desktop mirror, or if you have a space reserved in your bedroom or bathroom a big, wall-mounted vanity mirror can look impressive as well as being functional. You might think that LED lights are LED lights, but actually there are some subtle and nuanced differences to help you to make your decision. Something I definitely recommend as a feature of LED vanity mirrors is dimmers. Some of these lights will just let you switch them on or off, with no extra controls. The advantage of a dimmer is that the light can be set to your preference and the environment, plus altered according to the natural light available. If you are applying makeup in broad daylight, recommends using natural light as much as possible, with a warm, bright light such as LED lighting to compliment this as required. LED lighting tends to be quite an economical way to light up a space, but ensuring you purchase an energy efficient LED vanity mirror can save you a lot of money in the long haul. report a 50% increase in the efficiency of this technology since 2012. This saving is especially evident if your mirror is not just for personal use but for business use. These products are popular among makeup artists and fashion professionals and in these scenarios they can be on all day, the difference made can be huge.. LED vanity mirrors are extremely useful, but that does not mean they can not look great. LED mirrors can provide some brilliant ambient lighting and an impressive statement piece in either bedroom, dressing room or bathroom. They add a real touch of class and can fit either modern or classic designs. even reports that subtle, ambient lighting can help give a glamorous look to a bathroom. One controversial topic, and decision to be made, is whether to purchase the LED mirror with lights built in, or whether to purchase a separate LED lighting kit. Though this article is focusing mainly on mirrors with lights included, it is definitely worth mentioning the lighting kits. If you already have a vanity mirror which is fixed to a wall or hard to remove, it might be worth considering a lighting kit to add the LED lights on to an existing mirror. If you are purchasing a new mirror, there is really no benefit to one of these bolt-on light kits. It is extra hassle that can be avoided just by buying a great LED vanity mirror. With plenty of lights available, and other forms of lamp made specifically for makeup and illuminating faces, what are the benefits of LED? The color temperature and tint does not give a biased view of your face or provide a tint that might give you a warped view of the makeup you have applied and your coloring. Tungsten or 'yellow' lights may give you a less accurate view. Energy efficiency. As already alluded to, LED lighting is one of the most energy efficient sources of light and will save energy due to their intelligent design. They are long lasting. LED lights rarely need replacing meaning less maintenance and annoying upkeep. Heat. LED lights do not tend to overheat, as many bulbs can. This avoids any risk of burns, especially useful if you are using your vanity mirror in a public space or somewhere children are. Let's take a look at, probably, the best products on the market. Here's the comparison table of the best LED vanity mirrors from our point of view. Below the table, you can find the detailed description of each product. The Chende vanity mirror is an elegant tabletop design of vanity mirror. It is available in multiple designs, one of which is bound to suit your space. Though advertised as a tabletop mirror, it also has the option of being wall mounted should you wish. Available with or without inbuilt makeup drawer. None Dimmable lights to adjust to your preference. None Available in black, white and frameless designs. None Available in round or rectangular designs. None This mirror has been put through would rop tests' to check the quality and durability. None Metal hooks included at the back for wall mounting if this is preferred. None Has a power outlet included for straighteners, hair dryers or other appliances. Power outlet can draw power from the bulbs. None The control knob for the dimmer is not the sturdiest and you need to be delicate with it. This is another type of LED vanity mirror built with bathroom design in mind. The LEDs come in the form of a 40mm stripe around the outer edge of the mirror. The bulbs within are designed to have an incredible 50,000 hour lifespan. The intelligent and modern design is backed up by the 'touch' function, allowing you to turn it on in the center at the bottom with a touch sensitive command, much like an iPhone. None Touch controls for a modern look and feel. None Available in two different sizes, King and Queen, to suit the space you have available. None Comes with everything you need to affix to the wall. A relatively simple process. The lights could be brighter and need to be twinned with an ambient room light. None The 'nightlight' illuminating the touch controls has no option to be turned off. If you are looking for an impressive look for your bathroom as well as a functional and flexible mirror, this could be the answer for you. The LED lights are in the form of a strip all around the outside of the rectangle. Though this does not have to be used in a bathroom, it is certainly designed with this use in mind. Available in four different sizes, 2028, 3628, 5528 and 5536. None Moisture proof stripe around the outside so no issues with bathroom moisture will arise Has to be wall mounted with no option for free standing. None No dimmer setting for choosing your light level. None Can be confusing to mount and install if you are not overly DIY savvy. The second Chende LED vanity mirror we've mentioned in our list. This Chende mirror is similar in many ways to its smaller sibling. The 'Hollywood' design clearly looks like it would fit perfectly in a film set dressing room. The gorgeous looks of the exposed bulbs make this a popular choice for those who are going for a less modern look. Dimmable lights which are easy to adjust. None Available in black, white or frameless designs. None Metal hooks included to allow for wall mounting. Power outlet can take power away from the bulbs and cause dimming. None The control knob for the dimmer is not the sturdiest. None Occasional reports of flaws and chips from the shipping process, always a risk with large, delicate items. What Is The Best LED Vanity Mirror? In terms of which LED mirror I recommend, Chende definitely stand out as the best brand, with the smaller, 'portrait' shaped design implemented in being my recommendation out of these. It gives a great blend of quality, looks and value for money, and is big enough for most uses. It can be placed on top of a vanity dresser or similar, or it can be wall mounted. One of the few models to offer this choice. Both Chende models are great, but we recommend the portrait model for not just great looks and features, but value for money. Different users are looking for different things from their mirror. If you are looking for something a little different such as a bathroom vanity mirror or a portable mirror, rest assured that there are options worth looking at.
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