Is It a Good Thing to Stand Up for Others?

Yes I do stand up for others. Re: goody-two-shoes, sticks and stones. Do not hang around for the argument, walk away with the kid being picked on.

1. How fast do Kidney Stones form?

I too am 30 wks pregnant and passed my very first kidney stone a couple of weeks ago. Thought I was going to die. My Dr. told me that there is a high probability that I will get another one. He told me that I need to drink lots of water, and to put a squeeze of lemon in my water to acidify it. The acid will break down the stones. And he told me to make sure I pee a lot and to do pelvic rocks. I do not know how fast they form but maybe if you try the lemon in your water it will help you too

2. The Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones?

beatles for everything bonus q: revolver bonus2: john lennon

3. Kidney stones or normal back pain?

i would get it checked. sounds like stones. i have had 7

4. Should I attempt to help my wife down from the ceiling?

dude what are you doing? why is she not in the kitchen? My advice? ...throw stones at her she will fall eventuallly!

5. What types of stones are pyramides made from?

The Pyramids in Egypt were usually made from blocks of Limestone, Sandstone and Granite... Since granite is the hardest to cut, that was usually reserved for tomb covers... Limestone & Sandstone can be easily chiseled to make hieroglyphic messages...

6. Free fall of stones

The correct answer should be A, regardless of the mass of the stones (I am obviously neglecting effects such as air resistance). This is because at the moment the stones are released, their velocity relative to earth is the same as the velocity of the cabin (because they are at rest relative to the cabin). Thus, having the same velocity and acceleration (-g), the stones will exactly follow the cabin's motion and stay at rest relative to it. The only case I can think of where A may not be true is when the cabin's height is so ridiculously big that the change in g between its top and bottom needs to be taken into account. Maybe you should look into that

7. Rolling Stones or Beatles........?

None of them. I would fry the rolling stones instead, I love The Beatles

8. Ugh..male dog wont stop peeing...?

Have the canine examined by using your vet for a urinary tract an infection. Request a cystocentesis be performed because it produces the cleanest urine pattern. If no UTI, request an extremely-sound of the bladder, urethra and kidneys to seek for stones and abnormalities. as quickly as that's set there is not something bodily incorrect setting up a canine door. this would enable the canine to flow into and go out the homestead without stressful the pals. toughen homestead training as would be performed with a puppy. The canine remains in a crate or on a protracted leash linked to you while it wo not be able to be watched. This prevents injuries in the homestead. proceed this till she is reliably employing the canine door. additionally, Google constructive reinforcement homestead training.

9. How can spinach be good for you when...?

The important point in your question is that not all the iron and calcium is inhibited. In some foods 50% of iron and calcium is inhibited, in some 90%, and in other 95%. Oxalates could be viewed in a different light. It could be viewed as natures way of preventing the absorption and storage of too much iron and calcium. Most foods, if not all, have some amount of calcium and iron in them. These minerals, when absorbed if not utilized immediately, is stored for future use. As you read the following, imagine already having a storage of iron and calcium and still adding more and more each day. Excessive Absorption Of Iron Haemochromatosis is characterized by excessive absorption of dietary iron resulting in a pathological increase in total body iron stores. Excess iron accumulates in tissues and organs disrupts their normal function. The most susceptible organs include the liver, adrenal glands, the heart and the pancreas; patients can present with cirrhosis, adrenal insufficiency, heart failure or diabetes. Excessive Absorption Of Calcium Hypercalcaemia is an elevated calcium level in the blood. Increased intestinal calcium absorption, or decreased renal calcium excretion are two factors that causes this condition. Hypercalcemia can result in fatigue, depression, confusion, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, constipation, pancreatitis or increased urination "Bones, stones, groans, and psychiatric overtones" is a saying which will help you remember the signs and symptoms of hypercalcemia; if it is chronic it can result in urinary calculi (renal stones or bladder stones). Abnormal heart rhythms can result. Severe hypercalcemia is considered a medical emergency: at these levels, coma and cardiac arrest can result. Just imagine there was nothing to inhibit the absorption of these minerals and you were all loaded with them. Would you have loved that? It is thus advised that we eat balanced diet of natural foods which will supply us with all the nutrients needed in proper balance. There are nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium and other nutrients which helps with the absorption of minerals such as iron and calcium, while there are chemicals such as oxalate that ensures that we do not absorb too much.

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A Boat Is Floating in Large Water Tank Is Carrying a Large Number of Stones. If the Stones Are Unloa
I think this will cause reduction in water level because stones are more denser than water when they are in boat the water has higher level at that point due to weight of stones along with the boat. When stones will be unloaded than the level will be reduced. But the level difference is minor, not to much, I think.1. Does radiant heat take the warm water from the hot water tank?No, radiant heat has its own system of circulating hot water. You may need to turn the hot water setting higher2. Electric Hot water tank only getting lukewarm?Forget the details, stick to the basics. 1. The burner works great and heats the water, but downstairs rads. not working. 2. Electric bill high heating water. 3. You do not want to buy oil. The most sensible thing, seems to me, is get a central heating engineer to sort out the problems with the radiators AND the electric heating. If the water heats from the burner, then why use electricity ? You have worked hard and got some way to fixing things, well done !3. Hot Water Tank Owners - do you Maintain your Tank Annually or is it Not Required?I've owned rentals and many homes, I maintain mine annually. I drain them and let the sediment that accumulates in the bottom out of the tank. I truly believe it helps them last longer and I am less likely to have to replace elements or do other repairs.4. Reverse Osmosis system: plenty of water in tank, not coming out!?If all the valves for the system are open, I would guess it is time for a filter change. The filters are slowing the flow, so after you get the initial surge of water, the filters are not allowing water in at a rate that is fast enough to get a good flow5. I can't keep my hot water tank lit any Ideas?You probably have a bad thermocouple. Natural gas pressures and delivery are usually very dependable But just to be sure call your local provider and see if they are experiencing any problems in your area. Take the heaters model number and serial number and call a local hardware store or appliance store for a replacement. It is a simple job and usually the people selling them will have some guidance for you. Hope this helps.6. What metal is most suitable for a ladder submerged in an underground water tank?To add a bit to the question from Pavel in the comments of Ecnerwals answer:Stainless steel structures in swimming pools are known to be prone to SCC. The use of standard austenitic stainless steels like 304 and 316 is forbidden in this application. The best steels to use for this purpose are the high nickel austenitic steels such as the 6% Mo grades. However, in some cases, duplex steels such as 2205 (1.4462) and the superduplex grades can be considered.Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a form of corrosion which occurs with a particular combination of factors: Tensile stress Corrosive environment Sufficiently high temperature Normally 50 deg C but can occur at lower temperatures around 25 deg C in specific environments, notably swimming pools. Unfortunately, the standard austenitic steels like 304 (1.4301) and 316 (1.4401) are the most susceptible to SCCsource Sure, swimming pools contain chlorine and usually have a higher temperature and stuff, but better safe than sorry. Since OP asked for the most suitable steel, I would like to suggest 1.4462 Duplex stainless steel. It is non-corrosive steel with excellent properties.Properties:Application:7. What Nice Pretty Fishes Can I Put In My 30 Gallon Salt Water Tank?Be careful with adding too many damsel fish. They are territorial and will fight to the death. Maybe two different species will not fight. Remember that fish will NOT grow bigger if they feel limited by the size of the aquarium. The copperband butterfly has a nose/mouth that is suited for eating coral polyps. You may find him a picky eater. The damsel fish will quickly beat him to the sinking food bits every time. Tangs are "grazing" vegetation eaters. I think you should consider the eating habits of each fish, otherwise you will have to supply 4 kinds of food types. A Clown Trigger, from the Pacific I think? is a very expensive fish. If you are a beginner... keep your fish budget down until you have a year or two experience. A salt water tank AINT EASY.
Which Will Be the Most Listened to 100 Years From now: Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Or Le
I would have to go with The Beatles primarily because of Paul McCartneys wide range of collaborations. In his post-Beatles career, he has recorded stuff with Kanye West, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Elvis Costello, Dave Gilmour, and Carl Perkins, just to name a few.Paul McCartney is associated with the biggest-selling in key music categories, both directly and vicariously. He was a member of The Beatles, the biggest-selling group of all time, and he also had the US #2 duet with Michael Jackson with the song The Girl Is Mine , which was from MJs Thriller, which is by far the biggest-selling album of all time.McCartney has written a symphony and, when he was with Wings, wrote and recorded Live and Let Die, which, if I am not mistaken, is still the highest-selling single from any of the James Bond movie soundtracks. Also with Wings, he wrote and recorded Mull of Kintyre, which was the first single to sell over 2 million copies in Great Britain.In essence, there have been and will continue to be younger fans who will have a very high probability of being exposed to something contributed by Paul McCartney, even if it is quite removed from material done by the beloved Fab 4. If they like his stuff, they will ask, Just how did this McCartney guy get started? And when they find out, some will go from liking to absolutely loving his entire catalogue! In Russia, his album Choba B CCCP comes to mind.Also, thanks to Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, Google, and other forms of apps or social media present and whatever will come to be in many decades to come, listeners of The Beatles will delve deeper into other acts, some now very famous worldwide, such as Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, and Elton John, and those whose fame was more regionally contained, such as Cilla Black, Billy J. Kramer, and The Swinging Blue Jeans.All in all, as one artist is more frequently exposed and listened to, all the others will follow. In the words of Hot Chocolate: Every 1s a Winner.EDIT: There is an added note. If Planet Earth gets destroyed and the Voyager I craft is still around, there is only one rock song that will still remain: Chuck Berrys Johnny B. Goode..• Related QuestionsWhat killed Hillary Clinton's campaign?One word: deplorables.Its much more complex, but one cannot in most circumstances have utter contempt for a third of the American electorate, display it, and have a good chance at the Presidency.Ms. Clinton showed an amazing lack of self-control and appropriate guile, in being unable to prevent herself from expressing this contempt via such an explicit, derogatory term. It appeared that she just couldnt stop herself, from expressing her disdain and lack of concern about so much of the electorate, in such a base, crude, unsophisticated manner.And then having said it, she backed down and covered up, instead of standing by the statement. Thats kind of like insulting someone behind their back, and then smiling and glad-handing them to their face.All else aside and it seems Jared Kushner may have run a heck of a data-driven, hard-fought operation that identified where to put pressure to deliver (and suppress) votes no single act on HRCs part, did more to bring out voters against her.Self-defeating liberal idealism, the pathetic tendency to act as if the world operated as the ideally just place liberal idealists think it should be, probably played the next largest role. Much of the DNC and Democratic Party assumed people were fundamentally good (in the way the DNC defines good) and would naturally vote according to their (the DNCs) (liberal) values.The reality is that the liberal, Democratic Party definition of human goodness, justice and right is mostly just ideology and slogan. Taking it too seriously, much less presuming that people outside the flock will vote based on values they not only dont share, but often are simply unaware of, is and was pure folly.Whereas the Trump campaign played a dirty game of hardball, segmented messages and got out the vote, going low when necessary, violating standing rules, using base rhetoric and persuasion to change minds (and spread its propaganda) etc., in order to win. And it did.The DNC and the left have barely begun to absorb the lessons: Hillary Rodham Clinton was a terrible candidate, offensive to many Americans, lacking many of the basic leadership and human characteristics necessary to the Presidency, representing no shared values with a great portion of the electorate. She was unqualified, despite all her achievements. She was a terrible communicator.And being intellectually right, in the sense of a Harvard Law policy seminar, just doesnt matter to the mob known as the electorate. The game isnt played by those rules.And thus, HRC enabled a similarly ludicrous candidate on the right, to assume the Presidency.History appears first as farce, then as tragedy, doesnt it?------Did the ancient Romans have the same embarrassment about showing their private parts that modern western people do?It depended very much on whether you were male or female and what sort of context you were being seen naked in. Roman men generally did not have much shame about the nude male body. They were a bit more squeamish about it than the Greeks, who were notoriously liberal about male public nudity, but, overall, they did not really see the nude male body as anything embarrassing.The Romans adopted the Greek custom of nude athletic competitions and made many copies of Greek paintings and sculptures depicting nude men. One example of such a sculpture is the Farnese Hercules (shown below), a famous third-century AD Roman marble copy of a bronze original by the fourth-century BC Greek sculptor Lysippos of Sikyon. The Greek writer Ploutarchos of Chaironeia (lived c. 46 AD - 120 AD) also records the unusual custom of Roman youths running naked through the streets during the festival of Lupercalia on February 15.In some cases, though, male nudity was definitely not acceptable. The Roman historian Cassius Dio (lived c. 155 - c. 235) records in his History of Rome that two naked men accidentally encountered Livia Drusilla (lived 58 BC - 29 AD), the wife of the Emperor Augustus, and were sentenced to be put to death, because she had seen their genitals. Livia herself, however, intervened and had the men released without punishment because "to decent women, men in such a state are just like statues."The Romans had drastically different attitudes towards female nudity. Like male nudity, female nudity was acceptable in art, due to the influence of Greek depictions of nude women. This is perhaps best exemplified by the first-century AD Roman fresco below from the Casa di Venus in Pompeii, depicting the goddess Venus rising naked from the sea on a scallop shell. This painting, interestingly, is believed to possibly be a copy of an original by the fourth-century BC Greek painter Apelles of Kos.Despite the presence of female nudity in art, however, it was very much taboo for a real, flesh-and-blood woman to be seen nude in public. We do not have any records, as far as I am aware, of Roman women running naked through the streets during any particular festivals. If any of them had tried running naked through the streets, it probably would have ended in some form of severe punishment.------Who is better: Messi or Ronaldo?Lionel Messi is better than Ronaldo.Lets compare skill level (both are really skilled, but one has to be better than the other):Physical: Ronaldo is much faster at running than Messi. He also has a very good physical health. Messi is definitely slower than Ronaldo, has less stamina (you can see he starts to get tired around the 60th minute mark), and is not physically as fit as Ronaldo. Ronaldo also has a very good jump height, leading to a better header than Messi.Shooting: Ronaldo has a more powerful shot than Messi. However, Messi has better finishing than Ronaldo. Also, Messi has very good shot placement. And most of all, Messi is way superior to Ronaldo, or anyone in the history of soccer, in free kicks.Dribbling: Of course, we all know Messi is most famous for his incredible runs. Ronaldo has very good dribbling, but Messi, due to his shorter height, is able to make swift, smooth turns. He can also run with full control over the ball at top speeds, a feat that is difficult for most players.Passing: Messi has a much better vision of the field than Ronaldo. Ronaldo is more of a solo player, and at times, carries the game alone. He does not make smart passes or plays, and looks to score himself. In other terms, he is a solo player. Messi on the other hand, plays very selflessly. He makes very smart passes, and sets up many incredible opportunities for his team.Defense: This one is not too important, since both Messi and Ronaldo are forwards. However, Messi has much better defending than Ronaldo, and makes smooth, clean, and decisive tackles.Ronaldo has very good technique, as seen by his dribbling and shooting. He is a man made entirely of hard work. No other player has such good technique as Ronaldo. However, Messi, along with Neymar, is very talented at his dribbling and shooting. In the long run, those who are not talented but work hard will always be inferior to those who are talented and work hard.In my eyes, Ronaldo is better than Messi, since he has much better technique than Messi, and has worked really hard compared to Messi.However, no one can deny that Messi is better than Ronaldo, due to his talent mixed with his hard work
Were the Members of Led Zeppelin Better Musicians Than Members of the Stones and the Beatles?
First of all...don't believe what some "director of sales" say about this matter, believe those that make a living from music.Secondly...every chief member of all three bands mentioned is a fantastic musician, especially in the context of being BAND musicians. Most could have led their own bands (maybe not Bonham), and not necessarily by playing the instrument they are chiefly associated with.By that I mean that there are thousands of guys out there that may be considered technically BETTER. More versatile, accomplished, whatever metric you want to use.What separates the guys in these legendary bands is either luck, being able to play instinctively well with the main songwriters, their own creativity during the songwriting process, and/or songwriting capabilities of their own. You could throw all that under the umbrella of "collaborative" and be almost as accurate.Whereas the only guys in these bands that could've made nearly as comfortable a living as session players, highly sought after hired guns for other peoples music, would be Page, Watts, JPJ, Wyman, and maybe McCartney, if he wasn't focused on songwriting and maybe, maaaybe Plant, though session vocalist are rarer and are usually back-up singers and I don't think he would've gone for that.The rest probably could've worked at some level, formed their own bands even, but never would've become known industry wide.As to the best?When Watts joined the Stones he was already 10 X the drummer Bonham ever was, don't kid yourself. Bonham hit the skins harder than anybody, even Moon (who, along with Ginger Baker are the best rock drummers IMHO), but he was limited rhythmically, and benefited a lot from Page's studio craftsmanship. Zep fans are hard headed and can't see the forest for the trees on this matter so stay away from arguments about this.Vocals is a wash, they all had their strong points. Plant (along with Daltry) was gifted by god, The Beatles harmonies were fantastic, and Mick is the greatest rock and roll star ever, unique singer and as good a lyricist as Lennon. So, it's up to you.John Entwistle is a better bassist than anyone in all three bands, easily. Bill Wyman is every bit as good a bass player as Paul McCartney despite popularity contests. He couldn't write a song to save his life, but you do realize that the Stones had the best rhythm section ever right? That's not opinion, it's a fact. However, here, I'd give JOHN Paul Jones the slim nod.Page is the best rock guitarist ever, even better than Pete Townsend, though they're very different. He is better than Clapton and yes, better than Hendrix. Jimmy could do it all, especially what he did from a production/engineering view. From there, it's not that great a leap back to Keith, but it IS a leap. Harrison couldn't do half of what Keith did, and was only somewhat inspiring live, and wasn't nearly as vital to his band. Lennon was a lot better than he gets credit for, but still...Ron Wood, Mick Taylor, Kenny Jones....also great players.Were the members of Led Zep better musicians than members of the Stones and the Beatles?• Other QuestionsWhat singular aspect of England led to the British Empire?Now many theories have emerged upon how England managed to procure an empire that literally stretched all the way around the world and many of these seem quite eager to demonize England, in one way or another, such as pointing out every act of cruelty and barbarity of England and totally ignoring the prevailing and often much more widely practiced barbarity of others. But to me there is one overriding fact that helped to procure an Empire for England and that can be described in one little word, "honesty."Two movies were made about the Zulu War. I liked the first the best, though this one did not highlight my point and points to the honor of the Zulu as much or more than to their defeat during this little battle, as the Zulu did not even loose, but, having forced the British to fight to a horrendous degree, the Zulu simply chose to allow them to live by withdrawing while singing their praises! So it is Zulu Dawn that actually highlights my point, though the movie barely shows this and never even mentions the details of what they do show. You see, as the battle reached a point of utter hopelessness, the British commander retreats to his tent to begin to frantically write something, but what he wrote is left a total mystery within the movie. But what he wrote was vital, not only to my point but to the following battle, never portrayed in films, in which the British are victorious. For the British commander did write a brief farewell letter to his wife. But much more importantly he wrote the document on which the entire movie is based! He lists every error of his command, being brutally frank about the weakness of the march there, the folly of splitting the British forces, the folly of rationing out too little ammunition to the men during war and on and on.In some nations it is considered a terrible insult to dare to tell anyone that they are wrong, about anything. In such a nation if you ask for directions, by asking if that road leads to your destination they will tell you it does, even if they know it does not, for instead of insulting you, they will let you go way out of your way and perhaps be even more lost than you were before. On the other hand, they dare not insult themselves either, by admitting that they do not know anything. So if you ask the local of a certain town and they do not know where it is, they will say they do know and point down a road, with quite often the same consequences.Most of the nations that England fought, had no real concept of truth. If they lost a battle they would magnify the odds against them or otherwise make up false excuses and never tell the story correctly, thus causing those who followed after to commit the same errors and also loose. On the other hand, if they won the battle they would all too often magnify the factor of their own courage so that the one who followed them too often ended up dead with no victory to show for it.You see, England was honest, and because they were honest, they seldom made the same mistake twice, while if they won, then they knew, from the beginning of the next battle exactly what to do in order to win again------What led to the Japanese defeat during the Imjin War (1592-1598)?This is going to sting both Chinese and Korean people's pride, but I think the sole reason why Japan "lost" the Imjin War was because of (not Yi Sunshin) Tokugawa Ieyasu.Before I go any further, let me state to the Koreans that I have HUGE admiration for Admiral Yi Sunshin (in fact, I think he is the greatest admiral to have ever existed). The fact that he could take 12 ships and a demoralized navy to go on and defeat 100 Japanese ships is truly nothing short of a miracle and pure genius. I truly envy the Korean people for having a brilliant man like Yi Sunshin.But if we take a look at the overall course of the Imjin War, the Chinese and Koreans failed to defeat the Japanese; the war was actually a stalemate, meaning that neither Ming nor Joseon were able to defeat Japan. Probably the most amazing Japanese general (the Japanese equivalent of Yi Sunshin) was Kato Kiyomasa; he is essentially a god on the battlefield. Kato's best record is at the Siege of Ulsan (which happened twice, actually).Kato Kiyomasa built a Japanese style castle in Ulsan from Korean slave labor, and it was an impressive castle indeed (especially considering the fact that it was built in such a short amount of time). The Chinese and Korean forces attempted to assault the castle TWICE with troops numbering in the tens of thousands both times. They had the fortress entirely shut off from the world, destroying all the crops and poisoning the groundwater in an attempt to kill all the Japanese inside the castle. As a result, Kato and his troops had to resort to killing off their horses for food and water (they ate the horse meat while drank the horse blood).After weeks of siege warfare, the Chinese troops thought that the Japanese troops would be too exhausted to fight, and as such, stormed the castle. They were able to break down the outer walls, and at one point, came very close to taking the inner walls. However, ultimately, the Chinese and Korean troops ended up suffering heavy casualties, and were forced to retreat (despite being so closed to victory). While retreating, the Japanese forces suddenly gave chase, killing most of the Chinese and Korean troops. Total casualties for the Chinese and Korean forces numbered in the tens of thousands.As we can see, so long as Kato Kiyomasa existed in southeastern Korea, Ming and Joseon had zero chance of defeating the Japanese. So what happened?Toyotomi Hideyoshi died in 1598. However, he lived long enough to know that Tokugawa Ieyasu was going to rebel, so he ordered the Japanese troops to retreat in order to defend the Toyotomi clan. The Japanese never surrendered, so you can't actually say that Ming/Joseon defeated the Japanese. After Tokugawa came to power, he had no desire to continue the war in Korea, hence he sued for peace (Tokugawa was the one who sealed Japan off from the rest of the world, so of course he had no desire for world domination, unlike Hideyoshi).Had Toyotomi Hideyoshi been healthier and not had Tokugawa as a thorn in his side, who knows how the Imjin War would have ended. It might have even resulted in a divided Korea, similar to the situation with North and South Korea in the 1950's
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