Is It a Fashion Faux Pas to Wear a Long-sleeve T-shirt with a Short-sleeve Polo?

no. wear a sweatshirt if you are that cold

1. Long sleeve vs. short sleeve jersey

I can not imagine riding in the winter with short sleeves, even with a jacket over them. Perhaps I am just too sensitive to the cold or perhaps the climate here is just a lot colder than the northwest, but short sleeves do not come out of the closet until April

2. Is the short sleeve or long sleeve shirt worn with the current USAF service dress?

Both are authorized!

3. Whats your favorite: Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve jerseys?

i admire a guy with a mix of all a gaggle of types. not the all out skater, or prep, or gangster. My sought after: Dressy button up shirt, with a lovable tee shirt below, advantageous denims, skate shoes, a belt that attracts interest yet is not to flashy, and hair to be style of messy yet controlled. desire it helps.

4. Does anybody know that washing machine/dryer combination that folds and puts away clothes?

Haha- I truthfully have an identical situation! I only keep them in an previous cubby hollow each and every so often or purchase some new clothing once I truthfully have the time. yet while they are particularly bothering you only putting there empty, take stuff out of your dresser drawers and dangle those up too. by ability of how, I in basic terms have seventeen empty hangers now- I have been given rid of the gruesome ones and shade code by ability of clothing kinds (long sleeve, short sleeve, and so on) Hooray for OCD!!! XD.

5. What should I wear with a short sleeve unbuttoned plaid shirt [church]?

a tank top, then pair with denim skirt, --shorts only if you live in california, florida and hawiaai

6. Is it ok to wear nice shorts and a collared short sleeve shirt to the Blue Man Group show in Las Vegas?

Certainly you can wear a collared shirt and shorts to Blue Man Group. In 2003, we saw them at the Luxor and arrived slightly late for the 7pm. show after an all day trip to a ghost town and Death Valley. There was not any problem at all and we really enjoyed the show

7. I'm looking for new boy scout uniforms; short sleeve, old style, not the 'centennial' style?

Try eBay Supply Scoutshop stores that still have the classic tans are liquidating them for $9 ea. Most sizes are gone, though. Keep on Scoutin'

8. How do you feel about collared shirts under short sleeve t-shirts?

You have been in school for a while just copy styles of your colleges,I mean you can have your own style but see what the other teachers are wearing conservative,or more hip.Go with the flow

9. What should I wear over a short sleeve purple dress? (for turnabout dance)?

Black cardigan or a black fitted blazer/jacket, nothing bulky because of the legnth

10. What Stores Sell Short Sleeve Jackets!?

anywhere aeropsotale hollister and abercrombie especially triple5soul has some anywhere really..... but forsure AF and hollister has them look online

11. where to find a short sleeve pinpoint oxford?

Oxford shirts are just a type of shirt. It wo not say "Oxford" on it unless the brand choose to put it there. And just an FYI, they do make Women's Oxfords - how do I know? I own a few myself. You can always ask if it's okay to wear a long-sleeved shirt. If they say no, then just wear the short-sleeved you have.

12. I need a cute red polka dot short-sleeve dress?

try forever 21 or the disney store or party city an adult minne mouse coustume!

13. How does a plain white short sleeve dress shirt, and dark blue jeans look?

Good, unless you are horrendously unattractive. I like the long sleeved ones rolled better. But considering you are Clark Kent and all, you should be good. ;).

14. Do people still wear long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts?

people still do

15. Short sleeve or Long sleeve?(Shirts)?

Short sleeves. Makes your body look more proportionate. And less fat. xD

16. Do you think it is immodest for women to wear short sleeve dresses or shirts?

What did your parents do to you?

17. Where do I get cute long and short sleeve cotton shirts for cheep??

Aeropostale.... They r always havin a sell

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