Is It a Crime to Pour Boiling Water on a Cat Who Never Leaves My Yard? I Have Done It Several Times,

In the US it is, and I hope someone reports you. Anyone who would pour boiling water on a cat deserves to be locked up in a very small cage for a long time.Go get some help, please

1. is it dangerous to put a little cold water on a cat/dog in this severe heat?

In terms of the temperatures found on the surface of the Earth, cold has a greater capacity for harm than heat. There are temperatures in Antarctica so cold that exposure would be fatal within a very short period of time as your body's functions froze and you fell into the sleep of death. You would also develop frostbite extremely quickly. On the other hand, there is no heat on the Earth's surface that can do the same. Instead, you would need a period of exposure without sufficient water and shade before you would succumb to heat stroke, and sunburn does not appear as quickly as frostbite does. Of course, there is heat inside the Earth, in the form of volcanic lava, that could kill you much faster than the hypothermic cold.

2. my 6 week kitten wont drink water or cat milk, what should i do?

Your kitten is very young and probably frightened. You have been given some good advice. Ignore those who were harsh and judgmental If you can get some canned cat food. The water in that will help your cat get the moisture she needs. At this age shew ill only eat a spoon full. You might try putting a small amt of water in her dry food to supplement her intake. Talk to your vet they are a wonderful resource. If you have question and a computer Google your question you will be surprised how much info is at your finger tips.

3. No water cat bath wipes or dry shampoo?

Cat bath wipes but i wouldnt use this on a child, just the cat

4. Does anyone else have a water cat?

I have a large 5 gallon metal water dish for my dogs. She will stand in the middle of it, splash at it, lick her paws, act like there is a fish in the water, and just leap into it. She makes a bigger mess than my two 120lb dogs! She also straddles the toilet seat. She puts her front paws down into the toilet itself to play/drink. What I hate is that when she's done, she puts her wet paws on the seat. Makes for a nice surprise when I sit down. Poor hubby got the blame for weeks til we caught her doing it. My girl was a stray last year. She ran away from home, a lady about 10 miles from me, and I think the only water source she had was the toilet. When I take a shower she pulls the curtain back to watch and to paw at the droplets. She wo not come in..but she does play and loves to watch.

5. how long can a cat go without milk but with water and cat food?

Since cats are lactose intolerant after they are weaned, I estimate the cat will survive at least 12-18 years

6. how long after kittens start walking do you give them water and cat food?

Do not worry about it! When they are ready they will do the same as the mother

7. how to give water to a cat?

Cats are smart enough to drink water when they are thirsty. Of course, they will try to avoid the water for quite a while. You may try diluting the milk, little by little, with water so the cat does not notice. Be careful of what type of dish you use. Water sitting in a plastic bowl tastes different than in a ceramic bowl. Also, scented soaps can give the water a taste, so use unscented soaps and rinse the bowl really well. Just some things to try

8. how do i stop my cats from getting on the kitchen counter and table tops!?

if you can put plates full of water on the tables and counters and se if they like jumping onthe tables full of water cat dont like water

9. how to give water to a cat?

Put his nose in it or put some on his mouth and maybe he will drink it then

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Cooling Tower Efficiency Boosts Bottom Line for Plastics Manufacturer
Even in the best of economic times, businesses have to maximize efficiencies and cut waste. This takes on an even greater importance during an economic slowdown. While not often considered paramount to the overall success of a company, it can often be the peripheral areas that allows a business to boost production, thereby growing profits.Cooling towers may not be the first place companies look to for adding efficiency, but they are a critical component for a number of industries that require process cooling. So dealing with a cooling tower that hinders production - either in adding downtime or slowing down production runs - is often an area where companies can see an almost immediate ROI.Atlantis Plastics Company is a plastic extrusion manufacturer owned by Larry Walters and based in Houston. For years, it struggled with a cooling tower that not only required repeated maintenance, but also was not effectively cooling the water that is critical to their process. This meant that the company could not run at maximum capacity for very long, especially during hot Texas summers."We extrude LDPE tubing out of the machine, and in a matter of about a foot, it has to cool enough so that it maintains size and shape," explained Stephan Wagner, operations manager at Atlantis Plastics Company.To help set the plastic, the extruded tubing travels immediately through a tank of water that cools the low-density polyethylene. The water from the tank then circulates back through the cooling tower in a closed loop."If we can not maintain the right temperature of the water in the tanks, then the tubing will come out the wrong shape, the wrong size, or not achieve vacuum in some instances," he said. "So the cooling tower is very important in our production."According to Wagner, the product coming out on the extruder is at about 350°F. It has to hit the water and cool to about 85-90°F. Water inside the cooling tanks that rises too far above those specified temperatures will create problems and slow things down."If we can not maintain that water temperature in the cooling tank, then we are making less product per hour," said Wagner. "That is really what I mean by lacking efficiency."Wagner and owner Larry Walters recognized they would have to make changes or risk squelching more profits."We knew we could no longer ignore the little things, or we would not be able to concentrate on the bigger areas of the business," said Wagner. "So we started looking for ways to make improvements without breaking the bank."With a long history of manufacturing plastics, Wagner says it was an easy decision to see the potential in a cooling tower that was made out of engineered plastic, or HDPE (high density polyethylene). Atlantis Plastics selected the Paragon cooling tower from Delta Cooling."I am well aware that HDPE is impervious to corrosion and to the elements, especially here in Houston where our units are outside," Wagner said. "It does not matter whether it gets rained on. It does not matter if the sun hits it. It does not matter what water treatment additives you use; it is not going to give you any problems."Before the first Delta unit was installed a few years ago, Atlantis Plastics was going through a minimum of two pumps per year. Wagner said the cost for each pump was at least $500."With the Delta unit, I have not had to replace a single pump since I bought the first one," he reported.Wagner now has two HDPE towers at his plant, and some users are reporting electric power energy savings as high as 40%. He attributes the savings to the higher efficiency designs, along with the VFD (variable-frequency drive) rated motors on the new cooling towers."Like any other business, we are always looking for ways that we can improve, whether that be electricity, efficiency, or just about anything else," he said. "We know we will be more productive with less downtime and will have greater returns sooner, and that just makes good business sense."What is the necessity of cooling towers in power plants with respect to the second law of thermodynamics?Cooling towers allow for removal of heat from the thermodynamic process being run to produce electricity. The heat source is irrelevant, so it can be any of the variety of fossil fuels, or it can be nuclear. The heat is used to produce steam, but after energy is removed from the steam as work spinning a generator, the steam enters the condenser below the turbine and is cooled by water from the cooling towers passing through tubes in the condenser. The condensed water then cycles back through the system and is heated again.Efficiency can be increased by creating a greater temperature difference between the hot steam and the cool condensate. Cooling towers are a clever design. The warm water coming from the plant is rained down from the top causing the air to heat and some of the water to evaporate and cool the water that falls. The hyperbolic shape along with the upward flow of air and steam creates a convection flow in the cooling tower and cool air enters the bottom of the tower.Frequently, the cooling towers are used as backup cooling, particularly for nuclear power plants, since cooling is an issue even during plant shutdown.What is the necessity of cooling towers in power plants with respect to the second law of thermodynamics?.
Ways to Clean Water
The Best are Found in a Multi-Barrier Approach That Protects Water Quality From Source to ConsumptionThe best are found in a multi-barrier approach that protects water quality from source to consumption.Note: The content on this page has been adapted from publications of World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST).The World Health Organization has determined that a multi-barrier approach to household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) is the best way to reduce the risk of drinking unsafe water.A multi-barrier approach means ensuring that water is protected and purified every step of the way from the water source to household storage and consumption. Water quality will only be as good as the weakest link in the chain of water handling.We need to follow a process and not just rely on a single technology to improve water quality.Both community and household water treatment systems follow the same water treatment process. The only difference is the scale of the systems that are used by communities and households.There are many pollution problems which may threaten drinking water quality at the source, or point of collection. These risks include the following:* poor protection of the water supply against pollution* lack of hygiene and sanitation knowledge in the communityProtecting the water source reduces or eliminates these risks and can lead to improved water quality and health. Actions that are good and that can be taken at the community level can include some of the following:* regularly cleaning the area around the water source* moving latrines away from and downstream of water sources* building fences to prevent animals from getting into open water sources* lining wells to prevent surface water from contaminating the ground water* building proper drainage for wastewater around taps and weltsClick here to read more about water source protection.Sedimentation is a physical treatment process used to reduce the turbidity of the water. Remember that turbid water looks cloudy, dirty, or muddy and is caused by sand, silt, and clay that are floating in the water.Turbid water usually has more pathogens so drinking it increases your chances of becoming sick.There are and reduce turbidity by simply letting the water settle for some time.This can be done in a small container such as a bucket or pail.The sedimentation process can be quickened by adding special chemicals or native plants, also known as coagulants, to the water.Coagulants help the sand, silt and clay join together and form larger clumps, making it easier for them to settle to the bottom of the container.Three common chemicals used as and aid in sedimentation are aluminum sulphate, polyaluminum chloride (also known as or liquid alum) and ferric sulphate.Native plants are traditionally used in some countries in Africa and Latin America to help with sedimentation. For example, prickly pear cactus, moringa seeds and fava beans have all been used to help sediment water.Click here to read more about different sedimentation methods.Filtration methods are and are commonly used after sedimentation to further reduce turbidity and remove pathogens. Filtration is a physical process which involves passing water through filter media.Sand and ceramic are the most common filter media, although cloth and membranes can also be used. There are various types of filters that are used by households around the world.Click here to read more about each of these water filters.Best Water Purification Reviews is your #1 online source for information an all types of water purification systems such as water filters, water softeners, water purifiers, water treatment and bottled water.The next step in household water treatment is to remove or kill any remaining pathogens through disinfection, The most common methods used by households around the world to disinfect their drinking water are:Turbid water helps pathogens to "hide" from chemical, SODIS and UV disinfection.Reducing turbidity by sedimentation (see Step 2) and filtration (see Step 3) is necessary to improve the effectiveness of these disinfection methods.Click here to read more about different methods of disinfecting water, including electrochlorination.Clarity Water Products are Water Treatment Professionals - Dedicated to finding without using Harsh, Toxic Chemicals.Chemical free is all they do, and their years of experience in this specialized field of water treatment allow them to bring you the best products for healthier, cleaner, more comfortable water.Households do a lot of work to collect, transport and treat their drinking water. Now that the water is safe to drink, it should be handled and stored properly to keep it safe.If it's not stored safely, the treated water quality could become worse than the source water and may cause people to get sick.Safe storage means keeping your treated water away from sources of contamination, and using a clean and covered container. It also means drinking water from the container in a way so that people do not make each other sick.The container should prevent hands, cups and dippers from touching the water, so that the water does not get recontaminated.Click here to read more about safe water storage.How do I test significant differences between slopes of 4 different regression lines? I am measuring leaf area expansion rate of plants getting different water treatments.You didn't mention if you wanted to test the slopes for differences pairwise or as a set of four; but the method is the same.Just re-estimate any model for "all slopes and intercepts different" by restricting it to be "intercepts different; slopes the same". Twice the difference in log-likelihood will be distributed Chi-square with DF = the number of slopes you have restricted. If it's pairwise, that will be DF = 1 on each.A more detailed explanation is here: Chow test, although I prefer using the Likelihood Ratio Test directly.How do I test significant differences between slopes of 4 different regression lines? I am measuring leaf area expansion rate of plants getting different water treatments.
When Planning a Funeral for a Parent, What Are Some of the Little Things Not to Overlook?
if you pre-plan for a parent its the best thing you could do and usually its alot cheaper. the basic things you will need to remember to get are the casket/urn, vault (for ground burrial), grave space/crypt/nitch, opening and closing of grave or crypt/nitch, and headstone that is all you will need for the cemetery portion. now for the funeral home portion its a different story and every funeral home charges and bundles differently. at my funeral home they charge for the embalming process, clothing and casketing and makeup all in one. also they charge for each viewing and the funeral. if you want grave side you need to tell them that or if you want the funeral at the church or funeral home then usually each is a different price. they also usually charge to transport the body not only from the home/hospital/ nursing home ect. but also from the funeral home to the cemetery. and another thing that you need to think and talk about is the stuff for the viewings the memoral folders sign in sheets memoral cards all the little things that they put out for the visitors. if you have your headstone/marker in place already then you will not need it but if you have to wait until it is being made then sometime they charge for a tempory marker but its almost always under 60 bucks atleast where im from. your best bet is sitting down with a trusted funeral director and getting everything out of the way before you need it. i have set up cemetery adn funeral arrangements up for people who are in there 20-30's they did it so early because when the time comes to deal with the funeral director after a loved one dies its much harder and you will pay more. if you do it pre-need they usually have discounts and things that make it less expensive. hopefully my answer will atleast get you started so good luck also you need to pick out clothes, jewlery, music, flowers (not all of them ofcourse) pictures, if you want a dove release at the grave side service ect, veterans need the honor guard there to play taps, any speaches that anyone has to give, food for after the funeral, have a way or have someone specific let all your relatives know that someone has died too1. Homology of $I$-bundles over the Klein bottle.Let $E$ be such a bundle and $pi :E to K $ be the projection. Let $D_1, dots, D_n$ be disks covering $K$, such that $E$ is trivial over any $D_i$. On $D_1$, you can deform retracts $pi^-1(D_1) cong D_1 times I$ onto $D_1$. By induction, you can deform retract your bundle on $K$, in particular their homology groups coincide.This works for any bundle with a contractible fiber, e.g a vector bundle2. Where can I find the xbox 360 premium bundles with two free games for 300 dollars?purchase NEW and not from gamstop they fastened the three crimson rings and not so which you dont would desire to situation approximately it yet while its used the dont purchase it yet a wide-spread new xbox 360 elite is 3 hundred so its as much as you3. Obstruction Theory for Vector Bundles and ConnectionsCorrection: the definition below is wrong. It is not true that a 1-flat reduction is the same as a flat reduction. One also needs to require that the map $Z to BG$ factors through $BG^delta$, where $G^delta$ is $G$ with the discrete topology. (Also, one may as well replace $Z$ by the $k$-th Postnikov section in the definition of a $k$-structure). The following is thoroughly useless general nonsense. Its main problem is that it lacks geometry. Even so, it kind of does the job and it is probably worth mentioning. Let $G$ be the structure group of your vector bundle. For simplicity, I will assume that $G$ is connected (for example, $G$ could be $U(n)$ or $SO(n)$). Let our vector bundle be classified by a map $f: Xto BG$.Definition: Let $k ge 1$ be an integer. A $k$-structure is a pair $(Z,g)$ such that$bullet$ $Z$ is a path connected space.$bullet$ $Z$ has vanishing homotopy groups above dimension $k$, and$bullet$ $g: Zto BG, $ is a map.[To such pairs $(Z_i,g_i)$ for $i=0,1$ and are equivalent there is a (finite chain of) weak homotopy equivalences over $BG$ from $Z_0$ to $Z_1$.]Example: A 1-structure amounts to a discrete group $H$ and a map $BHto BG$.Definition: A $k$-flat reduction of $f$ consists of a $k$-structure $(Z, . endCD $$Examples:(1). A 1-flat reduction of $f$ is the same thing as a flat reduction of the associated vector bundle.(2). An oriented line bundle over $X$ automatically admits a $2$-flat reduction (this is a tautology, since $BSO(2) = K(Bbb Z,2)$. In particular, the canonical line bundle over $Bbb CP^1$ admits a 2-flat reduction but not a 1-flat reduction (since it is not flat). More generally, a finite Whitney sum of oriented line bundles admits a $2$-flat reduction, since $BSO(2)^times j = K(Bbb Z^j,2)$.(3). I do not know of examples in degrees $ge 2$. However, if one is willing to work instead in the rational homotopy category, there are examples in higher degrees. Here's one: let $X= S^4$. This includes into $BS^3 = BSU(2)$. Rationally, this is a $K(Bbb Q,4)$. Taking $G = SU(2)$ and $f: Xto BG$ to be the inclusion (which represents the quaternionic line bundle), we see that $f$ is rationally $4$-flat but not rationally $3$-flat.
Car Air Conditioning Repair: Troubleshooting
If you are about to go to bed and want to avoid nightmares, you might want to put off reading this until morning. If you are about to get in the car, please read on. While Black Death is not the same as the deadly plague during the 14th century, a car system experiencing Black Death will be infected like the plague. Black Death starts out inside the compressor after refrigerant breaks down. Since refrigerant acts as a working fluid much like how motor oil is the fluid which provides lubrication to protect the engine, a refrigerant breakdown will result in ugly wear, starting in the compressor. From there, the sharp and grimy metal particles created during compressor breakdown can then travel through the rest of your A/C system, wreaking havoc on the entire system. Before you know it, all cold air, and airflow for that matter, will be long gone. Cue the A/C grim reaper. The best protection from Black Death is an A/C Performance Check. Schedule one today. Why does my A/C have weak airflow? We feel your pain and discomfort caused by weak airflow. The sweat alone is enough to drive any of us crazy. However, there are a lot of factors at play. If you notice reduced airflow early on—rather than later—take the right step and have it looked at before other fatal A/C system damage can occur. • Mold or mildew may have accumulated in the evaporator core from residual moisture that occurs during the cooling process. When this happens, air will have trouble reaching your air vents. • A hose has come loose. This usually happens with the blower hose that supplies air to the blower unit. • Ventilation fan is fried. If the fan's not blowing, air wo not be flowing very well. • Seals. No, not those seals down by the pier. Core case seals, blower house seals or evaporator core case seals; All can open up and diminish air flow. A/C ventilation systems are very sensitive and must remain sealed. Once they are opened, the whole system is compromised. Whatever's the cause of your airflow problems, we have the answer. Schedule an A/C Performance Check. Are there any system warning lights to alert me to an A/C problem? Typically, no, but some vehicles have Driver Information Centers ( ) that may display the status of many vehicle systems. Refer to your Owner's Manual for more information. My A/C is not as cold as it used to be, what is going on? There are several reasons an A/C system can lose its cool. Bring your ride to us as soon as you start noticing this symptom, it could mean the difference between needing a small repair, or worse, a large one. Here's what can cause your cold air to lose its cool. The lack of precious cold air could be caused by: Leaks can be devastating. When an A/C system develops a leak, you have what is called an "open system." If you or your technician discovers the leak early, your repair will be less expensive. Unfortunately, if a leak has been affecting your cold air for a while, moisture will most likely have entered your A/C system and may have damaged other vital and expensive parts. Stay cool. Schedule an A/C Performance Check. The A/C starts out cool then starts getting warm, what is happening? Well, like many complicated stories, there's never one simple answer. A/C systems are a fickle breed. Your best bet is to have us inspect your system for any of the following listed symptoms. From cold to hot and all the symptoms in between: • The clogged expansion valve: The expansion valve distributes the proper amount of refrigerant to your evaporator. If the valve is blocked, the refrigerant can not flow into the evaporator. With the valve clogged, the refrigerant will start to freeze the valve altogether if moisture is present. • Faulty compressor clutch: If the clutch is not engaging with your compressor, than your compressor can not maintain the correct pressure. Hot air will result. • The blown fuse scenario: Fuses sometimes short out. If the fuse associated with your A/C system goes, the power to certain parts will stop. • Leaks are an A/C system's worst friend: Leaks are the result of damage or the presence of moisture. When moisture and refrigerant mix, nasty corrosive acids will eat away at seals and components, causing a leak. What is the smelly, gym locker odor coming from my A/C vents? Sounds like you have an odorific problem on your hands. There are a few issues that may be causing this smell. • Moldy evaporator case. A problem for many vehicles when water sits in the evaporator case because the case's drain is blocked. Mold will accumulate. How do you test for an A/C system leak? While we are no unit, the ways to detect an A/C system leak are not far off from an episode of the ever popular investigation show. • Black light enabled dyes. You read that right. A lot of refrigerants are pre-mixed with a special dye that shows up under black light. We will run a black light over your A/C system to see if any dye shows up. • Bring in the "sniffer." A sniffer is a special device that hones in on the refrigerant's chemical components. If there's a leak, our sniffer will sniff it out. What causes an A/C system leak? Age and moisture. Plain and simple. Rubber seals and hoses can also lose their elasticity over time and breakdown allowing Freon to escape and moisture to enter your vehicle's A/C system. Moisture is the kiss of death for your A/C system, mixing with refrigerant and creating a system destroying corrosive acid. Quick fact: If moisture is present, it could damage your accumulator, receiver or drier. Remember, these devices are responsible for removing moisture from the A/C system and will eventually stop functioning once they are exposed to an open system (leak or crack).Are there any stores that sell black lights?Wal mart K-mart. Lowes, home depot most hardware stores all have them
Neon Vs LED Displays and Their Environmental Impact
On the Las Vegas strip itself, the one place in the world most famous for its neon lights, many are switching over to LED displays over neon. In fact, the neon signs that are being replaced with their LED counterparts can now be found being preserved in neon museums.LED is much more efficient than neon in many ways. First, and most obviously, it uses less energy than neon. LED signs use only 10 watts of electricity, while neon signs can use up to ten times that amount. In addition, neon signs need to have their gas replaced after about a decade, which can be expensive along with other maintenance costs. On the other hand, LEDs are known to last much longer than other forms of lighting.For neon signs, key ingredients such as argon and mercury are toxic in themselves. Any damage to the signs can cause these poisonous gases to leak into the environment and the companies that own these signs may even be held responsible for the damage that they cause.Finally, in today's fast-paced hustle and bustle, LED displays are vastly more practical than neon signs. Instead of having to change the sign manually with every new advertisement while producing more waste materials in the process, LED signs can be programmed to change on the go. They can even make use of scheduling software to display different advertisements which cater to the different crowds that pass by at different times of day, or different days of the week.There's no contest when it comes to LED vs. neon where the environment is concerned. LED is the way to go.
What Do You Think of Cloth Diapers and Why?
An awsome way to help the environment, they are easy (if you get the fitted ones), and they look real cute on the kid. I havent researched them though. The only downside is having to scrape the poop off them before throwing them in the wash machine, but thats about it. Oh and you should probs use a normal nappy at night times unless you plan on changing them often at night. Cos they tend to soak through when saturated! Heaps cheaper too!1. Can you tell me one Positive thing about...?If you can not find your car you will walk till you do find it and that's really good for your health. If you can not pay your electricity bill you will use less power and of course that reduces carbon emissions which helps the environment. If you lose your house keys then you need to retrace your steps and revisit all the places you have been that day. So often we race around not taking the time to pay attention to our surroundings. Who knows what things you might see while searching for those elusive keys? :D2. Which razor should I get for my legs?Get the Venus Divine one - best razor I've ever used. Also better for the environment than disposables because you only replace the head of it. And also the Johnson's Shower and Shave stuff is good.3. What are some of the exit barriers to the video game console industry?There are none. It's not like you are shutting down a coal mine and need to restore the environment around it. 3 large game console companies could easily re-tool their plants to make other kinds of electronic goods (computers, DVD players, etc.). Of course, there will be money lost in advertising and game development, but that's sunk cost. So the only barrier would be fans whining. But a decent security force should take care of that.4. Poll - Global warming is caused by...?A. Humans. The greenhouse effect is natural, but is being increased by humans through our use of fossil fuels, which are putting significant amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the environment. Hope this helps!5. Environment Problems?There can be no personal freedom with unlivable environment :). But if I had to choose between neighbour who is not environmentally conscious and the one who will poke his nose in my business I choose you any time :)6. Would you want this inside your home? Think twice before buying these lightbulbs...?Oh, my goodness! It's always something is not it? You try to save a few pennies and the environment, and make the home a health hazard....I have these bulbs in every room of my house, and I am seriously considering getting rid of them after reading the link7. Conservatives: Do you hate the Chevy Volt for any real reason, or just because you were told to hate it?I do not specifically hate the Volt, or green cars. I just do not think now is the time to be wasting money on such nonsense. I say we go with what is practical right now. I also know the whole " environment " movement to be a God to many liberals. I do not have a problem with wanting to look after the environment, I just think liberals go a little overboard on it. " Since the Chevy Volt was the Motor Trend Car of the Year " If you think Motor Trend making the Volt car of the year actually makes it car of the year, I have some swamp land to sell to you. Do you have any idea how much politicing and butt kissing goes on amonst corporations and publications like Motor Trend and GM ?8. "In such environment” vs "In such an environment”I am curious what you are trying to express here. I have never read/heard "in such environment" and I read a fair amount. Unless there's some technical application, I would use "in such an environment". After searching on Google, "in such environment" comes up 144,000 times-with many results being similar."In such an environment" comes up over 5 million times and seems to be the most popular way of expressing this concept.The only time I can imagine using "such environment" is when preceded by "no", otherwise, it just sounds wrong to me. I may be wrong but "in such environment" sounds grammatically incorrect to me.If you could explain what you are trying to say, it might be easier to help. :) Good luck!
For Anyone Who Has Run a Marathon What Shoes Did You Use?
The proper shoe depends on your foot type and shape. Go to a specialty running store and have your gait and arch type analyzed and then try on the proper type of shoe, (cushioned, stability or motion control) in each brand. A good store will spend an hour or so with you to get you in the right shoe.1. How can I run a half marathon?From what I can gather with limited internet research, the half marathon you are looking at is typically in January. This gives you roughly 6 months to prepare, plenty for a first timer. You need to find a good beginner running schedule. I recommend the couch-to-half marathon, it is designed for people with no previous running experience. A structured plan keeps you on track, so you always know what you are supposed to be doing each time you go run. 4 days per week should be enough for a beginner. Many plans only have you running 3, I advise against that for a longer race like a half marathon - the consistency of frequently running, even when it is short, easy mileage, is good for helping you prepare. I also recommend some intermediate races along the way. Try to pick out a 5k, then a 10k, which fit into the schedule. This allows you to stay on target with the training plan, while gaining valuable experience in a race - such as dealing with race-day preparation, running in a group of people, etc. When you run, stick to the plan. You may have to walk sometimes, that's OK for a beginner. You build endurance by consistently working on it. Your schedule will have one run each week dubbed the "long run", which will gradually build towards race distance. Treat this as a dress rehearsal for race day - wake up when you plan to wake up for the race, eat the same breakfast as you plan to eat on race day, etc. Do not worry too much about your eating habits, as long as you stick with less junk, more vegetables, and do not stuff yourself, you will probably be alright. You do not have to fine-tune your diet at this point, and you certainly should not make big, sweeping changes - those are hard to maintain. Little things done over time build to big results. As for support, your family and friends are good options. If you are really serious about the half marathon, tell the people who care about you, make your intentions known, and let them know that you would appreciate it if they did not let you give up.2. I,m 28 and do not exercise... and want to do a half marathon.?No, Actually that's really good for your age. The Average athelete strives for a Mile in 4 mins but you did it in 6mins 45 seconds. Fix your posture to run better, keep your chin parrellel to the ground and eyes focused ahead. Back must remain straight and keep your jaw and hands loose for more speed and less stress. Do Jump Squats and Jump Split Squats as warmup and practice the swinging movement with your arms in a stationary postion.3. What are good songs to listen to during a walk/marathon?stronger - kanye west satisfaction - benny benassi the hey song - gary glitter meet me halfway - black eyed peas song 2 - blur ghosts n stuff - deadmaus let me clear my throat - dj kool bulletproof - la roux wheres your head at - basement jaxx ...and pretty much any song from a jock jams cd!4. What is a good half-marathon time?I am 13 years old and I ran a half marathon in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I ran the 5k in 16 minutes so I would imagine your half marathon time would be somewhat around mine5. We just planted marathon seed and there are little clover-like growths everywhere... what are they?If you planted on bare ground its likely that it is a few weeds. The best thing to do is wait until the grass can be mowed 2 times. After mowing at least 2 times the best way to get rid of the weeds would be to use a spray chemical that has tremec in it. Tremec is one of the best it is made by PBI Gordons. If you can find tremec that would be even better because it will kill crabgrass as well. Read the lable carefully and apply as the instructions say because it is easy to harm your new grass. I personally use a cheap ortho dial-n-spray to spray my yard
Do You Think Darker Skinned Black Girls Have It Harder Than Lighter Skinned Blacks Girls?
Do you think darker skinned black girls have it harder than lighter skinned blacks girls?Yup, dark skinned ladies have to work hard to be considered beautiful. For example, I have two good friends. One is very very light skinned with short hair and is kind of chubby. She is not ugly but she is not anything special. Friend number two is model gorgeous. She reminds me of Liya Kebede. She has smooth dark skin. Friend number one is sooo sweet and very likable. Friend number two is a complete witch. #2 is always talking bad about #1. But everyone around us thinks number 1 is prettier because of her skin. I tell them it does not matter what others think. I feel bad for friend 2 because she is so beautiful but most ignorant guys do not look past her skintone. Also have you noticed every black girl on here uses that "light skinned' avatar when they are usually closer to the dark avie? My skin is no where near as dark as the one I use but its the only one that looks black to me— — — — — —girls, can women with darker skin use bleach to hide lip hair?Definitely wax or tweeze, I know its more painful than bleaching, but then you do not have to be self-conscience about people seeing you up close— — — — — —Are darker skin Black women considered the most undesirable?Unfortunately, that's true. It's sad, but for the most part, society equates beauty with light skin (with the exception of models like Alec Wek coming onto the fashion scene). It seems that a lot of people have mentally fallen victim to the media's elite standard of beauty: long, straight hair, light eyes, fair complexion, thin build, etc. Sadly, it seems that the lighter her complexion, the prettier a woman is considered to be, not only in this country, but all over the world. But those who have a more well-rounded opinion of beauty consider that kind of thinking ridiculous and realize that beautiful women come in all colors, shapes and sizes— — — — — —should i die my hair red eventhough i have darker skin?I had a friend with red hair and dark skin and she looked beautiful go for take a chance who knows maybe others will love it toooo— — — — — —Why do people think that darker skin black girls are less attractive?Its not. All women are beautiful I am glad you think that way. :P Edit: Haha. We do not find you attractive? I think its the other way around. I have NEVER met an Asian guy who was not attracted to whites or Asians. Never black. If you let us know you were attracted to us, which is what you are telling us now. We would look 3 times instead of twice. When most black girls see an attractive Asian guy (we have been pestered with skin colour to a point where we no longer care about pale/tan we do not like doing to other people what they do to us.) Anyways she looks, looks back and then decides he will never be interested in me, why waste my sight?...And usually between that time we notice him staring at the blond/brunette or Asian girl.— — — — — —i have darker skin under am are pits what do i do?hmm well usually u get that from using the sprayable deodorant idk if they go away easily but u might wana see those skin doctors about it he might be able to get u a cream that would fix it— — — — — —does darker skin age slower?WUT U TRYIN SAY BOUT A NI11A 1/4 BLACK!!!??— — — — — —Why do races tear down their own people for being darker skinned than others?I know that in some countries, lighter skin was/is seen as more desirable.Apparently the darker you are,the more time youve spent out in the sun doing manual labor etc.People with lighter skin were seen as being wealthy and could afford to stay indoors in the shade while the less fortunate worked in the fields etc. It goes back a long way but i know the other reason is that some of the reason is to do with colonialism and imperialism.Im married to a beautiful black women and frankly i find it messed up that there are companies and products to bleach and lighten skin that are marketed to women liker her
So Me and My Roommate Got a Bright Idea to Make a Collage of Drawings on Our Wall. We Want It Off! H
So me and my roommate got a bright idea to make a collage of drawings on our wall. We want it off! Help!?I would first suggest getting some primer. It will help with painting a lighter color over a dark/bright colors. Then once that completely dries paint it with white. Let that completely dry. Then put another coat of paint up. This should work. Good luck.— — — — — —i need help to choose a color to paint my bedroom?The lighter the color the bigger a room will look,and that includes the ceiling,so use a lighter color on it as well.Try these combo's. Aqua & pastel yellow Light blue & tan/beige Sage green & mint green Peach & sand/tan =)— — — — — —what colors should i use?????????????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?Because your floors are dark you want a lighter color to accent. I would suggest using an olive or beige or a yellow but more of an orangy yellow like Sante Fe Spanish color, If you do the Spanish color keep your trim dark— — — — — —Why does my black kitten have faint lighter colored stripes, will they go away?Sometimes their hair gets discolored like that because of a bad diet. If you are feeding it good food then it should be normal within a few days— — — — — —What brand of sunglasses provide the best protection for lighter colored eyes?Brand does not really matter if it has a good quality lens. UV protection is pretty standard even in the drugstore ones, but some of the cheap ones could have distortion in the lenses. As the other person stated, Maui Jim sunglasses are very good, but also very pricey. For a good pair of sunglasses though it could cost you a decent amount of money, so if you are prone to breaking them or losing them, stick with the cheaper ones. Some come with Polycarbonate lenses, which are inherently UV protective, but also provide better impact resistance if you use them for recreation and/or sports. Polarized lenses will reduce a significant amount of glare, so your comfort level will be greater since it cuts the glare as well as reduces the brightness to the eye.— — — — — —Do you think lighter color jeans make you look bigger?Generally lighter coloured Jeans might make your legs look a tiny bit bigger but I really would not worry. Those jeans sound great and really personal and you should definitely wear them. Wear what makes you feel good and what you love. Then the best thing you will be wearing is confidence. :)— — — — — —If I'm 4'11, and my body's kind of stubby how can I make myself look longer?Wear colors that are about the same, a monochromatic color scheme rather than a contrast color pallette Look for clothing with a vertical stripe, or a vertical detail, such as an exposed zipper in a contrasting color, a strong color on the vertical button enclosure. etc. Dresses or blouses that have a lighter color down the center of the body, with darker vertical panels on the sides will do a lot to slim you, and make you look taller Do not wear turtlenecks, or high necked shirts - eg round necked tshirts. Wear V necks, such as a blouse, slightly unbuttoned over a tshirt. An open area around the neckbrings the eye up, makes your neck look narrower, and makes you appear taller. Keep your focus around your face. So wear pretty hair accesories such as barretts, rather than eye grabbing belts. Wear a bit of a heel. l know you are really young, but you can still find shoes with a 1 inch heel which is safe for you, but will add a bit to your frame— — — — — —What's a good haircut for me?well your eyes look blue in the picture so i think coloring your hair to a lighter color would look nice. but i would keep it long, longer then it is. and keep the volume u have in your hair. kinda like a wavy straight look. i like it the way it is though— — — — — —Are poinsettias only forYes they are for any winter season and if you do put them out do a lighter color like a salmon pink instead of a bold red which screams ChristmasDo you always have to prime a dark wall before painting it a lighter color?Primer is not necessary, but it probably will require two coats. Once drywall is primed and painted, it never needs to be primed again
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