Is Drinking Water Everyday Unhealthy?

You are suppose to drink 8 glasses of water a day, however, some people fear gaining "water weight." You can decrease the amount of water you retain by reducing your sodium(salt) intake. So to answer your question, no, drinking too much water is not unhealthy but it can cause you to gain weight if you are also eating too much salt.

1. Is it ok to feed dog spring/bottle water?

Yes, there should be no problem with this, in fact it is much healthier!! Yet another surprise to find on the Bad Foods List for dogs is water, but there are dangers lurking in water that you need to be aware of. Stagnant water in ponds, bogs, small lakes, canals, seasonal creeks and other places where water sets still may contain harmful bacteria (Leptospira interrogans) and parasites such as giardia. Toilet water with freshner or cleaners in the tank or bowl contain toxic chemicals.

2. School water fountains are they clean and safe to drink or are they just tap water?

Tap water is clean and safe to drink....the EPA require that municipalities TEST that water... Water that comes in bottles? No testing required. Why not? Because it is just filtered tap water!

3. Can fire burn above water?

Yes, ever heard of oil or petrol fires?Take oil or grease, these things do not mix with water, so they instead rapidly turn into steam due to the fire's heat, and will end up spreading the fire all over the place and since the water is below the fire, it does not cutoff the oxygen supply and hence the fire will continue to burn

4. if another planet had water...?

There would not necessarily be a water cycle resembling the one here on Earth, but water would still be found in various phases and locations and would still move between them. On Earth, the water cycle includes surface water, atmospheric water vapor, and underground aquifers as well as deep cycling via plate tectonics. Jupiter's moon Europa is thought to have liquid water under a thick crust of ice. A Europan water molecule might cycle between the ice crust, the ocean beneath it, and whatever layer lies below the ocean. Unless the water is completely isolated by impermeable barriers on all sides, there will be some sort of water cycle

5. Why does sand absorb water?

Why does sand absorb water?It absolutely does.The particles do absorb some amount of water. Possibly only 0.3%, but that is still an absorption.Whilst some might be tempted to consider only the particles, in general parlance, the sand includes the spaces between the particles. Thus the "moisture content" of a sand includes not only the water absorbed by the particles, but also the "interstitial" water between the particles (if any). It might be 5 or more percent.Why does sand absorb water?

6. Why would a can filled with boiling water crumble after being put in a container of ice water?

Because it has been sealed before placing it in the ice water and the can is almost incredibly weak. There is a small difference between the densities of water at 100 C and 0 C. When the water cools, it tries to contract This causes a difference in pressure between the outside of the can and the inside. If the can is not strong enough to resist this pressure difference, it will crumple.

7. What quality of water is best for electrolyzing into Hydrogen and Oxygen? Tap water? Distilled? De-ionized?

No. Deionized water is made by passing water through anion and cation resin beads which strips out all ionic species such as salt (NaCl). Non-ionic compounds are not removed and will remain in solution. Distilled water is condensed steam. Since all compounds have unique boiling points. Only those compounds with boiling points between 68 and 212 F would boil ie volatilize and would be later condensed to make Distilled Water. The salts stay behind in the residue, but many organic compounds could end up in the water distillate

8. Is it safe to drink water that has lemon slices in it?

no! unless foor some reason the lemon slices are carying around some harmful bacteria, its good for you! and its just the water that is helping with your acne.. im pretty sure the lemons arent. cause i hear ALL the time how water does it. i may be wrong thooo :)

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Plastic-Free Water: Coming to a Grocery Store near You?
The United States boasts the world's largest bottled water consumer market and growing. In 2016, sales amounted to approximately 12.8 billion gallons with two brands generating more than 1 billion in U.S. sales each. Convenience and a healthy zero calorie beverage option lead the reason to its positive trajectory. Last month, the world's first plastic-free supermarket opened in Amsterdam as apilot program. Can America catch up?Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is stocked with over 700 plastic-free products ranging from meats to fresh fruit and vegetables so it's no surprise that it'd go one step further and now offer plastic-free water.Bluewater , which designs and manufactures water purifiers, is responsible for contributing a unique public hydration station that delivers on-demand pure drinking water free of micro-plastics and other contaminants ranging from lead to pesticides and gender-bending hormones."Micro-plastics are today found in over 80 percent of the world's tap water according to new research, while other studies indicate pollution of drinking water by pervasive gender-bending chemicals and hormones is leading to lower fertility rates and hormone disruption in young women and men," says Anders Jacobson, President ofBluewaterand co-founder and CEO of the company's holding company, Blue.Microplastics are those tiny plastic fibers and fragments that don't break down and pollute our waterways. Not only do they pose an issue for ocean wildlife, they're infesting our world's drinking water, too.According to Jacobson, Bluewater's patented water purification technologies and delivery solutions effectively remove gender-bending chemicals found in cleaning agents, cosmetics, and contraceptive pills as well as the microplastics found in our tap water around the world.This isn't the first time I've written about the health impacts of plastics in the world's oceans. Last summer, I wondered how effective restaurants would be with their straw-free business tactic. Chicago's Shedd Aquarium was supporting the effort and is usually the case with these movements, the plastic-free aisle initiative was spurred by international environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet, a grassroots movement geared to turn off the plastic tap.Ekoplaza plans to roll out plastic-free aisles across its 74 branches in the Netherlands over the coming 12 months, with the next one scheduled for The Hague in June.Bluewaterplans to provide Ekoplaza customers in the Dutch port the opportunity to drink plastic-free water as they shop shelves also devoid of polluting layers of plastic.I, for one, will drink to that. Now we need to expand the initiative across the pond and get the United States on board, too.
Japanese Garden Ornament
There is something incredibly soothing about Japanese garden ornaments. From a simple bamboo water hammer to the more ornate granite basins and Japanese stone lanterns, these items can completely transform your garden into a unique space that you will love. The tradition of gardening in Japan is as old as the hills, and most people will think of a Zen or stone garden when they think of Japanese gardening. And with good reason. Stone gardens are an ancient tradition and a living work of art where the gardener will change the plants and trees to reflect the seasons. Foliage is shaped and sculpted as it grows to keep the overall feel of the garden serene and peaceful. However tending a stone garden takes a lot of work, and is an art unto itself, so for most of us, it is better to just take one or two elements and use them in our own gardens to bring a little of that serenity into our lives.So, what are the options Well, how about trying an ornamental piece of sorts. These will need a minimum of maintenance and don't require years of practice to get right like raking the sand is a stone garden does.Stone Lanterns - icons of Japanese gardens, the stone lantern is a symbol of creative symmetry turned into stone. The history of Japanese stone lanterns is fascinating, with these items originally being used to light paths to temples and shrines, but later became decorative features in gardens.Water Hammer - the water hammer is beautiful to watch and soothing to listen to - as water slowly fills the cup and eventually causes it to tip over and spill, you will have both the soothing sounds of water and a gentle clack clack of the bamboo as it comes to rest at either end of its travels.Water Basin - a granite water basin can be used either to catch water from your water hammer or simply as a bird bath - various shapes exist and they are very simple soothing ornaments to have in your garden.Pagodas - if your garden is large enough, a Japanese pagoda can really bring a touch of the East into your garden - the beautiful symmetry of the multiple curved roofs of the pagoda lead your eye upwards toward the heavens.There are obviously many more features you could put into your garden to create a little Japanese ambience, but these are good starting points.
How Can I Make a Water Wheel That Will Power Different Things?
If water wheel generator output is 3V DC and at least 300mA, it can be used to power.... A small radio that use 3V battery. 20 white LED rated 3V 15mA. A small 3V DC motor. A small portable fan running with 3V battery. A flashlight. Make sure the water flow is powerful enough and faster enough to push the water wheel.1. Spiritually humming along to the current electric boogaloo buzzz... How long could you go without power?We heat with wood and gas, so no need for electricity there. Our water pump is electric, though there is access to fresh water near by. Our personal waste is composted, but the composting toilet also uses electricity for heat, I am not sure how long it would work without power. But what the hay, one can always sh*t in the woods, right? Of course, I would miss the computer, but I think that I could survive without it. We went once for 13 days without power. It was the result of the great ice storm of '91 (I think it was).2. Taking a power of a power series, inside of a power seriesHere are two approaches to extract the coefficient of $t^2MN$. One is based upon multinomial expansion, the other is based upon the representation $cos t=frac12left(e^ite^-itight)$. Regrettably, none of them seems really promising. Nevertheless, here we go!It is convenient to use the coefficient of operator $[t^n]$ to denote the coefficient of $t^n$.The second approach is somewhat more promising, since we can completely extract the coefficient of $t^2MN$ . But, we will see the final expression is far from being simple. Comment:.3. Nuclear Power or NO Nuclear Power?Nuclear power is the best power source we can get. It is clean safe and produces a lot of energy. But storing it is not really a problem. The amount of waste produced by a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk. Do not believe the green party or the labor especially bob brown and peter garet it is just propaganda to make the green party and the labor party popular4. what is the power factor of an A.C. source?Power Factor in an a.c. circuit is the ratio of real power to apparent power. Real power is the ability of the circuit to process power in a given time, due to reactive and resistive components, the apparent power of the voltage and the current in the circuit would be equal or greater than the real power, the difference in the phases of the waveform. Example being a fluorescent fitting with a capacitor fitted has a less power factor which makes it cheaper to run than a fitting without a capacitor as there is less power loss.5. PIC 18F2550 USB Dual Power ExampleOk, I got it figured...If there is power on the Vbus, and there is no diode, the PNP transistor will shut off, since there will be a V in its base terminal, and then there will be no energy in the PNP, so it will turn on again, because this time the base terminal will receive a 0V level, and this way sending a V to the PNP again, turning it off again, making it into a cycle, causing an erratic behaviour...the capacitor will even make things go slower6. What is the minimum diameter for Power over Ethernet?As I know the main problem of transporting power over ethernet cables is temperature rise and resistance.802.3af defines the max power as 12.95 W and max current as 350 mA over 2 pairs.802.3at defines the max power as 25 W and max current as 600 mA over 2 pairs. For both of them the typical wire (24 AWG) supports the temperature rise.Lower diameters as 26 AWG and 28 AWG increases the resistance, so they are not recommended beside that the temperature rise increases also.802.3bt will define the max power as 96 W and max current as 1000 mA over 4 pairs. For the moment there are not official documents stating the max temperature rise allowed.Check this document that goes deeper than my explanation7. What cables do I need for my PC? (Power, Data transfer, etc)?yes you have to buy two more SATA cables yes the power to your hard drives comes directly from your PSU (power supply unit) yes disk drives require power from your PSU, the power to your video card comes from the PSU too, i am guessing its a 6-pin connector, that goes to the PSU as well
The Bathroom Tub Faucet Only Gives Out Cold Water No Hot, Any Suggesstions on Getting It Working?
parts of old gaskets break loose and plug up orifices, usually hot first1. So, when it's Friday, and you go to the bathroom and the sign says "wash hands before returning to work"...?LOL!! Great question! The reality is some people are just naturally nasty, and pay no attention to the sign no matter what work day it is2. Why would water be coming out of my shower when I turn on the bathroom sink?Any single handle/single spout faucet in effect connects the cold and hot water lines. That's part of your answer. You will have to do more experimenting with the tub controls and both hot and cold water supplies.Low pressure itself is not the cause, but low pressure could lead to flow reversal when a tap is open.3. How do you get rid of the white buildup around the faucet of the bathroom sink?CLR works pretty well but you need to keep it soaking for awhile. That is what I use4. what is the funniest thing to happen to u in a public bathroom?Ugh, i hate public toilets, i try to use them as little as possible (um, i am a SLIGHT neat/clean freak, heh heh...) but once I saw a staute of a frog...guess what. it was not a statue. Um, loudest scream ever? I think so5. HELP! I PUT A CRACK IN MY BATHROOM SINk AND DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!?It's called" PC-11 "All purpose white epoxy paste" It's a waterproof marine epoxy. I think I got it at Home Depot. I used it to fix the base of my shower. That was about a year ago and the crack is still sealed. You can see where it was fixed, but it really does not look all that bad. The good news for you is that a sink is relatively inexpensive if the PC-11 does not work. Good luck.6. How would merfolk go to the bathroom?Consider that a creature which is constantly surrounded by water is not likely to have trouble staying hydrated. You might work their necessary anatomy such that they do not ingest or expel liquids. Instead, all internal waste products get dried and compacted into heavier than water nuggets which upon expulsion, sink into the depths where no MerFolk ever go. Nature tends to solve these kinds of problems for itself.7. Teaching my 10 year old son appropriate bathroom mannersAs a person with ADD, I can tell you what helps with me. Post-it notes! Put a post-it note or a bright colored sheet on the wall reminding everyone (do not single him out) to "Please close the toilet seat when you have finished your business". Bright colors! I use neon yellow post-its to remind me of things I have to do consistently.8. Can a bathroom heater overheat and catch fire?ANY electrical device and/or heating device CAN overheat and start a fire. IF you place flammable materials too close to a heating device, it can start a fire WITHOUT overheating9. My 2 1/2 year old is falling asleep on the bathroom floor?Put a blanket and pillow in there, you have an amazing child that is #1 potty trained #2 a boy and #3 waking himself up to us the bathroom in the middle of the night! That is simply amazing and unusual10. What can you use to get hard water spots off of bathroom tile?CLR (Calcium Lime Rust remover) works great for things like that. Put it in a spray bottle and soak your tile, let it sit for 20 mins. and reapply. After this or a few more tries you should see the spots start moving down the wall, now it is time to rinse with HOT water. Let the area dry. Also if you still have hard water they will just continue coming back.11. Dog going to the bathroom inside the house! Help!!?Well its called marking his new territory with his scent. you cant train a dog to not be a dog12. Do houses in England have more than one bathroom?You will find more over there only have one, but it is still possible to find one with multiple bathrooms13. how to remove bad smell from bathroom?if you do not use the bathroom very often, it's probably coming up thru the sink or tub/shower drain. As the water in the trap dries out, it can cause it to smell. The solution is to pour water with a little bleach down the drains at least once a month. We have this happen all the time with the floor drains in the bathroom where I work
Clean Drinking Water on Board - Part 1, Watermakers for Boats
How do watermakers work?Watermakers use Reverse Osmosis to make water. This is the opposite process of osmosis that plants use. Wiki definition of Reverse Osmosis and description; Reverse osmosis (RO) is a separation process that uses pressure to force a solvent through a membrane that retains the solute on one side and allows the pure solvent to pass to the other side. The membrane is designed to allow only water to pass through this dense layer while preventing the passage of solutes (such as salt ions). This process requires that a high pressure be exerted on the high concentration side of the membrane, usually 2 to17 bar 30 to 250 psi, for fresh and brackish water, and 40 to 70 bar 600 to 1000 psi, for seawater, which has around 24 bar 350 psi, natural osmotic pressure which must be overcome.Types of watermaker Modular, Self Contained or Portable units are made for use on boats. For very small boats or even kayaks portable units are the way to go. For most boats however modular systems are best. Modular systems can be mounted in individual parts and do not require one large space, but several much smaller spaces. Most manufactures produce self contained units that house all the parts of the watermaker between the through hull and the water tanks. These setups are easily controlled but require a large amount of space.Components of a typical modular system A typical installation involves a seawater supply, preliminary filtration to remove weeds and large contaminants, a low pressure pump to push the water through the particle filter which remove particles down to 5 microns, a high pressure pump to supply the RO membrane. Fresh water from the membrane is then sent to the water tank. For every gallon of fresh water produced roughly 10 gallons is required to pass through the membrane, the remainder goes overboard in the form of brine. Hose runs should be minimal especially in low energy systems.Power to the pumps, can be supplied by battery, generator or engine driven pumps. Large capacity watermakers generally need an AC power source. Smaller capacity and low energy watermakers can use DC AC or engine driven pumps.How much water are you going to need, what size watermaker do you need? Calculate how much water you need by estimating your daily usage/person/day. Older estimates allowed for a minimum of 1/2 to 1 gallon/person/day. This rate does not include showers, dishes and other extras. Nowadays with modern conveniences its more like 2 1/2 to 3 galls/person/day. Work out how much you want to run the watermaker. You don't want to run it all day, but you may want to run it while the generator is on, while the engine is on and your charging your batteries. So maybe 2-3 hour per day run time is reasonable. Tank size is also an issue. Its no good making 400 gallons if the tanks are not big enough. Normally watermakers give their estimated outputs based on 70 degree F. Colder water temps may produce less water.Maintenance The membrane needs to be flushed regularly to remove the particles and salt that have been built up on the supply side of the membrane during the RO process.Conclusion You now have fresh water, what no, what do you mean no. Water from the membrane goes into the water tank however there maybe contaminants in the tanks and pipes. Read part 2 of the making fresh water series to find out how to keep water fresh in the water tank and water lines before use.
Gas Water Heater Vs. Electric: What's Better for Your Home & Wallet?
The 'natural gas water heater vs. electric' debate can seem a bit confusing. After all, the end result with either is the same (your water gets hot) so surely they must be more or less interchangeable? In this post, we are going to explore the difference between gas and electric water heaters to help you decide which is best for your home. We wo not just stop there, though; this article will also touch on tankless, heat pump, and solar water heaters to give you a full picture of your available options. Gas Water Heater vs. Electric: Why Should You Care? First, let's address the question raised in the first sentence of this article: whether or not the debate even matters. Well, your water heater is responsible for up to 18% of your energy use at home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. As such, ensuring you have the most efficient unit based on your needs (your neighbor's needs may not be the same as yours) can save you a substantial chunk of money every month. Of course, when choosing between a gas water heater or an electric one, you also need to consider the cost of the unit itself. Different types of water heaters come in at different price points, which may heavily influence your ultimate decision as well. Gas Water Heater or Electric: Factors To Consider Let's look at each type of water heater individually to establish an understanding of their characteristics before we compare them head-to-head. In the interest of transparency, we will note that our Phoenix water heaters include both electric and gas-powered units. In other words, we do not have a preference; we are more interested in helping you decide which unit is truly right for your home. As its name would suggest, this type of water heater uses natural gas. Cold water enters the tank and gets heated by a gas burner. As the water warms, it rises to the top of the tank and is led through a discharge pipe and out of your faucets or showerheads as needed. Now, this is a very simple explanation of how water heaters work. If you've read our article about pilot light malfunction, for example, you will know that water heaters come with some very ingenious mechanisms that ensure safe function. While gas water heater explosions do happen, these mechanisms (which are very advanced in modern water heaters) make this fairly unlikely. This is to say that gas water heaters are very efficient and effective at cooling your home. While we will explore cost in great detail, later on, it's worth pointing out in this section that natural gas tends to be much cheaper than electricity. This is another huge plus for gas water heaters. Standard electric water heaters (we will look at tankless ones in an upcoming section) operate in much the same way as gas units, save for the obvious. Instead of using a gas burner to start the convection process, electric water heaters use a heating element. Aside from that, electric and gas water heaters have the same components. Their source of power is a pretty major distinction, though, since - as mentioned earlier - electricity tends to cost much more than natural gas in the United States. Plus, when your electricity goes out, so will your hot water. This does not happen with most standard gas water heaters; even though those units may use some electricity, they can function independently. This is something to keep in mind if you are considering an electric water heater but live in an area that experiences frequent power outages. Gas water heaters tend to be just slightly more expensive than their electric counterparts. For example, we price a 40-gallon gas water heater at $999 while an electric 40-gallon comes in at $950. You only really begin to see a difference in cost when you consider energy consumption. Because gas water heaters do not use electricity, users typically more than recoup any excess amount they paid for one over an electric unit. Surely that's it, then, right? Gas hot water heaters are more energy-efficient than electric ones, costing less in the long run, so they must be the way to go! If your water heater needs to fit within a very tight space, an electric water heater would be advantageous as they tend to be much smaller. Electric water heaters also do not require venting, which makes them much cheaper and easier to install. If you are in desperate need of a new water heater but are also strapped for cash, the cost of a gas water heater vs. an electric one may prompt you to spring for the latter. Other Types Of Water Heaters to Consider While the gas hot water heater vs. electric debate reveals more similarities than differences, comparisons between other types of heaters are more drastic. When comparing a gas water heater vs. an electric tankless, you should know that the latter works based on demand. It still uses an electric heating element to warm your water but it only does so when the system determines you need hot water (i.e. when you open a tap). Because of this, electric tankless water heaters direct as much as 98% of their electrical intake towards absolutely heating your water. In other words, electric tankless heaters are extremely energy efficient. Gas tankless water heaters are very efficient too but only utilize about 85% of their electrical intake for heating water. Of course, there's a catch. A few, actually. First, electric tankless water heaters can be very expensive to buy, install, and run. They require substantial electrical work, which also makes them less intuitive for inexperienced folks to maintain. Energy Star states that tankless heaters save users an average of $1800 over the unit's lifespan. Installation and electricity costs may whittle those savings down to a negligible amount. Second, tankless heaters (both gas and electric) can run out of hot water more easily than standard systems. Heat pump water heaters are not as common as the units we've mentioned so far. Their function more closely resembles that of an air conditioner than a standard water heater. Heat pump water heaters pull heat from outside your home and, as the name would suggest, pumps it into the tank. According to the Department of Energy, most heat pumps are geothermal, meaning they pull heat from the ground. This method of heating water has its advantages. When it works, heat pump water boilers can be as much as 2.5 times more efficient than other methods. If you live in an area with wild temperature swings, though, there will be periods of the year when your heat pump does not work at all. Read more about why this happens here. To account for this, most people with heat pumps have an on-demand system (such as a tankless one) installed in conjunction. This on-demand system picks up the slack for your heat pump but is an added cost and an additional layer of complication for when it comes to both installing and maintaining your water heating apparatus. This is another somewhat popular option in places like Arizona, where the sun shines for much of the year. While these systems are energy efficient, there are some downsides worth mentioning. If you live in a place plagued by stretches of cloudy days, a solar heater obviously is not for you. You should also be aware of the added installation costs and potentially decreased serviceability. Solar water heaters are still somewhat of a specialty item; not every technician is going to be able to maintain them in an optimal fashion. There are also some valid debates about exactly how environmentally-friendly solar panels are. We wo not pass judgment but if you lean on the 'they are not' side, that conclusion defeats the purpose. For most people, the gas vs electric water heater debate boils down to cost and available space. While gas water heaters cost slightly more to install, the lower cost of natural gas easily makes up for this within the first year of use. Still, electric water heaters have their place. If you have a small area in which to place the heater, an electric unit is hard to beat. The same is true if your situation precludes you (either cost-wise or structure-wise) from installing the venting that a gas heater requires. Other types of water heaters (such as tankless and solar) have more specific use cases that exclude the vast majority of people. If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area and unsure of what type you require, give us a call at American Home Water and Air. We've been installing HVAC and water equipment for more than 30 years and we would be happy to lend you a hand.1. Help describing a fight scene?I am not going to write it for you but I will give you some tips: 1) If you are looking to increase the tension and pace of that scene, then you need to include short sentences. Short sentences are faster to read and add a sense of immediacy to the scene. 2) Only focus on the details that Leah would notice since it's in her point of view. She would not notice the rip in James' pants if she's focusing on the punches or the blood. So only include the details that are consistent to what that pov character would notice. Also remember, she's in the basement at night, that means it's dark and she might see things incorrectly due to shadows. (You could use this to surprise the reader. If Leah thinks it was James who hit the floor because she can not see him, the reader will think so too. But when James walks out of the shadows, Leah's relief will be shared with the reader). 3) Only include details that convey the atmosphere you are aiming for in the scene. You would not talk about the nice breeze, obviously, because it distracts from the point of the scene and gives the wrong atmospheric impression. You would describe things like the sounds of grunts, the sound of shoes scuffing on the cement floor, the shadows, clothes ripping, the smell of dirt, mildew, and sweat or blood, dust clouds being kicked up, and various other things. 4) Keep it emotional. Do not just describe a blow-by-blow account of the fight. Include Leah's monologue (thoughts), to add suspense and emotion to the scene. You would want to show her distress so as to appeal to the reader's empathy. 5) Choose your verbs carefully and avoid too many adverbs/adjectives. "Pummeled" is better than "perpetually punched" and "stumbled" is better than "walked unsteadily." You want to also make sure you name things accurately. It's not just a "water heater" but an "electric, Kenmore, water heater." Or, it's not just a "light" it's a "naked light bulb hanging from an unprotected socket with a coiled snake nest of wires stapled to the ceiling above." You need to choose the details that evoke a certain mood/imagery. Good luck.2. Why Tankless water heater is not producing hot water?I believe those are switched on by a flow-sensor, so either the sensor or the heating element has failed. If you are experienced working around electrical devices, can access the connections, and can turn off the power to the device, you should be able to check both the flow sensing switch and the heating element with an ohmmeter or a continuity tester. The switch should close (show a very low resistance - close to zero ohms, or light the test light) when the water is turned on, and the heating element should show a fairly low resistance (few tens of ohms, or light the test light) at all times.3. Hot and cold water in apartments?A boiler or water heater with a circulating pump
The Boy and the Dyke
I feel like the boy with a hole in the dyke. Sure, the grass was long near the water tank. And yes, I was a bit close with the brush cutter. But I couldn't have been that close. Could IThe thing is, when you've 4000 litres of water held in a corrugated iron water tank - the only source of water for your pigs, for the cow when she spends the night in the barnyard, for sprouting barley and all those other outdoor, essential chores - you feel mightily dumb when two water spouts appear, within centimetres of the bottom of the tank after meandering past with the brush cutter. To be honest, I wasn't even using a blade. Just a plastic bit called a 'weed whacker' that does brilliantly at keeping the bracken and thistles down but not something I thought would carve through metal.All I know now is that I'm in danger of losing all the water in the tank. I press my finger to the largest hole. And it gets bigger. I try to dry the outside of the tank so I can put some gaffer tape over the hole (please, those who understand these things, don't laugh), and another hole appears further along. The reason I've got the problem, a three-hole problem now, is that this tank is rusted through. Because some of the grass is cut from around the base I can see the telltale orange spots. If I look closely, I can see water seeping from some of them. If I hadn't hit the thing with a weed whacker, a mere bump or brush or any external pressure would cause the thing to leak.Which doesn't make it any better. A new tank will be nearly two months in coming. It has to be made to size, to fit under the barn roof. In the meantime, I'll have to extend the water pipe from the pump on the dam across the creek, or continue as I have been, lugging about 120 litres a day.The water tank isn't the only thing that's leaking. So is the septic. And this, in some ways, particularly olfactory ways, is much worse. Luckily it doesn't take long for Mal's Pumping service to arrive, with an attitude not that different to Kenny's in the movie. Even the truck they bring is rather humorous. On the side it says 'yesterday's meals on wheels" and 'your business is our business". The number plate pokes fun at the gruesome task they have to undertake at every single call out: POO 003. Pumping out a septic tank is something that has to be done on occasion. Too much lamb fat down the drain, or too many 'solids", and the quicker it needs to be done, though once every five years is usual. I've become extraordinarily conscious of what I put down the drain since everything ends up in my paddocks. I've always been careful with chemicals and oil (they say 1 litre of oil can pollute 100 000 litres of water) and avoided putting them down the sink even in the city. But here, where all your drinking water flows from your gutters, and all your liquid waste ends up a few metres from the house, you gain a far higher appreciation. Mal tells me to close all the windows and stay inside while they give the tray that leads to the septic a stir and then pump out the tank. You don't have to tell me something like that twice.
Removing Algae in Your Salt Water Pool
Unfortunately, you cannot use regular cleaning processes to remove algae from your salt water pool. You need to readjust the water's chemical balance. It is true that salt water pools do not use chlorine the same way as regular, chlorinated pools. However, you can still use the same strategy in adjusting the chlorine levels. Here are the steps:What subtances, other than salt, lower water's freezing point?Just about anything that dissolved in water. Baking soda, lye, calcium chloride, ammonium sulfate, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, etcDo you like salt on your apples and on your grapefruit?I like salt on my watermellon... I like honey on my grapefruit and I like to eat mine with a spoon tooHow much salt should i add to my freshwater aquarium after water change?It's a freshwater aquarium... WHY are you adding salt is my question? You do not know how much to add, and you do not know why you are adding it.... Because someone told you to? BTW, the pleco is the one that will die first, they are very intolerant of salt in the water. IanI saw the movie Salt with Angelina Jolie can someone explain the plot in detail please?well she is a "sleeper" russian spy who is bound to "wake up" and start plotting against the US does this help?why does adding salt to ice water make beer get colder faster?DavidB is right. I would like to add a comment. When water is heated to boiling point it boils and evaporates. That phase change removes all the heat you add until the water is gone. The water never exceeds the boiling point temperature. Similarly, if you add heat to a mix of ice and water, the ice melts. That phase change removes heat so the mix will not rise above the ice-water transition temperature until the ice is gone. Once the ice is gone, the water then warms. Think Arctic Sea. To make ice, you must remove that same amount of heat. Energy is involved in the attraction of NaCl for water. The salt will pull water out of the ice phase if enough ambient energy is available, and tie up that energy in the ion-water bonding. So the temperature of the mix is lowered until there is not enough ambient energy to dissolve more salt and melt more ice. Some salts like CaCl2 have a much greater effect on temperature.So if a person is eating way too much salt, then the body fluids are imbalanced?You should not eat salt that has anti-caking agents in it. It screws with your system. It keeps the salt from dissolving properly outside AND inside your body and makes it difficult for you to eliminate it. Try sea salt or any one that does not contain it. Also it's true that you need more potassium and water, so get more(raisins have a ton of potassium in them, and fruits, berries, and coconut water hydrate you much better then water) There is also a sugar / salt balance in addition to the sodium potassium pump. Look it up. It can make you crave more sweetsSalt or sweet and whats your sign ?salt geminiWith this feed.. should I buy a salt, or mineral block?always put out both. they seemed to like the mineral betterdo goldfish like or dislike aquarium salt?A good pet store should be able to tell you. I was looking at fish this weekend and one the tags it told you the temperature of water the fish need, how big they could get, what they ate, what was needed in the water, like aquarium salt, and if they were nice or meanHow is Jadavpur University, Salt Lake Campus? Does it contain a library, gym, AC computer labs, etc? I am also preferring IT.Jadavpur University, Saltlake campus houses 5 branches of engineering. It is a moderate sized campus (I would not call it small considering that it is located in a metropolitan city not a suburb). The Jadavpur campus is often called the main campus, but that does not mean Saltlake campus is any less important. It became difficult to house so many departments in Jadavpur campus so JU moved some departments to a newer campus in saltlake. Space crunch is the only reason for the existence of saltlake campus.It has a nice library though not as big as the one in Jadavpur campus. There are many good AC computer labs in the engineering departments along with the ones in SMCC (School of Mobile Computing and Communication). There is a gym as well in the hostel.Not everyone would get a hostel room alloted as the number of rooms are limited (JU is not fully residential). The allotment depends on the distance of your home from the college and your family's annual income. Saltlake campus has single rooms unlike Jadavpur campus where students share rooms. There are many PGs near the campus so housing wo not be an issue even if you do not get a hostel room. If you are not used to staple bengali food then you might not like the food served in hostel mess. But there are many food stalls near the hostel so food should not be a big problem. There is a big cricket ground in the campus near the hostel which is the official Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) ground so you get to see many players practicing and tournaments being played. The ground is accessible to students. Since it is a relatively small campus with only 5 departments you tend to know and interact with a lot of students/staff/faculty. Saltlake campus has neighbors like NUJS, law college and NIFT, fashion technology college. It is a peaceful campus away from the hustle and bustle of the city, still close to all the malls and other places of fun.As far as the IT department is concerned, you can have a look at Abhishek Gupta's answer to What are the pros and cons of joining Jadavpur University's Information Technology (IT) department? How good are the placements?In short, JU IT is a damn good choice if you want good computer science job opportunities. It is very affordable as well (1. 2 lakhs for 4 years). The department faculty is not very good and there is a huge shortage of faculty. Peer group is good (students with good WBJEE ranks) and the coding culture in the department is getting stronger by the day. Self study is the way to go.Do not worry about the campus, saltlake wo not disappoint you. Rather think about the branch/subject you would like to study. Also, think about the other options (branches in JU or NITs/IIITs etc.) you have in your hand. Then make a decision.Good luck!How is Jadavpur University, Salt Lake Campus? Does it contain a library, gym, AC computer labs, etc? I am also preferring IT.
Adding Water to My Guppy Tank?
You need to dechlorinate any water you put in you tank before hand. This removes any harmful chlorine and heavy metals that could be lurking in the water.1. Leaking shutoff valve can this cause a brown liquid to leak from base?You will have to disconnect the "" china throne "" from the floor and move it away from the drain hole == this means that the water valve has to be shut off and the tank will need to be UN-bolted from the seatbase [[ this makes it less weight to move around ]] == before you remove the toilet go and buy the parts that are necessary to RE-NEW and bolt those things back in place == what you need can be explained by the clerk in the hardware store or the Home Depot or Lowe's or Homer's === all parts ... new floor bolts, wax ring or new style plastic and rubber flange, seal for tank to toilet base, new bolts to keep tank secured in place, new water hose if needed, and white teflon tape to seal water supply hose [[ just a couple of rounds with the teflon is sufficient ]] == video to watch ... enter this at the " Y!" top right corner of your screen . .... you need a small wrench, pliers, a scraping tool, and gloves to keep your hands clean [[ soap and water will do too ]] == clean the floor after removing the toilet base and in reverse replace the base and then reconnect tank and water pipe == bleach for the floor ONLY == I know that bleach is a cheap T-bowl cleaner but it eats the was ring SO find another cleaner for the T-bowl == get you supplies and parts 1st and then take it apart and re-new parts = it will take you a couple of hours to do all that and be careful to remember what goes where == you might get some help for a neighbor to lift the base and seat it into place [[ people are helpful if you ask them in a good way ]] .......... your new parts should cost under $20.002. Fish is on top is tank!?Maybe your other fish are picking on the carps. Or maybe there is something wrong with the water-- I mean, you have a diverse group of fishes living in one biome, basicly. They might not all like the same stuff.3. What is the damage to a solar water heater if the storage tank is empty?If there is no water in tank and borosilicate glass remains empty, then at some point of time it will absorb so much heat that would result in braking of glass tubes or improper functioning, which may lead to decrease in life of the solar water heater.What is the damage to a solar water heater if the storage tank is empty?4. FISH tank crack ??????????????????????????????your dad is wrong. you shoulda just rinsed the tank under warm water, and tanks dont neccesarily have germs when bought new. as for used tanks, yes they contain germs, thats why we have bleaching processes and salt and vinegar ways to disinfect it. as for the tank, buy a new one and make sure its appropriate for the fish your buying it for.5. Want to buy a simple fish for daughter to have? What to get and how to keep it alive?GOLDFISH.. BOWL FOR TANK, FOOD- GOLDFISH FLAKES6. Planted Tank Help?Your proposed plant package looks good, but none are tough enough to stop Silver Dollars & Leopard Ctenopoma from eating them. The cichlids may also dig & uproot the plants before the roots have a chance of being established, if it's real bad you may have to plant them in pots. Actually it does not make sense to keep any African cichlids with the rest of the gang who are mostly softwater & slightly acidic to neutral pH fish. You could have a shot at an Amazon-like biotope tank with your particular plant package & the remaining fish, even though the gouramis are not Amazon fish. Any tannins leaching from the driftwood would be perfect for an Amazon biotope
Best U.S. Water Parks: 10Best Readers' Choice Award Winners
It was a wild competition for the title of Best Water Park in 10Best's 2013 Readers' Choice awards, appropriate considering which nominee made the biggest splash in the end. Americans love, love, love their water parks, including indoor parks in winter - a surprising concept for resident of southern climes. Families across the U.S. rallied the vote for their favorite fun-filled destination, and we're happy to announce the winners.1. Splashin' Safari - Santa Claus, Ind.10Best Readers' Choice travel awards had a hot contest for Best U.S. Water Park but Holiday World's Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, Ind., came out in the #1 spot. This safari-themed water park features Mammoth and Wildebeest, the world's longest and second-longest water coasters. Readers of 10Best and USA TODAY are obviously big fans of both!2. Schlitterbahn - New Braunfels, TexasNothing beats the heat of a Texas summer like a day at Schlitterbahn near San Antonio, the runner-up in our Readers' Choice Awards for Best American Water Park. At this popular water park between Austin and San Antonio, patrons cool off with three miles of tubing, three uphill water slides and The Falls, the world's longest water-park ride.3. Noah's Ark - Wisconsin Dells, Wis.Wisconsin Dells is the "Water Park Capital of the World," so it's no surprise that Noah's Ark earned the No. 3 spot. With more than 60 different water-based activities, including a four-lane mat racing ride, there's something for the whole family.4. Great Wolf Lodge - Williamsburg, Va.The 10Best Readers' Choice fourth-place finisher, Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg is also the only exclusively indoor water park to make the Top 10. Even in the heart of winter, this splash-filled space maintains a pleasant 84-degree temperature for a slice of summer all year long.5. Wilderness Territory - Wisconsin Dells, Wis.Rounding out the Top Five is Wilderness Territory, another Wisconsin Dells favorite with not one, but eight indoor and outdoor water parks. If you want to catch a wave in the country's largest indoor wave pool, this is the place to do it.6. Water World - Denver, Colo.Just outside of Denver is where you'll find our sixth-place finisher, Water World. The park offers 49 attractions spread across 64 acres, including the Mile High Flyer, a "hydromagnetic" water coaster perfect for the thrill-seeking guest.7. Water Country - Williamsburg, Va.Coming in at No. 7 is Williamsburg, Va.'s family-favorite Water Country USA, with more than 30 rides and attractions. Adrenaline junkies love Vanish Point, a pair of near-vertical body slides where the ground literally drops from beneath you.8. Raging Waters - San Dimas, Calif.Our eighth-place water park, Raging Waters in San Dimas, Calif., is the only West Coast park to make the Top 10. This SoCal favorite is popular with families for its 30,000-square-foot Kids Kingdom with rides and attractions dedicated to the little ones.9. White Water Park - Branson, Mo.Silver Dollar City's sister park, White Water, comes in ninth place, thanks to its 13 acres of rides, attractions and entertainment. In the summer months, guests can watch movies in the wave pool or take on water slides until 10 p.m.10. Wet 'n Wild Emerald Point - Greensboro, N.C.Rounding out the Top 10 winners, Wet 'n Wild Emerald Pointe, in Greensboro, N.C., entertains with thrilling 40 mph tube slides, an 84-foot wide wave pool, relaxing private cabanas and the adrenaline-pumping Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror, a ride that sends guests on a high-speed, 360-degree spin.Be sure to check out which other Readers Choice' contest categories are LIVE right now. We have four contest categories going at all times, and a new winner is announced each and every Wednesday at noon.
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