Is Air Conditioning Required in Riverside, CA?

Is AC included in your lease? If so, the landlord has 30 days to repair. If not, CA law does not require the landlord to supply or repair the AC. It's considered an amenity under CA law.

1. Is air-conditioning considered a luxury in Indonesia and Sri Lanka?

For personal homes, it's a luxury indeed. Purchase, maintenance, and running cost of an air conditioning machine is outside the budget limit an average Sri Lankan can allocate for such non-necessary product.As for hotels, they separate rooms as "AC" and "Non-AC" because not having an AC on will reduce the electricity usage for rooms, and they can offer those relatively low cost rooms for low-budget travellers. Most travellers to SL are under a low budget. Is air-conditioning considered a luxury in Indonesia and Sri Lanka?

2. Did world war 2 tanks (such as the panzerIv) have air conditioning and heating?

No. The expected life of the tank was too short for such luxeries

3. Why are air conditioning repairs on cars so expensive?

The compressor can cause the system to get debris in the whole system and has to be flushed and the dryer has to be replaced, plus its in a bad place on the car thats the labor cost are high

4. Tenant left home air conditioning air return filter off for months.?

Clean the FURNACE. Not the ducts. The ducts are not "dirty"

5. does a a/c condensation hose on a home air conditioning unit have to face up for some reason?

HVAC Tech.: Why not run it over to the condenser and let the cold water runoff help to cool the coil there if it drizzles down the coil most of it will evaporate and the unit will operate a little more efficiently. The opening is turned up to form something like a "P" trap so that bugs wo not go into it and to prevent hot air from being sucked up it into the cool air stream. Hope that helps!

6. does anyone know anything about the air conditioning on a mercedes benz?

I do not know anything specifically about the Benz model you are asking about, but I will say this. If you take the car in to get the A/C checked, and there is a leak in the circuit somewhere, the mechanic is required by law to not refill the A/C system until the leak is resolved. Most places charge about $50 to check your A/C.

7. Air conditioning wire torn by a weed eater please help!?

That sounds like a thermostat wire. If so, it is probably low voltage 24 volts or so. If it is cut completely off it should be replaced completely. You will need to find both ends, buy another wire of the same length and guage and replace it exactly the same as the existing one. Be sure to cut the power to the unit before starting any repair. Alternatively, (or if you have ANY doubts) call a service technician or licensed electrician.

8. How to locate air conditioning ducts in drywall ceiling?

I will assume that you cannot get the workers back out (or that you do not want them to return). You should be able to see them in your attic

9. Keeping cool without air conditioning?

in case you are able to pull the nice and comfortable air up in the process the ceiling, into the attic and out, that could desire to help. total dwelling house followers have the louvered placing out on the optimal ceiling or greater in many cases on the stunning of the stairway. Then there's a fan interior the attic. The louvers open, the fan sucks the nice and comfortable air from the dwelling house, into the attic and out of doors. Down stairs, interior the backside element to the dwelling house you open some window to attraction to cooler air. on the least you are able to have supplemental attic ventilation extremely in such an older dwelling house. greater moderen dwelling house are shifting to a distinctive gadget altogether

10. How is the Air Conditioning wiring supposed to connect to my furnace?

Wire colors with HVAC wiring are non-standardized, so the colors themselves do not help much.Your furance/air handler should have a control board with terminals labelled R, W, Y, G and C. There should be an existing wire that connects to all of these (though maybe not C) that goes to your thermostat. If anything is different in your setup, please update your question with a picture explaining, do not just wire it as I described or you may damage something.The A/C unit wires connects to Y and C (usually white on C, but it does not really matter). For reference:Since this happens a lot, I would also highly recommend putting some mechanical protection on this wire. Since it's already disconnected, it should be easy to fish through now.Some flexible ENT tubing might be the easiest option:1/2" rigid PVC conduit could also work, you can get elbows and other connectors. All of this should be available at your local electrical / big-box hardware store.

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