If Your 1300 Square Foot One-story Brick House Has a Gas Furnace and Central Air Conditioning, and Y

heat pumps are only feasable in southern United States. anything north of say Alabama is a waste

1. why are they called air conditioning "packs"?

I do not know. Could it be that they are preassembled components that can just be swapped out if something goes wrong instead putting the pieces together one by one. I wonder, too

2. Air conditioning: Like it or hate it?

I love AC! I would not be able to live without it, during the Summer some days are over 100 degrees!

3. How old can a Central Air Conditioning unit be and still be sold as a "new" system w/o informing the buyer?

Did you sneak into my abode and thieve my banana cake? If bitter woman is familiar with some thing, she greater advantageous tell me... to respond to your question, i've got self belief "c" is the main suitable determination. that is significant to enable every person else be conscious of how plenty greater advantageous than her you are , so an e mail would not be adequate. in spite of the undeniable fact that, you will would desire to deliver the followup e mail because of the fact she frequently would not care adequate to take time to respond to questions approximately her except you yell at her first

4. Taj Mahal questions?It is said that this monument has natural air conditioning system?

Do pay attention to the way water is being drawn into the building.If they can have such complex system of engineering,a circulation for air,is definitely not difficult Fact of the Taj Mahal - the Water Engineering Feat Water for the Taj Mahal was provided through a complex infrastructure. Water was drawn from the river by a series of purs, an animal-powered rope and bucket mechanism. The water flowed into a large storage tank, where, by thirteen additional purs, it was raised to large distribution tank above the Taj Mahal ground level. From this distribution tank, water passed into three subsidiary tanks, from which it was piped to the complex. An earthenware pipe 25cm in diameter lies about 1.5 m below the surface, and in line with the main walkway. This filled the main pools of the complex. Additional copper pipes supplied the fountains in the north-south canal. Subsidiary channels were dug to irrigate the entire garden. The fountain pipes were not connected directly to the feed pipes. Instead, a copper pot was provided under each fountain pipe: water filled the pots allowing equal pressure in each fountain - another fascinating construction fact of the Taj Mahal.

5. does central air conditioning pull in air from outside?

No. Central Air conditioning re-cycles the air within your house. There is an outside unit shaped like a box that has a fan in it. But that fan is circulating outside air around a condensing system. That air never enters your house. This condensing unit is pumping coolant into a coil that is located in your AC duct work (usually right above the furnace). The coil serves to remove humidity from the air in your house, thereby cooling it. You can have add-on system capabilities that exchange air with the outside, but these are rare.

6. HELP!!! my air conditioning isn't working it's 92 degrees (Fahrenheit)?

Even if your horse is in good physical condition I would be still very careful and keep it slow, take advantage of any shade you come across. Do not need to be cowboying in this kind of weather. I live in Georgia where it is around the same kind of weather. I've actually seen horses that have gone down being ridden in this kind of weather (of course those particular horses were not in the best shape to begin with.) I just do not ride much in June, July and August when the worst of the heat and humidity are happening around here. If I do ride I plan my rides for earlier in the day.

7. What design data is used for indoor air conditioning?

There are two approaches. The first is to calculate the overall heat load expected, such as sun through the windows, attic heating up, walls heating up, people adding heat, possibly cooking for other heat generation. Then, determine the size of air conditioner needed to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level, with some margin to allow for unusual conditions. That would be the analytical way.The more common way, is "more is better". Put in the highest capacity device you can manage. It's like swatting a fly with a sledge hammer. Not too efficient, but it gets the job done

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