If You Use Bottles of Betta Water, Should You still Add Drops of Water Conditioner to the Tank?

Haha, "betta water" is pretty much a scam. The only reason people actually buy it is because most keep their betta fish in outrageously tiny tanks. If you had to buy larger amounts of say "koi water" or something, nobody would pay a cent for it :p You can use the same water you use with any fish, and simply treat it depending on what type of water you have. ALWAYS treat your water. Even bottled water packaged for fish will be stored in BPA plastic containers. I have also seen them advertising unnecessary elements like "oxygenation" which bettas do not need...

1. What is the chemical formula of hard water?

There's no formula for hard water. It's just H_2O with Ca^2, Mg^2, and Fe^2 ions in it. Basically it's just water that's really high in minerals and ions. I've done an experiment for my analytical chemistry class where we've detected the "hardness"/calcium content of water with an EDTA titration. There are more sophisticated ways of detecting though

2. tap/filtered water or bottled?

All of them. water is water to me

3. Turn off hot water without hot water valve

I had this with a previous house. I've also had a house where in spite of having a hot water shut-off, the valve was leaky and was mainly only useful for damage limitation. The solution is pretty simple - turn off the cold water inlet and drain down the entire system, hot and cold.This will be time-consuming with the heater in the basement, of course. Drain the pipes at ground level first, as best you can. Start by opening all taps/faucets. After that, if there is a suitable drain valve and hose connector then use that to drain down the remainder of the contents of above-ground pipes. Finally you will have to drain the pipes in the basement into buckets. If you have a suitable pump then you may be able to just drain into a bucket and have it pumped out for you. (Since this is likely to happen again in future, I suggest investing in a pump would be a very good idea.) If not, you will just have to get several buckets and bucket-brigade the water out of the basement. If you can guarantee to have the fix completed quickly, then a pipe freezing kit (such as this one for example) can shut off water in a pipe temporarily by creating a frozen "plug". These kits are great for professionals who can get the job done rapidly and have all the right tools and parts to hand. As a DIYer though, you can usually expect jobs to take longer than you expected. I would 100% recommend not using a pipe freezer for any repairs you will be doing, because there is an extremely high risk of the pipe unfreezing while you are working and filling your basement with a couple of inches of water! Do it the safe way instead, and drain the system down. It's much better to regret a bit of time and some aching muscles than to regret Katrina-style flood damage

4. Are there any ways to make water taste better?

Hey, well fill a bottle or jug of water up and add some mint leaves. Then put it in the fridge and wait till it goes cold. This taste great and nice and refreshing. I love the taste. Anyway Good luck I hope this helped

5. how to force myself to drink more water?

I did not know robots need water lol , but if u can not drink water there's always gatorade or powerade it has water in it and gives u energy

6. Plumbing Experts: Why does cold water come out of hot water tap at first?

The answer is very simple. The factors are the length of the pipe from the hot water tank to your faucet, the water pressure, the diameter of the pipe, the amount of water you release from your faucet, the ambient temperature of the area around the pipes. The longer it sits idle in the pipe, the longer time it has to give up it's heat to its surrounding environment. In the morning, when you first turn on the faucet, it is at it's coldest. Why? It's been sitting idle in the pipe the whole night. Since most hot water tanks are in the basement, in the winter, it can get very cold in the basement. If your pipes are not insulated, it will take less time to reach a state of EQUILIBRIUM with the ambient temperature of its surrounding. Meaning if it's 50 degrees in your basement, your pipe and water will eventually reach 50 degrees equilibrium to the surrounding temperature. The length and the diameter of the pipe factors in the surface area for the pipe to release it's heat energy. The longer and wider the pipe, the greater the surface area to release heat. Remember, heat will alway travel from areas of hot to cold. Excited molecules need to find an equilibrium, so they release their energy(heat) to other molecules that are less excited (the colder air molecules). Now, it's the morning, and you turn on you are hot water faucet. If your faucet is a short distance from the hot water tank, it should not take long for the hot water to reach you, but if the pressure is low, then it takes longer. If you do not like to wait, and you own the house, or have access to the pipes and hot water tank, insulate the pipes with foam insulation, and wrap it with aluminum foil. The thicker the foam, the better the insulation. This solves your radiant heat loss, and slows down your conductive heat loss. Now if you have an air leak in the basement where outside air is blowing in, you have convection. Seal the leak, and you eliminate convection, but if someone simply walks by a pipe and stirs up the air, that's also convection. But it wo not affect the insulated pipes much. Wrap a fire rated insulated hot water tank cover around the hot water tank (usually a fiberglass insulation sandwiched in reflective barrier). This step does not really affect the time it takes for your hot water to reach you, but it will save you a lot in your energy bill. It adds insulation to your hot water tank, so it retains its heat longer, thus reducing the frequency the tank must fire up to maintain the preset desired water temperature. Hope this answers your question

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