If the Flash and Green Arrow Fought, Who Would Win?

I love FLASH and the ARROW. Flash has got super powers while arrow has got super accuracy and experience. Arrow has gone through a lot and he knows everything. Once flash and arrow fought which ended in a tie match. Flash always needs his team(as in tv series) for assistance whereas Arrow can handle things alone. Arrow does not have superpowers, but knows how well to use his skills. When it comes to Flash, he makes mistakes while fighting. Arrow uses presence of mind to win any war and is always prepared even for the worst.When this two superheroes fight, obviously Flash would have greater chances to win as his speed says it all. But, The Green Arrow can defeat him by using his experience and great strategies. Flash must insist on using his brain and not just speed for fights. Ultimately, the Green Arrow has greater chances of winning!!!

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What is the best use of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" in a movie?

"Immigrant Song" was used as the background music of "Thor: Ragnarok"(2017). The song, which appeared during the two major wars, also set the tone for the whole movie. The director began communicating with the Led Zeppelin on copyright issues as early as 2015. Thanks to the fact that they all like the song very much, they think it is very suitable for Thor 3. It is said Disney ended up paying $4.9 million for the song (the trailer was made for a total of $5 million). Thor is one of the gods of Nordic mythology, and the Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" also originated in Northern Europe. The song was inspired by Nordic mythology. The band wrote the classic song during their 1970 Icelandic performing tour. In Thor: Ragnarok, the song is used in the scene of a battle between Thor and Hela, the god of death. This is very appropriate, and it is not too much to think of it as Thor's exclusive song


Is the economy as robust as all that when real wages haven't changed much since 1970?

The Western World, the U.K. and America especially,in general has changed from an industrial manufacturing economy to a service financial sector economy, with this comes a lot more unskilled, semi skilled jobs which have low productivity and low wages. Of course at the other end of service economy there is well paid jobs but pay gap is wide. During the industrial era with more unionised workers, they were able to get a better share of the profits their respective firms made. Also the governments taxed companies and the rich more and this also helped with the redistribution of wealth. Now with corporate and individual taxes a lot lower than before the governments are running bigger deficits to maintain the same services they did previously. The low paid are doing the same, running up debts and working 2 jobs to try and survive. The privatisation of the utilities has reduced the wealth of the nation and has passed public wealth into the hands of the 0.1%


Can the people of Delhi testify about AAP and its work? How is it different from previous governments?

What I wanted from my leader was good intentions and Kejriwal has it more than anyone today in our political system.

As I had lived most of my life in NDMC area I never faced any road or water or electricity problems.

But two years ago after my fathers retirement we shifted to Okhla. The first year was unbearable for me and my family. The roads were throughout damaged and long power cuts at summer time. After Kejriwal became CM that is from this year the usual power cuts are now nomore. We are very happy as now we can sleep carefree. Also the roads have been repaired and centralized drainage system has been installed. As for the auto rickshaws they were nuisance before and are nuisance still.

I dont have to say anything about bribery, do I??? U0001f600

Overall within 4 months AAP has achieved alot and I would rate them 4.5 out of 5.


Why did Rap music become Hip-Hop?

It didn't. Rap IS Hip-Hop. While they are not one and the same, one is from the other. Hip-Hop is the culture that is based on "4 Pillars"; (Break) Dancing ; Graffiti; Beatboxing; Rhyming. When Beatboxing and Rhyming were put together, RAP was formed. Some will try to say that RAP is an acronym for "Rhyme And Poetry". It is not. It was first called "Rapping" because "to wrap" was another way to say gossiping or "catching up with friends". It really ALL started with the DJs (Disc Jockies) talking to the crowds at parties ( THINK: Throw ya hands in the air, Wave'em like you just don't care). Then the DJ's started getting MC's (Master of Ceremonies) involved. It eventually evolved and gained enough traction to get a few songs on the Radio in the 80's. By the 90's, there were whole stations devoted to HIP HOP Music. So you see, RAP is Hip-Hop music, but not all Hip-Hop music is RAP


What are some examples of great questions to fuel up a conversation with someone?

Better than "So, . . . what do you do?"

I take it we're not talking about starting a conversation here. We're talking about moving from chit-chat to something more interesting. The most common segue is to ask someone what they do for a living. But when you ask someone what they do for a living these days, you're more likely to turn the conversation negative than positive. Many people are unemployed. And many of those who have jobs are working for slave wages doing something that does nothing for their sense of autonomy, competence or relationships with others. "So, what do you do for a living?" is often met with "You know, living the dream." dripping with sarcasmI don't ask that question anymore, but jump right to one of the questions that would naturally come next if they had a dream job:What are your current projects?What are you especially good at?Who is a role model for you?How are you making the world a better place?


Is this painting of Lord Krishna obscene or is it freedom of expression?

Not everyone with surname Hussain makes a painting worthy of a controversy.

Just look at the painting again --

1. look at the neck of the girl to the left of the blue-body-pale-face-man

2.now try to assess the distribution of shades, you will know that light goes off unrealistically to show unnecessary cleavage.

3. The size of thigh of the girl to the right of the "krishna" is too inappropriately huge to ignore.Now decide whether the art expressed by the painting is worthy of any discussion or not.Chillax guys, let this painter draw much more such paintings, he is currently doing pretty bad, at least he will do something better after such practice. As far as painting obscene Krishna is concerned, if Krishna if God he doesn't need our help to protect His sanctity. Even as a non-believer Hindu, I would personally not like mocking the heritage, but if the joke is poor, I can't stop laughing at the joker.


What's the deal with LED bulbs? They say they last for decades but seem to begin getting dim after a year or so.

Hi John.Maintaining lumen output with LEDs requires good lamp design. Not all LED lamps are created with adequate heat dissipation. The cheaper LED strips often make no provisions for it. The best ones can last for 50,000 hours or more. The cheaper ones suffer from heat degradation (resulting in lumen depreciation) in a few hundred hours.Lumen depreciation is common over time with any LED (and all fluorescent lamps too), but the standard is that after the output drops below 70% of the initial output, the lamp is considered dead - even if it still glows. This is know as an L-70 standard.

Early LED retrofit lamps were not intended for enclosed light fixture because they couldnt keep cool enough without open ventilation. So if your lamp was in a sealed fixture, that could explain the early failure.Dont give up on LED lamps. Theyre the best efficient light source available today, but nothing is perfect.

I hope that helps!.


Battlecrusiers were designed to defeat battleships using speed and range. Did they ever successfully execute this mission?

Battlecruisers were not designed to defeat batleships, unless they were inferior vessels, such as the pre-dreadnoughts possessed by most navies at the start of World War One.The Battle of the Falklands in 1914, when British battlecruisers despatched the slower, lesser armed armoured cruisers of von Spee, was the only engagement when they came into their own, although they were used as the spearhead of later fleet engagements later because of their speed. Most w ere scrapped or converted into carriers at the end of WW1.

Britain retained three such ships, but the Hood vs Bismarck engagement in 1941 must have swept aside any doubts as to their vulnerability, and the concept of the battlecruiser had, by then died a death, although the US Navys Alaska class ships, which were battlecruisers in all but name, appeared in 1944. However, they were never called up on to act as anything other than AA protection for the US carriers


What is the biggest failure of American conservatism?

It is very clearly that the Republican party was unable to field any candidate able to beat Trump in the primaries.What kind of abject failure is that!A dishonest, ignorant, narcissist, (with no history of any public service or sense of the common good and with a track record of sexual assault, believing in conspiracy theories and pursuing a racist vendetta against the President of the United States), who was condemned by every thinking member of the senior Republican Party by March 2016 nonetheless beat every one of them to the nomination - so much so that afterwards they each fell to their knees to give him pleasure.How humiliating is that!So humiliating, I would suggest, that each of them should be too ashamed to run for public office again.

The biggest failure of American conservatism was being too weak to outpace Trump in an election.Shocking and pathetic at the same time


Why does Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi command popularity in the Islamic Ummah?

Al-Baghdadi is NOT generally popular in the Ummah. He and other terrorist leaders are popular among a relative few Muslims because those relative few Muslims sympathize with Baghdadis and other terrorist leaders views and goals and have no objection to committing atrocities and terrorist attacks in pursuit of those views and goals.We should not assume that al-Baghdadi was popular even among Iraqi Sunnis who became oppressed by the al-Maliki Shiite regime. Some dispossessed Iraqi Sunnis joined ISIS but most simply failed to fight against ISIS because they had no reason to be loyal to the Iraqi government. Others joined ISIS because they needed the paycheck and/or were terribly afraid of what ISIS might do to themselves and their families if they didnt.But, no, Al-Baghdadi was not popular except among the psychopathic few. So far it looks like Iraqi Sunnis who lived under ISIS and survived to be liberated are extremely glad to be rid of ISIS/Baghdadi


Given that the Sorting Hat takes into account one's choice, why didn't Snape choose to be sorted into Gryffindor once he saw Lily being sorted?

Because he didn't want to have to share a dormitory with the two boys who had already started bullying him on the train - just as Harry rejected Slytherin partly because he didn't want to share a bedroom for seven years with Draco.Also, Severus wants to be a Slytherin yet he doesn't know much about it, since he doesn't know that at that time it was unlikely that a Muggle-born would be Sorted into Slytherin. My guess is that Eileen was probably a Ravenclaw, and that Severus had already showed signs of talent, especially in potions, and Eileen had told him that the Head of House for Slytherin was a potions expert who would talent-scout any child who showed great promise even if they were ugly little working-class brats like him - but didn't know enough about Slughorn to know that he had no house-prejudice and would collect promising students whatever house they were in.

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Intel Revealed That It Will Launch a New Generation of Core X Series Processor This Fall
Intel today officially announced the 10th generation core mobile processor of 10nm ice lake, the next generation Athena notebook, as well as new Borui and Xeon products, which are quite rich.During his speech, Gregory Bryant, senior vice president of Intel and general manager of client computing division, also revealed that a new generation of core X Series fever processors will be launched this autumn, covering core i9 extreme, core i9 x, Core i7 X and core i5 X.Intel said that the new core X series is for high-end creators, will provide higher frequency and memory speed, and will upgrade the dynamic acceleration technology of core Max 3.0.Intel's current ninth generation core X series is derived from the server-side first generation scalable Xeon (skylake SP), and the next generation must come from the second generation scalable Xeon (cascade Lake SP). The latter is still a 14nm process and skylake architecture, with a maximum of 28 cores (dual core package 56 cores). The main changes include increasing CPU frequency, expanding cache capacity, increasing memory frequency Support aoteng persistent memory, enhanced vulnerability patch, new avx-512 vnni instruction set and dlboost machine learning acceleration.The new core x will certainly continue most of the enhancements, but up to 18 cores have been for two consecutive generations. I don't know if it will be released this time? After all, the mainstream Raptors next door have achieved 12 cores and are beginning to take the fever core i7-9920x as their opponents.As for the REMAX Max 3.0, based on the traditional REMAX acceleration, it automatically identifies one or more cores with the best physique and further accelerates when the power consumption, temperature and heat allow. For example, the 18 core flagship core i9-9980x normally has a maximum REMAX acceleration of 4.4ghz, while the REMAX Max 3.0 can reach 4.5ghz.Acer boxx host with built-in core x
Red LED Lighting Up on Roku Express
A special gadget which is the best to stream your favorite contents is none other than the Roku Express. Though it has many pros, there are some little shallows while setting up the Roku device setup. If you have any issue, you can just make use of the troubleshooting tips that are specified on our website.The usual issue that most of the Roku users is so fretful about, when the LED lights up or solid on the Roku Express or Express. The error is not ordinary, but if it happens you should definitely accomplish something to get rid of it. Don't worry, the easiest way to eradicate the problem is given below. All you have to do is, tag along with them in a correct method and finish the troubleshooting securely. Let's move on to the error elimination process.CausesEnough power supply will help you a better functioning of the Roku device, so it's important to check the power source.power shortage will pave way to the red light flashing error. You can check out some of the steps that will eliminate the error. Continue reading to know more about the troubleshooting.· Initially, find out whether you have hooked up on a proper power adapter. If you are using the surge protector or power strip, then you probably have to move with other alternatives.· Overheating is one of the prominent reasons for this error. You have to power cycle all the devices like Roku, your television and more.· If you discover the LED light is solid, overheating is the reason. Switch off the device first and keep it in an idle mode. Rebooting the gadget should be done after some time.· This problem can be prevented simply if you follow the setup mentioned here.For furthermore instructions, you can just call@ 1-866-488-8350 or visit Roku.com/link our technical support team will guide you further·RELATED QUESTIONWere can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project?If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance.You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your home's external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, it's significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes?Outdoor LED lightingmay be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lighting's LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient.Whatever options you settle on, you're sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
Best Outdoor LED Flood Light for Overnight Use
Floodlights are the most ideal lights to have for outdoors. These are durable, bright, and very good for both security and visibility. Of course, it's not so simple to choose the best outdoor LED floodlight. There are so many brands telling you that they have the best outdoor LED flood light bulbs. But with all the different brands with different sales pitches, which ones really are the best? Well, one way to find out is to read the best outdoor flood light reviews. However, these reviews tend to have too many products to choose from. That's why we will simplify things by giving you just 3 of the best LED outdoor flood lights with motion sensor and leaving a buying guide so that you can choose among the three. Before anything else, let's start with the buying guide. The buying guide is used to narrow down your choices to the one that suits your tastes and needs. You see, each has its own set of unique features and benefits. In order to get the one that you need the most, you need to take into consideration these features and align them with the factors that we will provide below: First of all, we need to consider the light strength. This is usually measured by lumens or wattage. However, it's more accurate to use lumens as our gauge because lumens measure luminous flux while wattage measures the energy that goes into the bulb. For outdoor lights, we prefer to have something that's over 10000 lumens. That way, you can be sure of very high light strength. The Brightest outdoor flood lights can reach even higher than 13000 lumens. You can use that as your reference. Another thing to take note of is the wattage. Always remember that LED wattage is different from halogen wattage, so you need to note the wattage to know what is compatible. For example, if you have been using something like a 200w halogen light, you need to replace it with a LED light that is actually compatible. In this case, you need to switch it up with a 40w LED bulb. You need to do your research on wattage and compatibility. If you were to ask us what the best wattage for outdoor LED flood lights is, we would probably tell you to look for a 150w LED light. You must also take note of the material that's being used to make your light. You need to make sure that it is made out of at least an IP65 material. But if you can find something that has a higher rating of something like IP66 or higher, then that's even better. That way, you can be sure that it wo not get much damage whenever it is out in the rain. Finally, you may also want to take into consideration the entire lifespan of the LED bulb. In general, LED lights are known to have very long lifespans as compared to halogen bulbs. It's not that uncommon to have a LED light that can last for around 50,000 hours in total. But maybe a bare minimum to look for is 30,000 hours. If you can find something higher (or even higher than 50,000 hours), then that's even better. This is definitely one of the most convenient floodlights to use. It is very easy to install and has 3 modes for you to work with. Its motion detector has a 1-minute mode, 5-minute mode, and a 10-minute mode. Lastly, its motion detector works to up to a 49 feet distance meaning it can sense you even though you are quite far. This is also one of the more affordable lights. If you are after LED outdoor flood lights best price, consider this one. Able to detect motion from up to 49 feet in distance Has an IP65 material rating making it waterproof Has 3 modes that you can choose from Very easy and quick to install Has a rather low lumen count for an outdoor floodlight Out of the three choices, this one somehow has the widest degree pivoting ability. This allows you to cover all sides and angles of your outdoors. To be specific, it has a 330-degree pivot with a U-shaped design for pivoting up and down to up to 180 degrees. Other than that, you will also like that this light is totally durable being made out of IP66 rated material. 330-degree side to side pivot and 180 degree up and down pivot Tends to flicker quite a lot When it comes to raw power, then we would say this is the one that you need to look at. That's because it has a total of 14500 lumens- more powerful than the other choices we've discussed. In fact, this light has the ability to reach up to 15000 lumens in its strongest mode. Other than that, it has a 50000-hour lifespan, has an automatic potting feature, and air vent plug. Has a lumen count of up to 15000 lumens at full power Has a heat sink for ensuring the light wo not overheat Can save up to 85% of your bill Does not have that long of a shelf life With this list of the best outdoor LED flood lights, you are now ready to make your choice. The three choices you have under your belt and the buying guide you possess allows you to make the right choice when buying your flood light. So, now's the time to go to your nearest store or shop online for the best outdoor LED floodlights based on what you need.1. How can you get an outside flood light that has broken off at the base out of the socket to put a new one in?turn off all power...cut a potato in half and try to push it onto the broken bulb and twist if this does not work use some pliers to remove it2. can i use a flood light for an iguana?No, that will be to hot.Bulbs for reptile are usually 5$ - 10$. Get one that is made for reptiles.3. Is your life guided by a flashlight or a flood light?flashlight, no i do not see the big picture yet
Motorcycle LED Lights?
Would depend on the application. Specify the application, but you will be limited to white/red on front/rear. No blue or flashing blue or amber/orange/red anywhere.1. Is this a case for the US led invasion of India?but do they have oil?2. Circuit to light up an LED with a potentiometersimulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabFigure 1. A crude but simple solution.How it works:Figure 2. The results of a simulation as R3 is adjusted from min to max3. What led to the decline of Tiki-taka?From what I've been able to gather, injuries have led to key setbacks as has a change in defensive strategy. I need a sidebar for just a moment though.Sidebar- tiki taka lends itself most naturally to a team of small athletic guys who are elite passers and excellent with ball control on their feet. Teams with high levels of skill can be outmuscled in certain situations, and the tiki taka style minimizes those situations. It can, however, lead to a situation where possession time is dominated but quality chances do not come of it. That happens when Every Single Player functions as part of a free flowing midfield and there are no true attackers, and I am talking about stone cold assassins that you need to double-mark every minute of every game. Definitely think of Messi here, and his injuries have been crucial to the storyline. Tiki taka is not dead though, you just need the right personnel you need to have true attackers. It also helps if you can have a couple of big guys on the field for defensive purposes and so you can selectively create outmuscling situations to your advantage, it helps when you can do more than just one thing even if most of your team spends most of its time doing this one thing. The other aspect is tactics. Patient defenses and creative formations have led to situations where possession is funnelled either to the sidelines or to the middle of the field, and these strategies are always characterized by a zone defense mentality where each player has certain defensive responsibilities for a piece of turf more so than for marking certain players. These strategies have come far enough that tiki taka strategists are forced to be good at something else too, and that adaptability can certainly happen but it has not happened effectively yet.Tiki taka requires a certain skill set that causes its adoption to have a high barrier of entry, not many teams are capable of carrying it off well. But I do think it will continue to be a project carried on by the very best programs in the world, while they work on being a bit more adaptable with formations and strategy. And then, especially in pro leagues, they will slightly adjust the composition of specialty skills that are required in order to have a more diversified and potent attack.Tiki taka is not over, it's just in a rebuilding phase. It's also quite possible that some teams outside of Spain will have some success with adapting the strategy and making it a little better than it was4. What is the formula of led carbonate?In lead carbonate lead is in 2 oxidation state therefore it's formula isPbCo35. iBuyPower LED lights not on?Check if there is led controller button on the case6. Where to buy individual LED lights?Dealextreme.com.. You can not find any cheaper7. Who led the British Army during the Battle of Waterloo?General Authur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington. He is one of the very few generals to beat Napoleon and is rumored to have never lost a battle8. What led to the downfall of Britney Spears?It really pains me when I talk about such topics,of how young talented people,with hope and dreams are thrown into the limelight and turned into cash churning machines of the Hollywood royalties. Time and again people have talked about the dark side of hollywood. In todays world being a teenager in itself is a daunting task,imagine being 16 and having people stalk you,having people interfere with your every single decision and having to deal with criticisms that even grown ups find hard to cope with. Fame is like a drug and if not careful,it can throw a person out of balance.Everything from the dress Britney wears to who she hangs out with to who she broke up with turned into a topic of national interest.Even when Britney was going through one of the most difficult times of her life,the media turned it into a celebration,pointing out her flaws,telling how she 'went crazy during a interview' or how she 'cheated on her boyfriend' or 'how she lashed out at a fan' and such. She was simply having a tough time,but it was made into something else by the media.I am not completely blaming the media for what happened,because when you sign up for stardom,you are agreeing to accept the good,bad and the ugly.But Britney was still very young,with nobody to guide her,stuck with people awaiting an opportunity to exploit her. And as for her music,I think it's an observed pattern that the popularity of stars like Britney,Gaga etc start waning after a while simply because what attracts the crowd to such artists in the first place is the fact that they are different from the rest,there is something very unique about them.But after a while this excitement dies down and it reduces the artist's popularity.However,I think Britney Spears is a very talented artist. Remember when "Ooops. ..I did It Again" came out and how she took the whole world by storm?.She may not be as popular as she was 10 years ago,but she is still as talented and as beautiful,and if she puts her mind into it,she can do it again ;)
What Is This so Called "Dry Mode" in Air Conditioner?
An air conditioner (AC) is used to reduce the temperature of the air. A compressed refrigerant is decompressed, which lowers the temperature. Air is forced through the coils containing this cold refrigerant. Next, the refrigerant is compressed again on the other side of the AC (towards outside). These coils become hot. Air is forced through them to cool off the hot refrigerant and the process starts all over again1. air conditioner mounted on side?If the air conditioner is horizontal in size and the window is vertical, do NOT put the air conditioner in the window sideways no matter what. Doing this would cause damage to the unit, and my void the warranty2. Specifications of my air conditioner?sounds like a 2 and a half ton unit, should handle up to 2200 sq feet if operating correctly3. air conditioner keeps blowing breaker?Larger air conditioner are required to be on a dedicated circuit. That means one breaker,one wire,one AC. If the breaker keeps blowing you are causing an overload on that circuit. You may be able to unplug something else and stop this. The breaker is working properly and keeping you from burning down the house. I would call a licensed qualified electrician and have him run a dedicated circuit to any window units. Just because the plug fits in any outlet does not mean it should be plugged int it.4. air conditioner only cools when the car is moving?Not knowing what the make of your car is, best guess, it could be the condensor in front of the rad is plugged with bugs and dirt, if this is the cause get out the garden hose and wash away the debris, other possible problems, low charge, not quite as likely, if your car has a high pressure switch any deris in the rad would stop air flow, raise the pressure in the sysem and shut off your compressor until the pressure drops to a safe level, in which case the first suggestion will help, if you have an electric fan does that run when the ac is turned on5. Is it possible to install an air conditioner in a '77 Chevy Nova?in case you get a window air conditioner a 5,000 BTU one might desire to artwork (approximately $200) you will want a ability inverter (approximately $25) to run the 120volts you will want. Use a point and confirm that it tilts outward a a million/2 of a bubble point to verify that the organic condensation to run exterior of the motor vehicle and not into the interior. guy you would be the best cat with this setup assured!.6. air conditioner in my car ----HELP!!!!?My thoughts are that your blend motor (vacuum motor) has a vacuum leak. But the only way to realy know is for you to list the vehicle that you have. Older models were cable driven7. Is it my Thermostat or my air conditioner?sounds like it's operating in heat mode. you should have a "heat" and "cool" switch on your thermostat8. Why does the air conditioner start to stink?fungus on the evaporator, they make a spray for it that kills the bacteria and freshens the air9. Waterdrops on my air conditionerHow about an old towel?10. Air conditioner leaking?I suspect so. However, I would make an attempt to clean the evaporator coil, the cold one, and oput in a new filter. Go to youtube, there are pleanty of people showing ya how to do this. Try 75..anything in the 60s is too much of a demand.11. How much does an air conditioner dehumidify?This Site Might Help You. RE: How much does an air conditioner dehumidify? Providing an air conditioner is powerful enough to cool a room well and is rated at, say 3 litres an hour of water extraction, how would the relative humidity of the room be affected? If the relative humidity, was %80 before the AC was turned on, what, roughly, would the relative humidity be a few...12. Have you started running your air conditioner?Still have snow outside, so the answer is "NO"13. Where do I but air conditioner pheron?== the gas that is the cooling agent in the home A/C system is under pressure and needs special gauges to induce that gas into the system === it is best that you call a pro tech licensed A/C repairman to work on the system ... it is cheaper to pay the pro tech than blow the system with too much pressure and wind up having to buy a new outside A/C condenser and inside coils unit === this is not a quick fix and it requires the correct pressure to work and cool properly.......... ""freon""
Can I Use a 125v Toggle Switch to Hook Up Led Lights to a 12v Battery on a Motorcycle?
Yes, that will work if it is a 2 pole on off. Meaning there are only 2 places to hook wires and it only clicks once from one side to the other. Unhook the battery and install the switch inline some where with the hot wire going in and out of the switch. Make sure to protect the poles and wires so there is no chance of shorting out to the frame or anything else.1. Installing LED lights into speaker platings. Can they be lit up, using the voltgage from the speaker's cord?attempt unmuting the pc from the icon on the backside ideal hand area of the demonstrate screen if the speaker icon exhibits a no get admission to connect up it. if that doesnt paintings flow to the device supervisor in the time of the administration panel after which determine the speaker icon doesnt have a warning over the sign. if those are outstanding this could illiminate a project which contain your audio device being recognized and there's a fault, when you consider that its type new.2. Is it illegal in Virginia to have led lights under ur headlights?if you had the internet you could look it up...try yahoo search or google.....code of VA auto laws3. Problem with Axent wear headphones LED lights?There is no point in fixing cheap gimmicks just like those because they are going to break over and over again anyway. Just ditch those and get yourself something from REPUTABLE manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Shure, Grado, Denon, AKG, Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen, Etymotic, Beyerdynamic or Audio-Technica. These companies have ALL been around for DECADES, so they KNOW what REAL quality is all about! Therefore, they do NOT need any lousy rappers nor other celebrity wannabes to boost their sales.4. interior LED lights for 2002 ford explorer?Autozone has them. They range between 20 and 60 I think, I could not remember for sure. Installation is easy. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and you just drill two screw, one on each side to hold it up. Or use 3M double sided masking tape5. Does LED lights have any effect on fish tank plants?ok if you have 3 fancy goldfish then they will need at least a 50 gallon tank, if they are 3 common goldfish then they need at least id say 120-150 gallons. they will die in a 1 gallon tank. no fish can live in a 1 gallon tank. your goldfish (depending on the type) could grow anywhere from 6-18"6. Where can I find the correct adapter that will just allow me to plug in my new Fire and Ice LED Lights?Go to an auto parts store NAPA. autozone, carquest ,Advance auto they have some trailer adapters to allow you to plug the 4 prong plug into your 7 prong plug on your truck.If they do not seem to find it go to uhaul or Ryder truck rentals they should have one Tell them you want to plug a 4 prong plug into a 7 prong socket and you may have to show them the lights and the truck so they can see what style you have...........UJN7. Hooking up led lights to car battery?Instead of going directly to the battery, take your power lead from a switched circuit through the cars fuse box. Then it will shut off when you turn off the ignition8. what kind of led lights do you recomend on a 55 gallon freshwater tank?since these are freshwater fish, you do not need deep penetrating lights for any reason but viewing pleasure, so i would go for a beam setup where there are separate light fixtures rather than a solid tube bulb9. do power caps require a remote wire to turn off when you shut the car off my led lights stay on?It's just the cap discharging, but it should not . Are your amps shutting off?10. What store sells colored LED lights for vehicles?re you sure Purple light exist?11. Is there any way to make a mask from LED lights?No I fdont think so12. Is it legal to have blue led lights on the bottom of a motorcycle?Where i live it is illegal to have blue lights period.the reasoning being that it is an official use light only,they dont want you looking like a cop,as if anyone could ever confuse the two.... I had blue lights on my bike,HAD being the key word.I was politely told at a gas station that it was a no no and to get it home asap. I see that on Harley's more and more though,it seems that is allowed or they are granted a bit more lee-way(sp) than the sport bike community.it could be just the area i live in. blues and reds and frowned upon.
LUMsearch - Product Data Sheet: LED-Track Light
Description Aluminum housing high-power LED track light in 3-wire connector Construction .Aluminium housing with high efficiency heat-emitting structure Specification .High power output,bright and energy saving-up to 85% comparing to standard halogen and incadescent lamps .Long life,up to 25,000 hours .High quality light,high color rending,less heat,no UV or IR radiation .LED driver is included .Surface treatment:Baking finish .Deep recessed,glare-proof .Maximum 30W power design,perfect replace 35W HID lamp Maximum 50W power design,perfect replace 70W HID lamp .Single LED,perfect light and shadow effect Applications .Shopping mall .Hotels .Exihibition hall .Art hall .MuseumsHow to connect two track lightsGiven that a "live end connector" appears to be usable for feeding power into a section of lighting track, there appears to be no reason you cannot use two live ends and a section of NM (or whatever other Chapter 3 wiring method is suitable for your application) to connect two sections of lighting track togetherMonth old not tracking light, in a dazed state?Oh my god reading your story is like listening to one of my friends baby boy he has exactly the same thing and at the min he's still going through a lot of tests to see what is going on with his eyes... I do not want to alarm you but the doctors have told him that the baby might be blind.... I so hope for you and my friend that your babies will pull through this nasty thing whatever it might be.... My prays are with you.... Big hugs Xxxxxwhat is Track Lighting Power?They run off 120V like any other lightWhat is the best location for track lighting in an "L" shaped kitchen?With the information you have provided the only possible answer is "on the ceiling"Can I wire existing track lighting to plug into an outlet?6 x 500 = 3000 watts call for at secure state; if those are incandescent lights furnishings, the load is totlly resistive so there's no skill ingredient difficulty and your 4000 va generator may be waiting to offer 4000 watts and subsequently it may desire to cope with it balancing it with 1500 watts / outlet is prudent and smart in case you plan to apply fluorscent lights furnishings, the place there's a skill ingredient difficulty, you are superb served with the help of turning one on at a time and arranged approximately 5 seconds between turning on next lights furnishings; not certainly necessary yet smartI have track lighting that doesn't work, please help?May I ask YOU a question? Where did you check with your voltage meter, and is the track lighting new or existing? If you are getting 110 / 120 volts AC at the ceiling box, but no lights, your transformer could be bad, or you could be installing the lamp bases are versed' from what the DC lamp requires. Quick note: The AC current is converted to DC, which now 'polarizes' the wiring into positive and negative. If you reverse the leads, you will get nothing. Look closely at the lamp bases that rotate into the track. One lug is usually larger, and one lug lower. If so, then check the seating of the bulbs in each lamp holder. I once installed a system that had an intermittent transformer, and when we finally got to the root of the problem, the manufacturer shipped out a completely new unit. The old one is now retired.... Hard to diagnose over the net, but I hope this gives you a place to start....when installing track lights do I have to connect the ground wire if there is no electic box in the ceiling?to meet the code you will have to install an electric box and ground it to it. if you do not want to meet the code just drill a small hole nowhere visible but part of the trac light make sure its metal , use a ground screw and atach the ground wire to it. that way the whole light will be grounded and in the case of a wire (black or white) that loosens and touches the trac light the ground wire will trip the breaker.Is it really true that all gay men own track lighting?What is track lighting? I thought for a second you said ATTRACT LIGHTNING xD
Knowledge About Wood & Sons Plates
Tettenhall Wood of wood & sons platesTettenhall Wood is a suburb of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. It is west of Wolverhampton city centre, within the Tettenhall Wightwick ward. It sits high on a relatively steep hill and it is claimed that the Malvern Hills can be seen from some of the houses located in the area. To its west lies Wightwick, to its south Compton to its east Tettenhall. Also to its north lies the boundary of the West Midlands conurbation and also that of Wolverhampton metropolitan authority with South Staffordshire. The River Penk rises in the area, at Penk Rise Park.Tettenhall Wood is a largely residential area and is relatively affluent. It has a relatively low crime rate and a growing population of younger people.The area has two churches: Christ Church and the United Reformed Church. It has a small shopping district with a small local supermarket and one public house lie in the area. A local house of note "The Mount" is situated within the area; it was rebuilt in the late 19th century in English Renaissance style as the seat of the Mander family, baronets, who founded Mander Brothers, paint and varnish manufacturers, in 1773, and were noted public servants and philanthropists in Wolverhampton.The area is served by the 1 (Dudley via Wolverhampton) and 10 (Wolverhampton to Perton via Compton) bus routes, both operated by National Express West Midlands. The 109-year-old Tettenhall Wood Working Men's Institute (known locally as 'the Institute') is situated in the heart of Tettenhall Wood. The institute caters for local community groups and associations; unusually for such an organisation it is independent of the local council.Tettenhall Wood also has Christ Church Infants Nursery, which is located in the former Tettenhall Wood Library. Tettenhall Wood is no longer served by a mobile library.------Ruth Wood, Countess of Halifax of wood & sons platesRuth Alice Hannah Mary Wood, Countess of Halifax (ne Primrose, 18 April 1916 31 August 1989), was a British racehorse owner. She was one of the first three women to be elected as a member of the Jockey Club in December 1977, alongside her half-sister Priscilla Hastings and Helen Johnson Houghton.She was the only child of Neil Primrose, son of Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery, and his wife, Lady Victoria Stanley, the third child of Edward Stanley, 17th Earl of Derby. Lady Victoria married Primrose on 7 April 1915, but he died in Palestine in 1917. His widow remarried in 1919, to Malcolm Bullock, who was a Conservative MP from 1923 to 1953 and who became a baronet in 1954. Ruth's half-sister Priscilla was born in 1920, but Lady Victoria Bullock was killed in an accident while hunting with the Quorn in 1927. She left her elder daughter a collection of paintings of racehorses by George Stubbs.Ruth Primrose married Charles Wood in 1936 and became Countess of Halifax after the death of her father-in-law in 1959, when her husband inherited the earldom.They had three children:Lady Caroline Victoria Wood (10 September 1937 15 November 2014), who married Joe Feilden, the eldest son of Major General Sir Randle Feilden in 1958; they later divorced and she remarried John Gosling in 1970Lady Susan Diana Wood (born 22 September 1938), who married Brigadier Ian Darsie Watson in 1959.Charles Edward Peter Neil Wood, 3rd Earl of Halifax (born 14 March 1944).The countess and her husband won The Derby with Shirley Heights in 1978; the horse was jointly bred by the earl and his son.Her husband, who died in 1980, was master of the Middleton Foxhounds for more than 30 seasons. They are buried together in the churchyard of All Saints, Kirby Underdale.------CastProduction of wood & sons platesThe film was shot on two cameras in woods on D'Onofrio's land in Woodstock, New York state. D'Onofrio decided to make the film during a waiting period for another project to go ahead; he said "My friends and I were in the middle of another project, waiting for the rights for that, and it was taking too long." Filming started two months after the initial idea, took twelve days to shoot, and was completed for a budget of $100,000.The film is D'Onofrio's feature length directorial debut. During an interview with Patrick McDonald of hollywoodchicago.com, he was asked how directors he had worked with influenced him; D'Onofrio said that great directors stuck with their original idea and were not sidetracked. McDonald asked him "How did you honor those impressions," to which he replied, "I dont know if I actually did that on my set. I used the script as a blueprint, we purposely wrote this 'B-movie' structure, and made it into a musical. Basically that was the plan, and that is what we achieved."In an interview with Edward Douglas of Shocktillyoudrop.net, D'Onofrio spoke of how the film's genre was intended as a slasher musical, and that he had wanted to "make an absurd slasher musical".:02:40 He went on to discuss how the casting was done "off the street... some of the girls worked in a coffee shop around the corner from my house". He did say that "three of the guys were in a band, the Dirty Dirty" and had recorded music together prior to the film.:05:50 He also talked about how it was "difficult to keep tension of a horror film going" while interspersing it with musical numbers, "as singing releases on-screen tension.":08:15D'Onofrio also said that the film's title was not a reference to the same-named 1981 film.:06:40------Career of wood & sons platesWood graduated from Forest Hill Community High School in West Palm Beach, Florida, in 1998 and then went on to attend the University of North Florida. He was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the tenth round (311th overall) of the 2001 Major League Baseball Draft.Wood made his major league debut on August 21, 2003, with the Athletics. The Kansas City Royals acquired Wood on June 24, 2004, from the Athletics as part of the three-team trade that sent Carlos Beltrn to the Houston Astros. Kansas City immediately promoted him from Triple-A and put him in their starting rotation, where he compiled a 38 record with a 5.94 ERA in 17 starts.Wood spent the early part of the 2005 season in the bullpen, but was used as an emergency starter when Brian Anderson went on the 15-day disabled list.On October 11, 2006, Wood was claimed off waivers by the Texas Rangers, but was not tendered a contract for the 2007 season, making him a free agent. He was then signed to a minor league contract (with an invitation to spring training) with the Rangers later in the off-season, and made the 2007 opening day roster.In 2008, Wood played for the Yokohama BayStars of the NPB. In January 2009, he signed a minor league contract with the Florida Marlins. In May 2009, the Marlins released Wood. On September 1, Wood signed a minor league contract with the Texas Rangers. He was granted free agency on November 9. He played for the Rockford RiverHawks in the Northern League in 2010.------Reception of wood & sons platesCritical reception has been mostly negative. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film an approval rating of 13% with 7 of the 8 reviews being negative.Kristen McCracken of Huffington Post Entertainment, described it as "a fun ride, with the loose feel of a campy B-horror-movie from decades past (the difference here is that Bisbees music is good), with twists and turns and jumps galore". Dustin Putman said that, although it "probably shouldn't workor, at least, what ought to come off as campyavoids such pitfalls", the film "is made in grand spirits and with undeniable know-how. It's conventional and truly one-of-a-kind all at once. There's nothing else out there like it."Michelle Orange of Movieline.com said "Though obviously aware of the potential and prepared to really go for it, DOnofrio came up with something that feels unfinished -- an interesting harmony that needs a better bridge." Most critical was Nick Pinkerton, of the Village Voice, who said that the cast are "no great shakes as actors", going on to say that the film "is cozily resigned to its novelty niche but an affront to fans of the genres it bowdlerizes."------Plot of wood & sons platesQualifying to play in the illustrious Rose Bowl football game on New Year's Day, a Midwestern college's quarterback, Steve Davis, is not as happy as he should be because playing football does not excite him, but his teammate Bronc Buttram is thrilled. Their coach, Jim Hadley, is equally pleased because his ill wife has gone to warmer Glendale, California for her health, so he will now be able to spend more time with her.Steve perks up in Pasadena while meeting the Rose Bowl's committee and particularly the tournament's queen, Denny Burke, a beauty in a fur coat. Steve believes she is wealthy as well as beautiful and manages to get her telephone number. He cannot get through, however, because Denny's younger sister Sally is always tying up the phone.Finding her house, Steve learns she is a middle-class girl whose dad, "Iron Mike" Burke, once played in a Rose Bowl game himself. Denny takes exception to Steve's disappointment that she is not rich and to his blas attitude toward the Rose Bowl, a tradition her family loves. The self-involved Steve develops a guilty conscience.Agreeing to spend New Year's Eve with her family, Steve stands up Denny because he is at the hospital, where Coach Hadley's wife has taken a turn for the worse. He gets busy signals phoning because Sally's hogging it again. Next morning, Bronc explains to Denny and she is relieved. At the game, the coach announces his wife's going to be all right. Steve leads the team to victory, unselfishly letting Bronc score the winning touchdown. He and Denny are in love and plan to marry.------The Snake of wood & sons plates"The Snake" is a small woodland area in Wrockwardine Wood. It was also known as the Cinder Hill for many years. It consists of one main lake and many small swamps along with a large field and many pathways connecting Wrockwardine Wood to Donnington.The route of the Donnington Canal ran through the southern section of the area,and there was also a Tin Chapel (the "dissident Methodist" Central Hall) that sat on top of one of the many "hills", but was dismantled during the 1980s.The area is commonly known as "The Snake" because of its winding paths whichlocals say reminded them of a snake. The surrounding woods and clearings landscaped by Wrekin Council are signposted as "The Central Hall".The area is used by many people, especially those travelling to and from schools and the supermarket in Donnington Wood on the site of a former pit mound known as the Nobby Bank. The hilly wooded Cockshutt is nearby. Wrekin Council preserved these old industrial places as countryside.
Landlord Installed New 30 Gallon Electric Water Heater, Is It True Only a 10 Minute Shower?
The water heater is too small for the amount of people. You should have at least a 40 gallon. The preferred would have been a 50. But thats renting for you. They go the aka cheapest route1. Why would a new electric water heater blow breaker?You may have it wired backwards. Breaker could be weak. or over loaded. The new heater may be drawing to many amps for the breaker, just a thought. Good luck. ww2. should i wrap my amtrol electric water heater with insulation?Most new-ish water heaters already have a lot of insulation. Adding more will never even recoup the cost of that insulation. It wo not hurt anything though, so long as you do not cover up any vents.3. My hot electric water heater produces hot water, but there is water on the floor?It could be either one. Check all the fittings on top of tank. Most warrantys are 5 years4. Is connecting a 16A plug to 10A sockets for an electric water heater a problem?First thing you need to check out the wire size in there. If wire size 4sq.mm or above you can change the 10 A socket to 16A5. moving electric water heater to old shower coveYou can move the water heater to just about anywhere that would be convenient. However, it is not a good idea to reduce the size down from 3/4" to 1/2" directly off of the tank. You will likely run into issues with water pressure. In branch plumbing, it is best to keep the size of the pipe at its maximum until it branches off to a specific fixture. Most fixtures, with the exception of a toilet takes 1/2". A toilet is actually reduced to 5/8" by the time it gets to the fill valve. 5/8" is an odd size in plumbing, so most plumbers typically run 1/2" anyway.You should try to extend the 3/4" pipe as far as you can go, and then tee off of it using multiple 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/2 tees. When you tee off, try to make that run directly to a fixture without teeing off again. This will greatly help keep the water pressure balanced. If all of the plumbing is 1/2", then the fixtures will compete against each other for water because there is not enough volume of water coming through the pipe6. What is a Electric Water Heater Timer?Basic timer switch at power source to water heater. Allows user to turn wAter heater on and off at certain hrs. For example, on at 5 am, off at 9 am then on at 4 pm and off at 9 pm. Nine hours instead of 24 constantly reheating same water7. I have to continuously press the reset button on my electric water heater?The reset is failing. You need to service it. it is telling you that there is a short in the unit. It could be a heating element starting to short out. It could be the thermostat going bad. Those are the 2 most common things to go on a electric unit. Unless you know how to remove the element I would call the plumber or a friend that has this type of knowladge. It's not hard you just need the right tool and knowladge8. My Mobile home electric water heater has a leak but i cant find the cold water shut off, can anyone help?good advice from gilfinn. I would also drain the heater to stop the leak completely. Hook a hose to the drain, open the spigot and let it drain out. You might have to open a hot water spigot in the bathroom or kitchen also so the water will flow.9. Electric water heater leaks around the top, how do I fix it?By design it is always filled to capacity, it is a pressure tank. Do not mess with the relief valve, it is there to prevent the tank from exploding due to malfunction causing overheating (if you are curious about that just do an internet search of boiler explosions). Do not turn off the water supply and drain the tank without also turning off the heat source (electric or gas, by the way?). you (or a plumber) should be able to determine if the fittings are leaking and repair them if they are. If the tank itself is compromised you need to replace the whole unit
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