If My Heater Doesn't Work, Can I still Flush My Cooling System?

The blower motor not working makes no difference. The water still circulates through the system

1. Which is better a fan or a liqiud cooling system?

If you do not intend to overclock your PC you do not need liquid cooling. Haswell CPU's do not generate much heat so even the stock fan is great and does not make any noise. It does not require refill.

2. Car cooling system?

The lid on the container keeps the heat from escaping so much, and it is not tight so the pressure does not increase

3. I have a 97 BMW 328I 4 dr sedan w/160,000 miles my problem is the central heating and cooling system comes on

I had to work on one of those for over a week to find the problem in the ATC -- it is an "Open Ground" -- take it to an electrical shop that knows BMW's and the ATC systems in them That system uses mutliple point grounding (stupid) and any one of them going bad throws the system into a floating ground state.

4. Cooling system on an e46 bmw (2001 330i)?

If you have no pressure to the top radiator then the water pump needs to be replace. The thermostat by default is left open if it is broken. Change the expansion tank, upper hose, and waterpump. Change the belts, tensioner, and idle pulley if it has never been changed before. Because you are already there. You do not want to overheat again. The motor can easily blow a head gasket which will cost you $1500 to replace.

5. Can you help diagnose my car's weird cooling system issue?

sounds like a head gasket , it is an easy test for combustion chamber gases in coolant system that any good shop can do.if it is a head gasket it might be too late if you ve been driving it that long

6. Best CPU cooling system/fan?

Thermaltake is cheap and decent. People can brag all they want about the lowest, coolest temperature, but as long as the CPU is at a stable temp, the lowest temp is really not that important. Try liquid cooling if you really want the coolest, but after all, it is the biggest waste of money.

7. Is a 95 Honda Civic an opened or closed cooling system?

I think closed

8. Honda Civic 1991 Cooling system pressure build-up. Possibly has cracked head gasket/ head/ or block.?

Does not matter. If the head gasket is leaking, you have to remove the head to replace the gasket. Once the head is off, you have the head inspected in a machine shop for warpage and cracks. Most of the cost comes from the work needed in tearing apart the car to get the head off and put back on. Being that you spent that time to take the head off, what is another couple bucks to make sure it is not the head that is cracked

9. how to bleed a 1997 ford taurus cooling system?

keyless get right of entry to and distant beginning structures could be offered at any good vehicle areas save. in the adventure that your vehicle got here with keyless get right of entry to from the producing facility, you will be able to desire to flow to Ford to purchase a keyfob and function it programmed

10. 1996 oldsmobile ciera cooling system?

You can search it up in some sites and stores around you. You can really get some sources in some good sites here. It's not that hard, but try to give it a shot in searching in for that part.

11. How to change Coolant in a Cooling System?

Yes, it's necessary! Yes, you have to drain it first! Imagine the bottom of your coffee pot, if you never rinse it out, what would it look like! Engine heat is the culprit!

12. what causes preasure in the cooling system?

The headgasket is causing this problem. Your guess was right. Have the head checked for warping and cracks while it is off. Good luck!

13. What will happen if you run only water in your car's cooling system?

70/30 coolant to water? Are they crazy? Do you live in the interior of Alaska? 50/50 will give the balance most people need to protect from freezing and boil-over 60/40 for really cold climates. The red stuff is the Toyota Long Life Brand, they wanted to sell you their own. The long-life anti-freeze usually CANNOT be stronger than 60/40 without losing protection properties. Go to a competent independent shop and they will put in whatever colour, from whatever supplier, works. I have had regular green antifreeze in every car I have ever owned for 42 years, except for my last flush/fill last fall. I now have colour change anti-freeze. It is PINK. As time and mileage pass, it gradually changes to AMBER, signalling the depletion of the protection, and time to change again. 50/50 provides protection to 34 degrees below zero on the old Fahrenheit temperature scale, plenty for most of us. Regular antifreeze at 70/30 provides protection to 84 degrees below zero on the old Fahrenheit temperature scale. See why most people do not need that? 60/40 provides protection to 62 degrees below zero on the old Fahrenheit scale. Straight water is fine, ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY, but not for long, because your system will experience rusting, will freeze in the first cold snap, or boil over on the highway on a hot day.

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The Water for the Cooling System on Our 2-stroke Engines Is Controlled by: ?
Giving you the answer will help you learn nothing. To do the job you must first learn how? Read your book. Good luck.1. adding water cooling to computer what do i need distilled water for?Anything but distilled water will contain deposits which will drop out of suspension when heated and clog the system, and sometimes can contain seriously corrosive elements. These can cause water leaks into the machine. Not a good idea2. Water Cooling?best otpion would be oil cooling.. u dont need any kind of gadgets for this. as oil is an insulator.. u can directly immerse teh whole motherboard and circutry into a talk with oil.. be sure to remove all movin parts ..like fans.. and modems. (has a relay in it) and yeah offcourse HDD and oter drives.. it will work fine..3. Do I need water-cooling for this gaming PC build?4.0 Ghz on the 2500k? Air cooling will definitely do the job done for that. The 212 evo will do a great job dissipating the extra heat if you you decide to OC4. everytime i hook up my water cooling my motherboard kills it self help?Sounds like you have to have a fan connected to the mother board "CPU fan' connector! Some mother boards will not turn on if it does not detect a working fan for the CPU, its just protection from a major failure. Also it shuts down you computer if it detects an overheating problem5. Water cooling computer water block issue?So which "z" series processor do you have? No, you do not want to zip tie. Any cooling solution, even stock needs to be properly seated for it to be effective. I suggest ordering from newegg online or find one locally. They will have a water cooling solution that will fit your needs, though crucial is a predominate one that I have been seeing in a lot of reviews via YouTube.6. Is water cooling losing its advantages over state of the art CPU coolers/heatsinks?Perhaps the gap is closing somewhat, but no, a water-cooled PC will run cooler, be more stable, generally quieter, and allow significantly higher overclocking than you can typically achieve on air. It is also generally MUCH less susceptible to ambient temperature fluctuations, especially if it is a multiple-loop system with a fairly large reservoir and multiple large radiators. For example, I use a 3-loop system for my PC, with the cooling components primarily located in a secondary enclosure. Loop 1 cools CPU, Chipset, and 2SSDs; Loop 2 cools GPU1, RAM DIMMs 13, and 2HDD's1SDD; Loop 3 cools GPU2, RAM DIMMs 24, and 2HDD's1SDD. There are inline pumps and inline 140mm triple-thick dual-pass radiators in the computer case (1 of each per loop) to cool between components and maintain pressure, but everything else is external. That includes a 2L refrigerated reservoir, 3x 480mm Radiators (4 120mm push fans and 4 120mm pull fans, each, with shrouds), 3x Eheim pumps, and more. This allows me to keep my Phenom II X6 1100T at a stable overclock of 4.8ghz and never surpass 50*C even after 24hrs Prime95 (100% load on all 6 cores); it also allows for me to fit two "two-slot" video cards in the same space that would normally take only one and with the pure-copper "sleeve-like" waterblock (covers the entire card, both sides, with nothing exposed) I am able to run two Radeon 6970s at 1080mhz Clock and 6.95Gbs/effective Memory and not exceed 62*C (that is more than a 30% overclock). Air cooling is far cheaper, and can be very effective, but you WILL have limits that are lower than a good water cooling set up. Even with what is considered the best air cooler on the market for my CPU, I was stuck at about 4.68ghz (idle: 36*C); now I can run at 4.8ghz daily (idle: 29*C) and crank it to 5.2ghz without topping 55*C... Also, the inside of my case is incredibly cool, with the only air cooling being 5 (high static pressure) 240mm fans that run at 1200rpm and are virtually silent. With pure air cooling, you also have to ensure that you get PERFECT airflow, otherwise you will actually do more harm than good. That means spending countless hours hiding every wire, optimizing every component's location, knowing when too many fans are just too much, and knowing exactly what speed ratio for intake:exhaust fans keeps everything coolest and making sure it scales up properly with speed. There is also the issue of dust, incompatible fans, fans you can not control manually, airflow blockage, etc. You want the inside of your case to be like a wind-tunnel: the air should not get trapped anywhere, which side-intake fans can often cause as they disrupt the main airflow. Ideally, 2-3 big front intake fans, 2 big exhaust fans on top, and two big exhaust fans in rear is a good setup, but do your research. Plus, now we have things like the Corsair H100/80/60/etc and Antec Kuhler 920/620; sealed water cooling systems that are as easy to set up as a regular heatsink but provide noticeably better cooling under 98% of scenarios. Unlike "traditional" liquid cooling, these never require refilling or flushing the liquid, essentially maintenance-free (just keep compressed air around to blow dust out of the fans/radiator). I think, if anything, water cooling is about to become MUCH more popular due to costs going down dramatically, the influx of the aforementioned sealed systems (even Intel makes them now!), and the fact that they seem less and less "exotic" everyday.
Iam Building a Gaming Pc Which One a Should Put a Fan Or a Water Cooling System?
Hi. I liquid cool but not with water. Take a look at 'PC Ice', a non-conductive fluid, or some other fluids. Leaks happen!1. Computer in the Summer... keeping the components cool?Have you considered water cooling? It's a little pricy to get into but you can use it on futuer comoputers as well. A good water cooling set up will keep your processor at a few degrees above room temp, and possibly allow you to overclock more. Water cooling is not for the timid though, and does require a lilttle maintenance. But if done right you sould never have to worry about over heating in the summer. If water doe not sound like your thing, I would suggest resetting your heat sink and reapply new thermal past, it may just not be set right. I do not know what processor you have but the Intel Core 2 Duo's tend to have a concave top, that will benefit from being lapped flat. I dropped about 4 degrees by lapping mine to a mirror finish. Additional case fans is another option, and good cable managment will help as well. While the Zalman is a good air cooler there are some better ones. The Tuniq Tower 120 and the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme are known to be exceptional. You would probably drop in the neighborhood of 4-6 degrees by switching to one of these. Also, it might be your power supply, overclocking puts aditionsl load on the powersupply which creates more heat in it. If you have the oportunity I would suggest trying a differnet one with a higher rating. Good luck to you on what ever you decide. Peace, James2. I need help water cooling my PC build.?You are going to need some serious rad space for three GTX 580s and a 2600K. If I were building this loop, I would go for two quad radiators. With that said, those rads wo not fit in your case so you will need to either externally mount your rads or choose a different case. Specifically, here are some good parts: (((2x))) XSPC RX480 XSPC Raystorm CPU block Dual Swifteck MCP 35X pumps in an RP-402X2 res Enough 1/2" compression fittings for your build Enough Masterkleer tubing At least 8 good fans like Gentle Typhoons That's about it. For liquid I would use distilled water and some PT_Nuke although if you want to use dye, which I would not , you can. For price, I would say about $750 depending on where you buy from and shipping.3. will this water cooling set up work?If you know how to set up a watercooling system, you should already know if it works beforehand. Do not just buy things because they will look cool - if you are not overclocking your cpu then you wo not need water. For liquid cooling to work you will need to buy a decent setup at least $250... But then why would you spend that when you could just buy a better processor. By the way, if you are overclocking an intel processor (even the newest ones, because they are very heat resistant), liquid cooling might not even be needed seeing as they are very heat resistant. Check out the source link...4. Can water cooling systems be made to handle any orientation? How does the pump work when water-sealed?I used to work for a seller, they fee through the booklet, even if they are already in there.... So if say you need to exchange your alternator and your belts, they look up what labor is on the alternator, after which look up what labor on the belts is and add them together, despite the fact that youd ought to pull the belts to vary the alternator anyhow. So essentially you get charged for labor twice under this method. Another retailer must be capable to try this less expensive. In case your water pump is out you must be overheating...... If youre doing the timing belt although, you by and large need to seem into these cam seals, if they leak on your timing belt they are going to weaken the belt and probably make it break, which is fairly bad in case you have an interferance engine (meaning if the pistons are up and the valves are down they are going to hit, frequently breaking/bending the valves). The supplier must recognize if its an interferance engine or no longer, or you might do a speedy internet search. If the belt has in no way been replaced i might definately propose doing it although. Something you grow to be doing although, i would get a 2nd opinion from a non seller. At toyota they would charge more for lexus constituents than toyota components, although it used to be the identical part with one more phase number... You can be within the identical style of boat with the audi
Can Our Geothermal Cooling System Be Transferred to Electric Central Air Conditioning?
Maybe, but this might be a considerable expense to alter the ducting and install an outdoor unit. Those changes would make it much more difficult to revert to geothermal in the future. It would be far better to have a geothermal HVAC engineer investigate what has gone wrong with the existing system. It is probably simple. A ground source heat pump is incredibly efficient-and extremely quiet-when it is working as designed. Maybe the fluid needs a top up, a hose is kinked, a heat exchanger is leaking, or there has been some change in the groundwater which can be inexpensively remedied. Of course, it could be expensive too, but at least find out if it is a $20 repair or a $5,000 repair before replacing the system, which will probably cost at least $2,000.1. How do I get rid of foul odor in vehicle air conditioning?Many years ago I had a car that started smelling funny when I put the a/c on. I brought it to a friend who took apart my dashboard and a/c vents and when he turned the a/c back on without the dashboard on about 6 dead baby mice came out - it was nasty!! Hope you do not have anything dead in there2. Are automobile air-conditioning recharging systems universal or is it model-specific?Obviously all systems would be different from each other from manufacturer to manufacturer but there is one thing that they all have in common.......they need refridgerent. It's just a matter of being able to recharge any particular system that's the question. Whether or not you may or may not have the right adapter to fit. Keep in mind there are specific Laws in place to make sure freon gases are recaptured to eliminate the possibility of further Ozone depletion. Or so the Lib's would like you to think - I think it's a way to make extra money, more like a rip/off law3. How can I cool down my apartment without turning on the air conditioning?Keep your windows open during the night..then in the morning, close all windows and doors, and pull any drapes and window covers closed. Keeping as much heat out as you can. I grew up in Sacramento without any AC...it regularly gets to 100s during the summer4. Who should I call to install an exhaust fan in my bathroom? And electrician or an air conditioning company?The bathroom fan functions only to remove moist air from the enclosed area of the bathroom and will have no effect on your centrail air system. Keep the bathroom door closed during and after a shower, especially if the fan is on. To make the A/C more efficient, try running your ceiling fans at high speed. This, in effect, will force the cooled air to circulate more in the home. Good luck5. My air conditioning is not cooling the way it should (ie the room temp stays at 76 even when its set on 73)?CHECK THE FILTER TO MAKE SURE IT IS DUST AND HAIR FREE6. simple way to cut down my air conditioning bill and yet be cool upstairs and my husband warm...?let your husband work up stairs and you go down stairs7. what is the most portable air conditioning with minimal electricity needed for a camping trip?dump ice water on them and make them sprint in the wind8. what factors do oil refrigerant go to cycle in air conditioning system??I do not know of anyone who mixed R22 with an R12 automotive A/C system but I do know some auto A/C techs who say they added a little R12 to their home R22 charged systems to give them a cooling capacity kick. I am not an authority on the various refrigerants but if it is true that adding R12 automotive refrigerant to a household R22 refrigerant charged system will boost its cooling capacity then it seems counter productive to do the opposite, to add R22 refrigerant to an R12 charged automotive A/C system. But since both R12 and R22 are now no longer available for sale the question seems a bit irrelevant.9. My central air conditioning unit will not keep up during the day. Could this be a freon problem?Things to check: when it is running, does ice form on the lines at the compressor? If so, than you are for sure low on freon. Is your unit big enough to handle the size of your home? an average size home needs a 2 or 2 1/2 ton unit to cool it. Is your themostat reading correctly? did it work right last year?.
Finding the Right Heating and Cooling System
Having little to no heating and cooling in your home can be as unpleasant as if your roof leaked for those living inside. The beauty of radiant heating is that since it covers the entire floor, there are no more cold zones as you step away from a heating vent. Both methods work by transferring heat through the floor into your home and both have their advantages and disadvantages so it is important to ask your contractor what he thinks would work best in your home. Check to see if this is so; if it needs cleaning use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove any dirt or debris. In the wild, ficus can grow up to 60 feet tall, according to the United States Forest Service. Drafts will cause healthy green leaves and new emerging leaves to drop from your ficus tree. Despite its name, a swamp cooler does not work well in humid climates since it emits moisture into the air.Having little to no heating and cooling in your home can be as unpleasant as if your roof leaked for those living inside. It is not only unpleasant to have a poorly heated home in the winter; it can be bad for your family's health. The reverse can be just as true in hotter climates during the summer, heat strokes from a stifling hot home can be just as dangerous as a cold brought on during the winter if not more so. Luckily, most installation companies will take care of both these heating and cooling problems at the same time.When you decide to purchase heating and air conditioning it is important to know what would work best for your home. There have been many advances in the heating and cooling industry over the years and some of them might be better suited towards your needs than others. The most common method used to provide heat to the entire house is central air. By having air vents through out the house able to distribute the hot or cold air on demand is enough to keep most houses comfortable. This method however can require extensive installation, as it needs to have air ducts leading into every room, through floors and walls. If your home does not already have an existing system that your contractor can build upon the initial installation for central air can be extensive.Another popular method of heating a home is called radiant heating. By covering your floor with flooring designed to transfer heat evenly your entire house will be warm from the floor up. The beauty of radiant heating is that since it covers the entire floor, there are no more cold zones as you step away from a heating vent. Radiant Heating and cooling fenton can be achieved in several ways, but the most common is electrically heated wiring beneath your floor or pipes of hot water. Both methods work by transferring heat through the floor into your home and both have their advantages and disadvantages so it is important to ask your contractor what he thinks would work best in your home. One of the major disadvantages of radiant heating is that it does not do much to provide air conditioning for your home in the winter. In a central air system however most air conditioning systems will just use the same air ducts that the heating elements used to provide cool air through your house. If you live in an area that rarely gets too hot or can afford to have both systems installed into your home than radiant Heating and cooling fenton may be the right choice for you.Common Cures for a Loud Air ConditionerFor a fan to work properly, it will need to be kept clean and to be properly maintained. The first step is to locate the source of the noise. Fans that produce a rattling or harsh humming noise may be loose or need cleaning. • Open the air conditioner cabinet and locate the fan. Remove any debris you see on or around the blades. In some cases insulation or other items may fall into the unit and be noisy due to the movement of the blades. • If the problem is not debris, then check to see if the blade itself is loose. If so, then you can tighten the screw at the hub with a screwdriver or Allen wrench. • Check to make sure that the blades are straight. A blade with even a slight bend may be touching the inside of the unit which will produce a noise. The blades may be bent back into place, but you will have to be gentle and precise in handling them. A motor that needs lubrication may emit a humming or grinding noise. Some units come with unsealed motors and you will be able to apply lubrication in the form of SAE 10 oil placed in the oil ports. You may prevent the occurrence of noise by oiling the air conditioner motor at the beginning of each summer. When an air conditioner unit is working, it vibrates; this vibration can cause screws in the unit to come loose. Many of the problems that make air conditioning units noisy are the result of screws in panels throughout the unit that have been vibrated loose. The mounting screws that are holding the unit in place can also be loosened as the unit operates. Both situations will produce a rattling noise when the air conditioner is putting out air. These can all be easily fixed with a few turns of your screwdriver. If the coil fins have become clogged with dirt, the air conditioning unit may become noisy. Check to see if this is so; if it needs cleaning use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove any dirt or debris. Bent coil fins can also cause the unit to emit a humming noise; these may be straightened with the use of a tool made for this purpose: the fin comb. Insert the teeth of the fin comb between the coil fins and slide to straighten the bent fins. These simple steps can save time and money and are relatively simple for a homeowner to do. However, if the problem persists, an HVAC contractor should be contacted.Why Are the Leaves Falling Off My Ficus Tree?In the wild, ficus can grow up to 60 feet tall, according to the United States Forest Service. However, this tropical tree is commonly used as a houseplant, where it seldom exceeds 8 feet tall. Leaf drop is a common complaint with this plant. There are several factors that may cause this phenomenon. Determining why your ficus is dropping its leaves is the first step to keeping your houseplant healthy. Water The ficus grows best in moist, well drained soil. Yellowing leaves that fall from the plant are an indication you are not providing your ficus with enough water. Green leaves falling from the ficus indicate your plant has been over-watered. The Green and Ever Growing website recommends watering this houseplant when the top 2 inches of soil is dry and until water comes out of the bottom of the plant. Do not water again until the top 2 inches of soil is dry. If there is water in the drip pan for more than a day, empty it; the soil is too moist. Temperature A change in temperature, due to air conditioning or heating, or even a change of season, may stress your ficus enough that it will lose healthy green leaves. This should only persist for a few weeks, as the plant acclimates to the temperature change. New leaves should continue to grow and mature. Drafts The ficus does not react well to drafts. This includes drafts from an open door, but also air from fans and air conditioning vents. Drafts will cause healthy green leaves and new emerging leaves to drop from your ficus tree. If possible, remove the source of the draft before moving the tree, because changing your tree's location will also result in leaf drop. Light The ficus tree needs bright indirect light, such as from a south or west window. If your ficus is not getting enough light, the leaves may drop. According to the University of Nebraska, when a ficus is not getting enough light, green and even immature leaves will drop from the tree. Be careful about giving your ficus too much light as well; this will burn the leaves. Location Change When you move your ficus from one location to another, it will respond by dropping a good percentage of its leaves. According to the University of Nebraska, this is a normal reaction and the tree should recover once it acclimates. This occurs often right after you purchase the plant and move it into your home. Simply clean up the fallen leaves and water regularly; your plant should recover in a few weeks.What Is Evaporative Air Conditioning?The summer heat can be debilitating, and so can getting your summer energy bill. Air conditioners can really rack up the electricity bills, but are there any alternatives? Homeowners looking for a more economical way to cool their home sometimes opt for an evaporative air conditioner, also known as a swamp cooler. Swamp coolers use around 50 percent less energy than traditional ACs, and work well for the environmentally conscious homeowner, as well, since they do not use refrigerants or chemicals in the cooling process. Swamp coolers also do not require outdoor venting or ductwork, so installation and maintenance are significantly less expensive than for traditional AC units. Cooling by evaporation is a natural process that happens all around us every day. Ever get out of the swimming pool on a hot day, and you are dry by the time you finish your iced tea? That's evaporative cooling: dry air passes over the water on your body and absorbs it, thus leaving you dry. A swamp cooler uses this natural process by taking warm air from inside your home through a fan into the unit where it can then be cooled 20 degrees using damp pads. The cooled air is then circulated through your home using a fan system; an additional bonus that helps the temperature of your home feel around five degrees cooler than the actual room temperature. Is a Swamp Cooler Right for My Home? While installing an evaporative air conditioning unit in your home is an excellent idea if you live in a hot, dry climate, particularly in the western regions of the US, it is not recommended for the Midwest or eastern part of the country. Despite its name, a swamp cooler does not work well in humid climates since it emits moisture into the air. An evaporation air conditioner works best in environments where there's generally 60 percent humidity or less indoors. Need help choosing a cooling system for your home? Looking for AC repair or maintenance services? If so, you need Aire Serv. From central air conditioners to swamp coolers and more, Aire Serv is here to help you breathe easy. Schedule an appointment online or contact the Aire Serv location nearest you to get started. If you've noticed a foul odor in your home and suspect that a mouse or some other creature has taken its last breath inside your wall, you need this blog from our friends at Molly Maid: I Think There's a Dead Mouse in My Wall. Like Aire Serv, Molly Maid is a part of the Neighborly® community of home services brands.Go Green - Make a Difference While You DriveCars are indeed true wonders of engineering. However, with more vehicles on the roads now than ever before, it is important that each of us is aware of its impacts on our environment. Whether you own or rent a car, whether you have a standard or luxury car, there are things you can do to save money and reduce energy use, CO2 emissions and pollution.If you care about a eco-friendly drive too, you will be pleased to hear there are a few simple ways you can make a difference.• Slow down gradually: Slowing down gradually at Traffic Lights is better for the environment as it reduces fuel consumption.• Drive at a consistent speed: Accelerating and breaking hard will cut the efficiency of your drive by around 33%. That's because sudden stopping and starting requires more energy. Try and maintain a regular speed to get the most out of your fuel.• Use cruise control: Using cruise control on flat terrain provides a 7% fuel saving on an average because it helps you maintain a steady speed. Avoid it on hilly roads though as this will cause your engine to speed up and slow down.• Service your car: Ensuring your fuel system is working properly and your tires are inflated and balanced to manufacturers' specifications can ensure fuel efficiency.• Switching off the extras: Air conditioning and heaters require huge amount of power, which will cut your fuel economy. That said, driving with the windows open creates drag, so you need to find a balance to maintain a comfy temperature within your car.• Change gears at lower revs: Over-revving wastes lots of fuel. If you change up a little earlier this will reduce your revs. If you are driving a diesel car, we suggest you aim to up-shift a gear when the rev counter reaches 2000 rpm. For petrol cars, we suggest 2500 rpm.• Plan your trip: The more direct your route and the less time you spend slowing down to figure out which way to go, the more efficient your drive will be.• Shut down: Switch off the engine if you think you will be stationary for more than two minutes.• Lose the weight: Extra weight means extra fuel, so if there's unnecessary baggage in the boot you do not need on the journey, take it out and store it at home.These few simple little changes to your car and driving techniques can be followed on both owned and rented cars.This would further help you save not just the environment but your money too.Go Green and Make a difference to our environment!
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