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The induction stove has an incredible efficiency compared to gas or electric.

Induction plates are distinguished by a number of advantages over conventional gas devices. They are safe to use, quickly prepare food, have a modern design. These qualities attract the owners, but, having bought such a slab, come across a question: what kind of dishes is suitable for induction plates?

Why is special dishes need for induction surfaces?

To find out what pots and frying pan can use, take a magnet and test your dishes for the presence of magnetic properties. All that does not stick to the magnet, it is not suitable for cooking on a new plate. There is no utensils with a rough, rough bottom, since it will scratch the induction surface in the cooking process and not enough to fit tightly.

The principle of operation of such devices is very different from work. gas plates. So, the gas burner heats first with a saucepan, and food already takes heat from its hot walls. The heat energy emanating from the burning burner is dissipated in the air, in the kitchen, it becomes hot during cooking. The same principle employs electric stoves.

Included induction panel Does not heated itself, and does not heat the air and the surrounding items. The principle of operation of such a device is based on the action of vortex induction currents on the magnetic bottom of the pan. Instead of Tann, the induction plate is equipped with a coil, creating a high-frequency magnetic field. Induction current When the slab is turned on, it affects the electrons of the ferromagnetic bottom, leading them in motion. And the movement of electrons contributes to the instantaneous heating of the bottom.

The dishes should have magnetic alloys as part of the bottom.

To understand which model of a pan or pan is needed for induction hobs, Remember the following rules:

The bottom in diameter should be at least 12 cm, is required for sufficient contact of the burner area with the bottom. It is because of this restriction on such a stove you will not be able to use the Turkish, even if a magnet sticks to her bottom - the device does not respond to it and will not turn on. Is the induction plate work quickly and saves energy? This rule is usually applicable. Cooking on an induction plate or plate, magnetic bottom dishes, enameled steel and cast iron vessels and other special containers fit. Yes, with induction plates, cooking is much faster than the other type of hot plate: warming instantly. In addition, the induction is regulated very accurately and reacts incredibly quickly. Therefore, energy savings are achieved up to 20%. You can boil 2 liters of water in just a few minutes, depending on the type of device. Choose products with a thickness of at least 2-6 mm. Some tableware has a special sign at the bottom, denoting that a saucepan or frying pan is equipped with a ferromagnetic bottom. For induction surfaces It is suitable for cookware from copper, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum. You can use enamel, ceramic and glassware with a magnetic metallic bottom. What do you need to keep in mind when cooking induction? And if you activate the enhancement function, you can cook me even faster. You can also quickly reduce the thermal induction cooking panel. Cooking and baking on the induction plate is faster than on ordinary cooking panels. Therefore, for example, oil or fat is heated much faster. Therefore, it is recommended to cook all the dishes in advance, and then start cooking. Kitchenware should not be warm - they can overheat and lose color and even the shape.

Cookware for induction plates. How to choose? Video tips:

On the dishes there must be an icon: induction.

Cast iron tableware keeps warmly warm, but has a lot of weight. Buying a cast-iron pan or frying pan, give preference to models with a smooth surface, because porous attracts odors. It is better to choose cast iron products covered with enamel. Contact such dishes carefully - they are easily split when falling.

Enameled frying pan and pans Made of several types of metal alloys or pure cast iron. Enamel protects the walls of the product from oxidation and falling into the food of the chemical compounds generated during the cooking process.

Copper dishes are equipped with a special ferromagnetic bottom made of alloy of several metals. Such products are distinguished by an excellent appearance, high thermal conductivity and hygiene.

Cookware from aluminum Equipped with steel bottom with magnetic properties. The cost of such products is low.

Today there are many products for induction surfaces. High-quality products are manufactured by the following manufacturers:

Fissler - German company produces ergonomic and stylish products. Minus this manufacturer is a relatively high price. Is the magnetic field created using induction plates and is dangerous to health? Electromagnetic fields are created by all electrical appliances, including hair dryers, electric shavers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and induction cooking panels. There are generally accepted values and standards that must be respected by all manufacturers. You can prepare on different types of tiles, from gas to electricity, among which you can choose between classical burners or glass ceramic stove. This glass ceramics offers a choice of those who have a heating helix and induction. In the following lines, we will only deal with these inductors, because they just made our test. Woll is a German company manually manufactures dishes, so such products will not suit those who want to save. High quality cast products from WOLL have a bottom of 10 mm thick. Hackman is produced in Finland by the leading European manufacturer of metal dishes. Among the wide range you can choose products for every taste and wallet. For many consumers who have not yet come into contact with induction, this technology may seem rather mysterious at first sight. In fact, his principle is quite simple. Unlike gas burners Or conventional electrical plates, it works on the basis of electromagnetic induction, creating a strong magnetic field, placing the container on the plate. The induction coil, which is placed in the plate, is activated by touching the potted pot. At first it does not heat the burner, and then it takes place warm, and right on the bottom of the pot. Tefal - Popular French brand offers consumers a huge range of products for the kitchen. When choosing, pay attention to the label, because not all products are designed for induction surfaces.

Choosing dishes remember that the bottom is heated, so food is faster prepared in low and wide pots. To solve the problem with the preparation of coffee in the Turks, manufacturers make special adapters, which are a ferromagnetic disk with a handle. Correctly chosen dishes for your new plate will allow you to cook with pleasure and delight seven delicious dishes.

The ability of heating directly depends on the quality set of the material. If you use unsuitable products, when installing on the slab, nothing will happen and the pan will remain cold. For this reason, even before buying equipment, it is better to determine which tableware is suitable for induction plates.

A distinctive feature of the saucepan of the desired purpose is the manufacture of their ferromagnetic material. Main options: cast iron, steel, iron. Additionally, products from certain alloys are used (for example, steel aluminum). If the dishes for the induction cooking panel bought recently, then on the bottom you can find a print with the appropriate marking (induction).

There are recommendations that allegedly allow to determine whether the dishes are suitable under the induction slab. They advise to use a regular magnet for this purpose: it is applied to the bottom of the product. In fact, this is not a fairly informative method, because even on a pan of ferromagnetic material for some reason, induction plates are not always reacting. Therefore, it is still better to be guided by the designation on the bottom of the dishes.

The choice of the bank can not be based only on appearanceAlthough it is also very important. We have a wide range of pots of different colors on the market, which can be easily adapted to the decor of our kitchen. However, it should be remembered that the color and form is only one side of the coin, the second is more important - this is a question of durability and quality pot. The pot has direct contact with dishes that we prepare for consumption, so the type of pot also affects our health. How to care for dishes A good pot is the one in which we can easily prepare different dishes without risk of something to burn. To achieve this effect, first of all, it is necessary to check the bottom thickness and material from which our vessel is produced. The multi-layer bottom guarantees good heat transfer, which is evenly distributed over the entire bottom surface, which eliminates the risk of burning kitchen dishes. Cans of good quality are equipped with a temperature indicator, which is very useful and facilitates cooking. Ergonomic shape of the handles and handles are also important, as well as comfortable covers.

But how to choose dishes for an induction plate if there is already a significant set of pots and other tanks that are not intended specifically for operation in new conditions. In this case, it is enough to establish a product on the cooking surface. If the desired properties of the dishes are not detected, the technique simply will not turn on.

The range of dishes does not cease to expand, and products from non-ferromagnetic materials are already found with the special characteristics of the bottom. For example, aluminum, glass-ceramic pans. Externally, they look like all the rest of the dishes of their types, but also contain a multi-layered bottom with a magnetic disk.

Diameter of the bottom of the dishes

Most often, the burner is intended for a saucepan with a diameter of the bottom of at least 12 cm. The work of the technique will be impossible in the case when most of the heating surface remains free. For this reason, it should be solved in advance which dishes can be used for induction plates. But there are alternative solutions to the problem of the inconsistency of the size:

The second of the named methods is usually implemented in café establishments (cafes, restaurants). However, it is quite possible to avoid similar difficulties, since some manufacturers offer induction plates in which the burners are designed for dishes with a diameter of the bottom from 8 cm and more. This is already significant progress. But technology does not stand still, and there are even models of induction plates, which in automatic mode are adjusted for users' needs: change the characteristics of the burner, depending on the size of the pan installed on it.

Thickness of the bottom of the dishes

Solving the question of which dishes are more suitable for induction plates, you can not forget about other parameters. In particular, it is suitable for the thickness of the bottom. It is permissible to operate the containers with a sufficiently thin bottom (for example, 2 mm), however, in this case the risk of noise is increasing during the cooking process. Additionally, another drawback is also noted - the deformation of the fine metal under the influence of sufficiently intensive magnetic processes.

Given these features, the use of unsuitable dishes should be avoided. There are plates with all-metal bottoms, as well as analogues in which a multilayer bottom of various materials are provided. The preferred option is the containers that contain the cast disk at the base. This feature provides strength and full fit of the dishes to the surface of the burner.

To understand which dishes are suitable for induction cooking panel, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with a number of features of a saucepan of several common types:

• Cast iron products are characterized by low thermal conductivity, which means slow heating and slow cooling. More pans are durable, serve a long time. But at the same time they are demanding in operation. Without proper care, pig-iron pans will quickly cover rust. Prepare acidic dishes in such a dishes should not be, but besides, it is not recommended to store ready-made food in it.

• Aluminum products are not as strong, however, they are warm well. At the same time, they should not keep ready-made dishes. It is allowed to use aluminum dishes on induction burners Only if the bottom is made of ferromagnetic materials.

• Steel pots are characterized by aesthetic attractiveness, durability. Such dishes has a practically unlimited service life and in all parameters is suitable for operation on an induction hob. It can be used for the purpose of storing food.

How to care for dishes

• do not use abrasive formulations and materials, since there is a chance to damage the perfectly smooth surface of the dishes;

• to avoid the risk of the formation of lines on the surface of the saucepan and other tanks, it is necessary to wipe them dry after washing;

• products with a ceramic coating do not tolerate temperature drops, respectively, it is recommended to avoid situations when heat is sharply replaced by cold, for example, if you remove hot dishes from the burner and immediately send it under cold water;

• any non-stick coating may be damaged (rush) if the frying pan is left onto the stove without food, empty, as a result of the product properties will significantly deteriorate.

By deciding for yourself, how to choose dishes for the induction cooking panel, it is necessary to clarify the nuances of care so that at the first use it did not have to face trouble.

The market offers the widest selection of ferromagnetic material for operation on an induction plate. You can select the most popular stamps: Tefal, Berghoff, Calve, Fissler, Maestro, Rondell, Hackman, Westro. If we consider producers, gradually gaining fame, but still not enough well-tightly inhibited markets, they include: Hoffmayer, Vitesse, Millerhaus. Products of domestic producers are presented on the market: mental, gourmet, metal metal.

Dishes for induction warm panels Tefal is found in a wide range of versions. This is aluminum frying pan, Titanium Pro and Privilege Pro series products. These variants are characterized by a significant bottom thickness. Rondell offers a variety of stainless steel dishes. German products are very popular - from Fissler, WOll brands.

If we compare at cost, then initially the pans for induction surfaces are offered at a higher price, respectively, are included in a different price category. But everyone is more expensive than the dishes from the Debuyer manufacturer. Its distinctive feature is a combination of copper and steel. The price of one product can reach 25,000 rubles.

Thus, with the advent of more perfect household appliancesNamely, induction slabs, there was a need to purchase a new generation dishes: with ferromagnetic properties, ideal lines forms, excellent strength characteristics, long service life. Additionally, the saucepans and frying pan are characterized by external attractiveness, in most cases they are lightweight. But to maintain aesthetic appeal, it is recommended to properly care for dishes, starting from the first days of operation. To determine such products among thousands of models, you need to pay attention to the labeling (from the outside of the bottom). The bottom thickness and the diameter of the product is also taken into account.

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