I Woke Up with Lots of Blood on My Pillow, and Dry Blood Only From My Right Nostril. WHAT DO I DO?

do you have a cold? it could be caused from your sinuses

1. My cat sleeps on my pillow?

I know of a few cats that do this, but all for different reasons. Could be he is cold, as most of your body heat is lost through the top of your head... Or simply he has found a place where he can get close to you without being rolled on through the night and just wants a good cuddle.

2. Do you sleep with a knife?

No, I do not sleep with a knife...I sleep with a pistol tucked under my pillow

3. My pillow pet ran away?

no way im sorry u should do what u think u can do to find him

4. How can I stop my pillow from falling off border-less mattress?

You say you the bed is used in its flat position.Solution 1 -Position the head of the bed against a wall or an item of furniture, so that the pillow does not slide off.From the photo it looks as though there is room to turn the bed by 90 degrees and use the wall. If not, remove the clutter in the corner behind the bed.Solution 2 -Sleep the other way round, so that the metal hoop at the 'foot' can retain the pillow.If that is not enough support, stand a sheet of MDF at that end, drill some holes, and use plastic ties to secure it to the metal hoop and the legs. You now have a makeshift headboard.

5. Does "My Pillow" really improve your sleep?

Thanks Wendy for A2A.Pillow must be soft and adjustable as per requirement. In my case, I have a pillow that is easy in shaping it as I want to do before sleeping. Once I sleep, that condition is relaxed because pillow has done its work. IT HAS IMPROVED MY SLEEP. I have a second harder pillow to suit my posture while sleeping. Now coming to the question "My Pillow", I am really not aware of a particular product if that has been asked about. I can talk simply about 'my pillow'!Thanks for reading the above. Does "My Pillow" really improve your sleep?

6. Are cell phones still dangerous when turned off?

how scary!! i sleep with mine under my pillow and its always turned on!

7. Using lint tape on my cat?

I resorted to using a lint roller for my pillowcase when one of my 5 cats insisted on sleeping on my pillow. Then, he rubbed up against it, and they have been friends ever since! I do not allow it to pull on the hair, just the loose hair, and they all love it! Have never had a problem, if anything, they have less hairballs!!! They actually sell them at the Vet's office and use them on their cats, and some of their dogs too

8. I dream kissing my girlfriend and woke up kissing my pillow?

its totally normal :) people usually dream, based on their thoughts. so that just means that you can not get her off your mind, which is never a bad thing. No worries at all.

9. I want to put my pillow in the washing machine but it says spot clean only?

My Pillow Instructions

10. Am I the only one who sleeps under my pillow?

Well, I have done it a few times, but I do not do it reguarly... And I do not know anyone else who does it!

11. There is a beehive in my pillow how do i safely remove it so i can get a decent nights sleep?

throw the pillow out the window

12. May I pack my pillow?

A lot of people bring pillows on planes, especially on long flights. They definitely would NOT tear your pillow open... they have x-ray machines for that sort of thing (; . If you decide against bringing it, most planes have pillows and blankets on them, just ask the steward or stewardess. Have a good trip(: !

13. How can I cover up my hair so my pillow doesn't get wet after I take a late shower?

Put a towel or blanket on the pillow :)

14. Is it normal that I sometimes make out with my pillow?

No. It is considered normal till the time you have issues when you see someone else (say your dad/bro/cat etc...) sleeping on that pillow or you start feeding the pillow with orange juice in the morning (these are real life cases of teenagers... sorry do not want to give further details of the case). have fun girl...but dont get obsessed by the pillow. You may get the one of your dreams... Good Luck

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