I Love My Pillow so Much. I Talk to Her, and Hug and Kiss Her Every Night. Is It Weird?

Does you pillow reciprocate and tell you how important you are to her. Suggest you get help

1. How long can head lice stay alive on my pillow, brush, hair bands... etc?

Their eggs can stay dormant for about a month or more. Lice themselves cannot live very long if they are not actually on you


Pillows can not talk...it's all in your head

3. My cat peed on my pillow?

put your pillow in the washing machine and keep washing it untill the smells gone and then put it in to the tumble dryer with a few bounce sheets and dry them once dried spray febereeze on the whole pillow and just let it air dry if smell still exisists then try the whole procedure again im sure the smell and germs will go away

4. COLORINGVEY: Why does my pillow smell like crayons?

well, crayons are made out of wax right!! and when you sleep, all the wax runs out of your ears and goes all over your pillow and well, when you sniff your pillow (i cant imagine why you would want to!!) it smells like crayons which is made out of wax and therefore my friend it's actually ear wax you smell not crayons, Whew, that took alot of brain power!!

5. My cat punched out the neighbor's kid and now the pile of cole slaw on my pillow has gone bad. Am I pregnant?

Yes! Go to a doctor as soon as possible! lol!

6. i woke up and there was blood all over my pillow and my ear really hurts... is that bad? what should i do?

You can probably salvage the pillowcase without too much difficulty. Mix a little dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide and scrub the stain with a toothbrush. Rinse with COLD water and repeat. Let it air dry. If the stain is visible, repeat the detergent / hydrogen peroxide treatment. Do not dry it in the dryer as heat will permanently bond the blood pigments to your pillowcase fabric. Hope you feel better.

7. Is it weird to buy old spice and spray it on my pillow because I miss my boyfriend?

I think it's sweet that you miss him and want him around. I do not think its wierd at all!

8. Im always sleeping on my stomach, hugging my pillow, i cant sleep otherwise. Why? Is it common?

I usally sleep that way to and its compfy i think your so used to it you have to do it

9. I'm shaving my head for cancer?

I shaved my head instead of waiting for it to clog the shower drain or wake up with clumps of it on my pillow. I used electric barber clippers first to cut it really short and had to use lots and lots of shaving cream because the scalp gets very tender when you start loosing your hair to cancer. I wore silky scarves and very soft caps. I found wigs to be itchy. I even showed off my bald pate for co-workers. If you have a good attitude about it everyone around you is more comfortable too. My nieces and nephews thought a bald lady was pretty cool and my sister sent me this awesome t-shirt that said "with a body like this who needs hair" When my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer shortly after me, my brother and their sons shaved their heads in support.

10. It's Hard For Me To Sleep, Because I Feel My Pulse Against My Pillow?

Stop thinking about it. Its psychological. Listen to soft music and think of your future or something in bed

11. Is it okay to cover my cat with a blanket?

At night, my cat gets under the covers with me, places his head on my pillow and puts a paw on my arm. So I should imagine a blanket would be okay, considering he sleeps in my bed all night. :)

12. My pillow is in love with me!?

well it cant be an worse than my case..im cheating on my nightstand with my floorlamp ...and my husband the dresser doesnt suspect a thing haha

13. Had pain humping my pillow what should i do?

Get a girlfriend or order yourself a fleshlight. or ask your dad for one if your underage

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