I Live in a 3rd Floor Apartment with Wood Floors. the Air Conditioning Doesn't Get Very Cold and wit

something is conceivable if your throw sufficient money at it. component is do you prefer to pay to up grade an house which you do no longer own and can circulate from? Will the owner comply with the paintings? If there's no duct paintings that's going to be very intense priced

1. Why does air conditioning consume more fuel than heating in cars?

Air Conditioning (AC) consumes more fuel because the engine has to spin the compressor on the AC system which requires more power from the engine. The way an engine makes more power is by burning more fuel.When the AC is on, a electromagnetic clutch on the face of the compressor is powered on, the compressor spins and compresses the refrigerant for the AC system. The compressor is connected with a belt thru the pulley system to the crank shaft pulley.The heater uses the heat generated from the engine and transfers it to the inside of the car thru the heater core and a fan. The compressor is not used when heating so the engine does not have to produce as much power therefor consuming less fuel.

2. How much would it cost to put in central air conditioning into an old house with no ducts/anything?

I am guessing that the ductwork would cost $5000 but ask a reputable contractor. You could ask the realtor what they think it will cost for ductwork. By law, if they know, they have to tell you.

3. Do you need a condenser fan to prevent your car from overheating if you don't use your air conditioning?

the electric fan is primarily for the engine cooling not the A'C and is critical that it work as the factory meant it to

4. who makes more a year a Air-Conditioning and heating tech or a Motorcyle Mechanic?

As a hvac tech I can tell you that pay depends on where, who, and what you do. I have also never had a problem finding work. Like any thing else. If you focus on being the best you can motorcycles or hvac you will do ok. I am not knocking motorcycle mech. but what I preferred in hvac was more variety. Ive spent time working on large industrial chill water loops to little refrigerators in your local bar. The only thing I can say I hate is you do end up working lots of overtime and side work for friends and family never ends. Pay is going to be based on where you live. I am self employed I wont tell you what I make but the average tech working for someone else is 20 to 25 an hour. Less obviously for apprentices. The best thing rather than money, is what would you rather do. Like allot of guys my age I probably would of done different, just thinking about what I WANT to do

5. Why is my air Conditioning not cooling my house well? What would be the problem?The Fan Works-How much to fix?

Airwell Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

6. What effects do desk fans have on office air conditioning?

A fan does not disrupt the air flow but merely adds to it. Unless you have the fan pointed directly at the sensor with a piece of dry ice attached to the front of the fan, all your doing is contributing to the air flow in the room. The air conditioner has an internal fan of its own to draw air into the unit. Your fan has zero notable effects to your A/C without the aid of some type of atomic air analysis measuring device.

7. I bought a small air conditioning unit that fits in a window. But now I want to put it in a different window than the one I bought it for.?

You can. Just insulate the room properly. Seal the window properly after installation. Air coolers NEVER WORK, Get an air conditioner. Dont' waste money.

8. my Air conditioning wont work please help fast?

maybe need to add Freon

9. what is the best college for heating, ventalation, air conditioning, refrigration (HVAC/R) ?

SUNY canton

10. please HELP!!! I need ideas on how to keep my house cool with NO AIR CONDITIONING!?

Ever thought of purchasing a window air conditioner? Wo not cool the entire house, but it WILL give you a nice oasis to retreat to. They can be had very inexpensively

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