I Get It, I'm Short, What Is Your Problem!?

do not worry, we like short women

1. How to increase my height?

I like short women. :)

2. What do tall good looking men think of beautiful short women - first impressions??

I am not boasting but I am tall and good looking. Let me tell you I find shorter beautiful women more sexy than the taller beautiful ones. I do not think a tall person (male or female) is in any way superior than a shorter one, or vice versa. Yes, the first appearance might matter to some extent. I would always prefer a short good looking girl than a tall not so good looking one. One more thing that you have related I will never feel intimidated by a tall woman. Yes, as you rightfully said it is the inside that matters the most.

3. Do short women only go after tall men?

I am 5'1. Bf is 6'. I call him my giant. I do not NEED him because he's 6', he just happens to be tall. Plus I can protect myself haha. :)* And I would still date him if he was only 5'8 or so anyway

4. Do men really prefer short women to tall women?

When I say this, I am 100% serious, I have no strong preferences but I love the physique that many exceptionally tall women have. You are probably not the least bit masculine. And from how it sounds, your "friends" are not very good friends. I will answer your questions as honestly as I can. 1. Some do, some do not . Some men feel insecure about a girl being taller but some do not . You are better off looking for someone that either is not insecure about it or better yet, prefers tall women. Yes, there are a lot of people like that. 2. I am sure there are a lot of people that share your problem, but please, do not give up hope. 3. No, and please do not slouch just to make yourself look shorter. I picture you looking great. 4. The only men that do get weird about a girl being taller or very tall. Some men actually have a preference for very tall women.

5. Why are short women cute and adorable but tall women are giants with big hands and feet?

Wow Teddy just wow, I know that this is old but wow, me being your height I will admit your an egotistical brat. Do not be so hateful, nobody can help their height. Short and tall girls are both beautiful. You guys are not much better than her though, 2 wrongs does not make a right.

6. Why do short women lie about their height?

because being taller is beautiful to chort girls cause models are really tall i kno im only 5'1"

7. Why do men prefer short women?

yes but not too short

8. Why do men perfer short women over tall women?

because guys are suppose to be taller than girls, it makes them feel more dominant. (:

9. jeans for short women?

old navy or even aeropostale have them

10. Why do men prefer short women to average or tall women?

1) What a pointless, useless study. 2) Nearly all guys I know prefer girls over 5'5". 3) I am 5'8" and have never had any trouble finding a partner.

11. Are Short Women Sexy,OR just Cute?

for short women it is okay....they look cute and petite...especially to the asians....western men get attracted to them by their brown skins... do not compare yourself to others in order you will not feel bad of what you are now physically... Comparing can lead you insecurities in the end and inferiority complex will arise.... BE HAPPY AND CONTENDED OF WHAT YOU HAVE NOW.... thank for it for GOD gave it to you....learn to appreciate that GOD has made...

12. what blue jeans fit short women?

well bunches of stores have regular sizes, then they got short. like american eagle.

13. Do you think that taller women are often perceived as superior compared to short women?

I think it's all about what society values. If you are beautiful, confident, tall or what have you, you are going to automatically have a "swag" that others do not have and that of course is attractive and seen as valuable even if it's subconscious

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