How to Hardwire 12V LED Lights into Your Campervan Conversion

I wish I had known about these little recessed lights before I started my van build. They are designed for RVs and boats so they are quite small and really make a van look high-end. The process for hardwiring recessed lighting is the same as any 12V light strip. Read below for directions. Just like the LED light strips, color of the light plays a big role. Choose between warm or cool light tones. Also consider the exterior color of the light. They can often be purchased with white or silver finishes to match the interior of your van. Some (but not all) recessed lights come with spring clips for easy installation. We recommend purchasing this type because it will be the most straightforward to install. To install spring-clip recessed lights, make a circular cut the size of the innermost ring. Then pop the light in and the spring clips will hold it in place. This is a simple process with no extra tool or glue required! Make sure to leave room for the wires and plan out your wiring before finishing out the ceiling build. Whether you choose to use strips or recessed lighting, the process for wiring for any 12V lighting system will be the same. Because LEDs draw so little power, you can usually string together as many LED's as you want. To install lights, we are assuming you already have a fuse box and bus bar ready to go and attached to your battery. If you do not know what those are, read this post to get an overview of a full electric system. The first step before wiring everything is to make sure all of you power is off! There should be no fuse in the location you will be using. Only put the fuse in at the end of the process or if you need to check to make sure the lights work before more permanently mounting them. Start by wiring all strips or strings of lights together. Lights will have a pair of red and black wires coming from them. Because everything is already 12V, you want to wire them in parallel. This means that all of the red wires will be connected together to run to the switch. All of the black wires will be connected together to run to the bus bar. If you want to go all out, then you can use s soldering kit to connect wires. This is a good video on how to solder wires if you do not know how.If not, you can twist the wires together an connect them with a butt splice or at a location where a terminal connector will be used. Here is a good Youtube video on how to crimp wires properly. • Use stranded wire. Solid copper household wire is not meant to handle the vibrations. tight spaces and metal rubbing in a van. • Do not use twist connectors for joining wires. This is for the same reason as above. • Test your equipment before installing it (switches and lights). It's much easier to diagnose and repair issues when they are right in front of you. • When running wire, run a little bit extra (6" or so). This is so that if you make a mistake splicing or need a little wiggle room you've got some spare real estate. • Stagger your splicing if you have multiple wires running together. This avoids a big lump of connectors in one spot. What You will Need To Hardwire Lights One wire will be coming from the fuse box to your light switch. If you are using 100W or less of lights, this wire should be 14 AWG. If your switch has spade terminals, use a spade connector. If it just has wires coming from it, use a butt connector to join it to the wire. The second wire will run to your lights.

How do i power 12v LED'S?

That's not a good link and you can find small 12 volt batteries at Home Depot or Radio Shack

12v 1a power to parallel 12v led?

It sounds like you already have this figured out pretty well. I personally would not bother with the "test" switch because LED's are super reliable and last pretty much forever. They do not generate much heat at all. Make sure the LED's do not have a built in resistor before you do that part - I only say that because you said they are 12 volt LED's and they may be set up to connect directly to 12 VDC with no resistor.

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Knowledge About Viewing Point | Supernode (circuit) of Viewing Point
Supernode (circuit) of viewing pointIn circuit theory, a supernode is a theoretical construct that can be used to solve a circuit. This is done by viewing a voltage source on a wire as a point source voltage in relation to other point voltages located at various nodes in the circuit, relative to a ground node assigned a zero or negative charge.Each supernode contains two nodes, one non-reference node and another node that may be a second non-reference node or the reference node. Supernodes containing the reference node have one node voltage variable. For nodal analysis, the supernode construct is only required between two non-reference nodes.------Yokah Tower of viewing pointYokah Tower is an observation tower within El Yunque National Forest on the island of Puerto Rico.The Yokah Tower is one of the two observation towers located in the park and is at an elevation of 1,575 feet. Constructed in 1963, it is widely considered the better of the two with regard to the view offered. The other tower, Mount Britton Tower, is situated at a higher altitude. Owing to this, the view from it is frequently obscured by cloud cover. When it comes to convenience, Yokah Tower again has an advantage over the Mount Britton Tower. Yokah Tower has a parking lot nearby whereas the Britton Tower is in the middle of the forest.------Current features of viewing pointThe Cape Henry Memorial commemorates The First Landing of the settlers that established Jamestown. Nearby, the historic Cape Henry Lighthouse was the first in the United Stateinterest, the passenger station built in 1902 and served by the original Norfolk Southern Railway was restored late in the 20th century and is used as an educational facility by Fort Story, an army base located at Cape Henry that was established in 1914. First Landing State Park occupies and protects the rest of the cape itself, as well as some of the nearby area. Shore Drive, a locally well-known road, facilitates viewing of the rest of the shoreline in Cape Henry------Son View Point of viewing pointSon View Point, also known as Eco Point Robertsganj, is an Eco Garden in Sonbhadra district, India.The panoramic view of Son Valley is best witnessed from this point. It is about 6km from Robertsganj, and hundred meters from Veer Lorik Stone, on Markundi Hill. Eco Point Robertsganj was inaugurated on 11 August 2003 by the District Magistrate of Sonbhadra. The place is thronged by tourists during the monsoon season as it provides a very beautiful and picturesque view of the valley, including small rainy waterfalls that mushroom during the season. A small restaurant close by provides fast food items. Son View Point is a great picnic spot for the nature lovers.------Colorow Point Park of viewing pointColorow Point Park is a park located on Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 15, 1990. It is named for Colorow, a Ute chief, who used to camp on Lookout Mountain during the summers and held tribal councils at Inspiration Tree at the slope of Dinosaur Ridge. Although it is the smallest park in the Denver Mountain Parks system, at .37 acres, it is notable for its outlook at 7,500 feet in elevation. It provides views of the main peaks of the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Continental Divide, as well as the plains and Clear Creek..------Beniajn of viewing pointBeniajn is a village located in the Region of Murcia (Spain), beside the mountains that close the Valley of Segura. It has a population of around 11,000, and is not far from the region's capital, Murcia.Beniajn is known for the abundant production of citrus fruits that its factories export around the world; this is the most important economic activity in this city.The town was founded during Roman times. Since before the 18th century, the Virgen del Carmen has been the Patrona (patron saint) of Beniajn. A statue is carried in procession annually in celebration of her feast day.------Geographical location of viewing pointThe mountain itself is nearly unconnected to any other peak in the Brushy Mountains, and could thus be considered a monadnock, or isolated mountain peak. A rough gravel road leads to the mountain's summit, which is devoid of trees but does contain several radio towers. From the summit a person can see up to 75 miles on a clear day, and can view a large portion of the Appalachian Mountain range in North Carolina, several of the highest mountains in the state of Virginia, and the skyline of Charlotte, North Carolina, approximately 70 miles to the south. The mountain shares its name with a small farming community which surrounds the peak------Canadian Screen Award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary of viewing pointThe Canadian Screen Award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary is an annual award, presented as part of the Canadian Screen Awards program to honour the year's best cinematography in a documentary film. It is presented separately from the Canadian Screen Award for Best Cinematography for feature films.On two prior occasions, at the 1st Genie Awards in 1980 and at the shortlived Bijou Awards in 1981, awards were presented for Best Cinematography in a Documentary (Non-Feature), covering short documentaries and television programs, but not for feature documentaries. Nonetheless, the winners and nominees in those years have been included below.------Moti of viewing pointMoti village was previously known in Romanian as Motidorf and Motiul. Alternate German names include Mrtesdorf and Mertesdorf. In Latin records, it is called Villa Morteni.It was first mentioned in 1319 as the property of Saxon counts Niklaus and Johann von Talmisch. In 1415 Mortesdorf was first called by its sole German name "Gemeinde Martin". Serfdom was abolished in 1848. Saxons made up the majority of the village population for centuries until the 1980s. The community emigrated en masse, chiefly to Germany; at that point, Romanians and Roma became dominant. By 2006, just one Transylvanian Saxon resided in the village.------Gallery of viewing pointThe following images, detail the surrounding area, including the village of Balmacara, the bay, and those views from the bay.Beinn na Caillich from the slipway at Kyle RheaBalmacara Bay.Balmacara Bay from the sunken garden at the Scottish National Trust property.Ard Hill across Balmacara Bay, Loch Alsh, Scotland. This view along the coast of Loch Alsh was taken from Donald Murchison's Monument.Lochalsh House. In Balmacara Bay.Camas nan Gall Looking east towards Ardintoul Point.Camas na Gall Looking west towards Skye.Balmacara SquareBalmacara Square These buildings face south west across the restored millpond in the centre of The Square.------Knigshtte Waterfall of viewing pointKnigshtte Waterfall (German: Knigshtter Wasserfall) is a waterfall in the village of Knigshtte in the borough of Oberharz am Brocken in the Harz Mountains of Central Germany.The waterfall has a relatively low volume and falls through a height of 12 metres (some sources give 15 or 20 metres). The stream empties shortly thereafter into the Kalte Bode. The waterfall is man-made and was constructed in connexion with an old quarry in 1994.The Bundesstrae 27 federal road runs close by. The area around the waterfall has been turned into a small park area. At the top of the falls at the viewing point is checkpoint no. 40 in the Harzer Wandernadel hiking network.------Conclusion (book) of viewing pointIn a non-fiction book, a conclusion is an ending section which states the concluding ideas and concepts of the preceding writing. This generally follows the body or perhaps an afterword, and the conclusion may be followed by an epilogue, outro, postscript, appendix/addendum, glossary, bibliography, index, errata, or a colophon. Aristotle, in The Rhetoric, tells us a good writer should do this in the conclusion: "make the audience well-disposed towards ourselves and ill-disposed to our opponent." It's a good opportunity to make inferences or predictions, or to ask the audience to consider what would happen if they do not accept our point of view by making a connection to society in general------Coal mining of viewing pointParasia is known as the "Coal Mines Belt". There were 24 mines in this area, of which 20 are still working. The principal ones are Eklahara Mines, Burkuhi Mines, Chandametta Mines, Newton Mines, Donger Chikhali Mines, Mahadev Puri Mines. Ravanwara Mines, Ravanwara Khash, Vishnu Puri No. 11, Vishnu Puri No. 12, Chhinda Mines, Setiya Mines, Shivpuri Mines, Shivpuri Mines, Jhhury Mines, Mathani Mines, Thisgora Mines, Nahariya Mines, Pench Mines, and Urdhan Project.Parasia has the head office of Pench Area, Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) one of the eight subsidiary companies of Coal India Limited (CIL) which is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Coal. The company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.------Cardinal electors of viewing pointPope Boniface IX died on October 1, 1404. At the time of his death, there were only 12 cardinals in the Roman Obedience of the Sacred College. Nine of them participated in the election of his successor:All the electors were Italians. Five of them were elevated by Pope Urban VI, and four by Boniface IX.Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church was at that time Corrado Caraccioli, bishop of Mileto.Absentee cardinalsThree cardinals, two created by Urban VI and one by Boniface IX, did not participate in this conclave:Hungarian Alsani was the only non-Italian Cardinal in the Roman Obedience.------Hjbjerg of viewing pointHjbjerg is a postal district of Aarhus, Denmark.Hjbjerg originated as a coastal suburb to the south of Aarhus, but has now completely merged with the city. Hjbjerg is located 5km from the city centre and had a population of 22,000 in 2005.Skde, Holme and Fredensvang are neighbourhoods within and subdivisions of Hjbjerg.The historic manor of Moesgrd and the related estate, including the Moesgrd Museum and parts of the Marselisborg Forests are all situated in Hjbjerg. IF Lyseng, one of Denmark's largest sports clubs in terms of membership, is also located in Hjbjerg.------Vangen Church (Aurland) of viewing pointVangen Church (Norwegian: Vangen kyrkje) is the main parish church in Aurland Municipality in Vestland county, Norway. It is located in the village of Aurlandsvangen, at the end of the Aurlandsfjorden. It is the church for the Vangen parish which is part of the Sogn prosti (deanery) in the Diocese of Bjrgvin. The white, stone church was built in a long church design and in early Gothic style around the year 1202. The church seats about 270 people.Vangen Church is the largest of the seven medieval stone churches in the Sogn og Fjordane region, leading it to be called the Sognedomen or Sogn Cathedral.------Mohokos of viewing pointThe Mohokos is the highest peak of a hill range situated in Meimurje County, northern Croatia. The hill range extends for about 20 kilometres across the northwestern part of the County (so called Upper Meimurje) in northwest-southeast direction and represents the terminal easternmost slopes of the Alps.As the highest elevation in the County, Mohokos lies exactly 344,4 metres above the sea level. There are meadows, vineyards, orchards and groves around it. On the top there is a stone landmark with a built-in polished plaque containing the following text: "The highest geographical point in Meimurje Mohokos 344,4 m 26.IX.1999".Mohokos is a popular tourist destination, especially for many admirers of hiking, hillwalking or bicycle touring.------Clear View High School of viewing pointClear View High School is a secondary school located in Webster, Texas, in the Clear Creek Independent School District. The school serves all of CCISD, including the cities of Kemah, Clear Lake Shores, Nassau Bay, Webster, El Lago, and Taylor Lake Village and portions of Houston, Pasadena, and League City.The school colors are black and gold and the school mascot is the tiger.Clear View High School does not have school team sports; however, the school includes physical education.Clear View High School also includes the Special Education department and Communities In School, which opened a second department when the school opened for the new school year in August 2007.
Can Food Stamps Be Used at McDonald's and Burger King?
No. You can only use them to buy cold foods. Nothing already prepared. You can buy chips, frozen foods, soda, candy, etc. Almost anything at a grocery store. Also, at some 7 11's they have little signs saying they accept those cards1. What is the best way to stay away from junk food, especially those potato chips?1. Drink more water when you think you are hungry 2. Only eat when you eat. Do not look at the computer or tv. Keep your mind on the process of eating so you do not eat mindlessly. 3. Eat something healthier that gives you similar experience i.e. crunchy carrots instead of chips or creamy yogurt instead of ice cream. 4. Get moving. Sometimes we crave junk food - especially the crispy or creamy stuff - as a comfort or stress relief. You can dispel the stress by moving!2. Stupid potato chips?I know this is so stupid3. recipe for fish and chips?Fish and French Fry Batter 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup water 1/4 cup baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/8 teaspoon cayanne pepper Directions Whisk together the flour, milk, water, baking powder, salt, pepper and cayanne in a bowl until smooth. Batter fish fillets and french cut potatoes, fry in hot oil until golden brown. ========================== Classic Fish & Chips 4 large potatoes, peeled and cut into strips 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 cup milk 1 egg 1 quart vegetable oil for frying 1 1/2 pounds cod fillets Directions Place potatoes in a medium-size bowl of cold water. In a separate medium-size mixing bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, salt, and pepper. Stir in the milk and egg; stir until the mixture is smooth. Let mixture stand for 20 minutes. Preheat the oil in a large pot or electric skillet to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Fry the potatoes in the hot oil until they are tender. Drain them on paper towels. Dredge the fish in the batter, one piece at a time, and place them in the hot oil. Fry until the fish is golden brown. If necessary, increase the heat to maintain the 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) temperature. Drain well on paper towels. Fry the potatoes again for 1 to 2 minutes for added crispness. Serve fish with a squeeze of fresh lemon and tartar sauce and ketchup for the fries. ======================= Baked Seasoned Fries 1 large baking potato 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/2 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon chili powder 1/2 teaspoon onion powder Directions Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C). Cut potato into fries or wedges. Mix olive oil, paprika, garlic powder, chili powder and onion powder together. Coat potatoes with oil/spice mixture and place on a baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes in preheated ovenm turn over bake for another 10-15 minutes.4. Is this weird to do with chips ?I think that's sounds great I use all the time for dip I love it. When I was a kid I used mayo for a dip and they thought I was crazy Ranch was not developed yet oh well to each his or her own5. How can I help my friend feel better ?Ok,I know it's really bad but if you have Syrup of Ipecac at home let him have one tablespoonful and he will vomit. But remember it's also really bad to eat food like chips with extra fat (-oh and I mean a lot) because they might cause heart diseases and other bad consequences. However , if you do not have Ipecac or you do not have an adult (and you are underage) you should make him lie down , he should also have lots of pillows to support his back because if not it can trigger the gagging reflex. NO EATING or DRINKING until it passes ( perhaps a glass of water if thirsty) you should prepare a hot bag ( you know, a special plastic bag ) or you can just heat some towels by ironing them on put it on his tummy.Hope this helps!
Gadgets Are New Age Toys
A few years ago, buying a gift for a child was a simple task, one just had to scoop out a figurine from the numerous ones that flooded the market, from tiny GI Joe toys that could be adjusted in combat and standing mode, to the transformers toys that could transform into vehicles with a small tweak. With technology ruling our lives at least in many parts of urban India, toys have undergone a change.Prashant Patil, a grocery store owner says: "When I was growing up, these GI Joe and transformers figurines were the first exposure to the world of cable television. Even before these toons were aired, all the kids in the neighbourhood had heard about the transformers and GI Joe, thanks to the popular toy figures that used to be sold in the market. Most of these toys would be missing an arm or a leg, with even the head being held high with a rubber band. We never got tired of playing with these mutilated figurines."He adds, "I watched the GI movies and the transformers instalments only because I got nostalgic about my collection. It was the most valuable things in our lives then. The movies lacked the thrill and the action of cartoon series. My sons prefer the internet and games on the mobile. They are not interested in physical toys much."Gayatri Raja, the mother of a three-year-old says, "Toys have lost their meaning in this time and age. Children are more interested in electronic gadgets and playing games on laptops and tablets. The make of many of the new age toys is also suspect. The days when a new toy meant a new companion of sorts is over. Children graduate from playing with toys much quicker."For IT professionals Mithali and Manav Sharma, their four-year-olds playing routine is very different from their own childhood. "Our son does not use his toy collection much. Though he is occasionally thrilled to receive gifts he loses interest in them very quickly. His favourite pastime is playing temple run and candy crush. Though he cannot read, he knows the buttons."Mithali says, "I used to adore toy figures of GI Joe characters. We used to build defences, plan imaginary battle strategy. Those simple toys helped build our imagination and aided in ensuring that we had out-of-box ideas. It was better than swiping your tablet or smart phones for virtual games."Richa Dikshit runs an online toy store, the Yellow Giraffe. She says, "Contrary to public imagination, children are not playing many games on tablets and smartphones in urban India. The trend now is towards making custom made toys, basically toys that use elements of technology such as 3D printers are becoming very popular. Custom made toys is the future of toys worldwide."She adds, "In Germany, children below the age of five are not allowed to access technology since they feel that technology inhibits the ability to learn physical skills and develop language."Marketing professional Priyanka Dhingra agrees with Richa. "My children are not keen about run of the mill toys, but like toys that bring some degree of technological innovation. I am wary of them using tablets a lot. I allow them to play games such as Talking Tom, which is the virtual equivalent of taking care of a pet. There are many games that allow one to enhance their imagination and thinking process."Reeta Naik, a child psychologist concurs. "Parents must take care and ensure that the child's mental skills are developed before giving them devices. Language and good handwriting are important skills that must never be ignored. Toys are good, but using technology as a substitute must be discouraged."
What Would You Do If You Had Just Won a Medal and Were Required Later to Take a Sex Test in order to
Oh yeah I saw that. But I was concerned about this question because I thought you meant a test to see how well you did the...umm... "dirty deed." I guess that's how my mind works. But yeah, I would be insulted.1. Why do so few Americans know about the Korea Defense Service Medal?The only way to establish rapport with a Vietnam vet is if you were there yourself. Most of them would rather forget the details than share them with someone they consider a puppy. I've been to Korea, but I would never wear a KDSM Vet hat. Why? Because it is not a big deal in any way whatsoever, akin to wearing a National Service Defense Vet hat. Sorry, but you asked2. which one should i get ps3 or xbox 360 elite?Xbox 360! Its got more great games, and a much much much better online gameplay, while you do have to pay for xbox live. There's 2 types. "Silver" is the free-bee and allows you to download as sorts of things like demos, movies, and game-addons. "Gold" is reequired to play online with friends . Its the $ one thats worth getting. Xbox also has great warranties. PS3 isnt bad, either. I believe it has bluetooth for great graphics and movies. It has some nice features as well like using your psp for a controller. Xbox is the way to go. COD4, HALO3, Gears of war and gears 2 soon, splintercell, rainbow 6 franchise, medal of honor, rockband, guitar hero, the list goes on and on3. Alright which game should i get: Medal of Honor, Battlefield Bad Company 2, or Call of Duty World at War?certainly undesirable corporation 2; that is plenty extra strategic and tactical. It has plenty extra suitable photos and gameplay. The storyline is plenty extra exciting. the internet is unbelievably extra suitable. WaW is old and not just about as actiony as BFBC2. WaW is relaxing, yet gets previous rapidly and not a million/2 as relaxing as undesirable corporation 24. More medals are given out in the Olympics that's why some countries are breaking previous medal records right?It probably is a contributing factor. I recall reading that there are now 32 gold medals awarded in swimming (16 male / 16 female), whereas at the 1956 Melbourne games there were only 16. So if that sort of increase has occurred across other events it certainly helps5. Which club should Steven Gerrard join in order to win his first premier league medal?Burnley they have a realistic chance of winning it than liverpool lol6. What type of medal should i get for my class ring.?ok. that's merely my own opinion, yet do not forget that that's your ring it relatively is rather sentimental and you are able to customize it on your liking. a million. 10k is in all likelihood the appropriate to pass with 2. I used my birthstone in my college ring. there became a gap on the hoop the place the college colours must be placed besides. unsure what sort you are starting to be, yet that my suggestion for that. 3. in case you have already got one spirit logo, i think of you are able to pass with the mascot. back, on mine, I had the mascot on one element and my college interest on the different. 4. i admire the look of smaller, yet not actual dainty rings. i did not take word to no count in case you have been male or lady, sorry, lol, however the bigger your hand, the thicker i think of it is going to be. attempt to pass with although could accessory your hand the appropriate. 5. Mine became 3 hundred. 00. This became in 1998 lol. i am unsure approximately your college, yet they do are available in distinctive stages. you are able to could seek advice from whoever is in charge of the jewelry for extra info. wish this all facilitates! good success and Congrats!.7. When a medal is revoked from a olympian does that mean the runner up gets it?regarding the wrestler who had his medal revoked, Apparently that medal wont go to anyone else8. Who would have the best chance at an Olympic medal in boxing: Apollo Creed or Tommy Gunn?Creed. His fast jabbing style means he would pile up points, while preventing his opponent from making gains.Gunn was a slugger, but a punch is a punch in amateur, irrespective of the power behind it.No idea why you want to know this
Knowledge About Mommy
Ocean Memories of mommyOcean Memories is an anthology album by Brazilian guitarist Bola Sete, released in 1999 through Samba Moon Records. It contains his 1972 album "Ocean" on the first disc and unreleased recordings on the second------Memories Within Miss Aggie of oscar nominationMemories Within Miss Aggie is a 1974 American pornographic film directed by Gerard Damiano and starring Deborah Ashira, Eric Edwards, and Harry Reems. The film pays homage to both Damiano's previous skin flick The Devil in Miss Jones and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho------Summary of MemoriesThe path of Barry Schwartz's work runs from interactional social psychology to cognitive sociology, the sociology of knowledge, and collective memory. The last, major, phase cannot be inferred from the first but is inextricably connected to it------Memories of rsMemories is the fifth studio LP album by The Vogues, released by Reprise Records in 1969 under catalog number RS 6347.The album was reissued, combined with their 1970 album, The Vogues Sing the Good Old Songs, on compact disc by Taragon Records on November 6, 2001.------Memories of Love of love & misadventureMemories of Love is the debut studio album by American indie pop band Future Bible Heroes, released in 1997 in the U.S., the U.K., Europe and Korea. Its accompanying booklet features twelve word puzzles and games that, if solved correctly, reveal the name of the band and the title of the album, plus the lyrics to each of the album's eleven songs------Track listingChart positionsWriting credits of MemoriesThe following personnel all have writing credits on this album.Rudolf FrimlSigmund RombergJerome KernFranz LehrIvor NovelloRobert StolzPaul AbrahamOscar Hammerstein IIKenneth Leslie-SmithRodgers and HammersteinHarold RomeFrederick LoeweAlan Jay Lerner------Germany: Memories of a Nation of intelligent homeGermany: Memories of a Nation is a 2014 book by British historian and then director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor. The work was published in conjunction with his BBC Radio 4 series and a major exhibition at the British Museum------The Golden Group MemoriesThe Golden Group Memories is an American touring music group that contains former members of doo- groups. The 2006 line-up included:Vito Balsamo of the SalutationsRandy Silverman of the SalutationsLeo LucasJimmy Merchant of The TeenagersBill Goodwin of the Ink SpotsAl Handfield of Shep & the LimelightsThe group was featured in the 1999 PBS special Doo Wop 50. At that time, the group was Balsamo, Silverman, Merchant, and Joe "Speedo" Frazier of The Impalas.------Years of Memories of rob little45 Years Of Memories features new recordings of audience favorites by the progressive bluegrass band The Country Gentlemen. Credited to "Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemen," it features Waller showcases from all eras of band, the earliest song dating from 1961.------Funeral March in Memory of Rikard Nordraak of MemoriesEdvard Grieg composed his Funeral March in Memory of Rikard Nordraak in 1866, in honour of his friend and fellow Norwegian composer Rikard Nordraak, who had died in March of that year at the age of 23. Grieg deeply respected his fellow musician and took no delay in producing the work. The march was originally written as a piano piece in A minor; Grieg also produced transcriptions of it for brass choir and wind band, in B minor.Grieg valued the work greatly, bringing it along on all of his travels. In one letter he made it clear that he wished the piece to be played at his own funeral, "as best as possible." It was played, in an orchestration by Grieg's friend and colleague Johan Halvorsen.The work has a few arrangements by later musicians, including one by Geoffrey Emerson. It lasts six to eight minutes, depending on the arrangement and tempo.------A Yank's Memories of Calcutta of memory pagingWaddell was chief photographer for the Houston Press before entering the US Army and coming to the India-Burma Theatre in November 1943, where he was attached to the Public Relations Staff of Southeast Asia Command 'with the express purpose of acting as personal press photographer for Supreme Commander Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten.' He accompanied Mountbatten throughout Southeast Asia until February 1945, when he was assigned as news photographer to Phoenix Magazine, 'a 24-page picture weekly sponsored by the combined U.S.-British command'.On leave in Calcutta after the liberation of Singapore, Waddell, at the behest of his friends, took a number of photographs of Calcutta. The annotated images documented life in the city as well as the points of view of the American GIs stationed there. They proved to be so popular that Waddell eventually compiled and released them as a photographic album of 60 prints titled A Yank's Memories of Calcutta.-------11: Memories Retold of photographer11-11 Memories Retold is a narrative adventure video game set during World War I. It was released on 9 November 2018, two days before the centennial of the armistice. It is co-developed by Digixart Entertainment Studios and Aardman Animations, and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.One of the game's main features is its visual style, inspired by impressionist art.------Career of MemoriesBarry Schwartz received his B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. from Temple University (1962), University of Maryland (1964), and University of Pennsylvania (1970), respectively. He has taught at the University of Chicago and University of Georgia and been a fellow at the University of Georgia Institute for Behavioral Research (19771983), the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (19871988) in Stanford, CA, the National Humanities Center (19921993) in Research Triangle, NC, the Smithsonian Museum of National History in Washington, DC (1993), and the University of Georgia Humanities Center (1994). He has also been a Davis Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hebrew University (2002) in Jerusalem. In 2000, he received the William A. Owens Award for Outstanding Research and Creativity (University of Georgia); in 2009 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Hebrew University------Electribal Memories of walking withElectribal Memories is the only album by house music group Electribe 101. It was originally released in 1990 and reached number 26 in the UK Albums Chart. The album includes the singles "Tell Me When the Fever Ended" (#32 in the UK Singles Chart), "Talking with Myself" (UK #23), "You're Walking" (UK #50) and a cover of the Odyssey song "Inside Out" (UK #77).The album was re-released in 1998 with three remixes of "Talking with Myself," which had gained popularity that year and was again released as a single, reaching number 39 in the UK Singles Chart. In 2002, the album was reissued again under the title The Best of Electribe 101 Featuring Billie Ray Martin. The album has never been released in the United States, and the first pressing was only available as an import, despite the release of the album's singles there.------Memories Ad-Lib of ad trackingMemories Ad-Lib is an album by singer Joe Williams with Count Basie featuring tracks recorded in 1958 which was originally released on the Roulette label. It is notable for featuring several short solo passages by rhythm guitarist Freddie Green.------Bluebird Memories of wainwright & coBluebird Memories: A Journey Through Lyrics and Life is an upcoming Audible Original production by Common, scheduled to be released in 2020. The "audio-only musical narrative" will have Common "explore the various writers and musicians who have inspired him".------Down Drury Lane to Memory Lane of MemoriesDown Drury Lane to Memory Lane was the fourth hit album, and first UK number one, for German orchestra 101 Strings. The album was the twentieth record to make number one in the UK and the first double number one album. It spent five weeks at the top.The album consists of orchestral cover versions of both older and contemporary hits.------Beautiful Memories of s1800Beautiful Memories (French: Se souvenir des belles choses) is a 2001 French film directed by Zabou Breitman. It won the Csar Awards for Best First Feature Film, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor, and was nominated for Best Actor. Also, the French Syndicate of Cinema Critics named it best debut film.------Scrapbook Memories of memory pagingScrapbook Memories was a how-to television series airing on DIY Network in the United States hosted by Beth Madland and Julie McGuffee. The series debuted as a special in 1999 and as a regular series in 2002, and was filmed in various places throughout Wisconsin------Memories of an Old Friend of juliaMemories of an Old Friend is a compilation album by Australian singer-songwriter duo Angus & Julia Stone. It was released on December 2010 in Australia through EMI Music Australia and peaked at number 57 on the ARIA Charts in February 2011------Street of Memories of lees & watersStreet of Memories is a 1940 American drama film directed by Shepard Traube, written by Robert Lees and Frederic I. Rinaldo, and starring Lynne Roberts, Guy Kibbee, John McGuire, Edward Gargan, Hobart Cavanaugh and Jerome Cowan. It was released on November 15, 1940, by 20th Century Fox..------Independence Day memories of morning giftShe was only 27 years old during the proclamation of independence on 31 August 1957. She still remembers what she wore on that momentous occasion an off-white silk sari with a red border, a personal favourite as it had been an engagement gift from Sambanthan."It was so symbolic... a sign that we were free of the colonial regime, free to think for ourselves, free to lead our own country", she said.It was truly a moment of great intensity. Uma and Sambanthan, who stood behind the country's first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, did not speak much as they were overcome with emotion as the Union Jack was lowered and the Federation of Malaya flag raised.The feeling of being present at the historical event on the eve of the country's Independence Day was indescribable, said Uma."Many years have passed, but that feeling still lingers and I think it will live in me forever", she said.------Honky Tonk Memories of back of bourke"Honky Tonk Memories" is a song written by Rory Bourke, Gene Dobbins and Johnny Wilson, and recorded by American country music artist Mickey Gilley. It was released in June 1977 as the second single from his album First Class. The song reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and number 2 on the RPM Country Tracks chart in Canada.------The Flat Rock Archives Goal of Preserving Memories of rock & chipsOne goal of the Flat Rock Archives is to preserve the memories of the Flat Rock community. President of the archive, Johnny Waits wants the sounds, memories, and stories to be preserved and heard for generations to come.In an Atlanta Journal Constitution article from 2005, Cleveland McMullen (aged 83 at the time) shared that he grew up in Flat Rock and joined the exodus of thousands of Southern blacks who fled to the North during the Great Depression to find jobs in factories and escape enforced segregation. He recalled that Flat Rock had its own "scout" team (baseball), which played rivals from nearby communities, such as Lithonia, and, toward Atlanta, Edgewood. But McMullen can't recall the team name of the home nine, just that "it was a big deal, people came from all over. They'd have a barbecue, make a whole day of it."------Immaculate Memories: The Uncluttered Worlds of Christopher Pratt of memory disorderImmaculate Memories: The Uncluttered Worlds of Christopher Pratt is a Canadian documentary film, directed by Kenneth J. Harvey and released in 2018. The film profiles artist Christopher Pratt.The film premiered at the Nickel Film Festival in June 2018, before airing as an episode of the CBC Television documentary series Absolutely Canadian.The film received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Feature Length Documentary at the 7th Canadian Screen Awards in 2019.------Kanichi Yamamoto of MemoriesKanichi Yamamoto (18791961) was the first Japanese Bah. He joined the religion in 1902. Some of his children also decided to join the Bah Faith. Of Yamamoto, who heard of the Bah Faith in Honolulu, Abdu'l-Baha said," the single one of Japan and the unique one of the extreme Orient."Yamamoto remained a staunch and ardent Baha'i until his death in 1961.------Seventhian ...Memories of Time of finnish metalSeventhian ...Memories of Time is the seventh studio album by Finnish power metal band Dreamtale, released globally on the Secret Door Records label on 9 December 2016 from Finland. It was released earlier in Japan, on 23 November 2016. It comes as a two-piece CD set; the first disc, "Seventhian" contains new songs, and the second disc, "Memories of Time" contains new re-recorded versions of the band's older tracks, with the disc title being a reference to one of their tracks from their first album Beyond Reality.
Scouts Seek Adventure in Maine Woods
WESTFIELD -- Boy Scouts from Troop 73 ventured into the Maine North Woods in search of adventure and history as they retraced over 100 miles of the most remote part of Henry David Thoreau's 1857 journey.The inspiration for the trip was the unveiling of the Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail in 2007, commemorating the 150th anniversary of Thoreau's third and final journey into Maine's North Woods.In 1857 Henry David Thoreau traveled from Moosehead Lake to Indian Island near Old Town, Maine, on the Penobscot River. This was Thoreau's longest and most arduous expedition. Thoreau, along with friend Ed Hoar and Penobscot Indian guide Joe Polis, completed the canoe trip in twenty days, including eleven in the Maine North Woods. Rather than paddling Moosehead Lake, the largest lake in Maine, the scouts began their trek at Roll Dam on the West Branch of the Penobscot River, avoiding the two-mile Northeast Carry. Traveling down the West Branch the scouts visited Chesuncook Village as Thoreau did. They visited the community church where Thoreau worshipped and Ansel Smith's grave, a man who made his living by lodging and feeding the lumberers and at whose home Thoreau stayed in. The scouts also paid a visit to the "store" for homemade root beer floats. From Chesuncook the scouts made their way up to Umbazooksus Lake into the Allagash Wilderness Waterway via the infamous 1.6-mile "Mud Carry" which lived up to its name. The scouts explored both Chamberlain and Eagle Lake, the northern-most point of Thoreau's expeditions, and then returned to Chamberlain Lake via the abandoned tramway built in 1902 to transport timber from Eagle to Chamberlain Lake. Along the carry are two giant oil-burning steam locomotives, which traveled between Eagle and Umbazooksus Lake in the early 1900s, and now stand abandoned in the forest as reminders of Maine's logging history. From Chamberlain Lake the scouts paddled east to Round Pond, Telos Lake and Webster Lake, before descending class II white water on Webster Stream into Grand Lake Matagamon. Thoreau portaged around a dam at the outlet of the lake and finally paddled the length of the East Branch back to Indian Island. After traveling over 100 miles in ten days in the wilderness the scouts pulled out at the Grand Lake Matagamon Dam. Unprecedented rain had swollen the East Branch to over five times the normal flow and the scouts were unable to paddle it, as water levels raised significant safety concerns. Undaunted, the scouts climbed Mt. Katahdin, which Thoreau climbed on his first visit to Maine in 1846. Katahdin's summit is almost a mile above sea level at 5,268 ft. It is the highest mountain in Maine and the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Called "Katahdin" by the Penobscot Indians, the term means "The Greatest Mountain." The scouts ended their trip with a wild day of rafting on the West Branch of the Penobscot River below Ripogenus Dam, a tough class IV-V river with chutes, drops and large holes that challenged the scouts in exciting rapids like Exterminator, Cribworks and the huge Nesowdnehunk Falls. Stop by and learn more about Troop 73, which meets in the Holy Trinity School cafeteria on Monday evenings beginning Sept. 8. For more information, visit or call Scoutmaster Steve Deduck at (908) 233-2867.
What Are Some Examples of Tiny Mistakes That Eventually Led to Major Catastrophes?
Recently I saw this :The above answered by someone create confusion. What He/She wants?To avoid such cases, may be below one is better solution:1. 2 led on latching pushbutton NO arduinoAnother possibility if you just want to use a cheap SPST tact switch: simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabThis will work because the 74LVC1G74 has a Schmitt trigger clock input, which allows a simple RC to be used to debounce the switch. If power is applied with a reasonably fast rise time, the circuit will power up with the Q output low (D1 on) and /Q high (D2 off). That can be reversed by tying the D input to 5 rather than 0V.2. Trigger led with both Arduino and tactile buttonYes. There is a much better solution. First off you need a resistor in series with your LED. Connect the resistor from the 5V and then to anode of the LED. The switch would connect from the cathode of the LED to GND. When pressed the LED will go on. Connect the output to the cathode of the LED. Under no circumstances should your software ever set the output pin to a '1' high level. You want to avoid the situation where a high output level can get shorted to GND by pressing the switch. To turn the LED on the pin is set low '0' as an output. To turn off the LED the pin is set to input mode.3. Should a ship be led by the captain or crew?The captain of course. A ship is not some democratic parliamentary hall. The captain is trained and educated to lead the ship,the crew follow!4. What led to the collapse of the Roman Empire?possibly the biggest reason for the downfall was that the romans stretched their empire too thin. the mongols from asia were constantly invading the now europe. this caused the germans to flee into roman territory. therefore, rome had to fight numerous battles5. what race has historically led the way in these areas?Which came first: The tree or the treehugger?6. In China do they make products out of real led?The people of China are some of the best people you could ever want to meet. With that said the government of China could care less about the people. The government is after the fast dollar and does not care about the damages this chase causes. They have covered up the health issues when the baby milk had been tainted to the point of causing many health problems to their own children. Even just recently information has come out of another cover up of the same tainted milk being given to their children. This had been a extended cover up that the government did not want to be found. There has also been a lot of information come out of China about plants that were close to towns and were dumping heavy metals into the ground as a cheap way to dispose of this health hazard. The problem was that a lot of children lived in the same are of these plants. The government again tried to cover this up and to stop the parents of these children from having any access to voice their concerns about their children. Only when doctors tested these children and found high levels of lead and other heavy metals in these children bodies did anything began to happen. When these items come up the government tries to cover this up so it is not known. With this attitude towards their children when it is obvious there is a problem, what is out there that the government keeps from view and how much of these actions are going on every day.7. Solar LED Street Light | Americas Best LED | Zero Operating CostsVootu's leading range of Solar LED Street light use only the available FREE energy collected throughout the daytime, stored in lithium ion batteries for overnight illumination in parking lots, dealerships, roadways and any area needing security lighting without the expense of providing a new electrical supply. With impressive light output and smart motion detection providing full illumination only when needed (motion detected) then reducing the just 30% illumination, once no motion is present. These modern lighting solutions make adding more illumination fast ,easy and affordable ,with zero future operating expenses. Vootu only provide reliable, high performance Solar LED street light solutions, offering unbeatable value. With over a decade as a true manufacturer of high quality LED products, you can trust our quality and performance, when you purchase from vootu. We've been around from almost the beginning of LED entering the US market, watched the price and quality of our competitors go down, and still remain the most trusted supplier of LED lighting that wo not ever let you down. Vootu's Solar LED Street light range represent the future of energy efficient lighting solutions. Grid power costs continue to increase each year. These aesthetically pleasing, contemporary designed fixtures will enhance any area lighting, projecting your commitment to a cleaner more sustainable energy future. Easily installed on a pole, the 2 3/8 slip fitting is fully adjustable to angle for maximum solar gain during daylight. The fully articulating light engines allow light to be directed perfectly to the desired areas. With type 3 lenses these fixtures deliver ideal parking lot and roadway illumination. With a 5000 kelvin light color daylight white increases your security. Vootu's new and innovative solar area lights combine cutting edge technology to provide the first of a kind lighting solution that does not require the expense of grid power. Using high efficiency LED diodes and a mono crystalline solar panel to collect and store electricity in an onboard Lithium Ion battery pack this is truly a standalone lighting solution for large area illumination. With a 2 3/8 slip fitter, fully articulating fitting this light can be directed towards the intended area. With a quick installation onto either a pole for area illumination or a bracket fixed to a building no electrical connections are needed making light accessible to areas cost prohibitive when a new electrical supply has to be installed. With a 2 3/8 slip fitter, fully articulating fitting this light can be directed towards the intended area. With a quick installation onto either a pole for area illumination or a bracket fixed to a building no electrical connections are needed making light accessible to areas cost prohibitive when a new electrical supply has to be installed.
Do White Polyester Athletic Shirts Get Yellow Pit Stains just like White Cotton T-shirts?
Yes, except they are even HARDER to get out of polyester1. what product should i use to clean my white cotton couch?MMM... You may have overloaded the washer and the covers could not agitate freely... I would re-launder them... Use your reg. detergent, WARM water and add 1 cup of baking soda to the wash water.. Make sure you turn the covers INSIDEOUT to prevent wear/tear fading and SOAK for about 30 min or overnight. .. You can also use a product called MRS. STEWARTS LIQUID BLUING just follow the instructions carefully.... You only need a few drops and MORE is not better..! It should whiten and brighten the covers. . Air Dry and see if that helps.2. WHITE COTTON FIBERS ON MY aLL BLACK COTTON DRESS SHIRT - WONT COME OFF help me please?Use a lint roller. Be careful what you wash the shirt with.. And, you can also buy a pill shaver. I think that's what they call them. It shaves off those yucky fuzzies (called pills) You can find them at a walmart. probably in the luandry area. With the baskets and such3. How do I remove tomato sauce stains from white cotton clothing?bleach...clorox or something like that, it's next to the laundry soap in the grocery store...but be careful when you use splashes easily...I've ruined 2 shirts already because I was trying to get stains out of a white shirt...use water and bleach...rub the bleach in the stain with a toothbrush. could try a stain stick too but I've always used bleach to get stains out of white cotton clothing4. I have a white cotton web like substance on top of the soil where I planted veg seeds 2wks ago. They're inside in a Jiffy seedstarter. HELP!?it is a mildew/fungus, soil is too wet, take the cover partly off so they get air circulation5. Is it too sanitary to wear white cotton gloves to the library?I believe insulating yourself from the outside world is something that is okay to be done on occasion (like on a trip to the library), But you should not let fear of "getting dirty" affect you on a day to day basis6. What are some outfits you females are wearing in 2009 that you wear all season with only white cotton socks?Parka with hoodie, jeans7. i got blue nail polish on my favorite white cotton shirt, ho do i get it off?You can try polish remover or acetone. Saturate a cloth with the remover and blot the stain. Have another cloth underneath for any bleed-thru. Do not rub, you will just smear it. Keep wetting and blotting with clean portions of the cloth until it is all gone. With persistence, you can probably get it all. I would do this in a well-ventilated area, like a porch. The fumes will get really strong in an enclosed space. After all the polish is removed, spray the area with Spray-'n Wash, and wash it in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. Good luck!8. How do you remove a chocolate stain from white fabric,specifically white cotton?We will since it's dirty, and will probably get dirty again, why not, spray it with a little raid, then grab a lighter, and see it go up in flames, and have a little bonfire9. What dress men and women used to wear during Mauryan empire ?During the Maurya period, the people continued to wear the three piece unstitched clothing as in Vedic times. The items of clothing were made of white cotton or muslin often tied to the waist by a sash. Mauryan royalty and nobles wore fine muslin robes embroidered in purple and gold. Other styles of the ordinary people included the lehnga style which was a length of cloth wrapped around the hips tightly to form a tubular skirt. A longer version was knee-length, wrapped around the waist, with pleats tucked in the front, and the shorter end drawn through the legs to the back. A patka, decorative length of fabric, was worn around the waist and tucked into the antariya, hanging at the front, was often embroidered. Cotton, wool, linen and jute fabrics were readily available. Furs and better varieties of wool and the bright red blankets of Gandhara style were very costly. Silks like tussar (called kansheva) and Eri or Muga silk of assam, yellowish in its natural colour but bleached pure white, were known as Patrona. Kasyyaka was also the name of high quality silk fabric. A rainproof woolen cloth from Nepal is mentioned in the literature. Resist dyeing and hand printed fabrics have been mentioned by Greek visitors to the court of Chandragupta Maurya. Khinkhwab was the name of fabric available at the court, Probably a brocade of silk and gold/silver wires. Fine muslin embroidered in purple and gold, and transparent fine cottons were called Shabnam. The process of felting (pressing fibres together instead of weaving) was well-known in the era, and rugs and other items were made of felt. A good web-site is listed below with some really great detail.
The Best Concrete Washer in 2020 That You Won't Want to Miss!
How much soap/detergent is optimal to wash your clothes?The Science: Soaps and detergents are made from long molecules that contain a head and tail. These molecules are called surfactants. The head of the molecule is attracted to water (hydrophilic) and the tail is attracted to grease and dirt (hydrophobic).The Problem: There is no average recommended amount of detergentno universal mark on the cap. The manufacturer cannot account for all the variables in your wash load.All things being considered, the optimal amount of detergent is the amount that is required to remove the grease and dirt from your laundryand no more.The Answer: The optimal amount must be determined by your kind of wash load each and every time.The Hack: Watch for soap bubbles. A tiny excess amount of detergent produces soap bubbles during agitation after the tub is filled. (This passed on to me from a 'detergent engineer.'The How: After the tub has filled, add a minimum amount of detergent to the wash and let it mix thoroughly with agitation for a moment or two. Any soap bubbles?Add a tiny bit more waiting until mixed thoroughly before you check again for bubblesUse a pump-dispenser for convenience.Stop as soon as you see a few bubbles. That's it for that load.The amount of detergent will vary from load to load due to your particular circumstances for that load.The Given: The only consideration is that the washer is not overloaded preventing proper agitation and that the washer is otherwise working properly which is a reasonable assumption.Good luck.------Can my current electrical service support adding an electric water heater?Since you have a 100A service, I can use the simplified calculations from 220.84, which give you 3VA/ft^2 for the house, 1500VA per Small Appliance Branch Circuit (kitchen/laundry), and the fixed appliances at nameplate rating (it sounds like you have none though), as well as 100% of the nameplate rating of the A/Cs.From here, we get:Before the HVAC loads are taken into account, we apply a 40% demand factor to everything over the first 10kVA, giving us a total of 16.1kVA so far.The HVAC is simple -- we are dealing with 3 11.5A (conservatively) A/Cs on 110V circuits, so that's another 3.8kVA at 100% demand factor, giving us 19.9kVA total load, or 82A on a 240V service.Now, when we add the 4.5kVA water heater in, this is covered by the 40% demand factor as it's over the first 10kVA of non-HVAC load, so the resulting net load is 4.5kVA*40% 1.8kVA, or another 7A on the service -- pushing your service to 89A, which is still manageable.We then repeat this for the feeder to the subpanel, with the stove at 8kVA, the dryer at 5kVA, and the washer circuit at 1500VA, as well as a conservative assumption of 1440VA for the two rooms (180VA/outlet * 4 outlets per room * 2 rooms), to yield 12.4 kVA for the feeder load after applying the 40% demand factor. With a 240VAC feeder, this gives us a 52A feeder load, which has just enough room to handle the additional factored load from the water heater (again, 1.8kVA or 7A) -- that is pushing the feeder to 59A though.------Complex Solids of RevolutionJust a thought:By setting the inequality as an equality and substituting $y0$, $(x-8)^2014sin(x-8)14cdot 030$I found the two intersections of the surface at $y0$ at around $xapprox 3.78962$ and $xapprox 13.9171$.I wonder if it's possible to calculate the volume by using the same approach that you used to compute the area. However, the indicator function should be $1$ whenever we have the equality $(x-8)^2y^214sin(x-8)14sin(y)30$.For the top part, we could use the disk and washers method from $xapprox 3.78962$ to $xapprox 13.9171$ and the portion of $y$ that is above the $x$-axis. However, the problem is that there is that there is that hole in the upper portion and we would have to subtract the volume rotated by that hole.Also, since you want to rotate this particular figure around the $x$-axis and not the $y$-axis, we have the problem that the volumes of rotation collide (we can't have both the top and bottom portions rotated complete around the $x$-axis. Of course, a simple solution would be to cut the volume in half and let the top portion be a rotation only around the positive $y$-axis and the bottom portion the negative $y$-axis, which we could do by dividing the volume in half.We could rotate the bottom portion similarly with the proper $x$ and $y$ values.Just a thought.------Which is the best to buy LG or Samsung top load washing machine?Samsung vs LG Washing Machine. I would like both brands. Samsung vs LG washing machine is the greatest brand of washing machines now famously used in India. SAMSUNG VS LG TOP LOAD WASHING MACHINEWhich is a better Samsung or LG washing machine? Guys no require a reason to stress over Brands unless Samsung vs LG Washing Machine? Here I had given every single detail which explains your uncertainty like the article if you becoming Lover of LG no compelling purpose to stress over the best. Review sellers take the basic steps for you to pick the best LG Washer. The best Samsung top load washer is a wonderful washing machine and long endures forever. Samsung brand guarantees that won't furnish any issue and will accompany many settings which profoundly prescribed.Samsung top loader has five diverse wash settings and a tub cleaning setting. With a single dash of catch Samsung washer will work out everything and it gives a sound when it completes the wash cycles.LG top load washer has an air turbo setting that puffs air in while it turns dries for an extra dry spin. Based on client surveys on Samsung's top load washer, It will work excellent to our desire and too diminishes the multifaceted nature of the washing method. The spin cycle leaves garments prepared to hang out and not trickling water.If you want to read the complete article visit my websiteand if this information is helpful please upvote...------Can you use Windex as a windshield washer fluid?You probably could, but there are several drawbacks to using it. 1) cost per ounce comparative to commercial windshield washer fluid is 2X more expensive.2) Windex will foam if sufficiently agitated or when a semi coherent stream impacts against a windshield deflecting air up and over the windshield profile at 60 miles per hour. 3) foaming products are difficult for the wipers to efficiently remove them from the lower part of the windshield, thus creating a situation where the foam flows up the windshield rather than down, away from the windshield.4) I am not certain of this but the percentage of the non aqueous fluid components, may not be sufficient to depress the freezing temperature of the aqueous base (highest percentage component) allowing a phase change (ice formation) by preferentially freezing out the water component from the rest of the product.If the windshield is sufficiently cold, this freezing out of the water may be nearly instantaneous preventing its removal by the wiper blade. By the way, the warmer the solution is, the easier it will be to foam.I also think the windex material will leave a stain if it is allowed to dry onto the surface finish.I attempted to use a dilute dish soap solution a long time ago with less than desirable results if I remember correctly. I try not to remember some mistakes due to the embarrassment for having thought it seemed like a good idea at the time.------What are the disadvantages of a front-loading washing machine?Hi,We have lot of advantages of front load washing machines and it's time to explain few disadvantages too.Disadvantages of front load washing machineFront load washing machines are expensive than top load washing machinesGenerally have less capacity than top load machine.For one load front load machines take longer time, there will be 15 to 30 min time for cycle to complete in top load machine where as in front load it takes 1 hour to 2 hours for the completion of the cycle. You can't load or remove clothes in mid- cycle, If you want to add few more clothes in between it is not allowed as machine door will be locked and will not open up until cycle is completed.These machines are more prone to vibration, though most of the front load machines have advanced anti vibration technology which allows them to perform well.In these machines we need to bend to remove or add clothes which can be uncomfortable for many users. To raise the comfortable height there are bases available with the extra cost.These machines tend to leave clothes more wrinkledIf proper care is not taken, they develop bad odours in the tub. To maintain the wash tub some front load machines come with washer cleaning cycle. Generally front load washing machine has larger exterior dimensions and takes up lot of space. It's tough to find a necessary space for the machine to stand.------How do "washer launchers" work?For this to work reliably, and most strongly, the disk needs to be made of conductive but nonferrous (not iron) material. That looks like an aluminum hard drive platter out of an old, large hard drive.When the charged capacitors are connected to the coil, voltage starts pushing current through the coil. This building current going around the coil creates an expanding magnetic field. The magnetic field is cutting through the aluminum disk, and it creates a current flowing around the disk. According to Lenz's Law, which is based on observation, a magnetic field cutting through a conductor induces a current flowing in such a direction as to create a magnetic field that opposes the one creating the current. In other words, if the current makes the coil create an expanding field with the North pole pointing up, this creates a field in the aluminum disk with the North pole pointing down. So the coil and the disk then repel each other. Since the coil is firmly on the ground, the disk goes flying. You can also use this effect to shrink nonferrous coins and squeeze aluminum cans.The effect still happens with ferrous metals, but it is complicated by the attraction a ferrous metal will also experience as its magnetic domains line up with the applied magnetic field.This is also how coil guns work, and why they work better with aluminum or copper projectiles than with iron or steel nails or screws.
How to Convert to a Salt Water Pool
8 Steps to Converting Your Pool to Saltwater • Balance the water in your pool according to your installation manual specifications. • Note: You do not need to drain your pool. • Add the required amount of pool-grade salt to achieve the desired concentration. Salt quantity is based on the volume of water in your pool. The bigger the pool, the more salt is needed. • Broadcast the salt across the pool surface - it may take up to 24 hours to fully dissolve. • Note: Consult your installation manual. The manual should provide a table detailing the amount of salt required. Click here to view our guide to salt chlorination. • Mount the chlorinator controller on a wall near your pool equipment pad. Make sure to consult the installation manual for best results. • Wire the chlorinator controller for power according to the manual specifications. • Install the chlorinator cell into the pool plumbing after the filter. • Note: The chlorinator cell should be the last piece of equipment on the pool pipe before the water returns to the pool. • Connect the chlorinator cell to the chlorinator controller. That's it for the pool equipment! • Turn on the pool pump, check for any leaks and operate it for several hours to help circulate the water and dissolve the salt. • Turn on the salt chlorinator and start enjoying your salt water pool!Water system is using too much salt too quickly?Sounds like the clock has been tampered with. Consult an expert who will measure the actually water hardness, properly determine the grains of hardness capacity of your unit, determine the rate needed to re-generate the unit. There are settings for the number of pounds salt used per cycle and settings to determine how often (once weekly, every other day, every 4 days etc. ) most units are recommended to cycle in the early hours since that is the time that the least likely use of water occurs. If you use water for washing,cooking etc during a cycle it will introduce raw water into the plumbing, this may make water in the heater not so soft. If cycling during the day would be better, the tech can simply advance the time 12 hrs. Depending on the salt setting ,the unit may be using more water to backwash. Best get the old guy back to recalibrate. Good luckWhich of the following salt solutions will be neutral?: NaI, K2CO3, Cu3(PO4)2, KClO3, Sr(NO3)2?Neutral salts are produced by the reaction of an acid and base of similar 'strength'. This does not mean concentration but degree of ionisation. Strong acids and bases are fully ionised in solution : weak acids are only partially ionised. The salt of a strong acid and weak base will be acidic as the acid molecules are more fully ionised producing an excess of H (really H3O) ions in the solution. The salt of a weak acid and strong base will be alkaline as there is an excess of OH- ions in solution. Strong acid/ strong base and similarly weak acid/base will produce neutral salts. NaI is neutral (Strong acid HI :strong base.NaOH) K2CO3 will be alkaline (Strong base KOH : weak acid H2CO3) Cu3(PO4)2 will be acidic ( strong acid H3PO4 ; weak base Cu(OH)2) KClO3 will be alkaline (Weak acid HClO3 : strong base KOH) Sr(NO3)2 will be Neutral ( Strong acid HNO3 : Strong base Sr(OH)2 )My husband swears by "epson salt" he claims it soothes his sore back it has never done any good?Epsom Salts are named for the mineral rich waters of Epsom, England, where they were known at least as far back as Shakespeare's day. When bathing, the magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts) is absorbed through the skin and is an inexpensive and natural way to reduce stress, treat skin problems, and draw toxins from the body. This has been a long time remedy natural remedy for a number of ailments. An Epsom Salts bath is known to relieve aching limbs, muscle strain and back pain. In addition, it has been known to heal cuts, reduce soreness from childbirth and relieves colds and congestion. Furthermore, Epsom Salts will flush toxins and heavy metals from the body. Epsom Salts is a natural stress reliever too. Stress drains the body of magnesium. An Epsom Salts bath absorbs magnesium into our body thus helping to relieve stress. The magnesium helps to produce adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of calm and relaxation. It has many uses, as an all body exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation, as a foot soaking agent to smooth, relax and refreshes your feet and neutralize odors, and as a facial exfoliate.
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