How to Fix Broken Christmas Lights, According to Experts

'Tis the season for dusting off those Christmas lights and planning out your home's festive display. Unless this is your first time decorating for the holiday season, you probably know what to expect: After a season exposed to the elements followed by three seasons packed away in the garage or attic, many of the lights are in sub-par condition, meaning they are not working or are working only some of the time. In fact, it's quite common for an entire strand to not light up when you plug it in again. That does not mean you need to toss your lights, though-a strand that's not working will generally have one or more broken, missing, or loose light bulbs. Because strands are wired in a series circuit, the rest of the lights will probably go out, says Chris Maderazzo, CEO of Super Electric. Oftentimes, a problem with a string of lights may not have anything to do with the lights themselves. Mark Dawson, chief operating officer at Mister Sparky, recommends checking the main service panel to make sure there is not an issue with the circuit, as it may have tripped. This might sound obvious, but you would be surprised by how many times this resolves the issue, he says. Most mini lights have a small cartridge fuse found in the cord plug. Dawson recommends opening this little door, pulling out the small glass fuse and examining it closely for any breakage. "If you do see that the fuse is broken, replace it with a duplicate of exactly the same size and rating, which you can find at an electronics or hardware store," he says. "If the cause is one faulty bulb, you can just buy a replacement bulb to salvage the whole wire." If the strand of lights is broken (meaning wires are cut or the bulbs wo not light up even after following the steps above), it's best to just throw it out. "If the strand of lights is bad and unfixable then I would suggest throwing them away and replacing them," says Maderazzo. "I would never suggest cutting any light strands, ever-this can be incredibly dangerous." How to Fix the Light Bulbs Themselves Incandescent and LED are the two predominant types of Christmas lights. "The older style from the '70s and '80s takes the classic larger bulbs, which are becoming scarce and really hard to acquire," explains Lee Fabian, an electrician in St. Pete, Florida. "There may be some new technologies heading to market such as Plasma Tape lights, but they are not readily available today." For safety, reliability and energy efficiency, he recommends LED bulbs. If a strand of LED light stops working, it's likely due to one bad bulb. "Sometimes, only one section of the light strand will go out, which makes it easy to locate the problem bulb. However, if the entire string of lights is out, you will need to check every bulb," says Dawson. Once you find the faulty bulb, replace it. "If the lights still do not work, it might be an issue with a corroded terminal, which delivers the charge to make it light up," he says. "Finding a bad terminal is the same process as finding a bad bulb-you have to take every bulb out and look into the terminal to check for corrosion, which you can easily clean out with a small brush or Q-Tip." Maderazzo adds that a corroded terminal will have an orange/copper rust or a white/yellow corrosion surrounding it. Just be sure the lights are unplugged before doing this. If a broken bulb is the issue, it's best to replace it than trying to piece it back together. "You should always replace a cracked bulb," says Maderazzo. "I would not suggest using glue in an attempt to repair a broken bulb." If you are trying to fix icicle lights, check that the outlet you are using is supplying power. "You can do this by removing the extension cord and plugging in something else that will verify that it is receiving electricity," says Dawson. "Next, find the icicle strand farthest from the outlet and unplug it to see if the rest of the strands light up." If the lights do ignite, he recommends removing the faulty strand to allow the others to function. "Move down the line of strands and keep repeating this process, as well as checking each bulb to find the issue," he adds.

1. Will my smartphone's camera LED light get dimmer over time?

As with any form of light-emitting implement, fading will be inevitable with age. However, LEDs (being diodes and containing no filaments similar to that of your "traditional" incandescent light bulbs) will definitely outlast the possession of your phone, I guarantee you -- Most LEDs have a lifespan of 100,000 hours; the equivalent of about 11 years. So simply put: I would not even worry about it.

2. LED light system using arduino?

To power 20 ShiftBrites, you could use one of the power supplies offered in the macetech store (7V,2A). A ShiftBrite Shield would support the MSEG7 chip you are talking about for frequency analysis, and if you are using an Arduino you can develop code for it that either responds to sound input or allows computer control over the serial port. Some customers have used custom Winamp plugins to generate data packets corresponding to sound output, but that requires using Winamp and MP3 files. It may be possible to use the Processing programming environment to analyze sound and output data over the serial port to control the Arduino

3. do you use cfl or led light bulbs in your house?

I have a few LED night lights and accent lights, but they just are not quite "there" yet for me. I hope they make a warmer LED light soon and the price point comes down! I do use them at Christmas and I think they are a winner, but the bulbs I have are in jewel-toned casings, so they look very vibrant. Everywhere else--lamps, outside lights, etc.--I use CFLs My light bill is STILL a fortune!

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Understand Led Lighting
An Introduction to led lightingAppia may refer to:Which is The Best Office Lighting company in New York? of led lightingOffice LED lighting is the way to go for smart business owners who are keen on improving productivity, saving costs, contributing to a greener world and keeping their employees happy. Office Led lighting bring great benefits by directly enhancing productivity. We provide Led lighting retrofit program for your offices.Choosing office LED lighting brings lots of benefits. You can easily install energy efficient LED lighting in your office. They help save on operating costs by consuming less electricity and also with fewer bulbs you can achieve the same level of illumination as you did with incandescent fixtures. Energy efficient lighting with ESI reduces your energy bills considerably. LED lighting is recommended even by the US Department of Energy and offers substantial savings to commercial businesses. When you consider lighting for your office, bear in mind that in the commercial market, it is the lighting fixtures that consume the maximum amount of energy, almost three times that of energy consumed by air conditioning. For More on Toshiba is here. LED Team will be Led by Ken Honeycutt, Former CEO and President of Acuity Brands Lighting of led lightingToshiba International Corporation, Sept. 12, 2011- Toshiba International Corporation (TIC), a leader in application solutions and innovative technology, announced today that it has assembled a world-class team of lighting veterans to lead its LED Lighting Systems Division.The strategic hires position TIC to deliver unmatched product quality and unparalleled customer service as the North American marketplace transitions from incandescent lighting to energy efficient and aesthetically superior LED lighting.Long-time industry veteran,Ken Honeycutt,has assumed the role ofSenior Vice President Toshiba International Corporation and Chief Venture Executive forToshiba LED Lighting Systems Division.Well known as a top leader in the field, Honeycutt's wealth of experience in the lighting industry includes many important leadership roles with a variety of lighting manufacturers.The majority of Honeycutt's career was spent with Acuity Brands Lighting, where he rose to the position of Chief Executive Officer and President."TIC has assembled a team of the best and brightest lighting specialists with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to successfully introduce Toshiba LED lighting to the US market," Honeycutt said."Toshiba Corporation is a $2B lighting company that features a combination of assets that no other company can match: 120 years of lighting experience, proven expertise in semiconductors, and digital devices and global scale in high-brightness LED technology.That's why I'm confident that we are positioned for success as the US LED lighting market moves to the next level.I am honored and excited to be a part of this elite team."Rounding out TIC's LED Lighting Systems Division senior management team are·Mark Altomare,Vice President of Business Development - Altomare is leading Toshiba's business development efforts by assembling a team of seasoned lighting experts with experience at some of the best lighting companies in America.Prior to joining Toshiba, Altomare served as the Regional Vice President of Sales at HubbellLighting, a leader in lighting technology and customer service.He also served as Divisional Vice President at Hagemeyer North America, where he had P&L responsibility over four divisions in electrical, electronic, and Voice-Data-Video products.Altomare began his career in sales and operations management at Pacific Bell.Peter DallePezze, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development - DallePezze is leading the marketing and product development efforts for Toshiba's high quality services and products, including LED lamps, fixtures, and modules.DallePezze has extensive experience in the lighting industry, including many positions within Holophane Corporation.In addition to his time in the lighting industry, DallePezze brings extensive experience with start-up businesses at Whirlpool and MastCheck.Keisuke Ono,Technology Executive Officer - Ono joinsTIC's LED Lighting Systems Division, bringingmore than 20 years of experience as a leading lighting engineer and senior engineering manager with the company.Ono, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in state-of-the-artLED lighting, is overseeing all technological development in the US.Jim McKenzie,acting Director of Operations - McKenzie is leading the organization's supply chain and customer service activities.McKenzie has significant experience with supply chain management, logistics, and LEAN manufacturing, having served as Vice President of Supply Chain for many companies including Lighting Science Group, Acuity Brands Specialty Products, and Bristol-Meyers Squibb.He also spent several years providing value chain consulting services to clients including Kellogg, Triple Crown Services, and Solutia."In March 2010, Toshiba Corporation made a bold statement by becoming the first major lighting manufacturer to discontinue its production of incandescent bulbs, and we have never looked back," Honeycutt said."At TIC, we are proudly committed to LED technology as the lighting of the future."
Global Solar Outdoor LED Lighting Market Share Size and Forecast 20182027
Introductory OverviewSolar outdoor LEDs are the new age compact lighting solutions, which have integrated solar panels. The solar panels are either mounted on the lighting structure or are integrated in the pole.Market Size and ForecastIncreasing preference for renewable energy sources owing to its environmental benefits is expected to facilitate the solar outdoor LED lights market. Through solar LED lighting, the companies have roughly catered to a population of 55.1 million people in Africa, 57.4 million people in Asia and 2.5 million in the rest of the world. In addition, the regional solar capacity has enhanced the market demand owing to the environmental concerns related to the conventional sources of electricity. The process of evolution with smart technology has significantly changed the overall lighting industry in terms of energy and money savings, ensuring increased safety and convenience to the users. Moreover, increase in awareness and concerns for environment coupled with rise in purchasing power are anticipated to be the vibrant factors fostering the growth of solar LED lighting market.Furthermore, various companies are choosing to expand by acquiring players to strengthen their position in the market. For instance, Philips Lighting acquired LiteMagic Technologies, the Chinese urban lighting company, in order to expand its product portfolio. Further, Hubbell Incorporated acquired Aclara Technologies LLC for USD 1.1 billion, which strengthens the former company's leadership position in the utility market. These expansions will showcase a robust growth in the industry.Region-Wise Growth Highlights - 2018-2027The global market is segmented region wise into 5 major regions comprising of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Among these regions, Asia Pacific held the largest market share in 2018. This can be primarily attributed to the increasing initiatives coupled with growing number of developments across various developing economies in the region. For instance, rising implementation across India for smart cities with developed infrastructure and technologies, the market demand is anticipated to increase rapidly during the forecast period. Moreover, growing developments in the architectural, highways & roadways, and public places construction are further resulting in the increased demand for solar outdoor LED lights across the region. Another such initiative is "Light up the Future" - in which China Environmental Protection Foundation is offering solar street lights to villages to enable access to the community members, to clean energy lighting technology and enhanced safety and livelihood, is further expected to contribute largely in the growth of the market across China. Moreover, rising favorable government policies along with significantly high awareness rate among the population regarding the utility of renewable power sources across Japan is projected to propel the market rapidly. As a whole, the Asia Pacific region held a market share of 41.6% in the year 2018. Concurrently, the market in North America held the second highest market share of 28.26% in the same year. DOWNLOAD SAMPLE REPORT HEREThe study further incorporates Y-O-Y Growth, demand & supply and forecast future opportunity in North America (United States, Canada), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Rest of LATAM), Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, BENELUX [Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg], NORDIC, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Rest of Asia-Pacific), Middle East and Africa (Israel, GCC, North Africa, South Africa, Rest of Middle East and Africa).Market Segmentation Synopsis By End UseThe global market is bifurcated by end use into residential, institutional, industrial, and commercial segments. The commercial sector held a major share of 35.5% in 2018 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 13.2%, during the forecast period of 2019 to 2027.By InstallationThe market is segmented by installation, into retrofit and new installations, out of which the retrofit segment held the largest market share in 2018.By ProductThe global market on the basis of product is segmented into solar LED street lights, solar LED garden lights, solar LED area lights, solar LED flood lights, solar LED spotlights, and others. Among these segments, the solar LED street lights segment held the highest market share in 2018.By ModeThe global market is further bifurcated by mode into standalone and grid, out of which, the grid segment held the largest market share in 2018.By WattageOn the basis of wattage, the market is segmented into less than 39 W, 40-59 W, 60-99 W, 100-149 W, and more than 150 W. Out of these solar LEDs with wattage range between 100-149 W held the largest market share in 2018.Growth DriversThe growth of market is significantly driven by the rapid cost reduction associated with the solar LEDs. In the rural areas, particularly in the developing countries, there are difficulties in accessing energy due to long transmission lines and inadequate electrification, which has led to adoption of solar LED lighting solutions. These lights helps to fulfil the requirements of the consumers at a lower cost.There has been reduction in cost of solar electricity in the US for different sectors such as residential, commercial, and utility. This reduction in cost of electricity is supported by the government subsidies and initiatives, which is boosting the global market. Additionally, declining costs is making the distributed solar PV projects more attractive for private companies. Also, at the same time, technological improvements led to significant increases in efficiency of LED lightings, which is expected to propel the growth of the market, during the forecast period. As the cost of solar PV keeps falling, China is accelerating reductions in subsidies for solar PV projects which is helping them to expand their solar energy capacity at a subsidized rate. The rising government approvals and support for the deployment of solar LED street lights in different areas is expected to fuel the market growth in China during the forecast period.RestraintsOne of the major restraining factors for the growth of global market is the high costs associated with the installation in tandem with climate constraints. In addition, presence of substitutes of solar electricity, such as wind energy is also expected to hamper the market growth, during the forecast period.Competitive LandscapeSignify Holding, OSRAM Licht AG, Hubbell, EXIDE Industries Limited, Carmanah, Solar Electric Power Company (SEPCO), Hollandia Power, Shenzhen Spark Co., Ltd, Leadsun, and Solar Lighting International, Inc. are some of the leading players in the global solar outdoor LED lighting market.Signify Holding (Philips Lighting), is a multinational company, which provides with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services. The company is recognized for its development, manufacturing and sale concerning innovative, energy-efficient lighting systems and services. In May 2018, Philips Lighting acquired LiteMagic Technologies, a Chinese urban lighting company. This acquisition adds a complementary portfolio of luminaires and control systems for the company.Additionally, few players are increasingly adopting innovative ways to establish themselves in the fragmented and competitive market through introduction of energy efficient technologies. Concurrently, new players in the market are also adopting the similar strategies in order to increase their product portfolio and gain a global prevalence in the market.Originally published at ·RELATED QUESTIONWhich custom lighting design manufacturers would you choose to work with (as in, your preferred list of custom lighting design manufacturers for new projects, renovations, and/or construction of a new home and/or commercial property) and why?Residential and commercial lighting are different products. You do not give a reason for wanting custom vs. off the shelf products.A unique custom lighting product is backlit onyx and hinoki wood walls, desks, columns, and stairs by GPI Design of Cleveland. The onyx and hinoki veneer are sandwiched between glass.Boyd Lighting is a San Francisco Bay Area maker of high end lighting.Phoenix Day is another Bay Area custom manufacturer.Holly Hunt is a collection of custom lighting manufacturers.Working with a lighting designer will save you time and money while guaranteeing your project will meet codes, function, and look good.
How Do I Run a 12 Volt DC LED Light in a 3 DC Volt Battery?
If u can afford 4nos. ,3v DC bayteries then just connect them in series u will get 12v Dc.Else if your 3V DC battery can supply enough current it may run 12v Led but u wont get desired illumination1. Halogen, CFL & LED Light Bulbs: What's the Difference & Are They Worth It?We are all guilty of moving into a new house or apartment and just using the bulbs already there. Afterall, how big of an impact can switching out your lights really have? Well, you may be surprised to learn that taking the few minutes to swap out your bulbs could be one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bill costs. Let's look at what makes traditional incandescent bulbs inefficient and compare the three most popular types of newer style bulbs to help you reduce your electricity consumption. With 90% of their energy given off by heat, traditional incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy to produce light, wasting electricity (and your money!) compared to more efficient, modern bulbs. In fact, according to, replacing your home's five most frequently used light fixtures with ENERGY STAR bulbs could save you $45 each year. Now, in the short-run, that does not seem like a lot, but over the years, it adds up. The additional environmental benefits and added convenience are just icing on the cake. Although newer forms of lighting cost more initially, these three bulbs offer greater lifetime savings- as each use less energy than traditional incandescents. Imagine the bulbs you see in older desk lamps. These lights look a lot like traditional incandescents, but there's a small modification that makes a big difference. Unlike traditional incandescent lights, halogen bulbs have a small amount of gas inside of them. This gas prevents soot build-up (think of the dark color you've seen inside of older bulbs). When the gas gets hot, a chemical reaction causes the halogen to bring any soot back to the center, rejuvenating and slowing down the destruction of the filament. Halogen lamps may also have an inner coating that reflects back heat, improving efficiency by "recycling" the otherwise wasted energy. As a result, halogen bulbs last longer and are brighter than traditional incandescents. The problem is, they only meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard- and nowadays, there are more efficient options: like CFLs and LEDs. A compact fluorescent lamp uses about one-third the energy and lasts about 10 times longer than halogen incandescent, making CFL an instant win over the first option. In these lamps, electric current is driven through a tube and generates ultraviolet light. This stimulates an interior fluorescent coating and causes an emission of light. These are traditionally the spiral bulbs and tubes you see on ceiling fans or hard-to-reach areas, as they do not need to be changed often, and are used in many common household fixtures. CFLs are most efficient in areas where lights are on for long periods of time- think outdoor flood or spot lighting- and are often paired with protective containers to withstand outdoor weather. Let's not forget these two major perks. CFLs typically pay for themselves in less than nine months and last up to 15,000 hours, or almost two years of continual use, according to As one of today's most energy-efficient bulbs, light-emitting diodes can have a life of 25,000 hours or more. That's three years of running constantly, up to 25 times longer than incandescents. It's no wonder they are used in industrial settings like traffic signals or vehicle brake lights and for TVs. They are resistance to breakage and focus light in a single direction. With other bulbs, light is reflected to the desired direction, and sometimes more than half of it never leaves the fixture. Because of this, LEDs emit little heat and waste less energy. For comparison, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat while CFLs release about 80%. They are also one of the only bulbs that contains no mercury, which, according the Energy Department, means they leave a smaller environmental impact than incandescents and CFLs. In fact, switching to nothing but LED lights over the next two decades could save the U.S. $250 billion in energy costs and help to avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions. There's Ways to Save- No Matter Which Lights You Choose Although LEDs are often the clear winner for their energy efficiency and cost, choosing a CFL or halogen bulb is still a major win over a traditional incandescent. Adding additional controls like timers and dimmer switches can help lower your light consumption, but if reducing costs is a priority, read our 9 Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills article for more advice. Also, consider downloading The Homeowner's Easy Electrical Toolkit. It's packed with helpful information for improving your home's safety and energy usage. Our experienced team of electricians at Southwest Florida Electric can access your home and make suggestions for choosing the best bulbs.2. Can I use a Triac dimmer circuit to control the brightness of an AC powered LED light strip? [closed]Certain types of LED light strings will work with AC Phase Control dimming - but most will not work.What will most likely work is the series strings of LED Christmas Lights. These are simple series strings of LEDs with sufficient series resistance to keep the current at the proper level when fed with the rated AC voltage. The strings of this type that I have seen are actually two strings connected in inverse-parallel - one string conducts on one AC half-cycle, the remaining string conducts on the other AC half-cycle.However, most LED lighting uses some form of Switch Mode power supply. Unless the power supply is specifically designed to work with AC Phase Control dimming, they most often do NOT work properly. Like the comments say - how well this will work is completely dependant on how the LED string is designed and constructed.Take one apart and see how it is built. Add your findings to your question and we can offer an opinion as to how well it might or might not work3. I am looking to build an LED light BULB for a senior Project in School, How do I regulate the Voltage In?Commercially, a ballast capacitor (non polar) is used in series with a current limiting resistor, in series with the full wave bridge. The capacitor is the limiting element during operation and the resistor is there to prevent voltage spikes at turn-on time. You need a polar electrolytic after the rectification to smooth things out and prevent flicker.
A Potential New Breakthrough in Lighting Technology
In 2007, Congress passed and President Bush signed into law a new measure that, among other things, changed the nation's lighting policy. The law created new performance standards for lighting that would effectively phase out the use of traditional incandescent light bulbs in favor of more efficient fluorescent or LED lighting. Many opposed the phase-out on the grounds that it represented an unnecessary government intrusion into the lighting market. Others may have had a personal aversion to the "clinical" white light emitted by fluorescents or LEDs, preferring instead the warm glow emitted by traditional incandescents. Earlier this week, however, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced a potential new breakthrough in lighting technology that could one day provide consumers with the (proverbial) best of both worlds. By surrounding the filament inside an incandescent bulb with a special crystal structure, the energy in the bulb lost through heat can be "recycled" back into the bulb to provide more light. Typically, incandescent bulbs are about five percent efficient, losing roughly 95 percent of their energy in the form of wasted heat. LEDs are about three times as efficient as incandescents, providing an efficiency of 14 percent. Remarkably, the MIT scientists believe their new bulb could eventually achieve 40 percent efficiency. On top of this improved efficiency, this new prototype bulb also emits light similar in color and feel to what a traditional incandescent emits. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), roughly 412 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity- or 11 percent of total U.S. electricity consumption - is used annually for lighting, suggesting that a good deal of environmental good as well as costsaving could come from the eventual widespread adoption of such innovative lighting technology.1. Best Under Cabinet Lighting OptionsInstalling under cabinet lighting makes a kitchen look larger and more functional, but it can be hard to choose. Here is a collection of simple options & pro tips! Under the cabinet lighting is a budget savvy way to update your kitchen. Whether your goal is to showcase cabinets or countertops, or to simply add some mood lighting- there are many choices available to consumers. We chose this 24-inch LED Direct Wire model from Home Depot during our kitchen remodel because it is dimmable and has bulbs that can be changed, but the wires are completely hidden from sight. The lights are connected to each other and then to an outlet. We cut a small hole in the wall under the cabinets and fished the wire over to an outlet box. This type of installation does require that you can wire a wall switch. Our kitchen light casts a cozy glow in the evening and they are super low maintenance. They also can be installed with a dimmer and turn off with a convenient light switch. I could not be more pleased with the choice we made. Another popular trend in cabinet lighting is LED tape lights. This style of under cabinet lighting is easy enough for a novice to install and can be used in places that would be hard to install otherwise like the insides of cabinets. Tape lights adhere directly to cabinets; use connectors to tailor the strip to desired lengths. My friend at Honeycomb Home offers a great tutorial on how she did hers. Access to an outlet is required. Drilling through cabinets may be necessary for install. Looking for a completely no-fuss wireless lighting solution? Choose puck lights like this easy to install set. This style features dimming and remote control options. No electrical outlet, wiring or drilling is required so it's a great option for any level of DIY experience. Oh Everything Handmade has a good tutorial and shows how this style of lighting looks under the cabinets. Wired spotlights definitely have the most design flexibility. They can be installed individually for a spotlight effect or grouped for an effect similar to strip lighting. These lights are not adhesive, therefore access to an outlet is required. The Ikea LED spotlights featured here do not require any previous electrical knowledge for installation. Dimmer is sold separately. What is the most energy efficient under cabinet lighting option? LED, or light-emitting diode, is typically the most energy efficient and common choice for under cabinet lighting. How long do under cabinet LED lights last? LED lights generally last about 10 years before you will need to replace them. How do you choose what color LED lighting to use? The color put out by LED lighting can range from bright white to more of a yellowish tone. It really comes down to your own preference and what tone you like best with your cabinetry and lighting. The color your LED lights project are measure in color temperature. Here is a simple guide to help you choose what tone you like best: Warm White: 27,000k-35,000k Cool White: 41,000k Neutral White: 32,000k-35,000k Yellow Light: Under 32,000k I hope this cast some light on the best option for your cabinet lighting project. Feel free to message me with any questions- I am always happy to help. Happy DIY'ing! Looking for more kitchen inspiration? Take a look at some of these other projects: HOW TO PAINT OAK KITCHEN CABINETS LIKE A PRO DECORATING ABOVE THE KITCHEN CABINETS WITH LETTERS2. Did Noah have a giant garden on TheArk with LED lighting so that the bees could make food for the hummingbirds?who are we to question the know God? If it handed off actually, God ought to do it. The flood ought to have been community or international extensive. i became into not there, nor any of the different Yahoos! regardless of if it truly is an allegory for the arrival tribulation (which may be even worse than dying from a flood) possibly it became right into a parable to describe the unexplainable. which would be ok too! Ask the Holy Spirit to shead mild on the Scriptures, because of the fact "God purely is conscious the mystries of existence", as my mom continually mentioned. Jesus is our ARK to bypass over to the different ingredient. the terrific athlete ought to run as much as the sea coast and bounce with all his ought to, even though it does not gt him around the large divide. yet as quickly as we settle for a journey in the "Ark" of salvation, in Christ, we are in a position to get in the time of, regardless of if we at the instant are not the terrific. it truly is declared that Mohamed Ali (nee Cassius Clay) the long term international heavyweight boxing champion went around asserting "i am the terrific!" On a flight in the time of to Europe, he instructed the stewardess "NO. i do not want a seat belt. i am the gretest". nicely he nonetheless needed a airplane!!! in addition, once you are the terrific guy in the international, and get into an elevator to flow up, as as much as heaven, the gadget takes you no the place for the way large you are . yet all are waiting to upward push by applying pushing the button, like accepting salvation to flow to heaven. The flood may be a narrative meant to coach a great significant reality approximately God's plan of salvation, regardless of if God only inspired it as a parable or easily did it for occasion3. Brass vs. Aluminum Lighting FixturesInstalling outdoor LED lighting is an excellent way to enhance the landscape of your home, by creating silhouette images of trees, plants and shrubs. You can do the job yourself. But it pays to hire a licensed landscape lighting contractor, who has design expertise and knowledge about the different type of fixtures that will work best for your environment. Some landscape lighting firms claim they can "save you money" by offering to install aluminum lighting fixtures. It's true that aluminum is less expensive than brass lighting fixtures, at least during the initial installation. But you could wind up paying more in the long run because aluminum does not last, especially in humid climates like Florida. Aluminum lighting fixtures are low quality, and are not designed to last outdoors for a long period of time. Aluminum oxides and corrodes over time, and the paint will fade a great deal. Powder-coating can extend the fixture's life a little bit, since the paint seals the aluminum. But the fixture will still fade long before the LED bulb burns out. And since the bulb is typically integrated right into the aluminum fixture, you will have to bear the expense of replacing the entire light fixture when it wears out. Another problem with aluminum fixtures is that most of them take a lesser wattage bulb than other metal fixtures, resulting in lower lumens or light output from the fixture. Aluminum is also more susceptibe to corrosion from environmental factors such as animal urine, and they are more vulnerable to damage from landscapers. A typical aluminum lighting fixture will only last about 2-3 years, while other materials like brass, can last decades. At Elegant Custom Images, we recommend either Heavy Cast Brass or Milled Brass lighting fixtures for our landscape lighting installations. Brass is exceptional in terms of both quality and durability because it is a hard metal that holds up in all types of environments. Brass is made from a combination of copper and zinc, and will "patina" over time, developing a darker finish as it's exposed to the elements. Unlike aluminum, brass fixtures wo not corrode, making them an attractive addition to your landscape. We use brass lighting fixtures made by CopperMoon, an industry leader, with 20 years in the business. Milled brass fixtures can be less expensive than heavy cast, but are still durable and able to withstand Florida's heat and humidity. Both types of brass fixtures come with a full 25-year warranty. Brass lighting fixtures are more expensive than aluminum at the outset, but they will pay for themselves over the life of the fixture, saving you money in the long run. And should anything happen to the LED bulb or the brass fixture, a repair can be made very easily.
White Pipe Waterproof USB Cable Camping Lamp Outdoor LED Light Strip Sale, Price & Reviews
• COD This product supports COD on delivery. Suggestions: Do not place orders with non-COD products, otherwise you will not be able to choose COD payment method. Ship between: , Estimated Shipping Time: business days Order Processing Time may require a few days. Once dispatched from warehouse, Shipping (or Delivery) Time depends on the Shipping Method.• You can enjoy a maximum of interest-free installments, and may not enjoy this offer when placing orders with other products• Sort By: All Hottest Most helpful Most recent Get G Points! Be the FIRST to Write a Review!• How to cut and connect LED light strip? For detailed, please refer to this post: How to Cut and Connect LED Strip Light? Be the FIRST to Ask a question. Want G Points? Just Write a Review!There are two key factors which will affect the time you receive your items. After receiving your order,we require some time to test the product to ensure its quality.The exact processing time varies depending on the item.The average processing time is 3 working days.but this can also be affected by the item's stock status. For small quantity orders,the processing time is 1-3days while larger quantity orders may require 2-5days. Typically 3-5 days to the UK, 3-7 days to other European countries. Generally, 2-5 days to the Spain, 3-7 days to the Portugal. Shipping from warehouse nearest to shipping address is faster. Additional charges may apply. This is a general guide and delays maybe caused force majeure, natural disasters, inclement weather, war, public holidays, and factors outside our control. Generally speaking, we offer free shipping for White Pipe Waterproof USB Cable Camping Lamp Outdoor LED Light Strip to United States (US, USA), United Kingdom (UK, GB), Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Lithuania, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Korea, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine, Romania, Columbia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Please choose the shipping methods for the final price. The most convenient payment method in the world. For orders which exceed $1,500,please contact us at .Note: please email us the order number,the amount transferred along with currency type,and the exact date of the wire transfer. Please contact us at for details.Note: please email us the following information after you have paid via Westem Union: · Control Number(10 digits)· The exact amount sent along with the currency· Name of sender.· Address of sender With YandexMoney and Webmoney, it is convenient and safe for you to pay via credit card、wallet or cash For Brazil customers, we accept Boleto: you only need to fill in the payment information, remember your Boleto Voucher information and pay it within 3 days at any Boleto stores. For Mexico customers, we accept OXXO: you can choose OXXO payment on our website, and then remember your OXXO Voucher information and pay it within 3 days at any OXXO stores.Do you want to bulk buy ? Please submit your wholesale inquiry below. Please note we usually do not offer free shipping on wholesale orders, but the wholesale price will be a big bargain.How do you use Exo Terra UV Lighting Strips?Exo Terra Uv LightWhat size neon light strips do I need for my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R ABS?how much of a dick head do you have to be to advertise here?I had neon light strips hooked up underneath my daughters car and now it wont start.?The problem is probably either a bad battery or a grounded wire. Often times when a new accessory is added to a car it is just enough extra work to push an already weak battery over the edge, My other Idea would be if one of the wires to your lights or battery is maybe touching something which would ground it out and drain your battery, this is probably more likely because once a car is started they will usually run even if the battery is not working properly. The fact that the car started and then died indicates to me that power is being sucked from the vehicles electrical system, which is why the RPM's went down, the spark plugs did not have enough juice to fire like usual. I would give every wire associated with the new install a good look over, Search for exposed areas, cracks, crossed wires, etc.. etc.. As far as the water running out that will have nothing to do with this but you should get that looked up very soon as that is a quick way to destroy your engine. hope this helps
Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of All Types of LED Lights in Pune ARK LED Lights
Established in the year 2013, ARK LED Lights is a leading entity betrothed in the domain of Manufacturing and supplying a broad collection of products including LED Panel Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Tubes and Bulbs, LED down Lights, LED Table Lamps, LED Surface Lights and LED Strip Lights. Along with this, these are examined on a variety of measures before final delivery to maintain their effectiveness and perfection at the end of our patrons. Appreciated for their fine finish, reliability and exceptional finish standards, these offered products are highly acknowledged and favored by our patrons spread all over the realm.Why Us?Due to our enormous market ability and understanding in this domain helps us in fulfilling the differed necessities and requirements of our customers within the defined time frame. We have a competent team of professionals who are recruited to manage and manage various tasks in the most organized manner. Apart from this, our quality strategies and severe quality management rules have helped us in attaining a huge client support across the nation.Some of our key products are:Led Surface Lights in Pune: We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide assortment of LED Surface Lights in Pune. These lights are offered by our expert team workers in compliance with set international standards and norms.Led Table Lamps in Pune: We are engrossed in manufacturing and supplying a wide gamut of LED Table Lamps in Pune. These products are available in assortment of outlines and shapes for inner part decoration purposes.Led Bulb in Pune: We are among most noteworthy organizations in offering an extensive range of LED Bulb in Pune. The offered product is offered in various wattage options and is highly demanding.Led Tube Light in Pune: We are offering a huge array of LED Tube Light in Pune. This light is extremely used in various homes, corporate sectors, and other allied areas and widely acclaimed for its high illuminations.Street Light in Pune: We are comprehensively presenting a wide assortment of Street Lights in Pune. These lights are highly demanded by customers for their high reliability and long service life. Moreover, customers can avail these lights at competitive prices from us.Led Flood Lights in Pune: We are highly engaged in manufacturing and providing a world class collection of LED Flood Lights in Pune. It is offered in different wattage range and is an excellent energy saver. This light is weather proof and remains sustained up to longer years.Led Downlight Silver Ring Square in Pune: We are counted among the most reliable firms that are manufacturing LED Downlight Silver Ring Square in Pune. It is extensively used in a number of demanding applications, & is known for their high efficiency. We offer these products in a range of dimensions, shapes and colors to suit the diverse requirements of our clients.Led Downlight White Ring Square in Pune: We are counted amongst the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED Downlight White Ring Square in Pune. We are offering this light in different sizes, grades and models that clients can avail as per specification.Led Downlight Round in Pune: Owing to our rich industrial experience in this domain, ARK Led Lights is committed towards manufacturing and offering wide gamut of LED Downlight Round in Pune.Led Downlight Square in Pune: ARK Led Lights has exclusively placed itself as a foremost entity engaged in manufacturing and offering a huge consignment of LED Downlight Square in Pune.For more details contact us at:Mobile: 9604998989Email: ebsite: Shop №30, Classic Complex, 12 No. Manjari Road, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028·RELATED QUESTIONI didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
LED Lights May Be a Good Option.
The increase in the acceptability and demand for LED lights surely cannot go unnoticed. It is taking the center stage as far as modern lighting is concerned and I don't know if anybody has noticed this new trend. Contractors and Project Managers are trying so hard in order not to be left behind. That distinct appearance that results from the use of LED lighting is just unequaled and unparalleled. You think about the aesthetic beauty that often furnishes the streets, homes, and every other place that the light is on display. An LED light does have its own unique way of improving its surroundings while meeting the lighting needs of its consumers.LED lights often times are associated with dynamism enough reason why they are modeled for different purposes, in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Models of LED lightning is to include Street lights LED retrofits, outdoor LED wallpacks, LED high bay retrofits, retrofit kits, LED canopies among others.LED light products are manufactured with the best quality. They denote class and style. They are coupled with only just one person in mind: YOU.Still in a bid to deliver better services, Experts and end-users were sampled in order to collect their experiences around LED lights and also to ascertain their trust and satisfaction in the different products.The feed backs as expected were positive. Most were impressed with the light's efficiency, its safety and its ability to serve a purpose. Even so that some will not quit making reference to how the light creates a calm and electric atmosphere with an elated and cozy mood that is especially important in getting the groove on.And with the internet, the groove can start now. You can place an order online, say on an outdoor LED wall pack, a streetlight LED retrofit, a LED high bay retrofit, LED street lights, LED parking lot, LED flood light or any other LED light for that matter and get it delivered to your door step. Trust me it doesn't cost a fortune; it is inexpensive.To make an online purchase or for other information that you may want to know about LED lights or for the individual description and/or specification about the different LED lights that you may want to consider, please visit here·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever? Where can you purchase them, if possible?Possibly some of them are the smartest inventions...A show piece that can be disassembled to a sofa set and a centre table.2. An automatic water pumper that quenches your dogs thirst.3. A water bottle with some secret space.4. Different Coca-Cola bottles for different uses.5. A comb-cum-bottle6. An ice-tray that produces diamond-shaped ice cubes.7.8. A ceiling hammock.. What a bliss!!9. A cycle that has flexible structure that it can be tied around like this anywhere.10. A shower with LED lightsthat changes colour according tothe room temperature.11.12. An ice cream cup that comes with a lock.13. Carpet alarm clock.14. Waterproof touchscreen keyboard.15. A toast-cum-omelette pan. A real time saver!!16. A coffee mug that indicates temperature of the coffee...17.18. A pillow that wakes you up by the time you set...19. Sleepers with LED lights which helps you to see the floor even in the dark.20. Shark tea bagsThank you so much for such an overwhelming response to my answer. Thanks upvoters :))I'm adding a few more pictures to the answer, and hope you will like them too.21. Pizza box oven22. selfie toaster23. Cookie cutter tray24.25. 3-D pen26. Clear kayak27. Linux smart pen that vibrates when you have spell something wrong.28. Planet plates29. Galaxy night light30. Weight measuring chopping board.That's it for now... will add more later :))
LED Light Pole Material Is Complete
Sprint Cup Series of light poleCar No. 52 historyPaulie Harraka drove the No. 52 Ford at 2013 Sonoma, using Brian Keselowski Motorsports' owners points to make the field. Harraka crashed his car before the start of the race but the team was able to make repairs and finished 39th.Car No. 79 historyFor the 2012 season, Go Green Racing added a part-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team to their racing efforts, with driver Tim Andrews being hired to drive and his father Paul Andrews acting as crew chief; they were the first father and son driver and crew chief combination in the series since 1987. The team planned to attempt 10 to 12 races over the course of the season. Andrews failed to qualify in the team's first effort at the STP 400 at Kansas Speedway; veteran Scott Speed was hired to drive the No. 79 Ford, qualifying for the Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway for the team's first race, where he finished 42nd; at Dover later that spring, he qualified for the team's second straight race, only to be caught up in an early wreck and finish 43rd.Car No. 32 historyIn late 2013, Go Green and FAS Lane Racing announced that they were entering into an alliance to jointly field the No. 32 in the Sprint Cup Series in 2014.------Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup of football soccerThe 2017 Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup, also known as the Huawei Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup Dubai 2017 for sponsorship reasons, was the seventh edition of the Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup, an annual international beach soccer tournament contested by men's national teams, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.After the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, the Intercontinental Cup is the biggest tournament in the current international beach soccer calendar. Similar to the FIFA Confederations Cup, eight nations took part, with one team representing each of the six continental football confederations (except for the OFC) as well as the current World Cup champions, Brazil, and the hosts, the United Arab Emirates.The tournament started with a group stage, played in a round robin format. The winners and runners-up from each group advanced to the knockout stage, in which the teams then competed in single-elimination matches, beginning with the semi-finals and ending with the final. A third-place deciding match was also contested by the losing semi-finalists. The third and fourth placed nations from each group played in a series of consolation matches to decide fifth through eighth place.This tournament was the last in a deal signed between Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) and the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) in 2012 in which it was agreed the two parties would organise the tournament until 2017. This year's event occurred between October 31 and November 4.Brazil were the defending champions and successfully retained their title by beating Portugal in the final to claim their third Intercontinental Cup crown.------Neo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory of video cableNeo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory is a soccer video game based on the FIFA World Cup 1998, despite being released after the 1998 FIFA World Cup. It features 64 teams' countries. Each team enters a "Regional Qualifying Round Final" where it plays a team it actually played in the 1998 FIFA World Cup qualification. For example: Spain would face Yugoslavia, an opponent it actually faced in its qualifying group. Or Italy would face Russia, an opponent Italy faced in the UEFA play-offs. If the player beats the opponent, it goes to a group much like the real life World Cup. In fact, the team faces opponents that were actually in its group. For example: Mexico would face the Netherlands, Belgium and South Korea. It is a re-make of Super Sidekicks 3. However, animations and designs were exactly the same. The only difference is teams to reflect the World Cup, kits again to reflect the World Cup, and players to resemble squads from the World Cup (teams that did not qualify use line-ups from friendly games and qualifiers). Its slogan is "We got the kick".Unlike its arcade counterpart, the Neo Geo version tries to be more of a soccer simulation game. Differences include the Neo Geo version being more slowed down, and more realism added in shooting, passing, etc. A color version of the game was released for the Neo Geo Pocket Color as Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color.------Challenge Cup of JOINThe 2016 Challenge Cup, (also known as the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup for sponsorship reasons) was the 115th staging of the Challenge Cup the main rugby league knockout tournament for teams in the Super League, the British National Leagues and a number of invited amateur clubs.The cup was won by Hull F.C. who beat Warrington Wolves 1210 in the final at Wembley Stadium on 27 August 2016.The defending champions, Leeds Rhinos who were looking to win the trophy three times in a row were defeated by Huddersfield Giants in the sixth round.The format of the competition is eight knock-out rounds followed by a final. The first two rounds are composed entirely of amateur teams. The nine winners of the second round ties are joined in round 3 by the 15 Championship 1 teams. For the fourth round the 12 Championship teams are included in the draw. Starting in 2015 and continuing for the 2016 competition round 5 sees four Super League teams entering the competition. These are the four teams that finished in the bottom four positions of the 2015 Super League and are; Widnes Vikings, Hull Kingston Rovers, Salford Red Devils, and Wakefield Trinity Wildcats. These are the same four teams that joined at this stage in the 2015 competition. The remaining eight Super League teams join in round 6.------Stanley Cup playoffs of wristThe 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs of the National Hockey League began on April 11, 2007. The sixteen teams that qualified, eight from each conference, played best-of-seven series for conference quarterfinals, semifinals and championships, and then the conference champions played a best-of-seven series for the Stanley Cup. The series ended on June 6 with the Anaheim Ducks defeating the Ottawa Senators in five games to win their first ever championship.For the first time in NHL history, neither of the two teams that played in the previous year's Stanley Cup Finals (the Carolina Hurricanes and the Edmonton Oilers) qualified for the playoffs. For the first time since 1994, all four former WHA teams; Carolina (formerly the Hartford Whalers), Colorado (formerly the Quebec Nordiques), Edmonton, and Phoenix (formerly the Winnipeg Jets) missed the playoffs in the same year, this would not happen again until 2013. Also for the first time since 1994, the Philadelphia Flyers missed the playoffs. This was the only time that the Atlanta Thrashers qualified for the playoffs in their twelve years in Georgia (they became the new Winnipeg Jets in 2011).Only two Original Six teams made the playoffs this year, the New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings (this included the Montreal Canadiens' and the Toronto Maple Leafs' first absence from the tournament together since 1970). This only happened twice before in 2000 and 2001, and would not happen again until 2018.------World Cup qualifying of JOINThe only time that the Saarland entered the World Cup was for the 1954 event. They were drawn in Group 1 alongside West Germany and Norway, in a triangular series. In the opening round in summer 1953, they won their only competitive away match, beating Norway 32 in Oslo after trailing 02, and with only 10 effective players, after an early substitute due to injury, and Theodor Puff staying on the field with a broken fibula. Thus they still topped the group after West Germany drew their game in Oslo. Saarland were emphatically beaten 30 by West Germany in Stuttgart and could only manage a 00 draw at home against Norway. Both German teams were placed joint first until West Germany beat Norway 51, putting an end to Norwegian hopes. The remaining inter-German match, to be played after a four-month winter hiatus, would decide which one of the German teams should advance to the tournament in Switzerland.Saarland, which had already secured second in the group ahead of Norway, needed a win at home to finish first, yet lost 31. Unbeaten West Germany topped the final ranking, went to Switzerland and won the 1954 World Cup there. Sepp Herberger would have capped Kurt Clemens for West Germany, but he was ineligible like all others who had played international games for Saarland.This was the Saarland's only separate entry in the World Cup; its players, coaches and staff would join West Germany to assist in the defence of the World Cup in 1958.------Cup game rhythm of gamingThe cup game begins with a cup placed upside down in front of each player. Assuming a right-handed player, the rhythm normally proceeds as follows:Beat #1: Clap twiceBeat #2: Alternating hands, quickly tap the top of the cup with the fingertips three times (In some variations, the table on either side of the cup is tapped)Beat #3: Clap oncePick up the cup with the right hand and move it to the rightBeat #4: Put the cup down onto the table (still upside down) with a firm percussive motionBeat #1: Clap oncePick up the cup with the right hand so that the cup is now right-side upBeat #2: Tap the top of the cup (the open end of the cup) with the flat of the left hand so as to make a hollow-sounding hitPut the cup down onto the table (now right-side up) with a firm percussive motion, but keeping the right hand on the cupBeat #3: Switch the cup into your left handSlap the right hand down flat onto the tableBeat #4: With the cup still in the left hand, return the cup to its original starting position, upside down on the table in front of the player.Repeat the above sequence indefinitely until a mistake is made by a player, such as being off-beat, knocking the cup over, missing a step, etc. Some versions involve variations where the players exchange cups during the performance of the rhythm, or players slap hands with each other.------Stanley Cup controversy of end capAs a result of the lockout, no Stanley Cup champion was crowned for the first time since the flu pandemic in 1919. This was controversial among many fans, who questioned whether the NHL had exclusive control over the Cup. A website known as (since closed) was launched, asking fans to write to the Cup trustees and urge them to return to the original pre-NHL Challenge Cup format. Adrienne Clarkson, then Governor General of Canada, alternately proposed that the Cup be presented to the top women's hockey team in lieu of the NHL season, but this idea was so unpopular with NHL fans, players, and officials that the Clarkson Cup was created instead. Meanwhile, a group in Ontario, also known as the "Wednesday Nighters", filed an application with the Ontario Superior Court, claiming that the Cup trustees had overstepped their bounds in signing the 1947 agreement with the NHL, and therefore must award the trophy to any team willing to play for the cup regardless of the lockout.On February 7, 2006, a settlement was reached in which the trophy could be awarded to non-NHL teams in the event the league does not operate for a season, but the dispute lasted so long that, by the time it was settled, the NHL had resumed operating for the 200506 season, and the Stanley Cup went unclaimed for the 200405 season.
LED Lights Can Damage Your Eyes: Should You Be Worried About Blue Light?
New Delhi: You may have heard that excessive exposure to the 'blue light' in LED lighting is not good for your health. Now, France's government-run health watchdog warned in a statement that light-emitting diode (LED) light that is increasingly used in our homes can damage the eye's retina and disturb natural sleep rhythms. In a 400-page report, the French health authority recommended that the maximum limit for acute exposure be revised - even if most people would only rarely be able to meet such levels. According to the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), new findings confirmed earlier concerns that 'exposure to an intense and powerful LED light is 'photo-toxic' and can lead to irreversible loss of retinal cells and diminished sharpness of vision'. Earlier, the American Optometric Association has explicitly stated that the blue light damage to the retina is a cause of concern. Effects of blue light: What you need to know LED lights are becoming popular day by day across the world as they are less expensive and more energy efficient compared to traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights. LEDs are used for domestic purposes as well as industrial and commercial ones. The largest source of blue light is sunlight, and other sources include - fluorescent light, compact fluorescent light bulbs, LED light, flat screen LED televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, and tablet screens. This means you are exposed to blue light from your device - when you look at a screen for hours. The amount of blue light or high-energy visible (HEV) light these digital screens emit is just a fraction compared to the amount emitted by the sun. But, the amount of time people spend looking at the screens and the close proximity of the devices to the user's eyes is a cause of growing concern for health experts. And the ANSES reports also noted that children and adolescents, whose eyes do not fully filter blue light, are particularly susceptible to the harms of cold blue light. Earlier, a study suggested that children's eyes absorb more blue light than adults from digital device screens. Research has shown that blue light can interfere with the body's circadian rhythm - our natural wake and sleep cycle. According to Dina Attia, a researcher and project manager at ANSES, interfering with the body's circadian rhythm is also known to aggravate metabolic disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers. Eventually, ANSES recommended buying 'warm white' LED lighting for domestic lighting. It suggested that people limit their exposure to LED sources with a high concentration of blue light, and avoid LED screens before bedtime. The agency also recommended that manufacturers should limit the luminous intensity of vehicle headlights.1. Keep your PC temps low with these awesome CPU air coolersThere are several different ways to keep your PC cool, but one of the most basic and affordable is using air. With a decent air cooler like the Cryorig R1 Ultimate on your CPU, you will still get great performance and, in the right circumstances, room for overclocking. With "ultimate" in the name you would be hoping for big things from this cooler, and thankfully it does not just blow smoke. For under $100, the R1 Ultimate is very large and heavy, but it's also one heck of a cooler. It's universal to Intel and AMD sockets, packs 140-mm fans, 6-mm heat pipes and a sleek black finish that will look stellar inside your build. It is not the quietest, and it's a lump for sure. But it's also an awesome cooler, and that's what matters. $94 at Amazon If there were such a thing as a legend in the arena of CPU cooling, the Hyper 212 Evo from Cooler Master would stake a claim to the title. Why's it so good? Firstly, it's absurdly cheap for something of this quality. The Hyper 212 Evo is also super simple to mount and can even be had in a variant with LED lighting, for extra razzle-dazzle. $30 at Amazon It may not look like much, but the Silverstone Argon AR-06 is one of the best low-profile CPU coolers money can buy. It's perfect for smaller PC builds thanks to its near-silent operation, solid build quality, and top-notch cooling performance. It's a little fiddly to install, but if you are only doing it once it should not be much of an issue. $47 at Amazon Be Quiet built its brand around offering performance parts for PC enthusiasts that also crave a more silent experience. This sleek, all-black hunk of metal and fan delivers on that front. This is one for the serious PC builder, with a whopping 250W TDP support, dual-tower design, seven heat pipes, and two 120-mm fans. With all that cooling power it's still whisper-quiet. How? We do not know, but your PC will love it. And so will your ears, though you will pay for the privilege. $90 at Amazon Do not let the appearance of this Noctua cooler put you off because while it's less showy than others, it's all business where it matters. Six heat pipes and a pair of 140-mm fans make this a sizeable yet impressive cooler. It's a premium quality solution that costs a bit, but it is backed up by one of the best warranties you will find. $90 at Amazon The name does not exactly roll off the tongue, but this is an excellent cooler from Phanteks that comes in a choice of colors to match your build. It is not the most expensive cooler you will find, and while it's not the outright quietest either, it strikes a strong balance between cooling performance and noise. It packs four heat pipes along with a pair of 120mm fans to get the job done while adding some premium style to your build. $60 at Amazon Whatever your PC build, there's a great air cooler to go in it. Whether you need a low-profile choice like the Silverstone Argon AR-06 or want silence from something like the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4, there's something out there for you.2. The Easiest, most cost effective way to own a Fibreglass PoolConfused about pool lighting options, lost on how to best reflect your pool's charisma.. WORRY NO MORE! This article is for you, Read up to find out which are the best pool lighting options out there. Traditional Incandescent Lighting are popular because of easy installation and low prices(at least initially) but for those of you who want a little WOW factor for their fibreglass pool should go for LED lighting. Though they are a little costlier to install than incandescent lighting, in long term they provide value for your money. Do not forget about your pool area, even though your main focus remains mostly in underwater lighting:your pool area is equally important. Apart from adding safety and aesthetics to your pool, they also make it easier to navigate throughout the area. Consider the color of your pool tile Depending on the backdrop similar pool lighting could look colossally different, the simple rule is that lighter surfaces tend to reflect light, while darker surfaces absorb it.But things could get tricky with various types of colorful lights out there.Look for pools with similar color tiles to get a grasp on how to choose the best one. It's common knowledge that soft lighting coming from lots of sources looks way more attractive than harsh lighting coming from fewer sources.So even if you decide against LED lighting and are going for standard incandescent lighting,install at least two lights in the water for a softer elegant feel.Outside the pool, use properly spaced out lighting. Solar lights cannot replace the need for an electrical fixture but they can add a flourish to your swimming pool area. You can light up the water surface or add them to the ornamental decorations. They nicely fill in the gaps and are obviously eco friendly and easy on your pocket as well.3. How do we choose LED lighting products with the best quality?I like Philips and Cree. They both make top quality lights
Myths Associated with Led Lights -
LED lights are also known by the name of light-emitting diodes, which produces the most clearer and brighter light. The companies such as Osram and Philips are some of the well-known service providers, which are delivering quality LED products and devices since long time. LED lighting is one of the most recent inventions of scientists, which is very helpful for saving extra cost of your electricity bills. Users can also use high voltage LED lights, which are DC driven lights, and focused on providing higher voltage than the conventional LED lights. Here are some of the common myths that are attached to LED lights, which can demoralize the LED light users: Expensive: Most of the people generally think that using LED lights are costlier than conventional sources of light, but in reality, LED lights are more long lasting than the traditional bulbs, which provide you the value for your hear earned money with its long term and hassle free usage. So it can be a best time to have LED Replacement Bulbs for your home or office. Area Coverage: Another common myth about LED lights is that they cover up the same area as High intensity discharge (HID) plant. This is not the truth, as lights produced by HID is far stronger than the glow potential of LED lights. LED Lights are Too Blue: LED lights are known as more blue-ish than the traditional lights, so the better idea will be to be careful in selecting the color temperature. In order to reduce the blue light, you can keep it below 3500k. In addition, you can also have an option to use cooler lightings for your work place or offices, which helps to have better concentration.LED's are dull: Most of the people think that LED lights are not true bright, which hampers the visibility, which is not true, as there are many LED light bulbs or tubes, which are capable of producing more lumens per watt than the generic light bulbs. Moreover, some of the LED light devices also have an option to reduce or dim the light produced by the bulb, which is a great way to save energy. LED lights are known as the best source of lighting and reduce the negative effects of global warming, as they produce less carbon than traditional sources of lighting. The above-mentioned myths can reduce the various doubts, which are stopping you to have an efficient LED Replacement Bulb.
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