How to Bypass the Heater Core of a 1995 Cadillac Eldorado?

just take the hoses from the fire wall, take one follow it back to the engine, take it off,and clamp the the other hose in it's place, it creates a loop with no pipe and you only have two clamps instead of four and a piece of pipe

1. 1994 buick roadmaster how to replace heater core?

1994 Buick Roadmaster

2. What test can be performed to show a heater core is really dysfunctional on a 2001 dodge light duty truck?

get the engine warm turn on the heat then feel the lines to see if they are getting hot or just alittle warm.i have had to flush alot of ford heater cores to get the junk out of them to get heat.also check your themostat.hope this helps

3. i changed the heater core in my 1999 durango but now the blower motor won't work why?

Resistors fail yes, but most of time the system will still work at full blast (cause its not asked to resist 12v to reduce voltage/motor speed). Pretty brave doing a heater core without knowing about the system. Sounds like your trying to blame a mechanic... Anywho heater core is simply a smaller radiator in your dash(fun part) now the blowing part; the dial (part 1) feeds increments of voltage to a resistor. The resistor(part 2) reads that and resists 12 volts fed to it throught higher amperage wiring accordingly and sends 2-4-6-8-10- or 12v (full blast) thru to the motor(part 3). The motor spins a, what I like to call a "birdcage", fan (part 4) Part 1 coulda failed Part 2 coulda failed Part 3 coulda failed Part 4 coulda broke (rats and mice looooove finding their way in there, usually not enough to break but it makes a super obvious jet engine noise as the fan is now outta balance as its spinning the foreign objects, mice, round and round) Using a multimeter will point you to everything but 4, use your nose and ears for that one haha Motor and fan are that funny bump right above your passengers right foot, the resistor is right nearby(follow the wiring from the motor) and you know where the dial is

4. best way to lie about a heater core problem?

Tell them that's the sound from the space age energy recovery system that you had installed, which increases fuel millage by 30%

5. Heater core on 1999 4x4 blazer, cost to replace?

just had one done on s10 1999. got a good deal of 450. it could cost up to600

6. I changed my heater core today and...?


7. 1999 Ford Taurus? coolant leakage observed under car between rear of engine & firewall? heater core hose leaks

1999 Ford Taurus Coolant Reservoir

8. How do you fix a clogged heater core?

you could lower back flush it, yet in all danger, it feels like your cooling equipment has not been brilliant maintained. Sediment builds in an cooling equipment it relatively is merely permit go like that. The heater center will ought to get replaced. And without air getting into the gas injection to mixture for combustion, it seems such as you have some important fix paintings bobbing up actual quickly. on the different hand, your 19 twelve months previous vehicle does not owe you something

9. Whats the average cost to replace a heater core in a car?

Depends. If its under the dash 200-1500 dollars (jeeps and some saabs) if its in the engine compartment its cheaper 200-400 or so

10. hpw hard is a heater core to change in a 98 explorer?

if its not leaking dont change it. its just clogged, try flushing it if that dont work then change it

11. The heater core thing..I didn't tell enough . The thermostat has been changed(hopefully the right one)?

What are you talking about. ? It sounds like you continued another question on this one - the net result is something that does not make sense. Let me try a guess... your heater core or your hot water hoses blew.. you replaced them and now the heat in the truck is verrrrry low.? Ok.. the thermostat does not matter. Its function is to retard the water flow thru the engine block so that the engine heats up faster. When the engine heats up, the thermostat opens and lets more water thru to keep the engine at that temperature and no hotter. You can REMOVE a thermostat and just have an engine that takes longer to heat up.. BUT IT WILL HEAT UP. Soooo.... you problem is one of several things You get some heat so the system must be connected. (but check it anyway... there should be two hoses into the heater core. One from the water pump and one returning. If that checks, remove the thermostat that everyone is so concered about, reseal the housing and check the following: a) If you replaced the core, then maybe something is faulty inside of it (a plug?). Your mechanic can test this by simply hooking your system up to a garden hose and seeing if the water flows thru it with some velocity. b) Your heater hoses are bad. Hoses can swell and plug.. same test as in #1 will tell you that. c) The heater hose clamps are not on properly. If they are not placed over the inlets, the net effect when they are tightened is to sqeeze the hose shut. Remove and reposition the clamps. (Sounds like a dumb thing does not it, but you would be surprised how many times this happens). d) Water pump is out. I doubt this.. your car would be having a major problem if it was.... its got to be one of those... Next time write a better question.... please.

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Sputtering Sedan Could Have a Stuck Valve
QUESTION: I have a problem with my 2005 Nissan Altima. My "check engine" light came on, so I went to the mechanic to have him pull the code. He said it wasn't really reading anything, reset the code and told me to come in if it happens again. The next day it came on again. I stopped at the gas station since I needed gas and filled my tank. When I went to start my car, it wouldn't start. I sat there for 15 minutes before it started. When it did start, I had to give it some gas because it was sputtering. The "check engine" light was still on so I brought the car to the mechanic the next day. He reset the code again and said to let him know if it came on again at the gas station next time.I filled up about a week later, and once again it wouldn't start. I told my mechanic this and he said to try to get gas with the car running next time. So once again, I got gas but this time left my car running.This time, as I was pumping gas, the car was sputtering and the tachometer was fluttering the entire time. But when I was done pumping, it seemed to run just fine. My car acts up only when filling gas; otherwise it runs great.R.S.ANSWER: What's interesting about this question is that the mechanic is trying to pinpoint the problem by asking the car owner to do all the work! Try this, try that, etc. Since the "check engine" light has come on each time, a scan tool should identify the specific DTC fault code associated with this problem. The comment "wasn't really reading anything" doesn't make sense - the "check engine" light was on!I suspect the DTC will relate to the evaporative emissions system, which includes the purge valve. If the purge valve is stuck open, raw fuel/vapours can be pumped through the charcoal canister directly into the induction system during refuelling, which, of course, would create exactly the symptoms you've described.Q: I have a 2004 5.7-litre Dodge Durango with 260,000 kilometres. As I come to a complete stop, the tachometer will drop momentarily from around 750 r.p.m to less than 500. The engine will occasionally stall. I must depress the gas pedal slightly to get it restarted. Initially, I had the throttle body thoroughly cleaned, then replaced it this past weekend. I also replaced the oxygen sensors, but nothing has helped. I should also mention that the "check engine" light has never come on. Any ideas?K.D.A: The 5.7-litre V-8 in this vehicle is equipped with a "flyby-wire" throttle system. Instead of a mechanical cable or linkage connecting the throttle pedal to the throttle body, an accelerator pedal position sensor, or APPS, is fitted directly to the throttle pedal and electrically connected to the powertrain control module, or PCM. In simple terms, rather than the throttle plate being opened and closed mechanically by movement of the throttle pedal, the position of the throttle pedal is communicated to the PCM, which operates the throttle via signal to the electronic throttle body.Now that you've cleaned and replaced the throttle body, which includes the throttle and idle air control valve, I'd suggest plugging in a scan tool and having the APPS swept/checked for dead spots in its potentiometer. Also, check for any type of vacuum or air leak in the induction system that would allow unmetered air into the system.Q: I have a 1998 Chevy S-10 and I am getting the smell of antifreeze coming from the air vents. It seems to be stronger when the heat is on. There is no antifreeze leaking anywhere in the engine or under the dash. The heater core hoses are tight, and they are both hot after warming up the engine. I just recently bought the truck and a short time after that the A/C quit working. I don't know if that would cause the smell to occur. I would hate to replace the heater core if I am not sure that that is the problem. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.R.G.A: Your thoughts about the odour coming from the heater core are well founded, as this is the only area within the truck cab where antifreeze exists. It's possible also, but less likely, that leaking coolant odours are coming in with the ventilation air from an under-hood leak.Typically, when a heater core begins to leak, one may notice fogging of the windshield when using the defroster; damp-slimy carpet beneath the right/centre of the instrument panel; and a citrus-like odour, similar to what you've described. There would also be a loss of engine coolant, but the rate may be less than you'd expect - it only takes half a litre of leakage to create the above symptoms - and this might not be immediately evident looking at the coolant overflow bottle level. A leak from under the hood should be easy to spot on the ground.Your heater core is a cigar box-sized mini-radiator that transfers engine heat to the passenger compartment via circulating engine coolant. This part resides deep within the heater/ventilation system, and most aren't very pleasant to renew, as quite a bit of instrument panel disassembly is often required. Most heater cores are made of thin-wall aluminum, with a large network of finned passages that provide maximum surface area for heat transfer. Over time, accelerated by deferred cooling system maintenance, internal corrosion will find a weak spot, and pressurized coolant will begin to seep into the surrounding housing, and eventually to the carpet beneath.I have a hunch your heater core may have a tiny leak, and most of the liquid may be vaporizing, causing the odour, or hasn't yet reached a seam of the heater housing. To be sure, you may need to drill a small hole in the lowest part of the plastic housing. Slide a piece of hose or tubing on the drill bit so it can't bore more than one-quarter inch deep - you don't want to cause new problems. Then, after shutting off the fully warmed up engine and waiting perhaps 15 minutes, check for signs of coolant leakage at the test location. Even one drop of coolant means trouble.I can't fathom how the air conditioning working or not would be a factor regarding this odour. Refrigerant is odorless, should leakage occur. It's likely a coincidence the A/C has recently quit.Paul Brand, author of "How to Repair Your Car," is an automotive troubleshooter, driving instructor and former race-car driver. Readers may write to him at: Star Tribune, 425 Portland Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 55488 or via email at .
1985 Mustang Heater Core?
Why would someone bypass a new heater core? I replaced a heater core in an 83 mustang with A/C years ago. It took 2.5 days to strip the car's dash all the way down and then replace it. Can you get to the heater core to hook up hoses, in order to verify the condition of it ? If the car does not have A/C, the job is much easier.1. what is wrong with my AC/Heater?it sounds like you have a bad fan switch. in the furnace area you will probably see a part with a silver/chrome cover that you should be able to put in manual or auto. more than likely that needs replaced assuming your fan just runs all the time. common problem ps to pull the wires on that there are little tabs you depress2. What is wrong with my car heater?Whatever is controlling your cool/hot blend door is malfunctioning, or the door is sticking3. How to Clean Thermocouple on Water Heater?Do you have colder showers than you would like, or is the water you use for dishwashing feel lukewarm? Knowing how to clean thermocouple on water heater can help you bring back more enjoyable showers, more efficient dishwashing, and others. The thermocouple is an essential element of your gas water heater's pilot light, ensuring more efficient water temperature management. Unfortunately, it can rust or wear out over time. There is no need to replace your thermocouple when all you need are a bit of elbow grease, a few tools, and this step-by-step guide to breathing life back into your thermocouple. Things You Need to Clean Your Water Heater's Thermocouple Cleaning your gas water heater's thermocouple is a pretty straightforward activity. However, there are a few preparations to get the job done. While open-end wrenches may suffice, you may have a whole bunch of these tools on hand if you do not know the size of the different nuts in your system. An adjustable wrench eliminates the need for several devices and makes your work more efficient. Emery cloth is almost similar to a nail file which has an abrasive surface. The difference is that an emery cloth has a fabric backing, while an emery board or nail file has a wooden base. The function is similar, nevertheless. They sand or smoothen the thermocouple ends while also removing oxidized layers. This type of cleaning cloth is ideal as a finishing touch to the thermocouple cleaning process. Its main advantage is that it will not leave any fluff on the surface. We recommend a microfiber cloth for cleaning the thermocouple. While not necessary, a small brush can help dust off particles from the thermocouple and the burner assembly. If the emery cloth cannot remove stubborn stains, you can use a steel pool. Always look after your safety when working with your gas water heater. Turn off the gas supply to your unit. If your unit has a power cord, it would also be best to unplug it. Some gas water heaters have two gas supply valves: one going to the gas furnace and another to the water heater. It would be safer to turn both valves off. Pro Tip: If your gas supply valve does not have a lever or a knob, you can use a pair of pliers or a vise grip to shut off the valve. If your burner has an access cover, unthread the mounting screws first. Loosen and remove the screws or nuts that secure the burner plate. Loosen the nut that connects the burner supply line to the control center. You will also disconnect the pilot light supply tube and the thermocouple. If your unit has any wires connected to the control center, you must disconnect these, too. Check your tank base if it has a vapor sensor. Detach the sensor if you have one. To gain access to the thermocouple, slide the burner assembly out of the water heater. Pro Tip: If this is your first time removing the burner assembly, it would be best to take a picture of it before disassembly. The image serves as a guide for you to reassemble the unit after cleaning the thermocouple. Sand the thermocouple ends using an emery cloth. Some plumbers recommend using steel wool to remove stubborn stains on the thermocouple. Ensure you do not see any dirt, soot, or residue after cleaning. Check the area between the thermocouple terminal and the power wire for any sign of corrosion. Remove the rust if any. Finish cleaning by wiping the thermocouple ends with a clean microfiber cloth or any other type of lint-free cloth. Pro Tip: Avoid using so-called thermocouple cleaning solutions, regardless of how convenient they may seem. Some of these products may contain flammable chemicals that can pose a threat to your system and your home. Do not limit your cleaning duties to the thermocouple. Now is the best time to give the burner a thorough cleaning as well. Get your steel wool or emery cloth sandpaper to scrape as much stain as possible from the burner's top. Use a small brush to remove debris that might go into the burner ports or holes. Cleaning your burner will improve your gas water heater's efficiency. Return the burner assembly into the water tank. Make sure to rest the burner tube on the bracket for security and stability. Secure the burner plate by threading and tightening the mounting screws or nuts. If your unit has a vapor sensor, reattach it first before reconnecting the different wires to the water heater gas valve. Position the thermocouple to the gas valve and secure it. Reconnect the pilot light supply line and the burner gas supply tube to the control center or gas valve. Replace and secure the water heater burner access cover. Open your water heater's gas supply line and plug the power cord of your unit if it has one. Turn on the pilot light and adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature. It would be best to dial in a temperature not higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Check your water if it is in your desired temperature. Do you think our simplified guide on how to clean thermocouple on water heater is simple and easy to follow? There can be many reasons why your water heater is not producing hot-enough water. A dirty thermocouple is one of them, but one that many people overlook. Now that you know how to clean your gas water heater's thermocouple, you may want to share this knowledge with your friends. They will thank you for saving them from costly repairs and replacements while letting them enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning water heater. Do share with us your thoughts, too.
Heater Core in a 2000 Mazda Protege?
I doubt it is any of the if you are getting heat out of it then it should be fine!Only thing i can tell you is that when you have it on defrost for the glass make sure the control is set to the Fresh Air setting and NOT the Re-Circulate Air.Or have the A/C button on to use the dryer system to give out a dry heat!.........Try it out and let me know............Hope That Helped!1. What happens if heater core fails?When using the heater you may experience foggy windows accompanied by the sweet aroma of the coolant inside the car if it is leaking. If it gets worse it will leak into the heater box and into the carpet of the car. Make sure that if there is a control valve to let the coolant flow that it is working by checking to see if the hoses are hot. I had a plymouth car that had issue with the core clogging up slowly over time. Every couple of months a visit to the carwash was done and heater hoses were pulled off and the pressure wand inserted into the neck and blasted out the crud. It worked like a charm. I would think you may not be able to as easily reach the heater core in most new cars but, disconnecting the hoses where they meet the engine and blasting through it with a garden hose nozzle might work. If the core is leaking it must be taken out to be fixed as in replaced and yes they seem to be deliberately designed to make it a real pain to service. The core may only cost $100 but the labor will be much, much more2. how to change the heater core out?I am going to be brutally honest with you. If you are not very good mechanically. If you do not have an entire weekend free. If you are short on patience. Forget it. and just bundle -up for the rest of the winter. No kidding thats what I do myself. On some of my own vehicles. And Iv'e been a Mechanic for over 30 yrs. I just dress warmly until April. Have Fun though3. car heater wont turn off?if your car has slides on the dash then slide both slides to the left ! that should shut off the air !4. Whats wrong? Heater core problem?If you actually unhooked the hoses from the core, and splice them together to bypass the core, then you are just cooking off the remaining antifreeze in the blend chamber. If you just turned off the heat, that usually wo not work. People with Camaro's are compensating for shortcomings.5. A room heater and a humidifier?I can not figure out why anyone would think it is dangerous. You would want to put as much space as possible between the two so they are not neutralizing each other. Have you thought about using a vaporizer as a humidifier? I use the "cold mist" type in my plant room.6. Tankless Water Heater Buyers GuideTankless hot water heater are fairly pricey so you need to meticulously think things over prior to you secure your checkbook. There are some things you require to think about so you can be sure that the cash you do spend on your brand-new hot water heater is money well spent. Below is a short customer's overview to help you figure out what kind of tankless heater is perfect for your home. Although your new tankless heating system is ensured to conserve you cash on your energy expenses, because of its high initial financial investment price it will certainly take a long time prior to it can totally pay off for itself. Which is why you need to make certain that the system you will buy is most likely to last a minimum of till then otherwise longer. Compare various brands as well as designs of tankless water heaters, check which of them are made from long lasting materials that can endure the misuse that it will certainly undergo everyday. Do not simply make your decision based purely on which tankless heater prices much less, odds are if you get the more affordable heating unit you will certainly invest even more money on fixings and you may even need to replace the system quicker than you expected. The following point that you require to consider previously acquiring a tankless heating unit is how much water your home will certainly eat in a day; you need a hot water heater that can stay on par with the warm water need. If you do not have a lot of participants in your family members after that a smaller sized ability heating unit is enough for your demands, yet if you have a big family after that it is best to opt for a strong version. For economical reasons, you need to only position these hot water heater in the areas in your residence that in fact needs to have hot water. If you just need hot water for your showers or bathrooms after that you need to simply set up a little tankless heater to in your area supply warm water in your washroom only. By doing this you do not need to invest a lot of cash for a large water heater that can providing warm water for the entire home. The environment on where you live should likewise be taken in factor to consider when acquiring tankles heating systems. If you reside in a location with a rather warm environment then undoubtedly the water running in the pipelines is slightly warm already so you just require a heater that has a low power score. Get more tips and ideas about hot water heater buyer's guide thru the link. Yet if it is cold in the area you reside in then you will surely require a tankless water heater that has sufficient power to warm up near freezing water right into a comfortable temperature. When shopping around for hot water heater, regardless if it is tankless or not, these 3 aspects must always be taken into account. Bear in mind, you will be putting down a great deal of money for your tankless heating system, so you need to make sure that it can fit your demands.
Community Wiki Or Canonical Dup for No Heat
The problem with that answer is that it is a very specific fix to that particular vehicle. We can't expect to forward everyone that as answer.Different problems need to be treated differently.That said, it would be nice to have a comprehensive list of common causesI've seen two questions in two days with regard to blowing cold air. One has to do with when the car is at idle, the other has no conditions.Heater blows cold at idle 2007 town / countryHeater only blowing cold airIs it possible to come up with a canonical duplicate for questions like this? It seems reasonable to be able to put together a finite set of conditions and troubleshooting flowchart that incorporates most common causes.I found one answer that was an exception to the standard set of possible causes in a quick search: Seems like the "my heater is cold" question comes up often enough -- especially this time of year -- that we could generate something. It might not make sense to mark questions as a dup, but it certainly would be nice to (at the very least) throw a CW link at them in a comment.EDITI answered a question a while back regarding how the heater core works; it's a subset of the broader question as to why heat might not be present: EDIT 2Paulster2 said: Something else to think about with this, isn't this what the site itself is supposed to accomplish? If the answers are out there, we point them to them in the first place and close the new question as a dupe. If tags are done correctly, it's fairly easy to find answers if they are out there.I think you've effective hit the meat of my question -- do we have an answer enough that has enough solid content that we can build on it? Is the OP okay with converting it into a CW?
If I Fix Heater Core Will the a/c Work?
The air and heat on the Caddi are two different units.One does not affect the other. Especially a leaking heater core1. 99 Grand Prix GT - heater core?The first poster is somewhat correct and somewhat incorrect. The smell and the wetness on the passengers side is indeed a symptom of a bad heater core, however a heatercore will never have anything to do with a drivability issue, nor the check engine light, nor a misfire. Sounds like you have two different problems, a bad heater core for one, and either a bad spark plug, bad ignition cable, or bad fuel injector for the other.2. How much should I pay to replace a heater core in a 2003 Kia Sorento?sounds right the heater core is a dealer ONLY part so that's probably 400 bucks and MANY heater cores take 10 or 12 hours to do MANY require discharging the A/C and obviously recharging... I would telephone a KIA dealer and a reputable independant... Midas is good for Exhaust and brakes but be careful with such a detailed job they only pay their workers 8 or 10 bucks an hour and you know the old saying you get what you pay for.3. should i Replace a heater core on my 1979 f-250?The sounds did not come from the core most likely the blower or vent stopped up. Before changing the core flush your cooling system with the heater in the on position, Lots of times a little sluge will close off the core and a flush will make it open up. The core comes out from under the dash and best left to a pro to change "they are tough".4. need my heater core unblocked best solution?How did you determine it was blocked? That seems kind of unusual to me. Did you take both hoses off run water through it?5. How can I stop a leak in my heater core?...i have replaced a couple...usually the a/c system is not far behind from the need of replacement parts... ...heater core is best replaced--the part itself only cost about $70--shop around- negotiate the labor costs with a mechanic.. it can be done...good luck6. How do your hook-up heater core water lines on a 90 Isuzu Pup?Heater cores are usually top and bottom. The flow should run from the bottom outlet of the water pump to the bottom inlet of the core. You should be able to cap off one outlet and one inlet on the engine side and just use the other two. I am guessing the Trooper had a dual core because of the larger cabin area.7. how do you replace heater core in a 1996chevy silverado 2500?Disconnect the battery terminals. Drain coolant. You have to remove the coolant hoses in the firewall. Then disconnect the electrical connectors in the firewall. Then you have to remove the dashboard. Then remove the blender door and heater core. Removing the dashboard involves removing airbags. If you have not removed an airbag before, have an experienced mechanic or person do it. You can get hurt removing one.8. My 1990 Thunderbird Heater Core is leaking and broken ?yup do it yourself! google heater core removal/installation for 90 t-bird9. Should I have the Ford dealership Flush my heater Core?Find out what the dealership charges to flush your cooling system (the heater core is connected to this system). and call a couple of service stations or auto repair shops near you and see what they want. See if they are comparable. The professional way to flush the coolant is with a pressurized system that these shops have. The repair shops should be able to tell you if you need a new heater core or not too10. hpw hard is a heater core to change in a 98 explorer?if its not leaking dont change it. its just clogged, try flushing it if that dont work then change it11. Can i use my old heater core pipes?I never took out a heater core from a supra, but all the ones I have removed had the "pipes" made as a unit to the rest of the heater core and could not be took off and change. New ones came with those "pipes"
Where Is the Heater Core in My 84' GMC Van?
not sure exactly where the heater core is on your particular year and model, but they are usually under the passenger side dash area behind the glove box. i would start underneath the dash far to the back near the firewall and work my way up from the bottom. you should run in to it once you take off some pieces depending on how far up it is. yes you have to dismantle most up underneath the dash on that side. its not a very fun job!1. 98' BMW 328i overheating, bypassed the heater core and still over heats?BMW's do not like to overheat at all and with the rough running your describing theres a good chance you may have a bad head gasket. First be sure to get any air bubbles out of your cooling system, and that can be difficult to do on BMW's as well. Then have a shop perform a cylinder leakdown test to check for head gasket failure. Good luck and hope this helps.2. how long does it take to put a heater core in a 90 mercury cougar?think shop time is like 6-8 hours.....cas u have to pull dash completely apart3. How do you replace the heater core in a 97 lincoln mark 8?Its a royal pain in the a**, its at least a 6 hour job to take it out as you need to remove the whole dash. Usually its the blend door actuator that goes in the 97 and 98s, I have posted a link below how to do that, essentially this is halfway to the heater core. I would recommend getting a service manual off of ebay for cheap as your going to need all of the information they gave to make sure its put back together correctly. Just search the forums below for more info on your car4. Heater core or thermostat, For some reason my antifreeze is disappearing and there is no leak in sight?it either has to be leaking it or using it. did you check the floor board for anti-freeze? no heat tells me the core might be stopped up or the thermostat but for losing the anti-freeze it has to be leaking it or the head gasket is leaking into the oil or going out the tailpipe5. how to flush heater core in gmc jimmy?while looking into the engine compartment you will desire to work out the region of the heater hoses. those connect with the heater center. those would desire to be disconnected first, when you decrease the coolant point in the radiator. Any spilled antifreeze would desire to be wiped sparkling up right this moment because it is poisonous to cats and canines. as quickly because it is performed then discover the modular vent on the decrease in the truck cab. it is the place the warmth and funky air comes out on the floor point. For extra photos attempt your interior reach library vehicle reference books. they might have one you % or can get it for you6. Is the heater core in my 97 Camry bad?what your saying sounds like your blower motor might not be working. once, you turn your ignition switch to accessories and turn your dial on or slide the lever, you should hear the blower come on. what happens when you turn your a/c on ? do you get cool air out ot the vents? are the vents in the open position? if you do not , it might just be a blown fuse or no ground connection or worse scenario a bad motor. but in any case, if it were true that your heater core is damaged you should have experienced a coolant leak in your car. or unless, you recently got this car and the previous owner had the heater bypassed (or cancelled ). check if the hoses are hooked up before you have the heater core replaced , and if they are not then this means its leaking and they will need to remove the dash or part of it to get to it .hope this helped. later7. how do I replace the heater core on an 1987 oldsmobile cutlass supreme?1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass
I Have a 94 Ford Explorer Which Was Leaking Antifreeze Everytime I Used the Heater. I Replaced the W
Leaking Heater core. Heater core is on the passenger compartment of the vehicle and brings in heat to the compartment when you turn on the heater. It looks like a mini radiator. Do not drive the car if you are losing that much coolant because it could allow the car to overheat and damage the engine. Easiest fix is to simply by-pass the heater core completely. This will allow you to drive the car, but you wo not have heat inside the passenger compartment. You can replace the heater core, but typically this involves taking apart a good portion of the center console and can be labor intensive.1. Where is the heater core for a 1991 honda civic?The heater core is usually under the dash, above the passenger's feet. On a Honda, it is likely covered by a piece of black molded plastic. Remove this plastic, and you should find your heater core. As to the replacement, I have never done it in a Civic, but if Toyotas are any indication, it might be worth the labor charge to take it to the mechanic. What makes you think you need a new heater core? If it is only leaking slightly, put some Barrs Stop Leak in your radiator. Be sure and run the heater full blast while you are running the engine as instructed. This will stop a small leak, sometimes for a couple of years. How much longer are you going to have the car?2. how much do a heater core repair. cost on a mercury sable 2000.?basically you will might desire to do away with the entire sprint/steerage coulmn/midsection console if it hes one until now get entry to might properly be won .It sounds frightening yet a chiltons instruction manual from AZ on your motor vehicle will help alot.reliable good fortune3. If I have a bad heater core.would this affecet the a/c on my truck? Can I put FREON! What do the heater core?THE HEATER CORE TRANSFERS HEAT FROM THE COOLING SYSTEM TO HEAT INSIDE YOUR CAR.IT WOULD LEAK ANTIFREESE IF IT WAS BAD OR IT COULD BE PLUGED.YOUR MOTOR WOULD OVER HEAT.YES IT WOULD EFFECT YOUR AC4. how do I install a heater core on a 1991 mercedes 190e 2.6L?replacing the heater core is a massive job and $1000 sound way cheap. From the winsheild back to the steering wheel has to come out of the car, and if you are in there you should replace the evap core all vacume pods,and expansion valve, not a job for a non mechanic5. There is a valve that controls coolant flow to the heater core on the firewall. MAXIMA 97'..Where IS this??i own a repair shop,and on a maxima its located as close to the fire wall as they could get it,also it has a vacuum line connected to it ,and on some of them i have seen it inside of the heater box to where you could not get to it,but on yours you should be able to get to it and open or close it manually just make sure it does not leak,sometimes they will,,good luck i hope this help,s6. 2003 dodge ram if i flush the heater-core i get heat for about 3days then blows cold air then it will overheat?verify the coolant point and additionally verify to make valuable that the engine is heating up sufficient to furnish off stable warmth,you have got a thermostat that has long previous undesirable on it,stable luck on it7. 2000 Chevy S10 heater core replacement?No you can not go through the fire wall to get to it. I know it is a long and hair pulling job. Good luck Do not break any of the plastic its not cheap to replace.8. How do you remove a heater core for a 1979 Ford F150 (no A/C) ?its under the dash be glad its not a ranger so you have room to work9. How much does it cost to replace a 2002 Ford Explorer Heater Core?1 have you flushed it and entire system first 2 are u sure its not the blend doors or heater core valve? 3 odd to have a 6 yr old car with a bad HC 4 usual cost is 500 to 700 dollars,,,dash usually needs removal 5 is thermostat good?
How Can You Tell If There's a Leak in Your Heater Core?
most times you will smell antifreeze inside of the car and if it is leaking you should have water on the floor board1. Is heater core part of coolant bypass in Chevy 350.These are the two hoses that go to the heater core. Pointing with finger and thumb.2. What is the typical cost to replace the heater core on a 2000 GMC Jimmy?For some reason,the Dexcool coolant put in the S & T series vehicles liked to clog up the heater cores. What I do to fix this is drain as much coolant out as possible,close drain plug,put in radiator 12-16 oz. of basic toilet bowl cleaner. Take out thermostat,bolt back on thermostat housing,fill radiator with warm water. Start the engine and let run for 15 minutes with radiator cap off,keep adding warm water to keep radiator full and watch temperature gage often. Foam will bubble out radiator,let run another 5 minutes. Drain and flush out as much water/cleaner as possible. Take off heater hoses and flush in both directions. Put in new thermostat and fill with green coolant3. My heater core has been replaced 2 times already and I think it needs to be replaced again, whats the problem?Heater cores are fragile. To remove the hoses, you must cut them off or you will break the core, and when you put the new hose on use a little lubricant on the tubes so the hoses go on easly. The hoses that come from the core to the engine if allowed to bounce up and down will over a period break the tubes that go into the core. They must be tied up and/or supported to something that does not move to stabalize them. If they are too short, and do not have the room to move with the engine, and not move with the body, then they will break the core. What I mean is: attach the hoses to the fender somehow to keep them from moving up and down on the core side, and as the engine moves up and down with taking off and stoping they need to be able to move with the engine on that side of the hoses. This is not some mystery or an incompetant person installing the heater core. If it worked ok when it was installed, and a year later starts leaking, then how can one blame this on the installer? A lot of times it will be the hose clamps are loose and needs tightened up at the core. If they are too loose, then coolant can trickle down the pipe to the inside of the vehicle and cause what looks like a leaking core. Check these clamps first, and if they are tight, then suspect a bad heater core. I have also seen a core that is not sitting inside a cushion mount and will allow the core to viberate and move around, and after a while causes the core to start leaking. Changing the heater core is the fix, but one must also look for the cause, and fix this as well. If you have been through two cores in a short period of time, then I would think you have something else going on to cause this. Glad I could help. Good Luck!!!4. How do I by pass heater core in 93chevy lumina?does it have the 2.4? i think you can run a hose from one coolant pipe to the other. it's on the back of the engine under the intake5. 1994 mbz c280 heater core?The heater core is mounted "inside" the evaporator case. It's a labor intense task to replace it! The instrument dash panel must be removed for access to the Evap case. The entire cost will be high, between 1,000 to 1,800 dollars,depending where the work is done. If its a minor leak,live with it. If it's bad, then start a search for a reputable mercedes exp. repair shop. Good luck!6. Heater Core for 1996 Plymouth Voyager -LOCATION?Darn! Sprinkles bet me to it again!7. How can you tell if there's a leak in your heater core?If liquid comes out of it, and you did not do it on purpose, there's a good chance that it's leaking
I Am Trying to Figure Out How to Hook Up a Heater Core Since the Previouse Owner Bypassed It?
He most likely by passed it right in front of the fire wall where the coolant lines go through. He most likely did it cause the car has a bad heater core, you might have to take the dash out to replace it. good luck1. i have a 1990 tercel there is little or no heat I'm pretty sure its not the heater core?try putting cardboard in front of the radiator. If it warms up then then it is definately your thermostat. Good luck and God bless2. Honda civic 1998 lx having coolant problems?It could be ur heater core inside your car it's located in and under ur dash these often leak coolant inside ur car and you smell it also it can be leaking ur coolant to the point where your car overheats cuase it has no more coolant. Do a pressure test on your cooling system also3. Our car has a heater core leak, any way to minimize the steam while we get it someplace to have it looked at?to avoid the problem temporairly open hood and take out inlet and outlet hose from heater core and join both of them with one another with help of some metal pipe. this will bypass the coolant from core and get it fix when u got time4. How to loop heater core in a 1998 pontiac grand am 2.4 ?If the heater core has already been disconnected it's probably because it was leaking. Why do you want to loop them together if you've been driving like this since you bought the car? If you want to drive in cold weather and have heat get the heater core replaced. If you just have to have these hoses looped, follow them to where they connect to the motor and just run the right size hose to both connections.5. My 1994 ford ranger is leaking hot water and coolant from passenger side.?Heater core is leaking, very easy to replace yourself. Get a new one at a part store. Then drain your coolant, lower the glove box remove the hex head screws use a 8 mm or 5/16 socket, might be 10 of them, remove the heater hoses under the hood, pull the core out and reverse procedures6. how to change a heater core on a 1995 buick regal?if your cooling equipment is low on water (it relatively is in all probability what is incorrect right here) the water pump can not flow the coolant, which incorporate into the heater middle. additionally, there is no coolant working against the temp probe fooling into thinking the temp is low. Flush and fill till now you warp a head7. my car heat won't work. how do you replace the heater core in a 1996 honda accord?i cant quite explain all of it. go to your local auto parts store and pick up a haynes repair manual for your car make and model. it will give you extremely accurate and clear directions to doing it yourself8. What is the typical cost to replace the heater core on a 2000 GMC Jimmy?well the heater core usually does not cost the most in the repair as it is usually only about $30-$50. what costs the most is the labor to do it. you have to take out the whole dash just to get to it and i mean the whole dash. if you are good with stuff like that than you can do it your self and save alot of money. i would guess that a shop would charge you about $500 at least to put one in9. hi 98 dodge ram does not get up to normal operating tempand will not get hot back flushed the heater core ?Well, if the hoses are getting hot, then you can eliminate the water pump and theromostat. You may have to invest in a new heater core. Or you may want to check your heater cables for proper operation, and adjust if necessary. Also check all of your vaccumm lines. .. Espically those having to do with the heater and controls. Usually there is a temperature valve somtimes located in the heater hose, which controls the air being blown into the heater itself. But if the hoses are getting hot, I would not think this valve is acting up either. Still, none the less, it would not hurt to give the entire heating system a complete once over. It is possible that the temperature door in the heater is not moving properly, either. This would cause a no heat condition also. You can have hot hoses, but if the temperature door is closed or only partly open, well then you would have a little or no heat condition. Cause the hot air cannot get by the closed temperature door. While if it were open, then the heat would pass right through and into the heater to be blown into your interior.
Were Is the Heater Core for a 99 Lincoln Navigator?
It should be against the fire wall on the passenger side under the hood1. still minimal heat in my truck and heater core hoses are warm.?If you have a 195 thermostat installed after the motor is warmed up fully the top radiator hose should be too hot to handle with a bare hand. If it's luke warm you need a new stat. Keep an eye on the level of coolant in the recovery bottle and radiator. If the coolant is dropping drag out the heater core. Another quick test is remove the radiator cap 1/2 hour after driving. If there is no residual pressure in the cooling system the cap will come unscrewed without any pressure. That means the pressure has gone somewhere (leak in heater core.)2. Needing a new heater core? car smells like syrup?is not that radiator fluid? there may well be a leak. i could in all likelihood initiate by utilizing getting canned air & blowing your vents, sparkling w/ qtips basically to be sure it is not something very minor. How long as a results of fact the filter out's been replaced? initiate small & rule them out first.3. How often should a heater core be flushed?If the coolant is flushed and the syetem is cleaned according to manufacturers instructions the answer is NEVER4. Radiator and over flow frozen in 1996 jeep grand cherokee Please help I was stupid!!!!!!!?You need to get this vehicle inside to a warm place ASAP before you do some expensive damage to the engine. As water freezes it expands. This expansion is strong enough to damage your engine. At the very least, you could pop one or more freeze plugs. These are lightweight metal disks located in the engine block and cylinder head(s). In theory these pop out of the block to allow room for freezing water in the water jacket. If you poped a freeze plug you will want to have this vehicle towed to a mechanic for repairs. Worst case this ice in your engine can crack your engine block, cylinder head(s), radiator, and heater core. Starting the engine may not be a good idea. There is a good possibility that the water pump has ice in it. If you start the engine you could destroy the water pump and serpentine belt. Try this. Remove the fuse for the fuel pump. Open the hood and have a friend watch the water pump. Crank the engine a little. Your friend is watching for the water pump pulley turning. If it turns you are OK. Replace the fuel pump fuse. If you are on a budget, try this. If you are in a garage, open the garage door. Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes. Watch the engine for leaks. If water starts leaking turn the engine off immediately. You have damage that must be repaired immediately. If there are no leaks. Turn the engine off for a few minutes and close the hood. After a few minutes, open the hood, start the engine, and allow it to run for a few minutes. Repeat this process for as long as it takes to thaw the engine. Once the ice is melted you really need to drain all of the water from the engine and replace it with the correct mixture of antifreeze. Most engines will also have a block drain plug. Remove this plug also to get all of the water from the engine block. If you do not get all of the water from the engine it will dilute any antifreeze that you add later. Do this right away so the engine does not freeze again. $20 worth of antifreeze can save you $5000 in engine repairs. Well worth the investment do not you think?5. My car is overheating, what should I do?If the coolant level is too low it will not circulate through the cylinder head and it will overheat. If the cylinder head overheats it can warp and then you will have a permanent overheating issue when the coolant either leaks into the engine or outside the engine or the compression gets into the water jacket which can break the radiator, heater core, or pop a hose.
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