How Should I Do My Hair/makeup for My Dance This Saturday?

If the theme is neon, do not be afraid to look 'out-there.' I imagine neon to be hippie, or something like that. If you can find clip on extensions that are bright colors or a funny looking hat, those would be great. With the extension things i would recommend straightening your hair. with a hat, either way works. With the hat, be sure to wear an outfit that compliments it. Good Luck!!!

1. Outfit, hair, and makeup for high school graduation? Need help?

Just wear a nice sundress (maybe a sheer sweater, too, if the dress is a bit revealing - keep in mind that you want to look classy, not "hot") and heels or flats that match. Do not wear too much accessory-wise - one necklace and a pair of earrings is fine. Keep your hair and make-up pretty, but simple, too. .. Really, just remember to keep it classy, and let the graduates have all the attention! =)

2. Cute outfit/hair/makeup to wear to community service?

You are being a janitor for a day and you are worried about what to wear? You are clearly not getting the point of your actions

3. Some hair/makeup tips, tricks, remedies?

Olive oil in your hair is great! Seriously i have tried it. Just take a bit and rub it on the ends and over the scalp. Keep it there for about 2 hours or longer if your hair is really dry and then shampoo out really well. You might not even have to add conditioner, depending on the quality of your hair. You only need to do this once a week. It is the best! If you have curly or dry hair adding a little bit of the oil when its dry also helps to set and style

4. GUYS: do you actually notice what us girls wear,how we do our hair/makeup?

i would have to say i notice makeup and yes girls junk its wat we hav to look at

5. Halloween Hair, Makeup, & nail ideas for Pilot, top gun costume?

Okay i googled it and it was a green costume that came up so sorry if i am wrong for nails- red with sparkles make-up do a pale green eye shadow with a top liquid eye-liner and a tiny flick be bold and wear a bright red lipstick which goes well with the green and will make you & your smile stand out hair: tied up in a bun with loose curls coming down from the side sorry if it's no help

6. Hair and makeup ideas for a high school dance!?

To sparkling up your epidermis, i might reccomend a liquid foundation like Neutrogena healthful epidermis, it provides you with coverage and in case you place on it in many situations it could help sparkling up breakouts. Use a concealer like Revlon Photoready to conceal up your pimples. Set with a mild powder like Milani Multitasker Face powder. For eyes, moist n wild makes super trios. % a colour which you think of will experience your gown, yet out of your description i might say the trio in Silent scientific care will look sturdy! i might circulate with black liner, I recommend Maybelline grasp Drama or Covergirl Liquiline blast. For mascara, moist n wild Megalength is my all time in demand! save your lips independent with a dwindled pink lipgloss. desire this facilitates!.

7. How to do hair and makeup like Frenchy (from Grease)?

ok this will be funny.(remember when she dyes her hair pink) get a pink wig in the style of a pink flip. up wear a poodle skirt (long) with a plain white shirt and a pink scarve. if u dont do the wig wear a BIG bow peferabbly pink. make the shoes little ballet shoes. lipstick not too dark eye shado. hope this helps.

8. i need "scene/emo" hair/makeup ideas?

You could always say "alternative" look. It basically means scene, punk, emo, and those sorts of things. And you do not sound like a little kid trying to be cool either. Haha, not saying you are a little kid trying to be like that. ;P Anyway, here's the best way to do it without looking like a clown, someone trying too hard, or a noobie. -Get your hair layered, get some fringe, maybe razor cut. You do not need to tease your hair, but if you want to, go for it. -With makeup, you do not need to cake black eyeshadow up to your eyebrows and wear huge, fake eyelashes. Do a dark color in the crease of your eye. It can be black eyeshadow, or any darker eyeshadow. On the lid, and brow bone, do a lighter shadow to highlight. Put on about 2 coats of black mascara and (if you want) curl them with an eyelash curler. For lips, go with nudes and lighter pinks. -For clothes, you wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans for casual, skinny jeans for a dressier, classier look, skinny jeans all the time. They can go either way. -----For casual: Wear t-shirts. They can be plain or have random things on it. Go for colorful. Go for hightops or vans. -----For dressy: Wear nice shirts. Wear long necklaces. Keep those skinnies on! Wear flats. I hope I helped.

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