How Serious Is a Broken Water Pump on a 95 Mazda 626?

keep shopping, water pump will run about $30 and if you take it to a shop they will charge $150 if not more to install, it would be best to find a car in better condition

1. :::::::::::Bad Water Pump please:::::::?

if you can wobble the pump shaft the pump is going bad but w/o leaking it really should leak first. get the engine to operating temp and from under the hood rev the motor at a steady speed to see if you have a hose sucking shut also check your rad pressure cap it just might not be releasing the pressure at the proper temp. good luck

2. How would I replace or fix my water pump in my Chrysler Le Baron?

Check your hoses first, changing out a water pump on a LeBaron is time consuming. You do not say what engine is in place so I am going to assume it is the 3.0 V-6. First go to your auto parts store and purchase a Haynes manual for your LeBaron for approximately $16.00, go to the appropriate engine section and read up on changing the water pump. You will find it is quite a job and may be more than you want to tackle, but the money spent first will tell you whether or not you want to attempt the job before you get halfway through it and decide it is not something you wish to complete. And there is plenty of info in the manual for other repairs, one repair made by you and the book has paid for itself.

3. My car is overheating, I just replaced the water pump and thermostat a month ago?

2000 Ford Explorer 5.0L starts to overheat when AC is on. But when AC is off and even in high stop and go traffic the temp gauge stays just below the halfway mark on temp gauge. Also at times when I shut it off coolant flows out the reservoir tank even though the temp gauge shows normal. Thermostat has been change about 3 days ago.

4. What do I do about air in water pump lines?

What kind of water pump? There are a few different types and reasons to pump water. More specific information is needed to answer the question

5. Water pump will not turn on automatically! What could be wrong?

it ought to be... a million. the element which programmes it on and rancid i.e. the place you will turn it on and rancid ought to be broken. Mine replaced into and we did no longer comprehend, we theory there replaced into something incorrect with the boiler. All that ought to ought to take place is that your employer or despite replace it with a sparkling one. 2. The boiler has broken and ought to install a sparkling one. 3. there's a considerable leak someplace and each and all the nice and cozy water is seeping out. i would say call your provider ASAP! they ought to form it out for you or supply you extra advice. Or once you are with a housing affiliation they ought to. i desire this facilitates

6. How to replace water pump on 1987 Bronco 11?

buy a hanes manual for you truck, you can get them at autozone, it will walk you through step by step. 1 thing to remember , when you remove the fan it has a left hand thread

7. Is it my water pump undate?

please do not drive this. it seems you have two problems: your gauge and/or sending unit is not working . and now that you have developed a leak you are overheating with no indication. Please you will severely damage your engine dont drive but if you must install a generic mechanical temerature sensor so you may at least monitor the temperatur. it shouldnt cost more than 20 bucks. and almost anyone that knows about cars can install in 10 min

8. Water pump on Jeep Cherokee?

Alright, 1997, more than likely it's a 4.0, I6 engine... the water pump is a little difficult to get to... because the amount of special tools that you would need, because you have to take off the fan that is connected to the water pump, which you need special tools for. and most tools that you can get for home wo not do the job for pulling the pump off. First, to see if it's your water pump... take your belt off the engine... Just one pully will do, and then spin your FAN that is connected to your water pump... if you hear a metal sound like the bearings are no longer good, then you need a new one. Now the most common problem is your thermostat gasket would blow out, if it's the I-6 engine, right on the front on the top is where that is. Look around there to see if there is evidence of a leak, you would also want to look around the water pump cause it just could be the seal. that would eventually get to the ground from there too, You would not probably want to try anything except maybe a hose or a thermostat seal on your own, it's best to do the rest in a shop... just in case, because anything can happen, even when it's a professional. but if they break it on you they have to replace it for free. Unless you have All the tools that you "could" need, you should not try to do it in your driveway. Good luck and I hope it's not really your water pump!

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