How Often Do You Buy New Ballet Slippers?

Typically, I would just buy new shoes whenever I knew that I really needed them. Except for pointe shoes, there's really no limit on how long you should be dancing with a certain pair of shoes. You will know when you need new ones. If they are covered in holes, that's a big indicator. In terms of your current situation, I would recommend getting new shoes. A well-fitting pair of dance shoes is pretty essential to doing your best when you dance. If you can get re-fitted for some shoes that you think fit you better, It's a great site that offers a wide variety of dance essentials at fairly reasonable prices.

1. Packing for the hospital?

I would take one night gown that you can nurse in if you have chosen to do so, if not just something comfy with slippers. A robe so that you can walk around the ward, it gets kinda sore sitting in the bed for a couple days. Use their gowns on day one, you may leak blood that first day/night. Digital camera, laptop (if you are allowed) cell phone. So you can download and share photos immediately announcing your great news. Going home clothes for you and baby. The hospital will keep her how they want her dressed for easy care while she is there. Your what to expect book, insurance info so you can call them while you are sitting in the hospital, snacks that you might food really is not very good. Toothbrush & Shampoo, the other hygiene stuff will be at the hospital. I think that is about it. Hope this helps! I WAY overpacked for my first one, but the other two were a breeze once I had a baby under my belt. Best Wishes! Hope you do not have to wait 11 days!

2. where can you buy dusting slippers at? are they good?

I saw some at WalMart. I've never used them

3. why do slippers never last a few months?

No. Thankfully slippers are inexpensive and can be replaced easily. After christmas sales are an excellent time to stock up for the next year !

4. Is anyone wearing ballet slippers at work?

Nope, just my dance belt and a clothespin

5. running shoes, sandals, pumps,boots, flats, wedges, slippers -- What are you wearing right now?

nothing barefoot

6. hospital bag help? :)?

lol I know what you are going threw right now I have been trying to get my bag ready as well. I know all you need to bring for the baby would be an outfit you want to take him or home in and a car seat of course. I also packed a blanket for him when he comes so he can use it in the nursery at the hospital I have seen other people do that and like the idea of it. If you want to use a certain diaper on your baby You can bring that too things like that. All I did for myself was pack clothes, a nice pj night gown to wear, slippers, all my shampoos, conditioners, body wash, tooth paste, tooth brush, hair brush ect. I also packed some extra panties because I know i could stain mine up so want to be prepared for that and also a pack of pads to use while in the hospital. If your going to breast feed bring your pads and that with you I have mine ready to go. I also am getting my boyfriend some snacks for in the hospital and some for me after the baby is born and I can snack again I was told you are very hungry after a baby and they may not give you anything right away so to bring something for yourself if you want. Oh yea and i am bringing my body pillow with too I do not think i could sleep with out it anymore lol. I hope this helps you a bit I am still thinking if im missing something or not!. Good luck and congrats!

7. Where can I find Mens slippers??

try daniel

8. Could a guy wear these AE slippers out anywhere with clothes or are they just for home?

wear them to go out they would look hot with a pair of skinny jeans

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