How Much Should a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner Cool?

that is big enough, to cool the area

1. Do Liberals think solar panels on ones house will run an air conditioner on a hot summer day?

I did not know they were capable of thought...they usually just SPEW what Obama tells them

2. daewoo dc air conditioner isn't hot anymore?

Check the filters, and that the condensor and evaporator coils are clean. If everything is clean and apparently working, it needs serviced by a qualified technician

3. 250v 20A air conditioner with 110v outlet?

Call an electricain have him pull a new circiut for the A/C. Trust me you will sleep better at night and alot cooler. make sure it's a contractor and not a handyman. Good Luck.

4. I just had a new Air Conditioner system installed and the system is leaking water inside my wall.?

1st off it sounds like the units drain line is not draining,or your unit is freezing up and sweating. Check the outside line at the condenser and see if frozen on the larger line. If so, its short on freon. If not and line is sweating, that means freon is good. Tip:Shut all your air vents 1/2 way and air flow will increase, cooling faster! (example: finger over garden hose increases water flow)

5. Should I buy a used air conditioner or is it too risky?

i will echo Ian's answer. in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, the excellent Bettas you probably can ordinarily get are from an excellent breeder, no longer a puppy save (till you get extremely fortunate). for people who have not got a water heater do no longer anticipate this Betta to do some thing in spite of the incontrovertible fact that slowly bypass in destructive well-being and die. Fish are chilly water, their metabolism is related to the ambient temperature of the water around them. Bettas are extreme end tropical fish and their immune innovations-set shuts down in less warm temperatures (some thing under seventy 4 degree F) - they bypass lethargic, sick, lose urge for food, colour, and ultimately merely die. warmth is by utilising means of an prolonged way the top-rated element wanted to have the means to accurately guard a Betta

6. Why does my air conditioner in my house only work sometimes?

i can not even fathom a guess. this new deal where the power company cuts off peoples ac/heat is new to me. ok, so let's assume it's an ac issue. i need to know what the unit is doing. is the entire unit dead, inside and outside? is the indoor fan coming on in fan mode? is the outside fan and compressor coming on on a call for cool? more info please. it's just to vague to even guess.

7. Need advice on soundproofing my outside air conditioner to protect my neighbors. Weatherproof and look good.?

quick and cheap way to solve problem is give your neighbors each a pair of ear plugs

8. Does running the air conditioner really reduce a car's gas mileage?

A car air conditioner will take about 5 horsepower to run. You can feel the engine slow down when idling when the air con switches in. Yes, the engine has to drive the air con compressor through the vee belt and that takes power. The only way the engine can get power is from the gasoline, so the mileage gets a little worse

9. My truck makes a noise when the air conditioner or defroster is on?

You may have a loose compressor belt. It needs to be fairly snug

10. For a gasoline-powered car, we cannot turn on the air conditioner without the car engine being on. What was the reason for such design?

You should be able to turn on the fan with the key turned on. But the AC, well, the guts of an A/C is a compressor, which has a pulley and a belt and is turned by the engine. If the engine is not on, the compressor is not , we,, compressing, and you wo not get chilled air. Gas powered cars only have the 12v battery, and it does not have enough power to run a compressor very long. That's why the engine does the work

11. What are the dangers of overloading a circuit? I want to plug a fridge and an air conditioner to the same socket.

In the case of a fridge and an air conditioner both of them run intermittently which means that sometimes they are both on. Every once in a long while they may both start at exactly the same time and use the maximum amount of current which is not often occurring because start up currents last a short time.So you may trip a breaker or pop a fuse at seemingly random times. For a refrigeration that can be really bad because most people don't know its gone out until they open the door and find all the food stinky and spoiled. For that reason its seldom a good idea to put anything on a circuit with a refrigerator.Actually its not an uncommon event for both to start at the same time. Think about right after a short power outage.And finally, Air conditioning are heavy users of power and its hard on the machinery. If the compressor or start capacitor fail short then you will not only be out of cool air but you may well have lost you refrigerator contents before you discover it. Like I said, avoid anything more powerful than clock radio on the refrigerator circuit.Now if the breaker is not working then you can have fire, property loss, injury or death.What are the dangers of overloading a circuit? I want to plug a fridge and an air conditioner to the same socket.

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