How Does the Heat From the Flame Get Inside the Tank of a Gas Water Heater?

There are various designs, but the commonest is a number of tubes or hollow fins across the flame or flue path, with water flowing through them. Some may just have a multi-level / multi-diameter coil of pipe arranged in the flue. In a self-contained unit, circulation between the heat exchanger and tank would be by gravity - the heated water is less dense, so rises.

1. brand new direct vent gas water heater wont stay lit?

most likely you dont have enough ventilation for the unit; you might want to get someone else to come look at it

2. Gas Water Heater question? 10 points best answer!!?

It sounds like a faulty thermostat. Also a chance of reduced pressure in the gasline itself

3. Fire on the gas water heater burner stays only 10 seconds.?

On the heaters I have come across one has to hold an ignition button in until the burner is warm enough to hold the thermocouple in

4. Gas Water Heater pilot light does not stay lit. Gas is On. Any Ideas Why?

Replace the thermocouple. That's the 2" long cylinder that the flame normally heats to a dull red color. It comes with a stiff wire that screws into the controller. Or you could call the gas co. They will at least diagnose the problem for free.

5. I have a gas water heater thats been working fine since 1984..?

Replace it with what you already have. You would have to be nuts to replace it with an electric heater for a variety of reasons. The biggest one being that electric heaters are terribly expensive to operate. Tankless heaters have their problems also. They are expensive to install since any retrofit(that means anything other than a new building) is problematic. Their operating efficiency would probably be more than offset by the installation costs even over a long period of time. By the way, 24 years of service from a water heater is excellent.

6. switched to tankless gas water heater and my bill is high. Why?

Yes, turning on a tank-less water heater is just like firing up 5 regular water heaters all at one time, multiply that by the time you spend in the shower. What about the washing machine, some of them use a lot of hot water and fill very slowly, this would make the unit run longer. On the other hand, Do you have one of those new digital gas meters that gets read by satellite? You want to have the gas company change the meter if they will. Start a daily log and read your own gas meter each day for a week, then once a week. If you go out of town read it before you leave and when you get back. Some times the gas company's will just guess or average you monthly billing with out your permission. If your gas company will allow you to submit your own reading each month, do that.

7. Gas Water Heater Issues. Water is too hot?

Water temp. has nothing to do with the thermocouple. There is a thermostat on each water tank that usually says Normal in the centre and hotter one way and cooler the other. try setting both down to the max cool side. If the water is still to hot you probably should replace both thermostats. If the water cools enough then just slowly turn it up leaving a couple of days in between changes until the water is the way you want it. Also an anti scald valve is a good idea on the outlet pipe. It mixes in cold water when the water gets over a pre set temp. These are mandatory in some places.

8. Why use an electric and gas water heater in tandem?

Another explanation would be your house started with a gas hot water heater. When the hot tub was installed they added an electric water heater to circulate water in the tub and keep it hot. Electric water heaters are much easier to install than gas ones. But I agree with the answer that electric water heaters are much more expensive to use than gas

9. can constant raising and lowering temp of reliance gas water heater damage the unit and/or increase utilitys?

Does not really matter, he pays the bill. Option 1, move

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ummmmmmm consider yourself lucky to have it last that long IT's gone GET a new one before tank burst and you have 30 gals or more of water to mop up !1. Can someone pls help me troubleshoot problems with my gas water heater?the pilot light dont come on ??2. Just installed a new gas water heater - smelled natural gas for a minute or two?If you shut off the gas, removed a line to the old heater, and smelled gas for a couple of minutes, it could just be the gas that was in the line between the shut off and the old heater. As long as you test any fittings you moved, and any other fittings in the line going back a segment or two, you are probably okay. Use soapy water on the fittings to check for bubbles.3. I am building a new home in Cleveland, OH. Should I opt for an Electric or Gas Water Heater?electric, that way you can turn it off at night to save $$$$4. Our State Select Gas Water Heater won't stay lit. Is this a thermostat issue?change the is the thin line that comes of the aquastat and goes to the main burner. if it is still under warranty the parts are sent out by state w/ htrs. but the fastest way is to purchase one and install it. ...inexpensive part. ..plumber is going to charge $250. 00 ;-].5. My gas water heater thermostat is malfunctioning..?thats what pipe dope and soapy water is for.dont use pipe dope on any flared fittings, but on the thermostat itself use soft set recto not positive if you can change it out, but im guessing you can. my experience lies in lpg and electric. and lpg runs like twice the pressure, and its still not major pressure6. can you use propane on a natural gas water heater?No. On most appliances you can purchase a conversion kit to convert the appliance from one fuel to another. however water heaters are the one exception to that. Most water heaters are not convertible. Call them and ask if there is a conversion kit available. But I doubt you will get one. You will need to change the appliance if you are changing fuels. Some will say you only need to change or drill out the orifices etc. This is untrue and unwise. If you do this and the appliance is involved in a fire or anyone is injured by it the manufacturer will take no responsibility because you have "altered" the appliance and are using it "in a manner other than which it was intended". Insurance claims will be denied for the same reason. Do not do it. I know it's not the answer you were hoping for, but that's the truth!7. What energy saving methods can I use for a new gas water heater?A blanket is unnecessary and some manufacturers of tank WHs state that a blanket should not be added.The temperature set point of a tank should not be below 130 F and some say not below 140 F. This high temperature is necessary to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria. For the same reason a timer is not recommended and I do not think a gas tank can be controlled by a timer.Research the proper temperature setting and just use the heater as it is equipped. If you have a shower with a thermostatic anti-scald valve it would be OK to use 140 F, but if you do not , then you might want to use the lowest recommended temperature setting. A lot depends on how many people in your house want to shower at the same time or in quick succession8. Very Old Gas Water Heater - Two Flames! Help!?Without actually seeing it it's hard to say. It might be a leak on the tubing or a hole in the burner. Is the flame blue or yellow? Blue flames are good, yellow not so good. Wish I could tell you more.9. Where would an on-demand tankless gas water heater be mounted?A tankless heater should be mounted as close to the point of use as feasible. Most tankless water heaters can actually be mounted under a kitchen sink.
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