How Does Temporary Hair Dye Work If the Color of the Dye Is Lighter Than Your Current Hair Color?

if its just a shade or two you should be fine (no brown to blond) you will end up with orange (red to blond) you will get pick somtimes purple. so same color and only a few shades lighter other wise you should bleach it first

1. How do I convince my parents to let me dye my hair?

First of all: Know your school policy mandating a "natural color, brown, blond, black, natural red/auburn, blue." before dyeing your hair pink, for example: 3-21-12 "Honor Student Banned from School for Pink Hair." a 6th grader who was rewarded for getting good grades. Red hair gets 13-year-old suspended KCTV-5 Posted: Apr 12, 2012 8:13 PM PDT Updated: Apr 13, 2012 4:01 AM PDT Recently from YA HAIR: "I have red tips on my fringe, I got in trouble at school and they want it out by tomorrow." And another: "I dyed it purple. It was supposed to wash out after about a month. Now, many months later, it's still there. And it looks really stupid because it's grown out about three or four inches from my roots. I am also not suppose dot have it at my job. I've tried dying my hair the same color as my natural hair color but that did not work." Three Somerset High School seniors learned the hard way that there are limits to showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink. The teens were asked to leave the campus or sit in suspension when they showed up with pink hair. The teens said they were just trying to support one of their teachers. SECOND: Style meets chemistry meets biology: We are talking hair coloring. Playing with chemicals is not like playing with clothes, or doing a manicure, there are penalties for playing chemicals in the lab. Even hair color experts at the salon are not rocket scientists, they do a bang up dye jobs to their clients or their own hair. Chemicals can enter the body through the skin. > > > Hair dye chemicals linked to cancer London, Feb 20, 2013 I've been saying that since 2009. Hair dyes, which include home hair colouring kits and those used at pricey salons, are linked to deadly cancer-causing chemicals, warn scientists. In 2009 the Mail revealed that women who used hair dyes more than nine times a year had a 60% greater risk of contracting blood cancer. A year later the European Commission banned 22 hair dyes which put long-term users at risk of bladder cancer.

2. Can I blow dry my hair with the hair dye on my hair & hasn't been washed out.?

No you can not . it would probably do some serious damage to your hair

3. How to stop scalp weeping from hair dye allergy?

if I were you I would stay away from hair dye, perhaps you need to put on gloves to sleep in or a bandanna

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